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Norman M. Smith


BOX 1 (1947-48)

Advance Report on Enrollment. Includes correspondence re: combining small course sections.

Advertising Policy. USC not allowed to advertise.

Alumni. Includes letter re: Class of 1892.

Alumni Teachers and Administrators. Includes lists of USC alumni working at the University, plans for reunion.

Armed Forces:

Air ROTC. Correspondence re: establishment of at USC.

Army Advisory Committee. Committee bulletins.

Army ROTC. Letter stating will not be activated at USC.

General. Reports re: Secretary of Defense, military establishment, universities.


Air Force. Correspondence re: presentation to student body.

Army. Correspondence re: recruitment plans.

Marine Corps. Correspondence re: nationwide recruitment drive.

Naval Academy Candidates. Letter re: student.

Navy Civil Engineer Corps. Correspondence re: engineering graduates, copies of recruitment speeches.

Navy, David Taylor. Letter re: degree candidates.

Reserve Commissions, Faculty Members Holding. Includes correspondence re: call to active service.


American Assn of University Professors. Letter re: meeting.

American Council on Education. Newsletters and reports.

American Society for Engineering Education. Letter re: meeting.

Assn of American Law Schools. Newsletter.

Assn of Governing Boards of State Universities. Correspondence re: meetings, surveys.

Assn of NROTC Colleges. Correspondence, tables, reports re: test scores.

National Assn of Deans and Advisors of Men. Letter re: membership.

National Assn of School of Social Administration. Letter re: annual meeting.

National Assn of State Universities. Correspondence re: committees, annual meeting.

National Collegiate Athletic Assn. Includes 1947 Association yearbook, news bulletins, correspondence re: regulations.

National Education Assn. Primarily newsletters.

National University Extension Assn. Annual meeting program.

SC Assn for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Correspondence re: Inter-Agency Committee.

SC Assn of Collegiate Registrars. Re: meeting.

SC College Assn. Correspondence and reports re: meetings.

SC Education Assn. Correspondence re: convention.

SC High School League. Includes correspondence re: membership, finances.

SC State Employees Assn. Membership information.

Southern Assn of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence includes questionnaire, library standards, deceased faculty.

Southern Conference. Correspondence re: boxing tournament and regulations.

Southern University Conference. Correspondence re: meeting arrangements.

BOX 2 (1947-48)


Bronze Star to Commander McCluer. Notification of award.

Navy Award to University. Awarding of Mark of Commendation to USC for war service.

United Service Organization. Awarding of certificate to USC.

Victory and American Defense Medals to Veterans. Correspondence re: men at University who are eligible for medals.

Board of Trustees:

Agenda. For 1947-48.

Declaration of Policies. Copies of administrative policies.

General. Primarily meetings, includes curriculum, chairmanship.


Athletic. Primarily re: meetings.

Executive. Letter re: members.

Finance. Correspondence re: meetings.

General. Primarily membership.

Grounds and Buildings. Meeting.

Joint Committee on Honorary Degrees. Correspondence and biographical information on nominees.

Terms of Office. Note re: reelection and replacement of trustees.

University Activities Committees. Includes salaries, law faculty.

Meeting. Minutes and reports of.

Books and Periodicals. Includes correspondence re: subscriptions, promotional materials for new publications.

Budget 1947-48:

Budget Request. For the President's Office.

General. Primarily budget sheets.

Operating Fund-Sections 71 and 72, General Appropriation Act.

Correspondence re: banking.

President's Office:

Budget. Letter re: departmental budget.

Sources of Income. Lists of USC's income from various sources.

Special 1946-47: Reserve Fund. Statement of receipts and disbursements.

Salary Changes-Sect. 78, General. Correspondence re: policies.

Section 73, General Appropriations Act-Fees. Correspondence re: increase.

Supplies and Equipment (General Expenditures). Correspondence re: lamp bulbs contract.

Building Program:

Architects. Correspondence re: contractors; list of University buildings and their architects.

Budget Request. Correspondence re: legislation and appropriations.

Chapel. Correspondence re: restoration of Rutledge Chapel.

Engineering Laboratory Building. Correspondence re: design of.

FWA-Advance Planning Funds:

Addition to Petigru College, SC #38-P-114. Correspondence re: proposed additions and alterations.

Administration Building. Correspondence re: estimated costs.

Naval Engineering Laboratory. Status report.

