Office of the President

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Norman M. Smith


BOX 1 (1949-50)

Armed Forces:

Army. Request for textbook recommendations.

Army Air Corps. Includes SC Aviation newsletter.


American Council on Education. Correspondence and bulletins re: education legislation.

American Society for Engineering Education. Arrangements to attend conference.

Association of NROTC Colleges. Correspondence re: meeting, constitution.

College Physical Education Association. Re: meeting.

National Association of State Universities. Primarily re: meetings.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Includes correspondence re: student financial aid, violations.

National Commission on Accrediting. Letter re: founding of.

National Education Association. Includes newsletters.

Regional Council for Education. Correspondence includes conferences, organization of.

SC Academy of Science. Correspondence re: meeting.

SC College Association. Correspondence re: committees and meetings.

SC Education Association. Includes recommendation on fine arts education.

SC High School League. Bulletin with organizational information.

SC Press Association. Includes letter re: contest.

SC State Employees Association. Membership and insurance information.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence and reports re: academic standards.

Southern University Conference. Re: meeting.

Atomic Energy. Letter re: international control.

Atomic Energy, Oak Ridge. Correspondence re: membership in Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies.

Board of Trustees, Agenda. Copies of, with notes.

Board of Trustees, Committees:

Appointments of Board Committees. Excerpts of minutes regarding.

Athletic. Correspondence re: regulations, financial reports.

General. Correspondence re: members, meetings, matters for discussion.

Grounds and Buildings. Correspondence re: construction and repairs, renaming of old Petigru.

Law School. Re: meeting.

University Activities Committee. Recommendations on music and fine arts.

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence re: membership.

BOX 2 (1949-50)

Budget 1949-50:

Budget Request, President's Office. Copy of.

Departmental Budgets I. Departmental appropriations.

Departmental Budgets II. Monthly statements.

General. Budget sheets and statements of expenditures.

Sources of Income. Financial statements.

Special Reserve Fund. Monthly statements.

Building Program:

Engineering Laboratory. Reports on laboratory tours at other colleges, correspondence re: design.

Faculty and Student Housing. Correspondence re: legislation.

General. Correspondence re: efforts to get funding for projects.

Land. Correspondence re: leasing and inspection of.

Law Building. Correspondence re: construction history, financial reports.

Naval Science Building Legislation. Correspondence re: appropriations.

Science Building. Proposed new building.

Stadium. Correspondence re: additions to, financial reports.

Student Activities Building. Efforts to get legislative funding.

Buildings and Grounds:

Annual Sanitary Inspection. Reports on.

Arboretum. Complaint on security.

Assignment of Space. Correspondence re: current and future needs.

Chapel. Purchases for.

Donation of Land to USC. Correspondence re: lease.

Dormitory Assignments. Correspondence re: preferences in making assignments.

Dormitory Rentals. Correspondence re: fee increase.

Faculty Residences. Correspondence re: assignments.

General. Correspondence re: miscellaneous problems and repairs.

Heating Plant. Correspondence re: installation and contract.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Athletic Facilities. Correspondence re: minor repairs.

Petigru College. Correspondence includes law school moving out, future use, renaming of.

Repairs and Alterations. Correspondence re: needs of various buildings.

Use by Others:

Colleges. Correspondence re: stadium.

High Schools. Stadium and Melton Field.

Other Activities. Primarily correspondence re: Girls State.

Wade Hampton Dorm. Letter re: electricity.

By-Laws. Requests for copies from other schools.

BOX 3 (1949-50)

Calendar of University Events. Semester schedules.

Colleges and Universities:

Bob Jones University. Correspondence re: transfer students.

Columbia Bible College. Correspondence re: transfer credits.

General. Correspondence with other colleges out of state.

Commencement, 1950. Arrangements, list of graduates, invitations.

Commencement, August 1949. Arrangements.

Primarily weekly reports on income.

Congress of American Industry.
Correspondence re: meeting.

Departmental Bulletins.
Correspondence and drafts of text.

Departmental Reports:

Administrative. Includes list of administrative heads.

Advance Report on Enrollment. Includes recommendations from Dean Bradley.

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence re: efforts to establish unit at USC.

Air ROTC Contract File. Copies of contracts.

Instructional. Includes list of department heads.

Departments and Schools:

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes newsletter, membership, meetings.

