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Satch Krantz
Satch Krantz

Satch Krantz Oral History Interviews

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Satch Krantz has been director of Riverbanks Zoo since 1976. In these two interviews, he describes his childhood growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, educational experiences, the printing process at The State newspaper, many stories about his early experiences working at and traveling for the zoo, descriptions of the first zoo director, John Mehrtens, a character by any measure, and the growth of the zoo in the past 50 years.

From the interview:

“My father actually grew up in Columbia [and] my mother was from a little town down in the low country called Harleyville. They met right after World War II here in Columbia….my mother had moved to Columbia with the old telephone system and that’s how they met. My father was a printer at The State newspaper.”