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Robert L. Sumwalt


BOX 1 (1957-58)

Armed Forces. Correspondence re: Pearl Harbor Day, ROTC.


American Association of University Professors. Correspondence re: meeting of local chapter.

American Council on Education. Correspondence includes conferences, international educational activities.

American Society for Engineering Education. Re: establishment of a medal.

Association of American Colleges. Correspondence re: annual meeting, TV science program.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Includes report on USC infractions.

College Presidents and School Administrators Committee. Correspondence re: teaching mathematics in high school.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence re: committees, membership, minutes.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: fellowships, conference, science talent search.

SC Association of School Administrators. Correspondence re: annual meeting at USC.

SC College Association. Correspondence re: meetings, mathematics in high school.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: conferences.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. Correspondence re: conferences, problems in higher education.

Southern Historical Association. Resolution re: stocks.

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence re: conferences.

State University Association. Correspondence re: legislation, educational policies, finances.

Atomic Energy. Correspondence includes state regulations, Savannah River Plant.

Board of Trustees. Correspondence re: trustees, resolutions, proposed topics for discussion.

Board of Trustees, Committees:

Athletic. Correspondence re: Big Thursday, season tickets, finances.

Executive. Includes minutes.

Grounds and Buildings. Correspondence re: agenda topics, including stadium addition and library.

Bonds. Correspondence and financial statements.

Budget 1957-58. Includes athletic financial statements by sport, expenditures, salaries.

Budget 1957-58, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. Correspondence re: efforts to fund.

Budget 1958-59. Includes approval for raising salaries.

Building Program:

Dormitories. Correspondence re: construction of.

General. Statement on available funds, report on planned dorms, library and Russell House addition.

Land. Acquisition of.

New Library. Correspondence re: bids, contracts.

Russell House. Correspondence re: construction of addition.

Stadium. Correspondence re: enlargement of.

BOX 2 (1957-58)

Buildings and Grounds:

Archives Building. Correspondence re: USC efforts to acquire War Memorial Building.

Parking. Correspondence re: policies.

Repairs and Alterations. Correspondence re: maintenance of physical plant.

Traffic Problems. Reading file on dispute with City of Columbia over widening streets.

University Terrace. Correspondence re: renovation of.

Use by Others. Correspondence re: use of USC buildings by various organizations.

Colleges and Universities:

General. Correspondence with out-of-state institutions re: educational issues.

South Carolina. Correspondence with in-state institutions re: educational issues.

Commencements. Arrangements for.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Includes correspondence re: changes in program, medals, faculty.

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes meetings, finances, hiring of Executive Secretary.

Anthropology and Sociology. Letter re: proposed changes/developments in program.

Athletic. Correspondence includes finances, coaching staff, recreation curriculum.

Biology. Correspondence re: Atomic Energy Commission contract, faculty.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Includes correspondence on organizing Economic
Research Center.

Business Administration. Correspondence re: faculty, secretarial workshop, establishment of Masters program.

Chemistry. Correspondence re: research, grants, faculty.

Dean of Men. Proposal for reorganization.

Education. Includes correspondence re: conference for school counselors, public schools, faculty, curricula.

Engineering. Correspondence includes alumni, faculty, curricula, professional organizations.

Engineering, ECPD Inspection. Inspection report from the Engineering Council on
Professional Development.

English. Primarily re: promotions and raises.

BOX 3 (1957-58)

Examining and Counseling Bureau. Includes report on entrance exam statistics.

Extension Division:

Evening Classes. Includes correspondence re: using regular faculty to teach evening classes.

Florence Program. Correspondence re: curricula, enrollment, formal opening of.

General. Includes report on standards, teaching loads.

Foreign Languages. Correspondence re: faculty, salaries, Language Day.

Gamecock Club. Primarily re: membership and tickets.

Geology and Geography. Includes correspondence re: new Mineral Industries Lab.

Graduate School. Includes enrollment statistics.

History. Includes faculty, visiting lecturer.

Housing. Correspondence re: hiring of student manager for Carovet Apartments.

International Studies. Correspondence re: faculty for, and establishment of new program, request for grant.

Journalism. Correspondence re: accreditation, faculty.

Law School. Correspondence includes endowments, commencement, scholarships, Institute on Evidence.

Libraries, Caroliniana. Correspondence re: National Trust for Historic Preservation, Society annual meeting.