Naval Ordnance and Gunnery Bldg-SC #38-P-27. Status reports.

Reconstruction of LeConte College-SC #38-P-31. Correspondence re: bids, plans.

Women's Dormitory-SC #38-P-29. Includes list of construction materials and work to be done.

General. Correspondence, reports and financial plans for new construction and reassignment of building space.

Law Building. Correspondence re: location, financing, architects, including history of Lafaye & Lafaye and their work.

Monthly Progress Report. On construction projects.

BOX 3 (1947-48)

Naval Science Buildings Legislation. Correspondence re: progress of.

Procurement of Property (1945-1947). Correspondence re: gift of land and land for sale.

Stadium. Correspondence re: bids, specifications, contracts, cost estimates.

Surveys. On present and future space requirements.

Buildings and Grounds:

Assignment of Space. Correspondence with faculty and administrators re: space needs.

Disposal of Trash on Campus. Letter re: cleaning up.

Disposal of Used Furniture. Letter re: sale of.

Dormitory Assignment. Correspondence includes individual students, waiting list, preferential
treatment for athletes.

Faculty Residences. Includes heating, repairs, vacancies.

General. Correspondence includes dorm furniture, storage space.

Heating Plant. Correspondence and contract re: repairs and additions.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Athletic Facilities. Correspondence and reports re: repairs, maintenance, costs.

President's Residence. Possible purchase of new house for president.

Repairs and Alterations. Repairs needed, repair fund, cost estimates.

Use by Others:

Allen University. Use of stadium.

American Legion, State Convention. Use of Field House.

Benedict College. Use of stadium.

Eastern Star. Use of Field House.

High Schools. High school football games on Melton Field.

National Sports Syndicate, Inc. Use of stadium.

Organized Naval Reserve. Use of NROTC Armory.

Palmetto Girl's State. Meeting on campus.

Post 55, American Legion. Use of Field House.

Richland Post American Legion. Use of Melton Field.

SC Colored Fair Assn. Use of stadium.

Stadium. List of rental income.

Calendar of University Events, 1948-49.

Catalog, 1947-48. Correspondence re: information for catalog.

Catalogs Mailed. Requests for, from prospective students and organizations.

Chase, Dean John A. Letter re: matters that need attention.

Classes, Scheduling of. Memo to faculty.

Clean Up Day 1948. Memo announcing.

Colleges and Universities:

Canton University. Correspondence re: exchange program and visit by president.

State Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. Dorm construction.

Tax Exemption of. Letter re: legislation.

Columbia Churches. Correspondence re: Trinity Church and pastor.

Commencement. Correspondence re: returning to prewar schedule.

Commencement, Baccalaureate Preachers. Includes list of from 1928-1947.

Commencement, June 1948. Arrangements for.

Conference of State College Presidents of SC. Correspondence Re: meeting to discuss legislation.

BOX 4 (1947-48)

Democratic Party. Correspondence re: status in SC.

Departments and Schools:

Anthropology. Letter re: funding for project.

Arts and Science Curriculum. Report on strengths and weaknesses.

Athletics. Correspondence includes staff and salaries.

BAM Club. Includes report on membership and finances.

Bible. Correspondence re: religious activities and instruction at USC.

Business Office. Correspondence re: invoices.

Business Research, Bureau of. Proposal for.

Caroliniana Library. Correspondence includes acquisitions, library building.

Chemistry. Correspondence re: faculty.

Education, School of. Correspondence re: grant-funded teacher education workshops.

Engineering, School of. Correspondence includes professional associations, Navy training films, report on improvements.

Engineering Laboratory Equipment. Correspondence and lists of.

English. Correspondence re: faculty and coursework.

Extension Division:

Audio Visual Aids Bureau. Inquiries into using films in schools.

Correspondence Course. Inquiries into taking correspondence courses.

Extension Course. Correspondence re: courses on various topics.

Evening School Classes. Correspondence re: faculty dissatisfied with pay for evening courses.

General. Correspondence re: work at other schools.

Radio Broadcasting. Correspondence re: "America's Town Meeting on the Air."

Short Course. Announcement of driver training course and possible police school.

Information Office. Table showing number of inquiries in a week.

Geology. Includes suggestions for promoting departmental policy.

Geologist, State. Correspondence re: Taber's retirement as; need for successor.

Graduate School. Correspondence re: students.

History. Correspondence re: staff changes.

