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Floyd Spence Papers

Congressman Floyd Spence has donated selected materials to the South Caroliniana Library to form the nucleus of a Floyd Spence collection. Spence was born in Columbia in 1928 and educated in Columbia's public schools and the University of South Carolina. He received his A.B. degree in 1952 and J.D. degree in 1956. In 1957 he entered into the practice of law in West Columbia. That same year he was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives as a Democrat. He served three terms; then in 1962, with one announcement, Spence withdrew from his reelection campaign, resigned from the Democratic Party, and announced his campaign for the United States House of Representatives as a Republican to represent the Second Congressional District. Spence resigned from the Democratic party in consequence of what he perceived as the liberal control of the national party and his unwillingness to accept a loyalty oath for members of the state party.

Spence campaigned in 1962 on a Republican ticket with Bill Workman, who was opposing Olin D. Johnston in the general election for the United States Senate. Spence lost his bid for the House to Albert Watson, but in 1966 was elected to the South Carolina Senate. He served in that body as minority leader until his election to Congress in 1970, winning the seat vacated when incumbent Albert Watson switched parties to run for governor.

Spence has represented South Carolina's Second District in Congress since 1971. To date, the division has received one linear foot of material, chiefly documenting Congressman Spence's 1962 campaign.

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