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Fred Howard Parker Papers

Author:Parker, Fred Howard, 1899-1988
Date Range:1881-1982
Extent:5 linear ft.
Location: Annex (Materials stored offsite; advance notification required).
Background:South Carolina organist and music educator


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1873 Birth of Frederick Lee Parker to Dr. Horace Parker and Sarah Dorn Parker
1877 Birth of Julia Annie Prescott to Dr. William Edward Prescott and Ellen Culbreath Prescott
1895 Graduation of Frederick Lee Parker, University of Maryland Dental School
1896 Marriage of Dr. Frederick Lee Parker and Julia Annie Prescott
1899 8 July Birth of Fred Howard Parker to Dr. Frederick Lee Parker and Julia Prescott Parker
1900 Birth of Carolyn Patterson
1917-1918 Fred Howard Parker attended Georgia Institute of Technology
1922 B.S., University of South Carolina
1924 B.M., Chicora College, Columbia, S.C.
1925-1930 Music instructor, Chicora College, Columbia, S.C.
1927-1965 Organist-Choirmaster, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C.
1930-1931 Associate Director of Music, Columbia College, Columbia, S.C.
1930-1957 Weekly organ recitals, WIS Radio, Columbia, S.C.
1931-1965 Director of music, Columbia College, Columbia, S.C.
1934 Marriage of Fred Howard Parker and Carolyn Patterson
1936 Death of Julia Prescott Parker
1939 M.A. (Music), University of South Carolina
1951 Death of Dr. Frederick Lee Parker
1981 Death of Carolyn Patterson Parker
1988 24 Aug. Death of Fred Howard Parker

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The papers of Fred Howard Parker (1899-1988) span the years 1881 through 1982. Included in the collection are correspondence; teaching materials and lecture notes from Chicora College, the University of South Carolina summer school, and Columbia College; administrative material for Columbia College Music Department; and programs from Parker's organ recital programs broadcast via WIS Radio. The collection also contains college class notes of Frederick L. Parker, Fred H. Parker, and Carolyn Patterson Parker. Carolyn Parker's work as choir director at Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Columbia, and Fred Parker's tenure as organist-choirmaster at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, are also documented. Included too are miscellaneous letters describing small town life in Johnston and Edgefield during the early part of the twentieth century revealing ways in which it was affected by World War I, such diseases as measles and influenza, and a changing world--electricity, indoor plumbing, automobiles, an attempt at racial integration. There is some correspondence from Janie Evans Patterson, sister to Carolyn Patterson Parker, while working as a missionary-teacher in Cuba during the first third of the twentieth century.

Fred Howard Parker was born in 1899 in Johnston, S.C., son of Dr. Frederick Lee Parker, the town dentist, and Julia Prescott Parker. While Dr. Parker wished his son to follow the family tradition of dentistry (Dr. Horace Parker, Frederick Lee Parker's father, was also a dentist), Julia Parker recognized and encouraged her son's appreciation of music. Dr. F.L. Parker did not believe music was a proper avenue for a man or that Fred would be able to support himself through a career in music. Against his father's advice, but with his mother's support, Fred H. Parker pursued music. After receiving a degree in music from Chicora College in 1924, he taught music there for four years. In 1930, Chicora College merged with Queen's College in Charlotte, NC, to form Queens-Chicora College. Fred Parker chose to remain in Columbia and began a new career, first as Associate Director (1930-1931), then Director of Music, at Columbia College. He remained at Columbia College until his retirement in 1965.

While teaching at Chicora College, Fred Parker met Carolyn Patterson, the voice instructor. In 1930, when Chicora merged with Queen's, Patterson relocated to Mitchell College, a small junior college in Statesville, N.C. Fearing the limitations a small town and college would place on her career, Carolyn applied for a teaching position at Columbia College and in 1931 returned to South Carolina. While Fred and Carolyn had been friends during their time of teaching together at Chicora College, it was at Columbia College that their romance began. They were married in 1934. Carolyn remained as voice instructor at Columbia College until her retirement in 1965. While at Columbia College, she was instrumental in establishing a chapter of the Delta Omicron Society.