Hygiene. Need for additional faculty.

Infirmary. Correspondence re: equipment and inquiries to other school re: their infirmaries.

Journalism. Correspondence re: staff and equipment.

Law School. Correspondence includes inadequate law library, summer term.

Law School Review. Correspondence on the need for law students to publish.

Music. Director's mother's illness.

McKissick Library.

General. Primarily acquisitions.

Gifts to. Correspondence re: monetary gift.

Reclassification Project. Correspondence and reports on switching library classification system.

Teacher and Library Training Program. Request for funding.

Wilson-Tauber Survey. 1945-47. Correspondence re: proposed survey of University libraries.

Marshal's Office. Request for additional personnel.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes need for more staff.

Naval Training Units:

General. Includes lists of students.

Naval Science and Tactics. Primarily lists of staff members.

NROTC. Correspondence includes summer cruise, personnel, enrollment, selective service.

News Service. Primarily job referrals.

BOX 5 (1947-48)

Personnel Bureau. Correspondence re: testing.

Pharmacy, School of. Correspondence re: pharmaceutical survey, school applicants.

Physical Education. Correspondence re: space and repair needs.

Physics. Primarily re: coursework in nuclear physics.

Political Science. Correspondence includes speaker, Tennessee Valley Authority.

Post Office. Re: distribution of notices.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Includes 1946-47 report, news releases.

Registrar's Office. Correspondence includes setting registration dates, transfers.

Machine Records Service. Primarily re: staffing and organization.

Placement Bureau. Correspondence re: placing graduates in various jobs Openings, annual report.

Placement Bureau, Complaint. Re: status of organization of.

Social Work, School of:

Accreditation of. Correspondence re: recommendations and curriculum.

General. Primarily bulletins re: program activities and demand for social workers.

Stewards Hall. Letter re: inspection.

Student Affairs, Director of. Includes proposal for full time director.

Summer School. Includes summer school committee minutes.

Summer Session 1948. Correspondence includes length of session, law summer school.

Swimming Pool. Use and administration of.

Telephone Exchange. Report on efforts to obtain switchboard.

University Depository. Financial information.

University Photographic. Request for state's report.

University Press. Correspondence and recommendations re: operation of.

Publications. Correspondence re: textbooks and pamphlets.

University Stores.

Bookstore. Correspondence re: procedures and inventories.

General. Correspondence and report re: operation of canteen, laundry and valet service, bookstore.

Wade Hampton Café. Inspection of.

YMCA. Annual report.

YMCA Religious Emphasis Week. Correspondence re: speakers.

YWCA. Annual report.

Employment Application Blank. Correspondence re: changes in.

Engineering Experiment Station USC. Proposal for.


Applications Declined. Correspondence re: number of students declined admission.

General. Statistics on.

Non-High School Graduates. Correspondence re: admission of.

Out of State Students. Correspondence re: admission of.

Veterans. Statistics on new veterans enrolled.

Faculty and Staff:


Administrative Absences. Reports of employee absences.

Appointments. Job offers.

Appointment Withdrawals. Offer and withdrawal of, for secretarial position.

Budget Commission, Report to. Report and correspondence re: salary changes.

Classification Committee Report. Report on positions, salaries, recommendations.

Contract Form Letters. Correspondence and copies of faculty contracts.

Dormitory Hostesses. Letter re: cuts in.

Ferguson, S.A. Hiring of.

BOX 6 (1947-48)

General. Correspondence re: changes in administrative staff.

Gilland, W. Flinn. Correspondence re: duties, salary, job dispute, resignation.

In-Service Training. Correspondence re: improving teaching effectiveness.

Leaves of Absence. Requests and approvals.

Offers Declined. Correspondence declining USC job offers.

Regulations. Correspondence and memo re: regulations on leave and holidays.

Resignations. Correspondence regarding. [arranged alphabetically]

Sick Leave. Reports of.

University Engineer. Meeting excerpts re: Sumwalt's appointment as, and salary.

Advance Faculty and Staff Needs 1947-48. Correspondence and questionnaire re: expected or
proposed changes. [arranged alphabetically by department]

Advance Faculty and Staff Needs 1948-49. Correspondence re: proposed changes. [arranged alphabetically by department]


Absences. Requests for.

Childs, Arney R. 1945-48. Correspondence re: residence, salary, Ravenel Diary project.

