Office of the President

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Norman M. Smith


BOX 1 (1951-52)

Advertising Policy. Inquiries into.

Armed Forces:

Marine Corps. Includes list of degree applicants.

Naval Academy. Letter re: candidates.

Navy. Includes correspondence re: summer work program.


American Chemical Society. Letter re: accreditation.

American Council on Education. Primarily informational bulletins.

American Society for Engineering Education. Primarily re: meetings.

Association of Land Grant Colleges. Primarily re: meetings.

Association of NROTC Colleges. Letter re: by-laws and issues.

College and University Personnel Association. Includes newsletters.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence re: ROTC training.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Correspondence and bulletins re: television.

National Committee on Accrediting. Includes correspondence re: American Chemical Society.

National Education Association. Newsletters.

National Research Council. Correspondence includes graduate students and fellowships.

Regional Council for Education. Correspondence re: conferences, student aid, academic programs.

SC College Association. Includes correspondence re: entrance exams.

SC Press Association. Correspondence re: annual meeting at USC.

SC State Employees Association. Includes information on state credit union.

Southeastern Association of Physical Plant Administration of Colleges and

Universities. Re: meeting.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes USC's completed annual report form.

Southern University Conference. Correspondence re: meetings, report on.

Southern Conference. Correspondence re: meetings, constitution, policies.

Atomic Energy:

General. Includes correspondence re: regional press seminar.

Oak Ridge. Includes correspondence re: councils representatives, symposiums, newsletters.

Savannah River Project. Correspondence re: research contract, ecological study.

BOX 2 (1951-52)

Board of Trustees:

Agenda. Copies of, other notes.


Athletics. Correspondence re: meetings, minutes of special committee.

Joint Committee on Honorary Degrees. Re: meeting.

Student Affairs. Memo re: activity fees.

General. Primarily meetings and membership.

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence re: meetings, membership, creation info.

Budget 1951-52:

President's Office:

Budget Request. Forms and instructions.

Departmental Budgets. Monthly statements.

Expenditures. April statements.

General. Reports and financial statements.

Special 1946-47 Reserve Fund. Monthly statements.

Building Program:

Administration Building. Correspondence re: contracts, expenses, materials.

Engineering Laboratory. Correspondence re: costs, contracts, materials.

Faculty and Student Housing. Correspondence re: loans under 1950 Housing Act.

General. Project status reports.

Land. Acquisition and use of.

Law School. Letter re: photo of ceiling.

President's House. Correspondence and contract for planned renovations.

Science Building. Correspondence re: construction, lab equipment, departments.

Student Union Building. Efforts to get funding.

Women's Dormitory. Correspondence re: authorization for.

BOX 3 (1951-52)

Buildings and Grounds:

Arboretum. Background material.

Assignment of Space. Placement of offices and departments.

Dormitory Rentals. List of.

Faculty Residences. Requests for housing assignments.

Fire Inspection. Correspondence re: overcrowded Field House.

General. Includes dates of buildings, sprinkler system.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Athletic Facilities. Includes correspondence re: heating for stadium dressing rooms; swimming pool.

Repairs and Alterations. Correspondence includes equipment, furnishings, renovations.

Widening and Closing Streets Adjacent to USC. Re: Pickens Street.

Use by Other Schools. Correspondence re: Colored Fair.

Use by Others, Other Activities. Arrangements for use of USC facilities [arranged alphabetically by organization]

Cafeterias. Includes recommendations on operation of.

Catalogs and Bulletins
. Correspondence includes publication of, changes in.

Colleges and Universities:

Clemson College. Letter re: bowl game.

General. Primarily correspondence re: college presidents.

State Agricultural and Mechanical College. Correspondence re: lawsuits.

Winthrop College. Correspondence re: University Architect.

Combining Certain Departments in Institutions of Higher Learning in SouthCarolina.

Correspondence re: functions of USC departments, establishment of

Commission on Higher Education.


August 1951. Arrangements for.

January 1952. Arrangements for.

June 1952. Arrangements for.

Law School. Arrangements for.