Both Parkers were actively involved with music in the Columbia community. Fred served as organist-choirmaster at First Presbyterian Church while Carolyn was choir director at Ebenezer Lutheran Church. In addition, Carolyn was active in the Columbia Music Festival Association, and Fred was a president of the college music division of the South Carolina Education Association and the Columbia Music Teachers' Association. For twenty-seven years, Fred Parker presented a program of weekly organ recitals broadcast via WIS radio. He also edited a weekly column, "Beloved Hymns", for the State newspaper.

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Box 1 Biographical
Includes genealogical information on the Parker and Prescott families; biographical data re Janie Evans Patterson, Carolyn Patterson Parker's sister; photograph of Fred H. Parker; and obituary from The State newspaper for Fred H. Parker.
Boxes 1-2Correspondence, 1881-1982 and undated
Consists of courtship letters between Frederick Lee Parker and Julia Annie Prescott, and between Julia and other suitors; a letter dated 18 July 1904 from Frederick Lee Parker to President Theodore Roosevelt requesting appropriations to develop a rifle with a hollow aluminum stock in which medical supplies could be placed; letters detailing Fred H. Parker's year as a Georgia Tech student and his close friend Annie Stokes' first year at Columbia College (or "the Jail"); letters from Carolyn Patterson, while attending the Conservatoire American, Fountainebleau, France, to her sisters in North Carolina; correspondence detailing Fred Parker's instructions for the design of a Pilcher pipe organ for First Presbyterian Church, Columbia; letters to Dr. James Rion McKissick conveying Fred Parker's ideas for the University of South Carolina Music Department and correspondence with Dr. Hugh Williamson, who eventually headed the University's Music Department.
Box 3 Education
Contains class notes of Frederick Lee Parker while a student at the University of Maryland Dental School; class and thesis notes of Fred Howard Parker while attending Georgia Institute of Technology, University of South Carolina and the Conservatoire American, Fountainebleau, France; and class notes of Carolyn Patterson Parker, possibly dating from her student years at Flora MacDonald College.
Box 3 Teaching
Includes lecture notes, class schedules, lists of students from Chicora College, University of South Carolina summer school, and Columbia College.
Box 3 Administration
Includes teacher recommendations, grade sheets, and miscellaneous items dating from Fred Parker's tenure as chairman of the Columbia College Music Department.
Box 4 Recitals, 1919-1982
Contains programs from faculty and student recitals and other musical events attended by Fred and Carolyn Parker
Box 4 Professional Affiliations
Includes repertoire lists for Fred Parker's organ recitals broadcast via WIS Radio; bulletins from First Presbyterian Church, Columbia; notes from Carolyn Parker's tenure as choir director at Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Columbia; and miscellaneous items from the National Association of Teachers of Singers, Delta Omicron Music Society, Columbia Music Festival Association, and the 1967 Montreat Music Conference.
Box 4 Miscellaneous
Consists of legal documents of Frederick Lee Parker and the passport of Janie Evans Patterson.
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Box 1  Biographical Information				Folders 1-63 
	  2 November 1881 - 16 December 1920

Box 2	  28 April 1921 - 10 April 1982, undated	Folders 64-152

Box 3	Education					Folders 153-225
	  Frederick Lee Parker
		  University of Maryland, 1893-1895
	  Fred Howard Parker
		Public School, 1915
		Georgia Institute of Technology, 
		University of South Carolina, 
		Conservatoire American, 
			Fountainebleau, France, 1925
		Thesis Notes, undated
		Carolyn Patterson Parker Teaching
		Chicora College, 1925-1929
		University of South Carolina, 
		   Summer School, 1936-1942
		Columbia College, 1930-1965
			Music 121
			Music 122
			Repertoire class
			Sacred music
		Carolyn Patterson Parker
			Voice class Administration
		Columbia College Music 
		    Department, 1930-1965

Box 4	Recitals					Folders 226-299
	   7 May 1919 - 14 June 1982, undated
	Professional Affiliations
	   WIS Radio Programs
		16 November 1930 - 12 May 1957
		First Presbyterian Church, Columbia
		Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Columbia
	   Frederick Lee Parker
		Legal documents, 1883-1940
		Janie Evans Patterson
		Passport, 1918-1919

Administrative Notes

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Processed by: Cheryl H. Morrison
Date completed: 23 March 1993

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