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Selected list of Printed South Caroliniana

Aiken Recorder, 19 September 1890 issue.

Aiken Times, 11 and 18 December 1895 issues.

Erskine College, Annual and Decennial Catalogue of Erskine College, Due West, Abbeville County, South Carolina. Collegiate Year 1889-'90, Due West, 1889.

Leon Beauvallet, A Trip to the United States and Cuba, New York, 1856.

Bradstreet's Reports of the State of South Carolina, New York, 1883.

J[acob] T[ileston] Brown, Theological Kernels: A Question Book of Bible Doctrines and Baptist Church Polity, with Scripture References, Nashville, Tenn., 1903.

Paul Hale Bruske, The Story of a World's Record-Setting Feat by a 20 Horse Power Motor Car, Detroit, 1911.

B[enjamin] F. Butler, Character and Results of the War. How to Prosecute and How to End It, a Thrilling and Eloquent Speech, Philadelphia, 1863.

Catalogue of Various Books Including American History, Books Relative to South Carolina, Biography, Politics, General History and Literature, Confederate War, Poetry, Travels, Early Laws, &c.: For Sale by I.D. Seabrook, Charleston, 1909.

In Chancery, Barnwell, February, 1846. Joseph Williams vs. N.G.W. Walker et al., n.p., 1846.

Charleston Baptist Association, Minutes of the Charleston Baptist Association, Convened in the Town of Camden, S.C., 4th Nov. 1820, n.p., 1820.

J.H. Colton, Colton's New Topographical Map of the State of North Carolina with Part of Virginia & South Carolina from the Latest and Best Authorities, New York, 1863.

Junior Order of United American Mechanics, Heath Spring Council, No. 54, Constitution and By-Laws of Heath Spring Council No. 54, J.O. U.A.M., Lancaster, 1903.

Charles Daubeny, Journal of a Tour Through the United States, and Canada, Made During the Years 1837-38, Oxford, Eng., 1843.

[William Drayton, Daniel E. Huger, and Benj. F. Peppon], The Unfurling of the Flag of the United States at Mexico, [Charleston, 1833].

John England, Uebersicht des Zustandes und der Fortschritte der catholischen Kirche in den Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika, Wein, 1833.

James E. Glenn, Moral Truth, Fairly Stated, in Reply to the Rev. Alexander Porter's Check to Methodism, Augusta, [Ga.], 1815.

Frank P. Goldman, Os Pioneiros Americanos no Brasil (Educadores, Sacerdotes, Covos e Reis), Sao Paulo, 1972.

F.H. Gray, Cocker's Manual, Devoted to the Game Fowl, Their Origin and Breeding, Rules for Feeding, Heeling, Handling, Etc., Description of the Different Breeds, Diseases and Their Treatment, Battle Creek, Mich., 1878 2nd rev. ed.

John Harris, The Description and Uses of the Celestial and Terrestial Globes; and of Collin's Pocket Quadrant, London, 1703. Containing manuscript botanical drawings and the signatures of Joseph Palmer, F. Peyre Porcher, and Ja[me]s Sinkler on the flyleaf.

Eugene C. Harter, The Lost Colony of the Confederacy, Jackson, Miss., 1985.

Joseph LeConte, "The General Interior Condition of the Earth," off-print from The American Geologist (July 1889).

Joseph LeConte, The Relation of Evolution to Religious Thought. Modern Religious Thought. A Series of Essays and Discourses, San Francisco, [ca. 1886].

Joseph LeConte, The Relation of Philosophy to Psychology. Read before the Philosophical Society of Washington, January 30, 1892, Washington, 1892.

Manual of Arms for the Percussion Musket. Review. Inspection of Troops. Dress Parade. Guard Mounting, and Officer of the Day and Sentinels. Prepared for the Use of the 17th Reg't, S[outh] C[arolina] M[ilitia], n.p., n.d.

E. Marks, lyrics; A. Hatschek, composer, Chicora: The Original Name of Carolina, Richmond, Va., 1861.

[Robert Marks] Gloria Vanderbilt and Lady Thelma Furness, Double Exposure, A Twin Autobiograhy, New York, 1958.

New Tariff Amended; or Duties Payable on Goods, Wares & Merchandize, Imported into the U.S.A.; Likewise, the Rates of Tonage, Drawback, Fares...To Which Is Added, the Revenue, Navigation & Commercial Acts, Passed by Congress, in March, 1823, Charleston, 1823.

Vincent Nolte, Fifty Years in Both Hemispheres or, Reminiscences of the Life of a Former Merchant, New York, 1854.

Officers and Members of the House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, and Post Office Address, for the Regular Session of 1872-'73, n.p., 1872.

Particulars of the Piracies; Committed by the Commanders and Crews of the Buenos Ayrean Ship Louisa, and Those of the Sloops Mary, of Mobile, and Lawrence, of Charleston; Wherein Is Accurately Described the Murder of Captain Sunley, and Four of the Crew of the British Brig, Charleston, 1820 3rd ed.

C.C. Peele, The Dougherty Manual Labor School of the South Carolina Conference and Its Evolution into the Famous Cokesbury Conference Institute: An Address Before the Historical Societies of the Upper South Carolina Conference, Bethel Church, Spartanburg, S.C., and the South Carolina Conference, Methodist Church, Kingstree, S.C., n.p., 1934.

Police Mutual Association of Columbia, South Carolina, Year Book, Columbia, 1936.

Pott & Amery's Catalogue of Juvenile and Miscellaneous Books, for Sunday Schools and Parish Libraries, Charleston, 1871.

Proceedings at the Banquet Given to Professor Joseph LeConte by the Alumni Association of the University of California, September 24, 1892, Berkeley, Ca., 1892.

Rambler, Guide to Florida, New York, 1876.

H.V. Redfield, Homicide North and South: Being a Comparative View of Crime Against the Person in Several Parts of the United States, Philadelphia, 1880.

Selections from the Diary and Correspondence of Joseph Elkinton, 1830-1905, Philadelphia, 1913.

S. Lewis Simons, Map of Charleston, S.C., and Vicinity Comprising Regions of Earthquakes of Aug. 31, 1886, n.p., 1886.

A Shooter, How to Train a Young Dog; or, Progressive Rules for the Young Sportsman, with a Few Other Useful Observations, Charleston, 1860.

Speech of the Hon. George McDuffie, at a Public Dinner Given Him by the Citizens of Charleston, (S.C.) May 19, 1831, Georgetown, 1831.

Henry S. Stebbins, Railroad and County Map of South Carolina, Prepared for M.L. Bonham, Railroad Commissioner, 1882-3, Chicago, 1882.

M[artinus] Cohen Stuart, Zes Maanden in Amerika, Haarlem, 1875.

Edward Robeson Taylor, Requiem (In Memory of Joseph LeConte), July 6, 1901, San Francisco, Ca., 1901.

James B. Taylor, Restricted Communion: Baptism an Essential Prerequisite to the Lord's Supper, Charleston, 1849.

U.S., Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, Soil Map, Sumter County, South Carolina, Washington, 1935.

A.B. White, Reminiscences of Libby and Other Southern Prisons , Washington, [1914].

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