Concession Fund. Monthly and weekly reports.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence includes staff, audit, curriculum, programs.

Alumni Association. Includes membership statistics.

Anthropology and Sociology. Includes research funding.

Arts and Science. Report of projects by Dean Norwood.

Athletic. Primarily correspondence re: football, finances.

Bible and Religion. Recommendations re: departmental programs.

Biology. Includes research proposal.

Bookstore. Correspondence re: orders, loss of funds.

Carovet Apartments. Correspondence re: staffing and operation of.

Chemistry. Primarily faculty and staff.

BOX 4 (1951-52)

Education. Correspondence re: grant, faculty.

Engineering. Curricula, lab building, faculty, development plan.

English. Includes letter re: meeting.

English Proficiency Test. Correspondence re: discontinuation.

Extension Division:

Evening Classes. Schedule of.

Extension Courses. Approval for off-campus graduate courses.

General. Correspondence re: salaries, survey results, programs.

Military Personnel, Off Campus Study. Correspondence re: proposed off campus classes for military

General. Report re: registration.

Geology. Includes SC Geological Society meeting at USC, military map contract.

Graduate School. Correspondence re: graduate studies at other schools.

History. Correspondence re: books.

Infirmary. Includes inspection of, and daily reports.

Journalism. Correspondence includes darkroom, accrediting.

Law School. Primarily re: entrance requirements, faculty.

Libraries, Caroliniana. Correspondence re: USC sesquicentennial, staff.

Libraries, McKissick. Correspondence includes storage, staff, donations.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: planetarium, hosting teachers conference.

Music. Includes alumna's letter of appreciation.

Naval Training Units, ROTC. Correspondence re: staff, students, regulations.

News Service. Includes activities report.

Nursing. Includes correspondence re: expansion of program and problems.

Pharmacy, School of. Correspondence and reports re: inspection of school by

American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.

Physics. Correspondence re: seismograph and budget.

Post Office. Requests for leave.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Correspondence includes publications, equipment.

Registrar's Office. Correspondence re: diplomas, applications, office equipment.

Registrar's Office, Placement Bureau. Includes quarterly reports.

BOX 5 (1951-52)

Summer School. Correspondence re: faculty, enrollment.

Treasurer's Office. Letter re: purchasing procedures.

University Press. Correspondence re: publications by.

YMCA & YWCA. Correspondence includes activities, rumor about Benedict

College students and USC coeds.

YMCA & YWCA Religious Emphasis Week. Correspondence re: arrangements and finances.

Drives for Money. Request from Columbia Community Chest.

Enrollment. Statistics.

Faculty and Staff:


Absences. Reports of.

Change of Duties. Correspondence re: staff transfers and additional duties.

General. Includes list of changes in staff.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for. [alphabetical by name]

Merit System. Correspondence re: testing USC staff.

New Appointments. Job offers. [alphabetical by name]

Offers Declined. Job refusals. [alphabetical by name]

Resignations and Dismissals. [alphabetical by name]

Reappointments. Position renewal.

Rules and Regulations. Memos re: holidays.

Sick Leave. Reports of.

Cancelled Contract Letters. Re: Library Reclassification project.

Budget Commission, Report to. Correspondence re: vacancies.

Resigned Contract Letters. Contracts of staff members who resigned. [arranged alphabetically by name]


Absences. Reports of.

Change of Duties. Letter re: pool supervisor.

BOX 6 (1951-52)

General. Includes resolutions on faculty deaths, lists of changes, tenure and promotion regulations.

Faculty Loan Fund. Loan approval.

Law School. Recommendations for promotions.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for. [arranged alphabetically by name]

New Appointments. Job offers. [arranged alphabetically by name]

Reappointments. Position renewals.

Research. Correspondence and proposals for research projects. [arranged alphabetically by name]

Resignations and Dismissals. [arranged alphabetically by name]

Sabbatical Leave. Requests for. [arranged alphabetically by name]

Teaching Load. Correspondence re: chemistry and pharmacy.

Part-time Assistantships. Recommendations and approvals.

Recommendations for Promotions and Increases 1952-53. Correspondence re: salary adjustments.

