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Edgeworth Family Papers [addition]

Two hundred thirty-two items, 1913-1984, added to the South Caroliniana Library's holdings of Edgeworth family papers include one hundred forty-eight courtship letters exchanged by Marie Edgeworth (1894-1976) of McBee, Chesterfield County, and John Edgar MacDonald (1893-1983) of Hamlet, N.C., between 1913 and 1916. The couple was married in St. David's Episcopal Church, Cheraw, on 25 May 1916, the last persons to be married in the old building.

Edgar MacDonald worked for the Seaboard Air Line Railway until a union strike in late 1914 forced him to seek other employment. He then worked in Cheraw, as the only employee of the Yadkin River Power Company, reading meters and collecting bills. By October 1915, MacDonald was again working for Seaboard but had lost all of his seniority. Edgar and Marie moved to Richmond, Va., in 1918, and he remained with Seaboard Air Line Railroad for more than forty years.

Marie Edgeworth taught school in Chesterfield County, 1913-1915, and in Patrick in early 1916. She also worked as a telephone operator in Camden to earn Christmas money in 1915. Edgeworth's father, Edward Clifford Edgeworth, was an educator but found it difficult as an Episcopalian to find a teaching position in McBee (10 November 1921). Marie's mother, Adeline VillePonteaux Edgeworth, wrote on 18 February 1918 that E.C. was home and "had to close his school [as] most of his patrons had to move out so that cut his school down." Marie's parents moved to Richmond around 1924 to live with the MacDonalds.

Of interest is a letter, 8 December 1933, from E.C. Edgeworth to his brother, W.T. Edgeworth, commenting on the Depression and New Deal--"Well Brother the woods is full of N.R.A. and Depression, I guess you see it on every little shop and see the owner stick his thumbs in the arm-holes of his vest spit and look wise--poor old tormented Roosevelt...maybe he will get through the four years, but I know his own party won't cooperate and of course the devilish Republican party will do anything to wreck him." E.C. died the following spring.

Also present are eleven undated photographs, including two of Marie E. MacDonald with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Lydia James Bynum MacDonald, and her son, Stewart E. MacDonald, in Richmond. There are also photographs and postcards of Marie's brother, Richard, and other unidentified men in military service at Guantanomo Bay, Cuba.

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