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University of South Carolina Trivia Quiz

1. What was calf-tailing?

A. A student prank
B. A game like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey
C. A coed hairstyle

2. What was the cause of the only fatal duel between two Carolina students?

A. A lady's honor
B. A plate of fish
C. A wager on a cockfight

3. Why was future U.S. Congressman Preston S. Brooks expelled from Carolina just days before graduation?

A. He accepted a challenge to a duel
B. He threatened to shoot Columbia police officers
C. He made one too many trips, against college rules, to Brigg's Tavern

4. Why did students stage the Great Biscuit Rebellion against mandatory use of the campus dining hall?

A. They were tired of having biscuits at every meal
B. Someone got hurt during a food fight because the biscuits were so stale
C. They were tired of finding worms in their biscuits

5. What was the most popular outdoor sport at Carolina during the early 1800s?

A. Turkey-stealing
B. Painting the President's horse and shaving its tail
C. Serenading unpopular professors by beating on tin pots and pans at midnight

6. Which USC president was described by students as looking like a wedge with a head on it?

A. Jonathan Maxcy
B. Thomas Cooper
C. Augustus Longstreet

7. Which famous professor once tried to have a student expelled for stupidity?

A. John LeConte
B. Maximilian LaBorde
C. Francis Lieber


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