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Robert L. Sumwalt


BOX 1 (1959-60)

Armed Forces. Correspondence re: Army Education Program.

American Association of University Professors. Includes instructions for reporting salary data.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Includes meeting minutes and reports re: regulations, schools, standings.

Health, Education and Welfare. Correspondence and reports re: legislation on higher education, conferences.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence and reports re: conferences, legislation, academic freedom.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: grants awarded to USC.

SC State Employees Association. Correspondence re: meetings, activities, legislation re: annual leave.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: accreditation, educational expenditures.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities. Conference report.

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence, reports and recommendations re: meetings, legislation, higher education funding.

Southern Regional Education Board, Summer Workshop. Correspondence and reports re: workshop on higher education issues.

Southern University Conference. Correspondence re: possible reinstatement of USC.

Board of Trustees:


Athletic. Meeting minutes, reports on concession and ticket sales,

Carolina-Clemson game arrangements.

Buildings and Grounds. Meeting minutes

Executive. Primarily minutes.

General. Includes correspondence re: meetings, yearbooks, salaries.

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence includes membership, arrangements for meeting.

BOX 2 (1959-60)

Bonds. Correspondence and reports re: USC bonds, borrowing power, tuition fees, building program.

Bonds, Stadium. Correspondence re: financing for stadium improvements.

Budget, 1959-60. Correspondence and reports, including land acquisition, building program financing.

Budget, 1960-61. Correspondence and reports re: appropriation requests.

Building Program:
Expansion Requirements:

Classrooms. Correspondence and reports on departments' needs.

Residence Halls. Correspondence re: future needs.

Reports from Schools. Space needs.

Reports from Department of Arts and Science. Space needs.

Fairground Property. Correspondence re: possible site for coliseum.

General. Includes plan for building and land acquisition and financing.


Arboretum Block. Correspondence re: purchase of land around arboretum.

Engineering Block. Correspondence re: purchase of property, including lawsuit over Huffman property.

Four Blocks. Correspondence re: efforts to acquire land through urban renewal.

General. Correspondence re: various purchase efforts.

McMaster School. Purchase of, renovation plans.

Science Building. Includes sketches of possible placement on lot.

Undergraduate Library. Re: costs.

Women's Residence Halls. Includes contract specifications.

Buildings and Grounds:
Dormitories. Correspondence re: opening of new dorms, naming of.

Repairs and Renovations. List of planned repairs.

Stadium. Correspondence re: parking, improvements.

Use by Others. Requests for use of USC facilities.

Chamber of Commerce. Includes correspondence and minutes re: University and College Week activities.

City of Columbia. Primarily re: traffic light installation.

Colleges and Universities. Correspondence with other university administrators, including topics of integration, communism, and workloads.

Commencements. Arrangements for.

BOX 3 (1959-60)

Departments and Schools:
Accreditation. List of status of USC's professional schools.

Air Force ROTC. Includes conference reports, curriculum, military ball.

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes football season tickets, contributions, copy of Sumwalt speech at Association meeting.

Anthropology and Sociology. Includes correspondence re: conferences on social work and alcoholism.

Arts and Science. Correspondence re: senior humanities lectures.

Athletics. Includes statements re: income, death of Rex Enright, Giese named Athletic Director.

Athletics, State Track Meet. Primarily re: luncheon for colleges' administrators.

Band. Correspondence re: uniforms, Band Camp, performances, instruction.

Biology. Correspondence re: research, laboratories.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Includes proposal for expansion, faculty.

Bureau of Public Administration. Primarily re: primer/pamphlet on SC government.

Business Administration. Includes correspondence re: curriculum, conferences, banking education.

Chemistry. Primarily re: faculty salaries.

Dean of Men. Includes appointment of dean, student aid, discipline.

Development. Search for Director of.

Division of Unclassified Students. Correspondence and reports re: establishment and administration of.

Education. Correspondence includes conferences, curriculum, remedial reading, counseling institute.

Engineering. Includes correspondence re: immigration status of faculty member, search for dean, conferences.

English. Correspondence re: Babcock's health, endowed chair, staff salary.

Examining and Counseling Bureau. Correspondence and reports re: entrance examinations, admission requirements.

Extension Division:

Beaufort and Lancaster. Correspondence re: instructors, opening of.

Florence. Correspondence re: funds, groundbreaking exercises.

General. Correspondence includes field courses, extension centers, instructors.

Horry. Correspondence re: establishment of.

BOX 4 (1959-60)

Fine Arts. Correspondence re: classes for youth, silhouettes of the Sumwalts.

Foreign Languages. Correspondence re: faculty hires and leave of absence, research.

Gamecock Club. Correspondence re: tickets, meeting.


Geology and Geography. Correspondence re: topographical charts, State

Geologist, geological property examination.

History. Correspondence re: freshmen history courses, President S. C. Mitchell.

