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Robert L. Sumwalt


BOX 1 (1958-59)

Administrative Bulletins. Memoranda to staff re: reducing expenses, News Service, other policies.

Armed Forces. Re: Armed Forces Day.


American Association of University Professors. Correspondence re: Margolis dismissal, non-Communist loyalty oath.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Minutes, reports, recommendations re: policies and regulations.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Includes report on South Carolina's structure of higher education.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence re: annual meeting.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: USC receiving grants.

South Carolina Association of School Boards. Minutes.

South Carolina College Association. Includes meeting minutes and treasurer's reports.

South Carolina Psychological Association. Newsletters.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence and guidelines re:
institutional self-study.

Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities. Annual meeting report.

Southern Regional Education Board July-October 1958. Correspondence re: meetings, treasurer's reports, minutes, legislation, regional programs.

Southern Regional Education Board Nov. 1958-1959. Correspondence re: meetings, treasurer's reports, minutes, legislation, regional programs.

State Universities Association. Correspondence and reports re: meetings, legislation, USC withdrawal.

Board of Trustees. Correspondence includes meetings, topics for discussion.

Board of Trustees, Committees:

Athletic. Correspondence re: Clemson game, basketball, students on probation.

Executive. Includes minutes, correspondence re: development plan, bequests.

Grounds and Buildings. Minutes and correspondence re: land acquisition and construction.

Board of Women Visitors. List of, appointment of Carolina McKissick Belser.

Bonds. Correspondence and reports re: status of.

Budget 1958-59. Correspondence and notes re: departmental budgets.

Budget 1959-60. Correspondence and reports re: appropriations requests, proposed raises.

BOX 2 (1958-59)

Building Program:


Engineering Block. Correspondence re: plans to acquire additional land to expand science and engineering.

Fair Ground Property. Correspondence re: proposed development of.

General. Correspondence re: acquisition of property.

McMaster School. Correspondence re: acquisition and renovation of.

Men's Residence Halls. Correspondence re: funding.

Russell House Addition. Correspondence re: funding.

Undergraduate Library. Correspondence re: funding.

Women's Residence Halls. Correspondence re: funding.

Buildings and Grounds:

General. Correspondence includes naming of buildings, insurance, use of Russell House.

Space Requirements. Correspondence and report on science and engineering needs.

Tennis Courts. Deeded to the University.

University Terrace. Correspondence re: purchase of.

Use by Others. Correspondence with various organizations re: use of USC facilities.

World War Memorial. Request for use by Extension Division.

Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence re: meetings, activities.

City of Columbia. Correspondence and minutes re: USC property acquisition, traffic problems.

Colleges and Universities. Correspondence with educational institutions, including tuition, athletics, vandalism by Clemson students.

Commencements. Arrangements for.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence re: faculty reviews, reassignments.

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes meetings, membership drive, fundraising, sketches of proposed logos.

Anthropology and Sociology. Primarily re: founding of SC Archaeological Society.

Arts and Science. Inquiry re: completion of medical degrees.

Athletic. Includes financial reports, basketball recruiting report, test scores.

Athletic: State and ACC Track Meets. Arrangements for and invitations to.

Bible and Religion. Letter re: guest lecturer.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Includes proposal for expansion of.

Business Administration. Includes correspondence re: curriculum, faculty, proposed banking education program.

BOX 3 (1958-59)

Chemistry. Correspondence includes grants, faculty, funding.

Education. Correspondence re: faculty, enrollment, elementary education, special institutes and programs.

Engineering. Correspondence and report including enrollment, curricula, senior job recruitment.

English. Includes correspondence re: quarterly magazine, biography of LaBorde.

Examining and Counseling Bureau. Correspondence and reports re: entrance exams.

Extension Division. Correspondence includes University branch campuses, report on accounting system.

Extension Division: Florence Program. Correspondence re: campus development, finances.

Fine Arts. Primarily re: purchase of painting.

Foreign Languages. Includes report on language labs, Language Day, scholarship.

Gamecock Club. Correspondence re: tickets, newsletter.

Geology and Geography. Correspondence re: lectures, creation of State

Development Board Division of Geology.

Graduate School. Includes proposals for graduate work in Engineering,

Journalism, Physics, Business Administration.

History. Correspondence re: lectures, James F. Byrnes autobiography, books.

Infirmary. Correspondence re: request to allow use by faculty and staff, need for new building.

International Studies. Correspondence includes lecture series, Professor Walker's lecture tour in Taiwan.

Law School. Correspondence and reports, including curricula, department needs, salaries, evening classes.


Calhoun Papers Project. Correspondence re: death of editor Meriweather, drafts of agreement to edit and publish the papers.

Caroliniana. Correspondence re: death of Director Meriweather, appointment of new director.

