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Robert L. Sumwalt


BOX 1 (1960-61)


American Association of Land Grant Colleges. Memoranda and correspondence re: program, annual convention, report on appropriations.

American Council on Education. Correspondence re: meetings, educational policies, survey report.

Association of Higher Education. Re: higher education issues, conferences.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Includes bulletins re: proposed by-laws amendments, report on fight at basketball game, audit report.

College Entrance Exam Board. Correspondence re: membership, meetings.

Council for Financial Aid to Education. Correspondence re: conference on development programs for colleges.

Health, Education, and Welfare Dept. Correspondence re: regional report, educational research, legislation.

National Commission on Accrediting. Correspondence re: Sumwalt's appointment to.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: approval/disapproval of grant proposals.

SC Association of Colleges. Primarily meeting minutes.

SC Association of School Boards. Correspondence re: membership, summer conference.

SCASB, Governor's Conference on Business, Industry & Agriculture. Correspondence and reports re: improving South Carolina schools.

SC State Employees Association. Correspondence re: activities, legislation re: annual leave, retirement, mileage.

Southeastern States Assembly. Re: conference.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: annual meeting, membership.

Southern Council for Better Schools. Correspondence re: conference.

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence and reports, including summer workshop, governors' conference, higher education legislation, educational issues in the South.

Southern University Conference. Re: meeting.

State Regional Education Board. Includes inquiry re: financial aid for Negroes.

State Universities Association. Correspondence re: conference, constitution and by-laws, possible merger with American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities.

BOX 2 (1960-61)

Board of Trustees:

Athletic Committee. Primarily re: possible establishment of School of Health and Physical Education, lack of physical education facilities.

Buildings and Grounds Committee. Correspondence, reports, minutes re: building program, bids, construction costs.

Executive Committee. Includes resolutions re: Ainsley Hall, budget report, USC Educational Foundation.

Miscellaneous Correspondence. Re: trustees, legislation, personal matters.

Board of Women Visitors. Includes Sumwalt's remarks to.

Bonds. Correspondence and reports re: status of USC's investments.


Budget 1960-61. Correspondence re: expenditures, estimated revenue.

Budget 1961-62. Correspondence and reports re: budget requests, increases.

Financial Statements. Correspondence re: expenditures.

Building Program:

Columbia Bible College. Financial analysis of CBC property.

Engineering Addition. Correspondence re: bids and construction.

General. Correspondence and reports re: building program plans, expansion needs.


Acquisition Committee. Includes report on purchase efforts in expansion area.

Arboretum Block. Correspondence re: purchase of property for women's dormitory.

College and Pendleton Streets. Acquisition of property on the two streets.

Four Blocks (Blossom, Main, Marion, Southern R.R.). Reports, maps and correspondence re: acquisition of land through Urban Renewal.

Life Science. Correspondence re: design, construction.

Married Student Housing. Correspondence re: architect selection, financing, zoning.

Men's Residence Halls. Correspondence re: selection of architect, financing.

Neutron Generator Building. Correspondence re: need for, financing, architect.

Urban Renewal Project, Citizen's Advisory. Includes property appraisal, minutes, progress report.

Women's Residence Halls. Correspondence re: architect selection, financing.

Buildings and Grounds:

Ainsley Hall Mansion (Robert Mills House). Correspondence re: USC efforts to purchase and relocate mansion to campus.

General. Includes insurance inspection report, correspondence re: handicap access ramps.

Huntington Art and Music Center. Efforts by USC to acquire property and construct fine arts center.

Stadium. Correspondence re: paving needs, ticket turnstiles.

Traffic Problems. Includes study of traffic and parking problems at USC.

Use by Others. Primarily letters of thanks for use of USC facilities.

Use of Russell House. Includes letter re: expansion of Student Union area.

World War Memorial Building. Correspondence re: use and maintenance of.

Business Services Procedure. Memoranda re: changes in policies and procedures.

BOX 3 (1960-61)

Chamber of Commerce:

General. Correspondence re: speakers, meetings, legislation.

University-College Relations Committee. Correspondence and minutes re: University and College Week and other projects.

City of Columbia:

Fairground Property. Correspondence re: ownership and use of property around stadium.

General. Correspondence re: meetings, proposed projects.

Colleges and Universities, South Carolina. Correspondence with other schools' administrators re: academic programs, finances.