International Studies. Correspondence includes financial aid, report on expected future growth, research.

Journalism. Includes report re: projected expansion needs, reaccredidation.

Law School. Primarily re: endowment fund, correspondence and financial reports.


Calhoun Papers Project. Correspondence re: publication of.

South Caroliniana. Correspondence includes Calhoun, Henry Lauren, and Mendel Smith papers.

Undergraduate Library. Correspondence re: opening and use of.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes Mathematics Institute evaluations, extension centers' instructional needs, proposed Ph.D. program.

Music. Includes equipment purchase, proposed music therapy curriculum, concerts.

Naval ROTC. Correspondence includes competitive examination, summer cruise, faculty, admissions.

News Service. Correspondence re: budget, services provided.

Nursing. Correspondence re: possible affiliation with Columbia College, progress report, curriculum, conference report.

Personnel and Placements. Primarily re: graduate job recruiting.

Physical Education. Correspondence re: curriculum.

Physics. Primarily re: In-Service Institute in Physics.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: research proposal and conference by State

Registrar's Office. Primarily enrollment status.

Treasurer's Office. Correspondence re: expenditures.

University Café and Stores. Financial statements.

University Press. Correspondence re: various publications by the press.

YMCA & YWCA. Preparations for Religious Emphasis Week, including complaints about speaker.

Faculty and Staff:
Administrative. Correspondence re: holidays, organizational chart.

Instructional. Correspondence includes parking ticket complaint, insurance, grants and awards.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

New Appointments. New hires.

Promotions. Recommendations for and notification of.

Research. Correspondence re: faculty efforts to obtain grants.

Resignations and Dismissals. Copies of resignations.

Retirement. Includes list of retirees considered for “emeritus” status.

Salaries. Efforts to get raises for all faculty members.

Sick Leave. Proposed policy.

Teaching Load. Samples of work load reports from other schools.

BOX 5 (1959-60)

Faculty Committees:
General. Includes list of, report on status of existing committees' structures.


Dedication of Rex Enright Athletic Center. Arrangements for.

General. Includes correspondence re: membership, reports on honor system and psychology program with State Hospital.

Insurance. Proposed insurance plan for faculty.


Awards and Scholarships. List of nominees for awards.

Curricula and New Courses. Recommendations for changes in curricula.

Dinner for Retired Personnel. Arrangements for.

Discipline. Statement of purpose.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence and recommendations re: nominees and recipients.

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental. Report on pre-med advisement.

President's Advisory Council. Primarily re: membership and expansion of council.

Research and Creative Production. Research proposals and correspondence re: approval or disapproval.

Russell Awards. Selection of recipients.

Summer School. Recommendations re: changes in.

Fine Arts Center.
Proposals for, including efforts to gain private funding.

Football 1959:
Carolina-Clemson Game. Correspondence re: final Big Thursday game—tickets, luncheon, contract, possible televising of game.

General. Correspondence re: tickets, trips to away games.

Investment. Correspondence and reports re: USC investments.

Use of Russell Funds. Correspondence re: administration and allocation of.

Gifts. Correspondence re: donations, bequests to USC.

Institute of Science and Technology. Primarily re: membership.

Invitations. Various events.

Miscellaneous Correspondence.

BOX 6 (1959-60)

National Defense Education Act. Includes final report on NDEA Counseling and Guidance Training Institute.

Organization and Management:
Organization Chart. Copy of.

Self-Study Material. Correspondence includes guidelines for conducting self study, inquiries to other schools, committee membership.

Study by Cresap, McCormick and Paget. Correspondence with management consultants.

Radio and TV. Correspondence re: instructional TV.

Recommendation, Letters of. For alumni, students, friends.

SC Agencies:
Budget and Control Board. Correspondence re: appropriations, regulations.

Education Department. Correspondence re: legislation, annual report.

SC Legislature:

Alumni. Lists of USC alumni in government.

West Committee. Correspondence and reports re: research and education in science and engineering, state development.

Awards Day. List of awards given in 1959.

Blue Key High School Day. Arrangements for.

Council. Includes committee list, report on campus shops.

Fees. Correspondence and reports re: types of fees, allocation of, recommendations on.

General. Includes inquiries into admissions, housing, financial aid.

Honor Council. Includes recommendations for changes.


Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence includes complaint re: party, awards, Derby Day.

Honor Societies. Correspondence re: visiting scholar, banquets.

International Relations Club. Re: regional meeting.

Publications. Correspondence re: The Gamecock ball, letter to students in yearbook.

ROTC Awards Day. Arrangements for.

Scholarships. Correspondence and lists re: recipients, amounts awarded, scholarships available.

Special Scholarships. Correspondence re: establishment of, contributions to, awarding of.

BOX 7 (1959-60)

USC Educational Foundation. Correspondence and reports re: contributions to, administration of.

USC Educational Foundation Chair Club.
Correspondence and reports re: contributions to, administration of.

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