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Modern Political Collections:
Gifts to the Library in 1993

During the past year the division has received several new collections and additions to existing collections and has made progress in the retrospective processing of established collections. The following report describes recent work with the papers of Ernest F. Hollings, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Olin D. Johnston, Floyd Spence, the League of Women Voters of South Carolina, and the division's oral history project.

Papers of the League of Women Voters of South Carolina A significant addition to the papers of the League of Women Voters of South Carolina last year coincided with the organization's move to smaller quarters. The addition has been processed and integrated into the existing collection and documents League activities to the mid-1980s.

Olin D. Johnston Papers The papers of Olin D. Johnston have recently been rearranged and reboxed, and the finding guide for the collection has been revised to better describe the collection's contents. It is hoped that this extensive work will facilitate access to the collection and result in greater research use of these valuable papers.[See also1994 USCS Program Description]

Oral History Project The subjects of oral history interviews this past year have included Andy Brack, Senator Hollings' campaign spokesman; former University of South Carolina president, South Carolina governor, and United States senator Donald S. Russell; and Congressman Floyd Spence. The division has also received some twenty audio tapes forming an oral history with South Carolina senator Rembert C. Dennis administered by McKissick Museum and conducted by noted historian Dale Rosengarten.

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