Anthropology and Sociology. Correspondence re: classes, faculty, enrollment.

Athletic. Primarily correspondence re: budget.

Bookstore. Letter re: rain damage.

Business Administration. Correspondence re: coursework, faculty, marketing research.

Carovet Apartments. Includes complaint about politician living there.

Chemistry. Correspondence includes faculty, departmental recommendations, equipment.

Education, School of. Includes report on Education program and future needs.

Engineering, School of. Correspondence re: PhDs, report on program, accreditation.

English. Correspondence includes budget, library materials, enrollment.

Extension Division:

Audio-Visual Bureau. Need for new projection room.

Correspondence Course. Includes letter re: course listings and registration.

Evening Classes. Letter re: instructors.

Extension Classes. Includes recommendations for off-campus work.

General. Includes academic credit, enrollment, conference.

Fine Arts. Includes coursework and faculty.

Geology. Includes report on conference.

Graduate School. Correspondence re: enrollment, research.

BOX 4 (1949-50)

History. Correspondence includes faculty, enrollment, coursework.

Home Economics. Correspondence re: coursework.

Hygiene. Suggestion to place under Biology.

Infirmary. Authorization for narcotics.

Journalism. Correspondence re: new dean, library, program changes.

Law School:

Dean, Clyde. Case of. Correspondence re: dismissal of lawsuit.

Dedication. Preparations for.

General. Correspondence re: new building dedication, finances, library, conference proceedings.

Summer Session 1950. Correspondence, petitions, and recommendations for.

Libraries. Recommendations for administration of.

Libraries, Caroliniana. Correspondence includes staff, operation of, special needs, finances.

Libraries, McKissick. Includes 1948/49 annuals report, reclassification project.

Marshal's Office. Correspondence re: maintenance staff.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: faculty and staff.

Music. Correspondence re: teaching loads, equipment.

Naval Training Units:

Contracts. Copies of.

General. Student lists.

NROTC. Correspondence re: policies, staff, students.

News Service. News releases.

Nursing. Includes reports on nursing resources and needs in South Carolina.

Personnel Bureau. Includes correspondence re: personnel, testing, departmental needs.

Pharmacy. Correspondence re: accreditation, narcotics.

Physical Education. Letter re: need to invigorate.

Physical Education, Intramural Handbook. Forward for.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Includes staff, operation of, report on SC taxation of automobiles.

BOX 5 (1949-50)

Registrar's Office:

Annual Report. Copy of.

General. Registration instructions.

Placement Bureau. Includes quarterly reports.

Social Work. Correspondence includes accreditation, academic program, proposal for two-year
schools, graduate study.

Summer School. Includes faculty and teaching loads, coursework.

University Press. Correspondence re: publications through USC Press.

University Stores. Correspondence re: dispute with Parker Pen Company.

YMCA & YWCA. Correspondence re: freshman camp, conference, annual report.

YMCA & YWCA, Religious Emphasis Week. Includes report on, program.

Diplomas, Exceptional Award of. Correspondence re: changing date of graduation on diploma.

Employment Applications. Correspondence re: adding question re: criminal behavior on employment application.


General. Statistics, reports.

Law School. Statistics.

Music. Statistics.

Equipment Unneeded, Disposal of. Blueprint machine in Engineering.

ESMWT Program. Letter re: disposition of records.

Faculty and Staff, Administrative:

Absences. Reports of.

Early, Barney. Correspondence re: non-retention of.

Enright, Rex. USC employment history.

General. Includes correspondence on salaries, list of job descriptions.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

McClain, John. Correspondence re: hiring and salary.

New Appointments. Job offers. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Offers Declined. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Reappointments. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Resignations and Dismissals. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Rules and Regulations. Memos re: holidays.

Saturday Off, Request for. Petition by employees.

Faculty and Staff, Budget Commission. Reports on changes in positions and salaries.

BOX 6 (1949-50)

Faculty and Staff, Instructional:

Absences. Reports of.

Crow, Orin F. Change in status.

General. Correspondence re: promotions, list of faculty members, statistics on other universities.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

Librarians. Correspondence re: granting faculty status to professional librarians at USC.

Nepotism. Laws and regulations.

New Appointments. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Offers Declined. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Part-time Assistantships. Recommendations and approvals for.

