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Donald S. Russell


BOX 1 (1956-57)

Armed Forces. Proposal for US Marine Corps educational program.

Associations and Boards:

American Council on Education 1956. Primarily conference minutes and reports.

American Council on Education 1957. Primarily conference minutes and reports.

American Society for Engineering Education. Includes correspondence re: curricula, evaluation of.

Association of American Colleges. Correspondence includes financial aid, meetings, academic freedom.

Association of College Presidents. Correspondence re: high school curricula, mathematics, science.

Association for Higher Education. Correspondence re: national conference.

Association of Land Grant Colleges. Correspondence includes meeting, legal issues.

Association of NROTC Colleges. Correspondence re: meeting, committee recommendations.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Meeting minutes and reports re: recommendations, code of ethics.

Council for Financial Aid to Education. Report on corporate funding.

National Association of State Universities. Includes report on retirement policies.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Correspondence re: conference, youth fitness program.

National Commission on Accrediting. Correspondence re: teacher education accrediting.

National Science Foundation. Includes information on science institutes, federal aid.

BOX 2 (1956-57)

SC Academy of Science. Re: science teaching.

SC College Association. Correspondence re: spring meeting.

SC Press Association. Correspondence re: scholarships.

SC State Employees Association. Report on meeting.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: annual meeting.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. Committee report on extension

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence re: conferences and regional projects.

State University Association. Primarily news bulletins and reports.

Atomic Energy. Includes correspondence re: graduate programs in nuclear studies.

Board of Trustees. Includes meeting minutes and agenda.

Board of Trustees, Committees:

Athletic. Primarily re: changing Big Thursday to a Saturday game.

Executive. Includes correspondence re: Dean Childs' retirement and replacement.

Finance. Agenda.

Grounds and Buildings. Correspondence re: meeting and agenda.


Dormitory. Includes financial statements.

General. Reports on status.

Tuition. Statement on borrowing power.

Budget 1956-57. Monthly financial statements.

Budget 1957-58. Budget requests and worksheets.

Building Program:

Dormitories. Correspondence re: Sims renovations, new dorm, maintenance.

Field House. Letter re: landscaping.

General. Correspondence re: possible new buildings.

Land. Correspondence re: acquisition of, closing of streets, dispute with City of Columbia.

Stadium. Correspondence re: expansion plans.

University Terrace. Correspondence and contracts re: USC acquisition of.

Buildings and Grounds:

Chapel. Correspondence re: rededication as interdenominational chapel.

Classrooms. Survey of classroom space.

Dormitories. Correspondence re: heating, renovation of Wade Hampton.

Drayton Hall. Correspondence re: condition and use of.

Landscape. List of landscaping costs.

Parking. Trustees parking reservations at stadium.

Russell House (Student Union). Re: maintenance, barber shop.

Use by Others. Thank-you for conference held at USC.

BOX 3 (1956-57)

Colleges and Universities. Correspondence re: football tickets, college prep courses, entrance examinations.

Commencements. Arrangements for.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence includes instructors, policies, students.

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes fundraising, meetings.

Anthropology and Sociology. Correspondence re: SC highway archaeology project, faculty.

Arts and Science. Letter re: Science Fair.

Athletic. Correspondence includes coaches, football games, NCAA conference.

Bible and Religion. Correspondence re: teaching the Bible.

Biology. Correspondence re: research project, summer retreat.

Business Administration. Includes proposal for business library, economics program head, faculty search.

Cafeteria. Correspondence re: food service contractor.

Chemistry. Correspondence re: research, faculty, salaries, fellowships.

Education. Correspondence includes workshops, instructors, school boards proposal, curricula.

Engineering. Includes correspondence re: equipment, nuclear studies, curriculum, faculty.

Engineering, MIT Report. Correspondence and reports re: implementing curriculum changes according to recommendations in MIT report.

English. Correspondence re: faculty, debate team.

Examining and Counseling Bureau. Correspondence and reports re: administration of.

Extension Division:

Florence Program. Includes proposal for establishment of.

General. Correspondence re: faculty, establishment of Florence extension center, department structure.

Fine Arts. Correspondence re: registration, teaching loads, faculty.

Foreign Languages. Report on enrollment statistics.

Gamecock Club. Includes correspondence re: proposed Rex Enright Fund.

Geology and Geography. Correspondence re: research project.

Graduate School. Registration information, inquiries into graduate programs.

BOX 4 (1956-57)

History. Includes correspondence re: speakers, establishing a scholarly magazine.

Housing. Re: housing shortage.

Infirmary. Daily patient reports.

International Studies. Correspondence re: establishment of, including faculty, director, and

Journalism. Complaints about article.

Law School. Admissions inquiry, faculty retirement, passing the bar exam.

Libraries. Includes McKissick annual report, Confederate Relic Room, acquisitions.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes mathematics seminar, appropriations, salaries, new faculty.

