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Donald S. Russell


BOX 1 (1955-56)

Associations and Boards:

American Association of University Women. Membership, newsletter.

American Council on Education. Meeting minutes and briefings.

American Society for Engineering Education. Newsletter.

Association of American Colleges. Correspondence re: meetings, arts program.

Association of Land Grant Colleges. Correspondence and reports re: meetings.

Association of NROTC Colleges. Correspondence and reports on programs and policies.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Meeting minutes, reports.

National Association of State Universities. Includes report on “The Role of the State University.”

National Beta Club. Re: membership.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Report on organization.

National Commission on Accrediting. Activity reports, resolutions.

National Education Association. Includes correspondence re: conferences, newsletters, report on teacher supply and demand.

National Science Foundation. Includes fellowship information, survey results.

South Carolina College Association. Primarily meeting minutes.

South Carolina Education Association. Re: meetings.

South Carolina State Employees Association. Letter re: meeting.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence includes constitution, segregation.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. Re: meetings.

Southern Regional Education Board. Includes by-laws, meetings, reports on higher education.

Southern University Conference. Re: meetings.

State University Association. Correspondence includes federal aid, state appropriations, legislation.

Atomic Energy. Primarily newsletters.

BOX 2 (1955-56)

Board of Trustees. Correspondence includes naming women's dorm, board membership.

Board of Trustees, Committees:

Athletic. Correspondence re: finances, student athletes, minutes, Big Thursday.

Executive. Correspondence includes heating problems, property acquisition.

Finance. Letter re: appropriations.

Grounds and Buildings. Includes report on building program, naming of buildings.

Student Affairs. Correspondence re: tuition refunds.

Bonds. Statement of special funds.

Budget 1955-56:

General. Primarily budget worksheets.

Financial Statements. Monthly reports.

Budget 1956-57. Includes budget request for Engineering.

Building Program:

Business Administration Bldg. Thank-you letter from architect.

Chapel. Correspondence re: restoration, interdenominational services.

Faculty and Student Housing. Letter re: legislation.

General. Correspondence and reports re: construction projects.

Field House. Letter re: design of.

Fine Arts Bldg. Correspondence re: renovation.

Land. Acquisition efforts.

Library. Correspondence re: remodeling.

Men's Dormitories. Correspondence re: consultants.

Russell House (Student Union). Correspondence includes dedication of, use of.

Stadium. Correspondence includes replacing seats, stadium enlargement.

Women's Dormitories. Letter re: Wade Hampton basement.

Buildings and Grounds:

Dormitories. Correspondence includes renovation, furnishings, damage.

Fire Inspection and Protection. Inspection report.

Landscape. Letter re: landscaping plan.

University Terrace. Acquisition efforts.

Use by Others. Correspondence re: meetings on campus by other organizations.

Widening and Closing Streets and Other Traffic Problems. Correspondence re: Green Street traffic.

Commencements. Arrangements for.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence includes staff, disqualification of student.

Alumni Association:

General. Correspondence includes meetings, scholarships, finances.

SC Foundation. Establishment of.

Archives/Public Records. Correspondence re: Calhoun Papers Project.

Arts and Science. Correspondence re: conference.

Athletics. Includes financial statements, correspondence re: athletes, coaches.

BOX 3 (1955-56)

Bible and Religion. Correspondence re: chaplaincy.

Biology. Correspondence includes new faculty, research.

Business Administration. Includes correspondence re: curriculum, faculty, Bureau of Business and
Economic Research.

Cafeteria. Correspondence re: employment, Slater System.

Chemistry. Correspondence re: faculty, research projects.

Education. Correspondence includes faculty, workshops, search for new dean.

Education, Dean Travelstead. Correspondence re: dismissal of.

Engineering. Includes correspondence re: faculty, conference, equipment, research.

Engineering, MIT Report. Primarily re: changes in curricula.

English. Correspondence re: raises, new faculty.

Examining and Counseling Bureau. Correspondence and reports re: placement tests, entrance exams.

Extension Division:

Audio Visual Bureau. Report on proposed TV series.

Evening Classes. Includes correspondence re: courses in upstate.

Extension Classes. Letter re: approving instructors.

Educational Television Station. Correspondence re: possible USC purchase of TV station.

General. Correspondence includes instructors, course approval.

BOX 4 (1955-56)

Fine Arts. Correspondence re: purchase of picture.

Foreign Languages. Correspondence re: salaries, Russian program, space needs.

Gamecock Club. Correspondence re: football tickets, meetings.

General. Memos re: policies.

Geology and Geography. Includes correspondence re: publication.

Graduate School. Includes report on Graduate council and faculty.

History. Correspondence re: faculty exchange, salaries.

Journalism. Correspondence re: scholarships, dean, SC Press Association.

Law School. Correspondence includes symposium, racial discrimination.


General. Includes correspondence re: conference.

McKissick. Correspondence re: gifts, bequests, seminar.

South Caroliniana. Correspondence re: acquisitions, gifts, bequests.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: changes in curricula, problems in the department, faculty.

Music. Primarily University Band, band director.