McKissick. Correspondence includes staff needs, acquisitions, renovations.

Mathematics. Includes correspondence re: lecture series, mathematics institutes, planetarium equipment.

Music. Correspondence re: University Band, University Trio.

News Service. Includes “Your University Speaks” special series, convention report, script for slide show.

NROTC. Includes correspondence and regulations re: admissions, competitive exams.

Nursing. Includes correspondence re: admissions, program history, legislation on nursing education.

Pharmacy. Primarily re: portrait of Dean Morrison.

Political Science. Report on visit to Naval War College.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Reports of SC public administration activities and projects.

BOX 4 (1958-59)

Registrar's Office. Includes enrollment statistics, registration regulations, faculty instructions.

ROTC Awards Day, Governor's Review. Arrangements for.

Treasurer's Office. Includes financial reports re: operating expenses, trust funds.

University Press. Includes report on financial status and publishing program.

YMCA and YWCA. Primarily re: arrangements for Religious Emphasis Week.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Correspondence re: policies, annual leave, retirement.

General. Includes recommendations re: contracts.


Promotions. Recommendations and notifications.

Research. Correspondence and reports on research proposals and grants.

Resignations and Dismissals. Professor Paterson's resignation.

Salaries. Comparisons with other schools, efforts to obtain raises.

Sick Leave. Policy on.

Teaching Load. Includes list of faculty and teaching loads.

Tenure. Policy on.

Leave of Absence. Requests, policies.

New Appointments. New hires.

Retirement. Includes requests to delay.

Faculty Committees:

Awards and Scholarships. Membership, Sullivan Awards.

Curricula and New Courses. Reports and recommendations for changes, new classes.

Dinner for Retired and Retiring Personnel. Arrangements for.

Discipline. Statement of purpose.

General. Lists of committees and appointments to.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: selection of recipients.

Long-Range Development. Primarily proposal for.

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental. Includes report summarizing student performances.

President's Advisory Council. Includes information from other schools re: advisory council structure.

Research and Creative. Research proposals and correspondence.

Russell Awards. Correspondence re: awarding of.

Special. Correspondence includes cafeteria committee, high school day.

Social Science and Humanities Advisory Council. Includes proposal for

Humanities and Social Sciences Institute.

Student Activities. Report re: allotment of student fees.

Federal Housing Program. Correspondence and proposed bill re: colleges receiving federal loans.

BOX 5 (1958-59)


Carolina-Clemson Game. Correspondence re: contract, tickets, luncheon.

General. Correspondence re: season and complimentary tickets, president's box seating.


USC Educational Foundation. Correspondence and minutes re: establishment of organization, proposed budget, solicitation of contributions.

Research Foundations and Grants. Miscellaneous correspondence and inquiries into funding sources.

Funds. Correspondence re: administration of payroll accounts.


Estate of Moida Hodges. Correspondence re: settlement of estate, copy of will.

Estate of Susan Guignard. Correspondence and legal papers re: settlement of estate.

General. Correspondence re: donations to USC of equipment, money, books, manuscripts.

Huntingdon Art Center. Correspondence and drafts of proposal to establish.
Institutes of Science and Technology. Correspondence re: membership of advisory council, meetings.


General. Primarily appointment of USC representatives for functions.

University Functions. Acceptances and regrets.

BOX 6 (1958-59)

National Defense Education Act. Correspondence and reports re: enactment of, receipt of loan from.

Radio and TV. Correspondence re: educational television.

Recommendation, Letters of. For employment, graduate school, and honors.

SC Legislature. Correspondence re: legislation on education, financial aid.

SC Boards and Agencies:

Budget and Control Board. Correspondence re: appropriations, USC's needs.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: tourism, workers compensation, annual leave.

Education Department. Includes correspondence re: integration, teacher education, proposal for speech therapist program.

Education Department, Gressette Committee. Correspondence and reports re: integration research project.


Fees. Statements on room fees and allocation of student fees.

General. Includes correspondence re: dorm rooms, panty raid, students naming

USC beneficiary of life insurance.

Honor Council. Statement urging compliance with honor principle.


Debating Society. Correspondence re: tournaments.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes correspondence on convention, Derby Day.

Honor Societies. Correspondence re: Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars program.

Seato Conference. Correspondence and programs re: conference held by International Relations Club.

Space Age Symposium. Arrangements for holding conference at USC.

University Players. Invitation to attend performance.

Prospective Students. Parent and student inquiries in admissions, financial aid.

Publications. Includes Sumwalt's statements for publications.

Scholarships. Notification of award.

Special Scholarships. Correspondence re: availability and notification of award.

Student Council. Formation of Reception Committee.

Sumwalt, Robert. Correspondence re: various topics, including personal matters, local service projects.

BOX 7 (1958-59)

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