John Shaw Billings Scrapbooks, 1809-1974

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1. Vol. 1: Photograph Album, 1887-1939 

     History of Redcliffe [owners, buildings, grounds, furnishings]:

     - previous owners.

     - "The Old Yard" (house built by Galphins before 1800 on present Redcliffe land).

     - pictures showing outside and inside, including furniture and portraits.

     - record of Billings' restoration (work schedules,
blue prints, pictures of work in progress, electrical fixtures, etc.). - shrubs and other plantings. - new sections of cemetery wall. - map of the plantation, showing roads. Back to index 2. Vol. 2: Photograph album, 1862-1913 - Billings family genealogical chart. - pictures of family homes. - members of the John Shaw Billings (1838-1913) family. - Army Medical Library and Museum, Washington, D.C. - Johns Hopkins Hospital staff. - offices of John Sedgwick Billings (1869-1928). - family tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery. 3. Vol 3: Photograph album, circa 1875-1912 - Earliest pictures of John Shaw Billings (1898-1975). - Hammond and Billings family relatives. - Various Billings homes in South Carolina
(Redcliffe and Old Yard); New York; and elsewhere. Back to index 4. Manuscript volume bound, 1877-1959. Career data on John Sedgwick Billings (1869-1928): - Autobiographical sketch of his training at University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins. - Experience as Chief of Bureau of Communicable Diseases, (New York, N.Y.) - His life as a Major in Medical Corps, World War I; - Clippings, pictures, programs. 5. Manuscript volume bound, 1855-1908. - Autobiographical account of "the early life of John Shaw Billings II" (1898-1975) in detailed prose, with childhood drawings (photostats) and photographs that include his family, relatives, friends, homes, and places visited. - Biographical sketches of John Sedgwick Billings and Katharine Hammond Billings (1867-1925). Back to index 6. Photograph volume bound, 1864-1924. Photograph album, including - Billings family. - Irene Castles. - Marilyn Miller. - Staff, circa 1864, of General George Gordon Meade (1815-1872). - Offices of John Sedgwick Billings. - Home of John Sedgwick Billings at Douglas Manor, Long Island, N.Y. 7. Photograph volume bound, 1909-1910. Scrapbook of clippings. 8. Manuscript volume bound, 1912-1915. St. Paul's School (Concord, N.H.) - Pictures, curriculum, compositions, exams, reports. - Programs, souvenirs, clippings. Back to index 9. Photograph volume bound, 1910-1916. - Snapshot album with pictures of Repton and St. Paul's schools; - family outings at Woods Hole and Bay Head; - Douglas Manor on Long Island, N.Y.; - John Sedgwick Billings' trip to Panama. 10. Manuscript volume bound, 1915-1920. St. Paul's School, Harvard - pictures, programs, souvenirs, letters. 11. Photograph volume bound, 1914-1926. - Newspaper and magazine clippings. - snapshots - New York Public Library memorial bookplate to John Shaw - obituaries re death of Katharine Hammond Billings. Back to index 12. Manuscript volume bound, 1917-1918. - Snapshots with comments re John Shaw Billings' World War I service in France. 13. Manuscript volume bound, 1917-1918. - Record of John Shaw Billings' service as an ambulance-driver in France and with the Aviation Section, Signal Corps, U. S. A., World War I. 14. Manuscript volume bound, 1916-1920. - Notes and practice sketches. 15. Manuscript volume bound, 1918-1919. - Plots and jottings for short stories, character sketches, original poems, personal experiences. - lists of publishers of short stories and poems. 16. Manuscript volume bound, May-Nov. 1919. - Sketches of persons and plots, largely from personal experience, for use in a class on writing composition at Harvard. Back to index 17. Manuscript volume bound, Feb. 1917 - Jan. 1918. - Chronicle of John Shaw - Billings' one sided love-affair with Marilyn Miller. In three volumes--a, b, c. 18. Photograph volume bound, 1919-1920. - Clippings, chiefly poems. 