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Letters to Thomas Jefferson McKie

Eleven manuscripts, 1844-1878 and no date, chiefly letters to Thomas Jefferson McKie (1828-1898) of Woodlawn, Edgefield District, from family and friends, include that of Frank A. Lumkins, a medical student in Charleston, who wrote tellingly about some professors who did not live up to their reputation. Dr. Geddings, Lumkins quipped, 29 November [18]51, lectures like a "Methodist circuit rider" and Dr. Moultrie "turns his back upon you and mumbles away." Cousin A.H. McKie, also at the Medical College of South Carolina, wrote on 23 December 1853 about the outbreak of small pox in Charleston. A letter of 11 June 1855 from fellow physician H.H. Steiner of Augusta, Ga., forwards his diagnosis of a patient who had "a stricture in the prostatic portion of the urethra" and his recommended course of treatment.

Of special interest is a letter, 2 May 1870, from F. Lilisucron, Riel, Germany, who was procuring servants for McKie. Lilisucron warns--"you will have plenty of trouble in the first time with those Dutsh people an account of the mood of living and hauses the would never be contented to live in a log cabin like yours in delapidated circumstances the vitals the will not be satisfied with corn meal and Pork all the time." Also included are an 1855 newspaper advertisement for the National Circus and an 1878 notice to veterans of War of 1812 and their widows.

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