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Autumn 2000
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64th Annual Meeting

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

In a separate report distributed at the annual meeting, Secretary-Treasurer Allen Stokes addressed the business of the Society in 1999. He reported that the Society's current membership is 2,101 and that sixty-four new members joined in 1999.

Dr. Johnson and Dr. and Mrs. Ackrmans - 13488 Bytes
Library Assistant Director Dr. Thomas L. Johnson and Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ackerman enjoying the reception.

The Executive Council met in April and set an annual goal of one hundred new members. Towards this goal, current members are encouraged to submit nominations. Every issue of Caroliniana Columns contains a nomination card; in response to the card enclosed with the Spring 2000 issue, the Society received around fifteen nominations. So far this year, the Society has received twenty-seven new members, one of whom is a Life Member. Current members can help expand membership by thinking of friends and associates who may be interested in the South Caroliniana Library's mission of collecting and preserving the documentary record of South Carolina's history, literature, and culture.

The Council has also determined that the Society will hold at least two functions annually for the membership. The annual meeting in May will remain a Saturday event with a morning reception followed by the luncheon and program. Additionally, the Society will hold an evening event in the fall.

Dr. Harry Lightsey addressing the crowd at the business meeting. Joining him on the dias are, from left to right, Richard Gergel, Dr. William Freehling, Dr. Belinda Gergel, Dr. Lightsey, Dr. Allen Stokes, Mrs. Katherine Lightsey, and the Reverend Dr. George E. Meetze.Speaker and officers - 14447 Bytes

The Secretary-Treasurer reported that the Society received $24,350 in dues and other contributions and $65,914 in interest and dividend income during 1999. The fund's market value stood at $1,864,963, an increase of $79,233 since 1998. The Secretary-Treasurer spent $77,104 of accumulated dues and investment income to purchase printed, visual, and manuscript materials for the Library. The Society continued its financial support of the nationally recognized editorial projects - The Papers of Henry Laurens and The Papers of John C. Calhoun - with a contribution of $1,500 to each project. The Society also made a contribution of $10,000 to the conservation laboratory in the University Libraries' remote storage facility. This gift was applied towards the purchase of custom-made worktables for the laboratory.

Mr. and Mrs. Capers - 13523 BytesEllison and Betty Capers viewing the photograph exhibit.

During 1999 the Library received funding for a twenty-four-month project to reorganize, rehouse, and begin online cataloging of our collection of approximately 20,000 images in various formats. The Library continued an active acquisitions program in Modern Political Collections, made significant progress in processing the Westmoreland collection, began transferring material to the remote storage facility, substantially updated holdings of twentieth-century maps, continued retrospective conversion of manuscript records to the online catalog, processed and described several hundred feet of manuscript material, and completed the initial transfer of the Kohn-Hennig library.

The May 2000 program distributed at the meeting contains a detailed listing of additions to the Library's collections by direct gift and by purchase. Of particular interest, though, are several acquisitions made with the use of the Society's income: an 1828 letter of College of Charleston president Jasper Adams; two account books, 1849 and 1851, of Union District tanner and cobbler Warren E. Davis; an 1845 letter of plantation overseer J.K. Munnerlyn; two letters, 1841 and 1843, of Lexington schoolmaster Christian Bernhard Thummel; a sketchbook, 1851-1853, of architect George Edward Walker; the 1881-82 Catalogue of Benedict Institute...; The Book of My Lady, "By a Bachelor Knight" [William Gilmore Simms]; and numerous daguerreotypes, stereographs, and photographs of individuals, scenes from the Civil War, and persons engaged in agricultural and industrial work.

--Dr. Allen Stokes

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