19. Manuscript volume bound, 1919-1921. - Notes and practice sketches. 20. Manuscript volume bound, June-July 1920. - Clippings from Bridgeport Telegram (Bridgeport, Conn.) "My first newspaper endeavours." 21. Photograph volume bound, 1921-1922. - Brooklyn Eagle stories by John Shaw Billings - other clippings, snapshots, credentials to The Harvard Club and The Union Club. Back to index 22. Photograph volume bound, 1922-1930. - Snapshots of John Shaw Billings and Frederica Wade Billings, with comments. 23. Manuscript volume bound, 1924-1927. - Washington, D.C. "A sort of Commonplace Book containing unimportant and unambitious odds and ends. . . ." 24. Manuscript volume bound, 1926-1936. - invitations - copies of paintings by Henry Billings, - Time Inc. memos. 25. Photograph volume bound, 1930-1939. - Snapshots of John Shaw Billings and Wade Billings; - their home in New York, relatives, outings, and vacations. Back to index 26. Photograph volume bound, 15 Sept. - 23 Oct. 1931. - Trip to Alaska by John Shaw Billings and Frederica Wade Billings: pictures, clippings,itinerary. 27. Manuscript volume bound, 1934-1938. - Photos and snapshots of John Shaw Billings and Frederica Wade Billings, their life in New York City, outings; - Time, Inc. activities; - Henry Billings' home at Milan Hollow, N. Y.; - Uncle Henry Hammond's home in Augusta, Ga.; - Cottage Cemetery, Augusta, Ga., with graves of Fitzsimmons, Spanns, and Hammonds. 28. Photograph volume bound, 1938-1940. - Life in the Billings penthouse,1200 Fifth Avenue; - photos of some of Time Inc. staff. 29. Photograph volume bound, 1940-1946. - Snapshots at New York and Redcliffe; - Mt. Zion Cemetery and graves of Joseph Bryan and Maria Bryan. Back to index 30. Manuscript volume bound, 1870-1946. - Redcliffe after Billings restoration; - Hammond and Cumming correspondence and pictures; - clippings "5 rose bushes from Mount Vernon to Redcliffe"; - pictures of children (names included) on Downer School steps, 1901. 31. MP volume bound, 1949. - Clippings. "Bits and pieces of news and ads . . . to pin down the evidence . . . of the tastes and feelings of 1949" 32. MP volume bound, 1950-1952. - Clippings, with comments, from newspapers and New Yorker re current news and issues, including Judge Julius Waties Waring (1880-1968) and his wife, Elizabeth Avery Waring (1895-1968), re race relations in S. C.; - nuclear bombs, sex, and something new -- television. Back to index 33. Photograph volume bound, 1953-1954. - Pictures of life at 1200 Fifth Avenue and Redcliffe. - Clippings, with comments, from newspapers and New Yorker re current news and issues. 35. Manuscript volume bound, 1952-1957. - Billings' move to Redcliffe from New York; - histories of some of the portraits at Redcliffe; - copy of deed of northern/section of Redcliffe Cemetery to Beech Island community; - arrival of desk of John Shaw Billings (1838-1913) from Billings Wilson; - pictures of family gatherings; - compass map with Redcliffe in center, showing directions to various places and cities. Back to index 36. Photograph volume bound, 1954-1956. - Pictures of activities at Redcliffe; - visiting Hammond and Wade-Black relatives. 37. Manuscript volume bound, 1958-1964. - Chiefly personal pictures of John Shaw Billings and Frederica Wade Billings, their pets, life at Redcliffe; - theft and restoration of bust of Governor Hammond; - illnesses and death of Frederica; - two letters from Chalmers Davidson. 38. MP volume bound, 1956-1961. - Days at Redcliffe, visiting relatives; - Frederica Wade Billings' illnesses; - fire destroys "Brezivu" (Frederica Wade Billings' Beech Island house before marriage); - tombstone for Uncle Henry Hammond. 