Reappointments. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Research. Correspondence re: Research Committee, recommendations for faculty research projects.

Resignations and Dismissals. [arranged alphabetically by last name]

Retirement. Correspondence re: policy and list of eligible employees.

Sabbatical Leave. Policy on.


Extension Teachers. Correspondence re: proposed increase.

Instructional. Correspondence and recommendations re: increases.

Law School. Correspondence and lists re: salaries and courseloads.

Ochs, R. D.

Saturday Work.

Scholarships and Fellowships.

Sick Leave. Report of hospitalized employee and temporary replacement.

Teaching Load. Correspondence re: faculty in various departments.

Tenure of Office. Resolution on.

Faculty and Staff, Outside Work. Includes list of faculty and staff with and without non-University work.

Faculty and Staff, Tenure. Policy.

Faculty Club. Letter re: open house.

Faculty Committees:

General. Changes in miscellaneous committees' memberships.


Academic Advisory Committee for NROTC. Membership.

McKissick Memorial Fellowship. Instructions to committee.

Naval Academy Nominating Committee. Process.

Sullivan Award. Notice of awards.


Admission, Entrance Exams and Scholastic Standing. Instructions.

Bulletin. Meeting brief.

Curricula and New Courses. Includes recommendations, law education.

Faculty Endowment. Letter re: emergency aid.

Faculty Student Committee on Assemblies. Recommendations on holding student assemblies.

Fellowships and Scholarships. Recommendations for recipients.

Finance Advisory. Membership and allocation.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: selection of recipients.

Scholarships, Loans and Student Self-Support. Announcement of aid through Institute of
International Education.

BOX 7 (1949-50)

Fees. Correspondence re: setting of, increases in, collection statements.

Fees, Refund of. Correspondence and requests for refunds by students and parents.

Fees, Student Activities. Correspondence re: increase, disbursement of.

Financial Statements

Alumni Association, Carovets apartments.

Athletics. Monthly statements.

Audit Report. Monthly statements.

Auxiliary Agencies. 1948-49 book of financial statements, including Extension,

Duplicating Office. Monthly statements.

Extension Division. Monthly statements.

Sims College Canteen. Monthly statements.

Statement of Expenditures. Monthly statements.

Statement of Funds Withdrawn from State Treasurer.

Statement to State Auditor. Correspondence and monthly statements sent to.

Stewards Hall. Monthly statements.

Student Activities Fees Account. Monthly statements.

University Depository. Monthly statements.

University Stores. Monthly statements.

Veterans Housing Project. Monthly statements.

Wade Hampton Cafeteria. Monthly statements.

Football 1949:

Carolina-Clemson Game. Arrangements for, financial reports.

President's Box: [arranged alphabetically]

Board of Trustees. Acceptances of guests for President's box.

Board of Women's Visitors. Acceptances of guests for President's box.

Faculty and Staff. Acceptances of guests for President's box.

General. Guest lists and seating arrangements for Clemson game.

BOX 8 (1949-50)

House of Representatives. Acceptances of guests for President's box.

Miscellaneous. Acceptances of guests for President's box.

Senators. Acceptances of guests for President's box.

Foreign Tours. Prospectus for.

Funds, Investment of.
Correspondence re: USC investments.

General Education Board. Correspondence includes scholarship program, comments on Director's speech.

Gifts. Includes furniture, diploma, artwork.

Honorary Degrees. Nomination and selection of recipients.


Other Colleges and Universities. Acceptances and regrets.

Other Functions. Acceptances and regrets.

University Functions. Invitations and replies.

BOX 9 (1949-50)

Liberty Bell. Ceremonies re: Liberty Bell tour.

Patterson, William H. Correspondence as Assistant to the President.

President's Power to Make Contracts. Resolution on.

Miscellaneous Inquiries.
Miscellaneous correspondence.

National Guard. Letter re: granting leave for summer camp.

Negro Problem:

Applicants. Includes paper on political problems of admitting blacks.

General. Correspondence re: segregation.

Reading File. Information on case, copies of correspondence.

Wrighten Case. Correspondence and court opinion re: lawsuit.

Questionnaires. Inquiries and responses, including University police force, academics, faculty.

Radio Broadcasting:

Athletic Events, 1949. Correspondence re: broadcasting privileges, policies of other schools.

