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Pictorial South Caroliniana

Thomas A. Waites, Jr., (l9l5-l992), sixteen photographs, [1964] and undated, chiefly of buildings in Columbia, including five architectural studies made on the Horseshoe of the University of South Carolina; two of the remains of Old Main, Columbia College, after the fire of 12 February 1964; and a view of the Long Cane Creek Covered Bridge, McCormick County.

Sixteen photographs, undated, of buildings and streets in Columbia bear the stamp of The Valentine Souvenir Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., and The Acemgraph Co., Chicago, Ill., on the obverse. The collection includes the Congaree River Bridge, built around 1870, showing wagons crossing; Chicora College for Women; the Confederate Soldiers Home; the State Penitentiary, built around 1867, City Hall and Opera House, 1900; Richland County Court House; an eastward view up Senate St. at its intersection with Sumter St.; and a military parade during the Spanish-American War.

Photograph, 1895, of Wade Hampton III (1818-1902), delivering an address at the dedication of the Confederate monument in Chicago, Ill.

Two postal cards, 1913 and undated, of Wharton Hall, Schofield School, Aiken, and the home of "Railroad Evangelist J.L. Hancock," Blacksburg.

Two photographs, ca. 1900, of Beaufort's waterfront.

Photograph, undated, of Ft. Moultrie, Charleston, taken during the Civil War, bearing the stamp of Osborn's Gallery, Charleston, on the obverse.

Four photographs, 1915 and undated, of the Columbia Police Department, including a 1915 composite photograph and an undated photograph showing the department standing in formation with the fire department at the Confederate monument.

Two photographs, ca. 1898, of Samuel Dibble, Jr. (b. 1868), in service during the Spanish-American War.

Photograph, ca. 1889, of the "Edgefield Village Baptist Church before it was torn down on the 19th of Sept. 1889."

Photograph, ca. 1913, of the Cedar Springs Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Bradley.

Four postal cards, ca. 1910-1942, of the Leland Marine Railway, McClellanville; Methodist Church, McClellanville; Infantry Replacement Center Band, Camp Croft; and "Buying Cotton, Camden, S.C."

Postal card, 1911, of the campus of Benedict College, Columbia.

Postal card, 1918, of Calico Depot, Spartanburg County.

Thirty-two postal cards, 1907-1951, of various locations and scenes in South Carolina, including Field Bakery, Camp Wadsworth; "Food on the Fly--At Camp Croft's Rambling Restaurants"; Main St. looking west, Westminster; Main St. looking north, McColl; The Marion Cafe, "Most Modern Restaurant in Eastern S.C., on U.S. Highways 76 and 501"; Orr Cotton Mills Store, Anderson; and Mather School, Beaufort.

Five postal cards, 1911-1941, of various locations in South Carolina, including Presbyterian Church, Easley; Noncommissioned Staff Quarters, Ft. Moultrie; and "Prison Stockade of Negro Labor Battalion, Camp Wadsworth, S.C."

Twenty-one postal cards, 1906-1923, of various locations in South Carolina, including Ursuline Academy, Columbia; Pacolet Cotton Mills, Pacolet; Able Building, Saluda; Penn School, St. Helena Island; Luther's Pharmacy, Beaufort; Winnsboro Mills, Winnsboro; Monk Institute, Campobello; Railroad Avenue, north from Bridge St., St. Matthews; Victor Inn, Trough; and Ingleside House, Ingleside.

Thirty-four postal cards, 1907-1920, 1948, and undated, of various locations in South Carolina, including Easley Graded School; cotton plantation near Sumter; bulb garden, Anderson Floral Co.; Ninety Six Graded School; Oconee Cotton Mill, Westminster; Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing Co., Whitmire; Due West Female College; "Tug of War--Winnsboro Mills"; Jonesville High School; "Picking Tobacco near Marion"; "Colored Public School, Barnwell"; Good Hope Camp, Ridgeland; manual training school, Dillon; and Marion Graded School.

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