39. MP volume bound, 1971-1974. - Clippings, cards, snapshots. Back to index 40. Manuscript volume bound, 1964-1970. - Chiefly clippings, including items re former colleagues at Time Inc., letters, greeting cards, tributes to John Shaw Billings (1838-1913). - Comments by John Shaw Billings. 41. Manuscript volume bound, 1809-1962. - Genealogical data re the Black, Kirkland, Robison, Reid, Bryan, Lamar, and Peters families of Georgia and South Carolina: charts, pictures, letters, and biographical sketches. 42. Manuscript volume bound, 1853-1963. - Genealogical data re the Wade, Ingersoll, Habersham, and Washburn families of Georgia and South Carolina - charts, pictures, letters, biographical sketches, including a photograph of the home of Dr. Crawford W. Long. Back to index 43. Manuscript volume bound, 1908-1912. - Resume of John Sedgwick family history, including grandparents and relatives on both sides, as well as friends; - experiences in schools and summer vacations. 44. Manuscript volume bound, 1895-1963. - Chiefly condolence letters, newspaper clippings, biographical sketches, tributes from scholarly, scientific,and civic organizations re the death of John Shaw Billings (1838-1913). Also photographs. Back to index 45. Manuscript volume bound, 1817-1967. - "A Miscellany of Clippings and Such with Mildly Historical Overtones" including letters (copies) from: James Monroe, 1817 General Lafayette (dictated), 1826 Andrew Jackson (photostat), 1843 Richard Henry Wilde, 1845 Grover Cleveland, 1894 William Osler, 1904 - Documents of General Lafayette, 1824 (report of address) Elisha Hammond, 1826 Henry Cumming, 1830 Harry Hammond, 1866 (pardon). 46. MP volume bound, 1950-1952. - Tear sheets of advertisements with comments by John Shaw Billings. Back to index 47. Manuscript volume bound, 1973-1975. - Letters, snapshots, clippings re gift of Redcliffe to South Carolina and other items. 48. Manuscript volume bound, 1936-1940. - Letters, memos, photographs, clippings, chiefly re Life magazine and including letter and autographed picture of Shirley Temple, pictures of Luce's Mepkin Plantation; - World's Fair art of Henry Billings. Filed in P. Back to index 49. Manuscript volume bound, 1931-1953. - Random thoughts re: public issues, himself, Henry R. Luce; - Churchill's address on Russia and Communism at Luce dinner; - Cardinal Spellman, Louis B. Mayer, Robert Sherwood, and other guests at Luce-Churchill dinner; - the Maharaja of Nawanagar and Luce dinner in honor; and others. Also, Billings' Christmas gift lists,1947-1953; - salaries and bonuses of Time Inc. executives, 1948-1950; - Billings' tongue-in-cheek autobiographical sketch. Filed in P. 50. Manuscript volume bound, c. 1860-1951. - Time Inc. data: correspondence, staff memos, diagram of Time Building in Rockefeller Center; - picture of court martial of Gen. Billy Mitchell, 1925; - letter from Duke of Windsor, Christmas card from Winston Churchill (his painting on cover), 1947; - advertisement in Honolulu paper containing code warning local Japanese of forthcoming attack on Pearl Harbor. Also floor plan of Billings penthouse at 1200 Fifth Avenue; - photos of Henry Billings' paintings; photos of ancestors, family, relatives, friends, Redcliffe, buildings at St. Paul's School, New Hampshire. Filed in P. Back to index 51. Photograph volume bound, 1938-1943. - Photos of Time Inc. editors, Billings penthouse, Redcliffe, visit of Henry R. Luce and Ralph McGill to Redcliffe in 1943. Filed in P. 52. Photograph volume bound, 1886-1951. - Photos of Billings' colleagues at Time Inc., his office at Time Inc., Henry R. Luce and Clare B. Luce, JSB in 1947, Harry Hammond family at Redcliffe in 1886, - copies of family portraits at Redcliffe. Filed in P. 53. Manuscript