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Louis DeSaussure Lang Papers, 1925-1977

"Without question, you have been South Carolina's 'First Lady of Broadcasting' for a number of years," Dixon Lovvorn, of the Cosmos Broadcasting Corporation, wrote to Louis D. Lang (1909-1994) upon her retirement from WIS-TV in 1975.

One and one-quarter linear feet of scripts, correspondence and miscellaneous printed items, 1925-1977, delineate the career of Louis DeSaussure Lang. This Camden native and 1931 Winthrop graduate began as a receptionist at WIS-Radio in 1941 and soon took over major responsibilities as a writer on the station's continuity staff. By 1959, she had become WIS-TV's Director of Public Affairs Programming.

Samples of her commercial work include scripts she wrote for South Carolina Electric and Gas, Belk's, and Weston's, as well as for the first fashion show put on in Columbia, sponsored by Lisbeth Wolfe. Her public service and feature work is represented by the script she created for the Victory Bond program, December 6, 1945, which was broadcast coast-to-coast by WIS as one of its first NBC "network feeds," and by a script entitled "Let's Go to Town," a program on Columbia from the "Your Home Town" series which was put on disc and sent to servicemen overseas. The titles of other scripts include "Tax Assessment… Why? And How?" (1959), "The case for the City of Sumter" (1961), "College Drop-In: Furman University" (1966), and "James F. Byrnes-South Carolina Statesman" (1968). Here also are scripts for the "Today in Carolina" series, as well as that which won the Peabody Award for WIS broadcasting personality Joe Pinner as his television persona "Mr. Knozit."

Other items of note in the collection are the transcript of a 1969 interview with G. Richard Shafto, former general manager of WIS's parent company, Cosmos Broadcasting Corporation; and a 340-page annotated typescript entitled "So Rich a Heritage: A History of WIS Radio and Television," which Louis Lang had researched and written by 1971.

The collection also contains a sheet-music copy and tape-recorded performance of "Easter fanfare," written by Vernon Weston for The Citadel Choir, 1970, and dedicated to Louis Lang by the composer.

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