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Records of the Office of the President (1909-2002)

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Alphabetical Listing of the USC Presidents:
Baker, Leonard T. 1926-1926 (acting) and 1931-1936
Currell, William S. 1914-1922
Douglas, Davison M. 1927-1931
Holderman, James B. 1977-1990
Jones, Thomas F. 1962-1974
McKissick, J. Rion 1936-1944
Melton, William D. 1922-1926
Mitchell, Samuel C. 1909-1913
Moore, Andrew C. 1913-1914 (acting)
Palms, John M. 1991-2002
Patterson, William H. 1974-1977
Russell, Donald S. 1952-1957
Smith, Arthur K. 1990-1991 (acting)
Smith, Norman M. 1945-1952
Sumwalt, Robert L. 1957-1962

Chronological Listing of the USC Presidents:
1909-1913 Mitchell, Samuel C.
1913-1914 Moore, Andrew C. (acting)
1914-1922 Currell, William S.
1922-1926 Melton, William D.
1926-1926 Baker, Leonard T. (acting)
1927-1931 Douglas, Davison M.
1931-1936 Baker, Leonard T.
1936-1944 McKissick, J. Rion
1945-1952 Smith, Norman M.
1952-1957 Russell, Donald S.
1957-1962 Sumwalt, Robert L.
1962-1974 Jones, Thomas F.
1974-1977 Patterson, William H.
1977-1990 Holderman, James B.
1990-1991 Smith, Arthur K. (acting)
Palms, John M.

More information about the USC Presidents' Records

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