Colleges and Universities, Out of State.
Correspondence with other schools'
administrators re: academic programs, workshops, financing.


June 1961. Arrangements for.

Law School. Includes Sumwalt's remarks.

Speaker. Arrangements with speaker for June commencement.

Summer School. Includes Sumwalt's introductory remarks.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence includes academic hours, conference report, proposed officer education program.

Alumni Association. Includes Cresap, McCormick and Paget report on alumni and development needs, Alumni Day.

Anthropology and Sociology. Correspondence re: state mental hospital, graduate degrees in social work.

Arts and Science. Includes report on need for honors program.

Athletics. Includes financial statements, tickets, scholarships, ACC and NCAA.

Athletics, State Track Meet. Primarily acceptances to luncheon.

Band. Correspondence re: band performances at various events.

Bible and Religion. Letter re: guest lecturer.

Biology. Re: research seminar.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Correspondence re: conference, faculty, complaint about faculty article.

Bureau of Public Administration. Correspondence re: City Attorneys Conference, City Managers Association.

Business Administration. Correspondence includes grants, fellowships, workshops.

Chemistry. Re: research.

Dean of Administration. Complimentary letter re: Dean Patterson.

Dean of Students. Includes reports and recommendations re: student affairs and student personnel.

Dean of the University. Primarily miscellaneous, undated notes and drafts of reports on department organization and purpose.

Director of Development. Correspondence, notes and reports re: establishment of position and organization of department.

Division of Unclassified Students. Letter re: teaching load and faculty.

BOX 4 (1960-61)

Education. Correspondence includes conference on reading, counseling and guidance training, administrators.

Engineering. Correspondence includes lab and facility needs, budget, faculty, curricula.

English. Correspondence includes faculty salaries, teaching loads, speaking engagements.

Examining and Counseling Bureau. Correspondence re: applications, testing.

Extension Division:

Aiken. Correspondence re: establishment of center.

Florence. Correspondence re: local support, faculty.

General. Includes reports on department activities, York efforts to get extension center, budget.

Horry. Re: instructors.

Lancaster Centers. Re: open house.

Fine Arts. Correspondence re: loan from Guggenheim Museum.

Foreign Languages. Correspondence re: Language Day, department needs, faculty.

Gamecock Club. Correspondence re: tickets, meetings, membership drive.

Geology and Geography. Correspondence re: conferences, department comparison with other universities.

Graduate School. Correspondence re: academic programs, graduate degrees offered.

History. Correspondence re: Beaufort Centennial, speaking engagements.

Housing. Correspondence includes spaces allotted, married student housing.

International Studies. Correspondence includes War Memorial building, faculty, department progress report, graduate degree proposal.

Journalism. Correspondence includes faculty, proposal for new building, financial aid.

Law School. Correspondence includes handicap access, faculty, endowment fund.


McKissick. Includes transfer of materials to Art Museum, library schedule, collections.

South Caroliniana. Correspondence re: acquisition of manuscripts, society business and constitution.

Undergraduate. Inquiry re: design of, monthly use of.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: lecture series, math institutes.

Music. Correspondence re: music therapy courses, performances.

Naval ROTC. Correspondence includes faculty performance, attrition study.

News Service. Includes correspondence re: TV special on USC.

Nursing. Includes correspondence re: convention, report on nursing program.

Personnel. Notices of leave policies, new director.

Pharmacy. Correspondence re: enrollment, seminar, possible lengthening of the degree program.

Physical Education. Correspondence re: staff, curricula, departmental structure.

Physics. Includes correspondence re: supposed teen scientist.

Placement. Correspondence re: testing and advanced placement of students.

Political Science. Correspondence re: lecture series, curricula.

Psychology and Philosophy. Includes correspondence re: psychology Ph.D. program, possibly moving Philosophy to another building.

BOX 5 (1960-61)

Registrar's Office. Enrollment statistics, registration regulations.

Summer School. Proposal for changes in.

Treasurer's Office. Correspondence re: budget.

University Cafeteria and Stores. Includes audit report.

University Press. Includes department status report and recommendations.

YMCA and YWCA. Arrangements for Religious Emphasis Week.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Primarily correspondence and memoranda re: administrative policies.

Instructional. Correspondence includes portraits of Arney Childs and Irene Elliott, Elliott's low salary, study on faculty organization and committees.