General. Includes lists of new staff, correspondence re: salaries.

Grants-in-Aid. Correspondence re: approving aid for research project.

Leave of Absence. Recommendations, requests, policy. [arranged alphabetically]

Manual and Handbook. Inquiry into existence of.

New Appointments. Job offers. [arranged alphabetically]

Offers Declined. Correspondence declining USC job offers. [arranged alphabetically]

Part-time Assistantships. Requests and authorizations for student assistants.

Plant Force. Letter re: ID tags.

Reappointments. Notifications of. [arranged alphabetically]

Resignations. [arranged alphabetically]

Retirement. Correspondence and policy re: faculty retirements. [arranged alphabetically]

BOX 7 (1947-48)

Sabbatical Leave. Recommendations for, policy.


Coaches. List of Carolina and Clemson salaries.

Extra Compensation, 3rd Term. Requests for.

Foster, Gertrude. Request for raise.

Gittinger, C. Payment information.

Instructional. Correspondence re: staff reductions, recommendations for raises.

Sick Leave. Reports of and substitute for ill faculty member.

Teaching Load. Correspondence and charts.

Trotter, H. F. Discrepancy in reported education background.

General. Primarily correspondence and lists of changes in personnel.


Outside Activities. Correspondence re: student volunteers.

Recreational and Religious Facilities:

Freshman Camp. Correspondence re: proposed YMCA camp.

Baptist Student Center. Letter re: building dedication.

Boyden Arbor Lake. Inspection of.

Lexington County Airport Property. Correspondence re: purchase of property for YMCA site.

Student Publications:

Freshman Handbook. President's introduction for.

The Gamecock. News releases.

Student Testing and Guidance Program for New Students. Schedule and letter.

Students, Prospective. Correspondence and inquiries from potential students.

Admissions Declined. Correspondence re: students not admitted.

Surplus Equipment:

Engineering. Correspondence and forms re: efforts to purchase surplus Navy equipment.

Laboratories. Correspondence re: seeking surplus lab equipment.

Medical. Efforts to buy.

Temporary Buildings and Equipment, Surplus Equipment.

Mathematics and Astronomy. Efforts to buy.

Other. Efforts to buy.

Surplus Textbooks. Efforts to buy.


Correspondence re: selection and ordering.

Desk Copies. Correspondence re: procedures and costs.

Travel Accounts. Requests and approvals.

United Nations Speakers. Correspondence re: network of volunteer speakers.

Universal Military Training.
Correspondence re: pros and cons.

US Senate Bills. Correspondence re: legislation.

US State Department. Correspondence re: visiting officials.

University Auxiliary. Correspondence re: list of wives of new faculty.

University Film Society. Announcement of schedule.

BOX 8 (1947-48)


Aid to Vets and Their Families. Correspondence and news releases.

Counseling Service. Correspondence and recommendations for.

Disabled. Questionnaire and answers.

Fees. Letter re: changes in.

General. Correspondence re: educational opportunities bulletin.

Insurance. Correspondence re: reinstatement of elapsed insurance. Veterans Administration:

Contracts. Correspondence and data regarding.

Education. Correspondence re: veteran education.

Veterans Temporary Housing Project:

Attorney Fees. Payment of.

Carovet Playground. Letter re: no funding to staff playground.

Conclusion of Contract. Correspondence re: ending of contract re: vets housing project.

Fuel Shortage. Oil problem at Carovet Apartments.

Maintenance and Operations Cost. Letter re: maintenance needs and expected cost increases.

Occupancy. Statistics.

Operating Statement. Income and disbursements.

Project SC 38-V-6:

Educational Facilities. Correspondence and applications for temporary, non-housing buildings.

University Stores. Equipment applied for through project.

Reimbursement for Ineligible Units. Correspondence re: USC claims for losses incurred through ineligible housing units.

Rent Schedule. Correspondence re: new one.

Repairs. Letter re: fire.

Roads and Walks. Letter re: incomplete condition.

Sites. Correspondence re: University property and lease cancellation.

Skirting for Buildings. Correspondence re: need for at Carovets.

Storm Drainage. Correspondence re: problems with.

Surplus Equipment. Correspondence re: purchases.

Suspension of. Correspondence re: plans to suspend project.

Trespassing of Occupants. Trespassing on adjoining property.

Wrighten, John H. Lawsuit by black student seeking admission to USC Law School.
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