Athletic Events, 1950. Correspondence re: conference to determine policy, survey of other schools.

Correspondence Files. President's reading files on lawsuit.

Legal Proceedings. Lawsuit re: broadcast privileges.

Radio Broadcasting Station for USC. Correspondence and report on other institutions and plans for USC.

Report on Radio, Dec. 6, 1949. Materials collected from other schools.

Recertification Program, State Department of Education. Statements regarding.

Recommendation, Letters of. For Naval commissions.

BOX 10 (1949-50)

Smith, Admiral Norman M. Primarily personal correspondence.

Smith, Admiral Norman M., Invitations. Personal.

Solicitation Campaigns. Correspondence re: fundraising for Hiroshima University student hall.

SC Governor Boards and Commissions:

Free Conference Committee. Correspondence re: membership.


Budget Commission. Financial information and budget estimate.

General. 1946-1950. Includes correspondence re: Thurmond's inaugural address as Governor.

Legislative Manual. Corrections for.

President's Report for 1951. Southern University Conference material for inclusion in report.

President's Report to Legislature. Correspondence and drafts of report.

Senate Finance Committee. Correspondence and report to, re: University budget.

State Department of Education. Correspondence re: travel expenses, conference.

State Reorganization Committee. Includes correspondence and proposed plan for State Archives.

Ways and Means Committee. Correspondence re: employment, salaries, budget.


Absences. Policy on.

Activities. Correspondence re: awards day.

Activities, University Day. Plans for.


Athletic Scholarships. Primarily recommendations for.

Children of Veterans. Includes copy of law.

W.T. Grant Scholarship. Funding of.

McKissick Memorial Fellowship. Includes financial statements.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Primarily recommendations for.

Student Emergency Loan Fund. Correspondence re: granting emergency loans for students.

Tulane Law Scholarship. Announcement of.

Counseling. Correspondence includes proposed counseling and guidance services.

Examination Schedule. Correspondence re: semester schedules, requests for other arrangements.

Foreign Students. Includes correspondence re: allowing assistantships for English students.

General. Includes report on scholastic averages, damage to flagpole.

Health Service. Correspondence re: special diet for student, complaint re: doctor.

Honor Council. Board of Trustees resolution re: role of.

BOX 11 (1949-50)


Clariosophic Society. Correspondence re: portraits, repairs to rooms, furniture.

Coed Association. Thank you note for gift.

Debating Society. Letter re: victory.

Euphradian Society. Correspondence re: repairs to rooms and furniture.

Fraternities and Sororities. Letters re: ODK scholarship, Alpha Delta Pi rooms.

University Band. Primarily correspondence re: performance at Azalea Festival.

WUSC. Resignation of Faculty Advisor.

Prospective Students:

Admission Declined. Correspondence re: declined due to grades.

General. Inquiries into academic programs, dorms, transfers.

Recruitment Program. Correspondence to high school administrators re: presentations to students.


Gamecock. Includes correspondence re: regulation of, editorials.

Garnet and Black. Distribution of.

Reinstatement. Correspondence re: student who failed exams.

Schedules, Return to Pre-War Schedule. Announcement regarding.

Summer Work. Correspondence re: summer work and intern programs.

Withdrawals. Reports of.

Telephone and Telegraph. Letter requesting reduction in long-distance calls.

Television. Report on TV's effects on sports.

Temporary Buildings and Equipment (Surplus Property).
Correspondence re: demand for.


Changes. Correspondence and requests for changes in textbooks approved for courses.

Cost of. Price information.

Preparation by Faculty. Correspondence re: publications and textbooks by faculty members.

Travel Account. Requests for travel authorization and expenses.

United States Government:

Congress, Committee on Un-American Activities. Correspondence re: request to review lists of textbooks.

Social Security Agency. Cover letter for report.

State Department. Letter reporting foreign publication.

University High School Contract. Renewal of.


Counseling. Correspondence and contracts re: providing counseling for veterans at USC.

Entitlement and Eligibility Regulations. Correspondence and instructions re: education and training.

General. Includes student list.

Veterans Administration. Correspondence re: veteran education and training.

Veterans Administration Contracts. Copies of.

Vocational and Recreational Courses Under GI Bill. Instructions regarding.

World Student Service Fund. Announcement of new Executive Secretary.
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