Retirement. Includes correspondence re: Retirement Act.


Administrative. Correspondence and recommendations for promotions and raises.

Extension Division. Includes chart of salaries.

General. Correspondence and charts.

Instructional. Correspondence re: recommendations and raises.

Law School. Correspondence re: proposed raises.

Summer School. Letter re: teaching load.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Includes announcements of.

BOX 7 (1951-52)

Faculty Committees:


AFCA Award. Selection of recipients (ROTC).

Committee on Deferments. Request for AFROTC recommendations.

Enrollment Irregularities. Membership.

Naval Academy Selection Committee. Correspondence re: regulations, candidates.

Sullivan Award. Includes bulletin.


Admission, Entrance Exams, Scholastic Standing. Includes chart on other schools' policies.

Advisory Committee to the President. Recommendations for promotions and raises.

Bulletin Committee. Correspondence re: meetings and publishing of.

Caroliniana. Meeting minutes.

Curricula and New Courses. Recommendations for changes in.

Faculty Endowment. Loan to professor.

Faculty-Student Committee on Assemblies. Correspondence re: scheduling speakers and programs.

General. Correspondence re: committee assignments. [alphabetical by faculty name]

Graduate. Meeting minutes and recommendations.

Petitions. Membership.

University Council. Correspondence re: origin of.

University Salaries. Comparisons with other Southern schools. [alphabetical by school]

Faculty Meetings. Minutes.


General. Request for help in paying.

Refund. Requests for. [alphabetical by student name]

Student Activities. Allocation of.

Financial Statements:

Athletics. Monthly statements.

Duplicating Office. Monthly statements.

Extension Division. Monthly statements.

Sims College Canteen. Monthly statements.

Statement of Expenditures. Monthly statements.

Statement of Funds Withdrawn from State Treasurer. Monthly statements.

Statement to the State Auditor. Monthly statements.

Stewards Hall. Monthly statements.

Student Activities Fees. Monthly statements.

University Depository. Monthly statements.

University Stores. Monthly statements.

Veterans Housing Project. Monthly statements.

Wade Hampton Cafeteria. Monthly statements.

BOX 8 (1951-52)

Football 1951:

Carolina-Clemson. Correspondence and reports re: finances, tickets, other arrangements.

General. Includes efforts to de-emphasize football and eliminate bowl games.

Luncheon. Responses to invitations to Carolina-Clemson luncheon. [alphabetical by name]

President's Guests. Correspondence re: tickets.

Football 1952, Carolina-Clemson. Correspondence re: legislative act requiring
Carolina-Clemson game to be played on Thursday of Fair Week.

Ford Foundation.
Correspondence re: engineering school, fellowships.

Foreign Tours Sponsored by USC.
Correspondence re: study abroad.

Funds, Investment of.
Correspondence re: USC investments.

General Education Board.
Correspondence re: funding for new Science Building equipment.

Correspondence re: items donated to USC.

Honorary Degrees.
Correspondence and biographical information on recipients. [alphabetical by name]

Correspondence re: conference held at USC.

Supplies and equipment.

BOX 9 (1951-52)


Functions of Other Universities and Colleges. Acceptances and regrets. [alphabetical by school name]

Other Functions. Acceptances and regrets. [alphabetical by school name]

University Functions. Acceptances and regrets. [alphabetical by school name]

Medical Students. Correspondence re: test scores.

Miscellaneous Inquiries.
Includes personal matters.

National Association of Manufacturers.
Correspondence re: scholarships.

National Defense:

General. Defense Information Bulletins.

Military Service:

Call to Duty and Deferment. Correspondence re: deferments for USC students.

Universal Military Training. Correspondence re: value of.

Negro Problems:


Bullard, Pauline. Rejection notice.

Cain, Frank Edward. Correspondence re: application and rejection.

Dantzler, Edward Allen. Correspondence re: application and rejection.

General. Declarations by Association of American Law Schools against segregation.

Patterson, William H. Correspondence includes committees, meetings, research.

. Various topics, including religious studies, fundraising, educational television.

