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Evolution of a Campus

Expansion and Demolition from
1801 to 2008

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Flinn Hall

This 1860 building was originally a faculty residence at the corner of Sumter and Pendleton Streets. In 1910 it was named for professor William Flinn, who had lived in the house. It served as the headquarters for the YMCA for many years. The house was moved back around fifty yards to its present location in the early 1930s so that the War Memorial Building could be constructed. Flinn Hall caught fire in 1995 during some renovations. In 2006 its floors underwent major repairs due to extensive termite damage.

Flinn Hall in the 1920sFlinn Hall Burning Flinn Hall Floor Renovation 1Flinn Hall Floor Renovation 2

Williams-Brice Stadium

Built in 1934, the structure was originally called Carolina Stadium. It has undergone several renovations and expansions since then, including the addition of the upper decks in 1972 and 1982. The renovations in the 1970s were made possible partly by a gift from the estate of Martha Williams Brice of Sumter. The stadium was dedicated as Williams-Brice Stadium in 1972 as a memorial to Mrs. Brice, her husband, Thomas H. Brice, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Williams.

Carolina Stadium, 1935Williams-Brice Stadium, 1972

South Caroliniana Library

Completed in 1840, the South Caroliniana Library was the first separate college library building in the United States. The main reading room on the second floor is a replica of the Library of Congress reading room designed by Charles Bulfinch, which was destroyed by fire. Two fireproofs wings designed by J. Carroll Johnson were added in 1927. After serving as the main University library for 100 years, the building became a repository for published and unpublished materials relating to the history, literature, and culture of South Carolina. The building has undergone several renovation projects over the last five years, including installation of a new heating and air system, and new paint for the reading rooms.

South Caroliniana Library, 1940s

South Caroliniana Library Renovation Projects:

South Caroliniana Ceiling RenovationSouth Caroliniana with Scaffolding

Horseshoe Excavation

In the mid-1970s, the University undertook an extensive restoration project for the historic Horseshoe. One building was in such bad shape that a shower stall fell through the rotted floor. The project started with an archaeological dig in 1973 that uncovered the old college wells. The restoration project took over ten years to complete at an expense of over ten million dollars.

Horseshoe Walkway Excavation Horseshoe Well Excavation

Walkway Excavation

Well Excavation

Building Exterior Renovation Man at Work Crumbling Window

Building Renovation


Window Repair

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