Instructional, Furman E. Cannon. Correspondence re: income tax misconduct, resignation.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

Promotions. Recommendations for and notification of.

Research. Correspondence re: grants awarded to faculty.

Resignations and Dismissals. Letters of resignation.

Retirement. Correspondence re: policy, notices of retirement plans.

Salaries. Correspondence, reports, survey re: USC salaries, need for increases, comparison with other universities, Elliott's low salary.

Tenure. USC policy.

Travel. Includes memo re: allocation of funds.

Faculty Committees:

Academic Advisory Council. Primarily minutes, including University policies, foreign students.

Administrative Advisory Council. Primarily minutes, including policies and procedures, space needs.

Curricula and New Courses. Recommendations on courses.

Development Advisory Council. Selection of members, reports on USC status for first meeting, minutes.

Discipline. Resignation of chairman.

Entrance Examination Committee. Report on admission to Extension Division's evening classes.

General. Includes list of committees and members, duties of committees.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence, minutes re: nominees, recipients, selection process.

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental. Report on number of students advised.

Records and Registration Committee. Report on USC system and recommendations for improvement.

Research and Creative Production. Faculty research proposals.

Russell Awards. Correspondence re: selection of recipients.

Special Committees. Includes reports on scholastic standing regulations, need for honors program, faculty organization and committees, future of University High School.

BOX 6 (1960-61)

Football 1960:

Carolina-Clemson Game. Correspondence includes luncheon, tickets, seating of Governor, transcript of radio interview with Presidents Sumwalt and Edwards.

Duke. Includes financial report.

General. Primarily re: tickets, game schedule, trustees traveling with team.

UNC. Primarily re: luncheon held before game.

Wake Forest. Correspondence re: radio coverage, halftime band.

Funds, Investment. Includes statement of securities.

Funds, Russell.
Correspondence re: use of.

Correspondence re: bequests, donations, gifts.

Gifts, Kendall Collection.
Correspondence re: Kendall estate bequest to USC.

Governor's Advisory Committee on Higher Education.
Correspondence and reports on higher education, USC development needs.

Guignard Lectures.
Lists of lecturers.

Institute of Science and Technology.
Correspondence includes graduate assistants, grants, membership.


Boatwright, Gertrude. Refusal to admit.

Duncan, Essie Ann. Refusal to admit.

General. Anti- and pro-integration letters.

Wright, Julie. Refusal to admit.

Organization and Management:

Long Range Planning. Correspondence re: City of Columbia transferring possession of streets to USC, news release.

Organization Chart. Copies of.

Self-Study Material. Correspondence and reports re: conducting of.

Study by Cresap, McCormick and Paget. Reports and correspondence re: USC's organization and structure.

Radio Broadcasting.
Thirtieth anniversary of WIS Radio.

Report of the President. Draft of.

SC Agencies:

Budget and Control Board. Correspondence and reports, including justification of budget request, presentation to the Board for appropriations.

Education Department. Correspondence re: meetings.

BOX 7 (1960-61)

State Development Board. Correspondence includes membership, economic development projects, meetings.


Development Committee (Sen. West). Correspondence re: project proposals, financing of.

General. Correspondence includes lists of legislators who are USC alumni, advice from Sol Blatt on presentations for funding.

Southern State University Salary Scales. Survey responses re: salaries from other colleges and universities.


Awards Day. Correspondence re: selection of recipients, list of 1960 awards given.
Blue Key High School Day. Arrangements for.

Fees. Correspondence, reports, and statistics on student fees, decision to increase fees.

General. Includes inquiries re: room assignments, admissions, enrollment, Communist materials in the library.

Koss, William G. Jr. Correspondence re: student questioning professors' salaries and work schedules.


Debating Society. Correspondence re: tournament.

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence re: special events.

General. Correspondence re: student religious groups, literary societies, student union committee.

Student Council. Correspondence re: resolutions, traffic problems, council membership.

Publications. Correspondence with Gamecock and Garnet and Black staff members re: their work.

ROTC Awards Day. Plans for.

Scholarships. Inquiries into, awarding of.

Special Scholarships. Correspondence re: contributions to, awarding of.

Television, Educational. Correspondence re: projects with ETV.

USC Education Foundation.
Correspondence re: donations, management of, foundation membership.

USC Education Foundation, Chair Club.
Correspondence re: donations, drafts of contract, membership.

BOX 8 (1960-61)

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