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David H. Bernhard Journal

Manuscript volume, 1836-1864, journal of Lutheran pastor David H. Bernhard (1807-1843) recording baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials performed by Bernhard while serving churches in present-day Lexington and Orangeburg counties. Bernhard's pastoral register also records details of household expenditures, subscriptions to religious publications, and the dates, places, and scripture texts for sermons preached, chiefly at Sandy Run, St. Matthew's, and Pine Grove Lutheran churches.

Rachel H. Muller Bernhard (1819-1882) took up the journal after her husband's death, and one of her early notations mourns his passing "after less than three short years" of married life. Subsequent entries are given over largely to descriptions of sermons. Additionally, the volume includes handwritten obituaries penned by Rachel Bernhard, among them that of the Bernhards' twenty-year-old son, Henry C. Bernhard, who died 12 May 1862 at Banner Hospital, Richmond, Va. The manuscript journal is accompanied by a typewritten transcription and photographs of David and Rachel Bernhard.

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