Libraries, McKissick. Primarily re: acquisitions.

Machine Records. Letter re: registration.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes faculty, guest lecturer, mathematics institute.

Music. Correspondence re: concerts.

NROTC. Includes correspondence re: Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program.

Nursing. Correspondence re: curricula, faculty, need for instructors in psychiatric and public health nursing.

Physics. Status reports on research projects, symposium information.

Political Science. Correspondence re: new department head.

Psychology and Philosophy. Re: changes in faculty, teaching loads.

Registrar's Office. Correspondence, memoranda, announcements re: registration policies and procedures.

Summer School. Letter re: students taking course overloads.

Treasurer's Office. Correspondence re: stadium bonds, grants, student fees, stocks and bonds.

University Press. Correspondence includes materials to be published, status of the department.

University Stores. Rules and regulations of.

YMCA & YWCA. Correspondence re: Religious Emphasis Week, Board of Directors.

DuPont Fellowships. Grants information.

Educational Foundation. Correspondence re: establishment of, membership, policy.

Enrollment. Statistical report comparing Southern schools.

BOX 4 (1957-58)

Faculty and Staff:


General. Includes memoranda re: policies and procedures.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

New Appointments. New hires.

Promotions. Approval for and notification of.

Research. Correspondence re: funding and contracts.

Resignations and Dismissals. Letters of resignation, notices of dismissals.

Tenure. Letter re: granting of.

Retirement. Notices of.

Salaries. Comparisons with other schools, recommendations for.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Re: faculty efforts to gain.

Faculty Committees:

List of. Committees and members of.

Preparation of High Schools Teachers. Correspondence re: education fellowships from DuPont.

President's Advisory Council. Correspondence re: meetings, report on Coastal Carolina Junior College.

Recommendations for Reappointment. To committees.

Russell Awards. Nominations and awarding of, for exceptional teaching and research.

Special. Appointments to special committees.

Special Science Advisory Committee. Correspondence re: establishment of.

Social Sciences and Humanities Advisory Committee. Correspondence re: founding.


Awards and Scholarships. Correspondence re: awarding of.

Curricula and New Courses. Committee recommendations for changes and new courses.

Discipline. Correspondence re: criminal conviction.

General College. Correspondence re: possible establishment of.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: nominees and recipients.

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental. Enrollment information.

Research and Creative Scholarship. Research proposals.

Salaries and Promotions. Includes report on policy and procedures.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Committee report and recommendations on academic standards policies.

Student Activities. Appointments to.

University Forum. Appointments to.

Football 1957:

Carolina-Clemson Game. Reading file on arrangements.

General. Correspondence re: tickets, complaint about alcohol at games.

Funds. Re: investments.

Gifts. Includes correspondence re: gift of the Kendall Collection.

BOX 5 (1957-58)

Institute of Science and Technology. Correspondence and proposals for establishment of.

Invitations & Announcements. For Russell or Sumwalt to attend or speak at various University and non-University events.

Lectures. Flyers re: two lecture series.

Margolis. Correspondence and reports on behavior, decision to dismiss.

Negroes. Correspondence, notes and clippings on integration attempts.

Recommendation, Letters of. For employment or entry into graduate school.

Russell, Donald S. Primarily personal correspondence.

Science Fair. Report on activities.

SC Boards and Commissions:

Budget and Control Board. Correspondence and reports on University finances.

Dept. of Education. Correspondence includes conferences, teacher education and
certification, high school counselors.

SC Educational Foundation. Correspondence re: establishing.

SC Legislature, Public School Curricula Committee. Correspondence and reports re: debate over changes to public school curricula.


Activities. Report on High School Day.


Scholarships and Fellowships. Notification of award.

Special Scholarships. Notification of award.

Assistants. Notification of selection.

Fees. Collection report, comparison with Clemson.

General. Includes student comments on how USC helped them.


Debating Society. Correspondence re: West Point tournament.

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence includes banquets, High School Day.

University Players. Correspondence re: performance, new location.

BOX 6 (1957-58)

Prospective. Enrollment and financial inquiries from parents and students.

Publications. Includes letter re: Gamecock 50th anniversary.

Student Council. Issues include post office, lecture series, constitution.

US Government Agencies. Includes address by Olin Johnston on SC Legislature 182nd anniversary.

USC's Future. Long-term development study.

Veterans. Correspondence with Veterans Administration over alleged overcharges by USC several years earlier.

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