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Addition to Hampton Family Papers

Four letters, 1835-1848, document friendships between the Hampton family of Columbia and Charleston native Peter Della Torre. Among the papers are three letters from South Carolina College student Wade Hampton (1818-1902), 4 January 1835, 6 January 1836, and 13 March 1836, discussing such issues as duelling, horse racing, and news of the Seminole War.

An "affair of honor" involving Maxcy Gregg is alluded to in Hampton's 6 January 1836 letter. "I feel very much interested in all of the parties concerned," Hampton writes, "but particularly so in Gregg, who is an intimate friend of mine, & who is one of the smartest young men in the state....I am truly sorry that such a horrible business should have been made of what might have been settled with little or no difficulty; interference in such cases generally leads to a bad result. If you should see either of the combatants with whom I am acquainted, give my respects to them, with my heartfelt sympathy."

Hampton's letter of 13 March 1836 speaks of excitement in Columbia over the Seminole War, as well as the prospects for his father's horses at the forthcoming Augusta race--"Argyle looks remarkably well, & is in good condition. Father has four other `good uns' in his stable, amongst others, Bay Maria, a mare of some distinction." Regarding the war, Hampton writes--"We hear a great many reports here about Florida. I see that they have given our Richland Volunteers the post of honour & of danger. Those people there know on whom to rely in time of danger, they know what faith to put in the little state."

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