Office of Oral History

South Caroliniana Library Oral History Collection
A collection of more than 50 oral history interviews and growing, on a variety of topics related to South Carolina history, conducted by Library staff. Subjects include WWII, community histories, civil rights and race relations, USC, education, music, art, railroads, and much more.

Constance Ashton Myers Collection
Women’s Suffrage: oral histories discussing efforts to secure votes for women during the early 20th century.  Activists or their descendants were interviewed on such topics as women's involvement with politics, suffrage, and various other reform movements.

Margaret J. Gibbs Theus Collection
The interviews explore South Carolina people and culture as part of Professor Theus’s Cultural Journalism class, 1979-1983.

Tom Crosby Collection
African-American education in South Carolina during segregation: interviews primarily focus on Rosenwald schools, Allen University and sports at Sims High School in Union County, South Carolina.

Amelia Wallace Vernon Collection and Finding Aid
More than 60 oral histories form the basis of the book: African Americans at Mars Bluff, South Carolina (1993).  The bulk of interviews took place between 1977-1998, but the collection continues to grow with twelve interviews added in 2011.

More oral histories are held at USC in South Carolina Political Collections. The alphabetical list of transcripts may be accessed by clicking here.



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