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Addition to Thode Family Papers

One hundred and three manuscripts, 1847-1914, 1935 and undated, added to the Thode family papers augment this collection's record of the beginnings of the German colonization at Walhalla, Pickens District, and the experience of some of the pioneer settlers of this upcountry section of South Carolina. Along with six additional letters, 1856-1867, from John Henning Wuhrmann, first president of the German Colonization Society, Charleston, are another eleven Civil War letters written by Lt. Henning Peter Thode (1816-1863) to his wife, Dorothea, from various Confederate billets and encampments in South Carolina and Virginia, 1861-1862. Dorothea's certificate of allegiance to the federal constitution and the union indicates that it was signed in Walhalla on 21 August 1865. Seven more "Conduct and Scholarship" reports from Newberry College, Walhalla, 1869-1871, issued to John "Thodie" reflect the widow's determination to educate her children.

Among this unit's other interesting items are a handwritten "Notice To The Public" announcing a meeting to be held at Walhalla on 2 October 1878 "for organizing a calvary [sic] company"; an August 1887 copy of Kinder-Garten, a Christian German-language publication for children; and two certificates, 1909, showing the purchase by J.L.O. Fricks and his wife, Lizetta Thode, of a Cornish American "mahogany piano" for $213.75.

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