BOX 10 (1951-52)

Radio Broadcasting, Athletic Events. Arrangements for football games.

Radio Broadcasting Station USC.
Correspondence re: efforts to establish one.

Recommendation, Letters of.
For jobs, military commissions.

Red Cross.
Correspondence re: blood drive.

Russell, Donald S.
Correspondence re: election as USC President.

Sesquicentennial Celebration:

Committee Action, Etc. Includes reports and meeting minutes.

Conferences and Meetings. Includes reports and meeting minutes.

Founders Day. Arrangements for Founders Day dinner.

Garden Club Exhibit. Correspondence re: flower show at South Caroliniana Library.

General. Correspondence re: history of school, setting date for celebration, other schools' celebrations.

Pageants and Pictures. Plans for a pageant and a movie.

Publications. Correspondence with USC Press re: commemorative publications.

Publications, History of U of SC. Correspondence includes progress of author's research, distribution of books.

Smith, Admiral Norman M. Primarily re: his resignation as USC President.

South Carolina Governing Boards and Commissions:

Budget and Control Board. Correspondence and report on operating expenses and appropriations.

Historical Commission. Correspondence re: heat in War Memorial building.

Legislature, President's Report to. Correspondence re: preparation of.

State Department of Education. Correspondence re: state meeting.

South Carolina State Hospital. Correspondence re: curricula.

BOX 11 (1951-52)


Absences. Excuses for.

Activities. Correspondence re: equipment.

Activities, University Day. Correspondence re: May Day.


Business and Professional Women's Scholarship. Correspondence re: continuation of.

Danforth Foundation. Fellowship candidates.

Fullbright Program. Announcement of winners.

General. Correspondence re: essay contest.

Insurance Scholarship. Establishment of.

James F. Byrnes Foundation. Inquiry into scholarship.

Jobs. Assignment of.

McKissick Memorial Scholarship. Notification of award.

Norman Murray Smith Scholarship. Establishment of.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Awarding of.

Student Emergency Loan Fund. Recommendations for.

Union Bag and Paper Company Scholarship. Establishment of.

Counseling. Correspondence re: students' academic status.

Discipline. Correspondence re: panty raid, including student petition against.

Examination Schedules. Requests for rescheduling.

Foreign Students. Correspondence re: applications, inquiries on aid.

Honor Council. Extracts from Board minutes.


Atheism. Correspondence re: rumored Atheist Club.

Clariosophic and Euphradian Societies. Letter re: inventory of portraits.

Debating Society. Correspondence re: tournament.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes reactivation of a fraternity.

University Band. Correspondence re: financial needs, performances.

University Theater. Includes recommendations on University Players.

WUSC. Letter re: moving.

Prospective. Inquiries from parents and potential students.

Prospective, Recruitment Program. Includes reports on Field Secretary's recruiting efforts.


Gamecock. Includes letter re: error.

Garnet and Black. Correspondence includes dedication of yearbook to

President Smith.

Location. Correspondence re: change in.

Withdrawals. List of.

Tax. Financial statement.

Correspondence and bulletins re: hearings on TV allocations, educational
TV, sports broadcasting.

Temporary Buildings and Equipment:

Surplus Equipment. Correspondence re: acquisition of federal agencies.

Veterans Educational Facilities. Correspondence re: proper disposal of.

Veterans Housing. Includes bid specifications for demolition of.

Textbooks by Faculty Members. Includes proposed policy on.

Textbooks, Changes in.
Requests for.

Travel Account.
Correspondence re: travel expenses.

United States Government:

Congress. Correspondence re: patriotic play.

Governmental Agencies:

Office of Education. Includes correspondence re: program for visiting educators.

State Department. Includes announcement of intern program.

University of South Carolina. Includes list of accomplishments during Smith's administration.


Entitlement and Eligibility Requirements. Re: legislation.

Veterans Administration. Correspondence re: tuition.

Veterans Administration Contracts. Correspondence re: tuition.

Wadiak, Steve. Letter re: death of.

Wage Stabilization Board Seminar.
Correspondence re: proposed seminar.
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