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Evolution of a Campus

Expansion and Demolition from
1801 to 2008

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The Original South Carolina College Campus

Rutledge College

When South Carolina College opened its doors in 1805, the campus consisted of one building "Rutledge College" which contained classroom space, the chapel, student and faculty housing, and the library.

Rutledge circa 1975

South Carolina College 1820

By 1820 the College had added the original president's house (1807), DeSaussure College (1809), and two faculty housing duplexes. The first duplex, built in 1810, was later torn down and replaced with a similar structure. The second duplex, built in 1813, is now McCutchen House.

South Carolina College, 1820

South Carolina College 1850

By 1850 the original campus had taken its familiar horseshoe shape. All but one of the buildings in this image are still here today. The Maxcy Monument was added in 1827, Elliott and Lieber Colleges in 1837, Pinckney in 1838, the South Caroliniana Library in 1840, and Harper and Legare Colleges in 1848. The original president's house, which stood at the head of the Horseshoe, was torn down in 1939. McKissick Museum stands there now.

South Carolina College, 1850

University of South Carolina 1911

Expansion beyond the Horseshoe came slowly. Longstreet Theatre was constructed to serve as a chapel in 1855, and Flinn Hall was added in 1860. In 1909, Davis College became the first new building added since the Civil War. Barnwell College was constructed the following year.

Campus Aerial, 1911

University Map 1942

This 1942 pictorial map shows the location of the second Steward's Hall (Mess Hall) and the old field house. It also misidentifies Davis Field as Melton Field. Melton was the football field; Davis was the baseball field. The first two women's dormitories are at top right.

Pictorial Map of the University of South Carolina, 1942

Aerial Photograph 1958

This 1958 aerial photograph of campus shows the view toward Huger Street and the river, and the neighborhoods that were acquired and torn down to make way for the Carolina Coliseum. The Horseshoe is to the right; in the center is the newly finished undergraduate library, with McBryde Quadrangle behind it and the first two Honeycombs (Baker and Burney) above it. Also visible at the bottom of the image is the construction of the second Wade Hampton dormitory.

Campus Aerial, 1958

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