Music. Correspondence re: establishment of city orchestra, faculty, majorettes in USC band, music

NROTC. Correspondence includes academic overload, faculty, engineering education.

News Service. Correspondence re: engineering gift, photographer.

Non-Academic Personnel and Placement. Correspondence re: recruitment for Air Force.

Nursing. Includes restructuring, accreditation, survey of education facilities in South Carolina.

Pharmacy. Includes correspondence and reports on accreditation.

Physics. Includes status reports on research projects, concern about alien professor.

Political Science. Primarily re: strengthening the department and hiring new chairman.

Post Office. Correspondence re: operation of.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: new faculty, curriculum development.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Letter re: fishing license study, workshop.

Registrar's Office. Correspondence includes registration regulations, degree applicants.

Summer School. Correspondence includes faculty, driver education course, mathematics institute, enrollment.

Treasurer's Office. Correspondence includes scholarship funds, honorariums, stock purchases, salaries.

University Press. Includes report on the need for a university press.

YMCA & YWCA. Includes financial reports, Religious Emphasis Week.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Includes efforts to bring Director of Alumni and Public Relations from Davidson College.


General. Includes correspondence re: faculty scholarships, grants.

Leaves of Absence. Requests and approvals for.

New Appointments. Correspondence re: terms for hire.

Research. Correspondence re: awarding of grants and contracts.

Resignations and Dismissals. Letters of resignation.

Sabbatical Leave. Requests for, policy on.

Tenure. Inquiries re: policy.

BOX 5 (1956-57)

Retirement. Notices of; includes request by Russell for Dean Childs to delay her retirement.

Salaries. Correspondence re: raises.

Faculty Committees:

List. List of committees.

Special. Re: dinner by the Retirement Committee.


Admissions. Requests for reconsideration in admission status.

Awards and Scholarships. Correspondence re: awarding of.

Curricula and New Courses. Reports and recommendations.

Extension. Letter re: committee recommendations.

Honorary Degrees. Recommendations for and selection of.

Research and Scholarly Production. Requests and recommendations for committee report.

Research Committee:

Blackman, J.H. Correspondence re: publication on Soviet Union.

DeTar, D.F. Correspondence re: qualifications, copies of articles.

Hollis, D.W. Correspondence re: his history of the University.

Schedules. Correspondence re: scheduling of classes and exams.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Includes reports and recommendations re: changes in regulations.

Student Activities. Letter re: allocation of student fees.

University Press. Correspondence re: status of publications, recommendations for administration of the department.

Football 1956:

Carolina-Clemson Game. Correspondence re: televising the game, ticket availability. General.

Correspondence re: recruitment, complaints against USC students damaging hotel rooms.

Funds. Status reports on funds for investment.

Funds for Adult Education. Re: adult continuing education.

Gifts. Correspondence re: bequests, donations.

Insurance. Announcement of student insurance plan.

Invitations and Announcements. Correspondence re: University and other functions.

Kellogg Foundation. Correspondence re: status of project.

Lectures. Includes arrangements for Guignard Lecture series.

Negroes. Correspondence re: integration.

Publications. Correspondence includes acquisition, publishing.

Radio Broadcasting and TV. Complimentary letter from television station.

Recommendation, Letters of. For friends, associates, alumni.

Red Cross. Correspondence re: blood drives, service on the board.

Rhodes Scholarship. Correspondence re: Russell's service on selection committee.

Russell, Donald S. Miscellaneous correspondence on various topics, including personal.

BOX 6 (1956-57)

Science Fair. Correspondence re: arrangements for, scholarships.

SC Boards and Commissions:

Budget and Control Board. Financial statements.

Department of Education. Correspondence includes standards, committee.

SC Educational Foundation. Correspondence re: membership, funds, steering committee, bylaws.


Activities. Includes correspondence re: hazing incident.


General. Requests for.

Jobs. Inquiries into availability.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Notification of award.

Special Scholarships. Correspondence re: funding, establihsment of, selection for.

Assistants. Inquiries into availability.

Class Schedule and Exam Schedule. Information on class and exam schedules.

Council. Petitions re: Christmas holidays, room fees, parking.

Honor Council. Statements re: honor system.


Debating Society. Correspondence re: participation in West Point debate conference.

Fraternities and Sororities:

General. Includes correspondence re: beer served at party.

Chi Psi Fraternity. Correspondence re: convention, reactivation of USC chapter.

General. Correspondence re: Interfraternity Council, Baptist Pastors' Conference, Crusade for Christ.

Carolina Veterans Association. Re: deferred payment of tuition.

Prospective. Inquiries from parents and prospective students.

United States Government Agencies. Includes survey report on colleges' enrollments, physical plants, funding sources.

University Film Society. Includes season schedule.

Veterans. Correspondence re: Veterans Administration, legislation.
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