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Nurse, circa 1940

Annie B (McLaughlin) Brannan Oral History Interview

Annie B. (McLaughlin) Brannan was born in 1920 in Kershaw County near the town of Cassatt.  Her parents, Luke and Ella (Catoe) McLaughlin, raised four children.  Annie had three brothers, all of whom were almost grown when she was born.  Her mother was a homemaker and her father was a millwright and a farmer.  In fact, Annie tells in the interview how she helped with the plowing from a young age.  She later became head of nursing at Camden Hospital, and the excerpt below recounts an early nurses training experience.

From Annie Brannan's interview:

[Listen at time code: 21:16 – 22:38]  "I remember the first hypodermic I gave. This man was drunk. He was getting over his drunk and he was cursing and tossing and carrying on and they told me I had to give him his hypodermic, and I fixed it.  And by the time I got to the bed I had lost all the solution in the syringe, but I stuck him anyway. (Laughter)  He did raise sand then and he cussed and carried on.  The doctor came in, and he jumped on him, and told him that the nurse didn’t give him anything in that syringe she stuck him with. And the doctor, I was expecting him to get on me. He just turned to the nurse and said, "Go fix him another one." That was all there was to it. We had a good time in nursing."