Naval Training Units. Correspondence includes personnel, academic credits, admissions.

News Service. Correspondence includes dispute with WCOS, search for new director.

Nursing. Includes report on changing to a four year program.

Pharmacy. Correspondence re: salaries, proposed consolidation of MUSC and USC schools.

Physics. Correspondence and status reports on research projects.

Political Science. Correspondence re: new faculty, science fair, microfilm collection.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: faculty search, visiting lecturers.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Includes report on Bureau, report on Municipal Salaries.

Registrar's Office. Primarily correspondence and reports re: registration procedures and statistics.

Summer School. Correspondence includes enrollment, transfer policies, length of session.

BOX 5 (1955-56)

Treasurer's Office. Primarily monthly statements.

University Press. Reports on materials being published.

University Stores. Financial statements.

YMCA & YWCA. Includes correspondence re: Religious Emphasis Week.

Enrollment. Statistics.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Includes memos re: leave policy, work hours.

General. Memos re: policies.


Leaves of Absence. Requests and approvals.

New Appointments. Correspondence re: new hires and promotions.

Research. Proposal and approval.

Resignations and Dismissals. Letters of resignations and dismissals.

Sabbatical Leave. Reports and announcements re: policy.

Teaching Load. Reports and statistics on.

Tenure. Includes policy statements.

Nepotism. Correspondence re: policy.

Retirement. Correspondence re: status of retirement-age faculty.

Salaries. Includes correspondence re: raises, survey results.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Announcements and awarding of.

Faculty Committees:

Special. Appointments to.


Admissions. Inquiries into.

Athletics. Letter re: rumored ACC fine.

Awards and Scholarships. Correspondence re: funding and awarding of.

Counseling and Guidance Program for Freshmen. Letter re: continuing past freshman year.

Curricula and New Courses. Correspondence re: changes in.

Discipline. Correspondence re: cases and actions taken.

Extension. Letter re: status of.

Graduate. Appointment of.

Libraries. Report on book fund allocations.

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental. Primarily re: membership.

Research and Scholarly Production. Includes research proposals.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Includes report on committee activities.

Schedules. Correspondence re: exam schedules.

Student Activities. Correspondence re: allocation of activity fees.

Student Publications. Correspondence re: committee membership, Gamecock finances.

University Council. Correspondence includes transfers, pre-registration.

University Press. Correspondence re: status of.

Faculty Meetings. Meeting minutes and items for agenda.

BOX 6 (1955-56)

Football 1955:

Carolina-Clemson Game. Correspondence re: media coverage and broadcasting, tickets, Big
Thursday changes.

General. Correspondence includes tickets, athletics, game schedules.

Ford Foundation. Report on grant funding.

Funds. Correspondence re: USC investments.

Gifts. Correspondence re: endowment, Lieber bust, book.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: suggestions and nominees.

Insurance. Memo re: student insurance plan.

Invitations, General. For Russell to speak at or attend various non-University functions.

Invitations, University. For Russell to attend University functions.

Kellogg Foundation. Correspondence re: assistantship grants.

Lectures. Correspondence re: scheduling series of lectures from visiting professors.

Miscellaneous Inquiries. Correspondence includes teaching certificates, communism, personal matters.

Negroes. Correspondence re: segregation.

Phi Beta Kappa. Correspondence re: initiates.

Publications. Includes finances, Grimball Papers.

Questionnaires. Responses on various topics.

Radio Broadcasting and TV:

Athletic Events. Correspondence re: moving date of Carolina-Clemson game.

General. Includes educational series on WIS.

Recommendation, Letters of. Primarily for employment.

Rhodes Scholarship. Correspondence re: selection committee.

Science Fair. Correspondence re: promotion of, science scholarships, public school curriculum.

Sesquicentennial. Efforts to get commemorative stamp.

SC Boards and Commissions:

Budget and Control Board. Primarily monthly statements.

Fiscal Survey Commission. Correspondence and reports on financial needs of SC schools.

BOX 7 (1955-56)

Legislature. Re: appropriations, education.

State Department of Education:

General. Includes reports from State Education conference.

Gressette Committee. Includes reports on status of public schools and legislation regarding.

Steering Committee. Plans for state conference.



General. Correspondence and inquiries into availability and awarding of.

Jobs. Inquiries into availability.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Correspondence re: awarding of.

Special Scholarships. Correspondence re: awarding of.

Assistants. Inquiries into availability.

General. Correspondence re: parent and student inquiries, complaints.


Clariosophic Society. Correspondence includes sesqui-centennial anniversary.

Debating Society. Primarily re: dinner with debate team.

Euphradian Society. Correspondence re: sesqui-centennial.

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence re: reactivation of Chi Psi, Derby Day, frat housing.

General. Includes complaint about football cheers.

WUSC. Correspondence re: gift of equipment, working at night.

Prospective. Admission inquiries.

Publications. Correspondence includes equipment needs, complaint.

United States Government:

Governmental Agencies. Includes report on college-age population.

Protestant War Veterans. Correspondence re: being labeled a subversive organization.

State Department. Correspondence re: recruitment.

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