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Autumn 2000
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Looking Back Over 200 Years: University of South Carolina, 1801-2001

The USC Archives is producing a bicentennial exhibit in cooperation with McKissick Museum and the Bicentennial Commission. For the full story behind the following teasers, please tour the exhibit at McKissick Museum when it opens in January, 2001.
Visit the USC Bicentennial site.
USC bicentennial site - 1445 Bytes

Did You Know That. . .

  • the only documented fatal duel between South Carolina College students occurred in 1833 - over first serving rights to a plate of fish at the campus dining hall?

  • members of the literary societies could be fined for eating, smoking, sitting "in an indecent posture" and spitting on the carpet during meetings?

League of gentlemen: Members of the Euphradian Society from the 1909 Garnet and Black.

(Captions from Remember the Days: An Illustrated History of the University of South Carolina, 1982)

Euphradian Society - 14035 Bytes

  • the brick wall constructed around the campus in 1835 was a largely unsuccessful effort to deter students from leaving the campus and engaging in ungentlemanly pursuits-such as stealing turkeys and visiting grog shops?

  • renowned professor Francis Lieber attempted to have a student expelled from South Carolina College for stupidity?

Good fences make good neighbors: An early shot of the Horseshoe showing brick wall with Maxcy Monument framed by the full complement of trees that once lined College Street on the old campus.
Horseshoe - 18598 Bytes

  • in 1852 over half the student body quit school in protest of the rancid and worm-infested food served in the campus dining hall?

  • the University of South Carolina was the only state-supported southern university to integrate during Reconstruction?

  • Greek fraternities were banned from South Carolina colleges from 1897 to 1927?

Fires down below: Cartoon from the 1909 Garnet and Black bemoaning the demise of the Greek system.
good-bye frats  - 17461 Bytes

  • students and faculty members, weary of trudging through muddy paths on rainy days, laid the first brick sidewalks on the Horseshoe in 1931?

  • a near-riot ensued at the 1961 Carolina-Clemson football game thanks to a prank by USC's Sigma Nu fraternity?

Cocky - 24685 Bytes
  • the earliest impetus for the restoration of the Horseshoe occurred in 1972, when a shower stall in a men's residence hall fell through a rotting floor?

  • Cocky, USC's award-winning mascot, was booed and jeered when he made his debut at the 1980 Homecoming game?

--Elizabeth West

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