volume bound, 1950-1964. - Clippings and data on Time, Inc., colleagues, with photos and snapshots; - personal notes and greeting cards. Filed in P. 54. Manuscript volume bound, Jan. 1855. - Autograph album of 33rd U. S. Congress, prepared by Hestor L. Stevens for his daughter Katharine Stevens [Billings], contains signatures of sixty-two Senators and 101 Representatives, including Solomon Chasc, Sam Houston, Charles Sumner, William H. Seward, I Hamilton Piah, A. P. Butler and John McQueen. Back to index 55. Manuscript volume bound, 1880-1901. - Scrapbook of Kate Stevens Billings. - Clippings; - programs; - notes from guests, including Alexander Graham Bell. 56. Manuscript volume bound, 9 Mar. 1918 - 11 Mar. 1919. - Pilot's Book. Record of JSB's airplane pilot training certificate of membership in Federation Aeronautique Internationale and in Aviation Section of the Signal Corps Officers Reserve Corps. 57. Manuscript volume bound, 1921-1969. - Analecta, "selected miscellaneous written passages." Introspection and observation by JSB. 58. Manuscript volume bound, 1927 - n. d. "Myself and Family." - Resume of early JSB recollections; - paragraphs about incidents and members of the family, cemetery epitaphs, "odds and ends of Augusta history." Back to index 59. Manuscript volume bound, 1930-1957. - "Hospitality through the Years." "What [JSB and FWB] did for others and what they did for us." 60. Manuscript volume bound, Feb. - Sept. 1938. - FWB's menus and grocery lists. 61. Manuscript volume bound, 8 Feb. 1939 - 1 Jan.1991. - Diary of FWB. 62. Photograph volume bound, May 1940. "The Life, Habits & Costumes of Dan Longwell" by JSB. Photograph album. Filed in P. 63. Manuscript volume bound, Sept. - Dec. 1942. - FWB's menus and grocery lists. 64. Manuscript volume bound, 1945-1960. Lucky. Photo album with comments by JSB re the Billings' cocker spaniel. Back to index 65. Manuscript volume bound, 1951-1969. [Journal] "I would like to write here as if I were the last man alive on earth." [JSB did not do this for long; book becomes a summary of Frederica's illnesses.] 66. Manuscript(T) volume bound, Mar. 1953. The Ideology of Time Magazine, Part II. Prepared by Patricia Divver." Analysis of Time Inc. personnel: qualifications, opinions, activities (i. e. labor organizing, Communist participation) and other data. Filed in P. 66b. Manuscript(R) volume bound, Mar. 1953. The Ideology of Time Magazine, Part I. 67. Manuscript volume bound, 1955. "Some more small family facts." Chiefly accounts by JSB of incidents in all branches of the Hammond connection. Also Billings family birth, marriage, and death records. Back to index 68. Manuscript volume bound, 1954-1966. "Radcliffe dates and data." One-line diary of events. (Useful.) 69. Manuscript volume bound, May - Oct. 1967. News notes by JSB. "The one great cry from all quarters and causes is money.. . . give us more money - or diasater will follow. The two chief causes of this eternal cry are the War in Vietnam and the Poor at home. The poor really means the Negro and Civil Rights. Here are some current clippings to illustrate this point." 70. Manuscript volume bound, Oct. 1967 - June 1968. - News notes. Clippings with comments by JSB. 71. Manuscript volume bound, July 1968 - Mar. 1969. - News notes. Clippings with comments by JSB. Back to index 72. Manuscript volume bound, 19 Mar. - July 1969. - News notes. Clippings with comments by JSB. 73. Manuscript volume bound, July 1969 - Aug. 1970. - News notes. Clippings with comments by JSB. 74. Manuscript volume bound, n. d. - Lists of sound (commercial) films, JSB's films, music, records, contents of JSB films, television log, clippings. 75. Manuscript volume bound, n. d. - History. Short paragraphs by JSB re famous people and events.
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