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Donald S. Russell


BOX 1 (1954-55)

Armed Forces. Proposed National Reserve Plan.


American Association of University Professors. Letter re: meeting.

American Association of University Women. Re: convention.

American Council on Education. Includes meeting minutes, newsletter.

American Society for Engineering Education. Conference minutes.

Association of American Colleges. Letters re: institute, publication.

Association of College Unions. Re: meeting.

Association of Land Grant Colleges. Correspondence and reports re: conferences.

Association of NROTC Colleges. Re: meeting.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Minutes, committee lists.

International Association of Universities. Re: membership.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence re: admissions, conferences.

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. Re: seminar.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Includes proposed amendments, NCAA TV plan.

National Education Association. Re: conference.

National Research Council. Letter re: approved grant.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: research proposals.

South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Correspondence re: meeting.

SC Academy of Science. Meeting date.

SC College Association. Correspondence re: meetings, report from committee.

SC Education Association. Includes copy of address to annual national meeting.

SC High School League. Letter re: program expansion.

SC Press Association. Correspondence re: sponsoring professorship, scholarships.

SC Registrar's Association. Meeting minutes.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes USC's annual report to.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. Minutes, study on dorms.

Southern Conference. Re: annual meeting.

Southern Historical Association. Re: meetings.

Southern Regional Education Board. Includes reports on graduate and agricultural education.

Southern University Conference. Re: meetings.

State University Association. Correspondence and reports re: meetings.

Atomic Energy:

General. Includes correspondence re: symposium, copy of speech.

Oak Ridge. Includes meeting minutes, symposium program.

Savannah River Project. Letter re: contract.

Board of Trustees. Includes report on building program, minutes.

Board of Trustees, Committees:

Athletic. Correspondence includes proposed field house, finances, tickets.

Executive. Includes minutes.

Grounds and Buildings. Includes progress and financial reports.

Board of Women Visitors. Letter re: meeting.

BOX 2 (1954-55)


Dormitory. Includes correspondence re: new issue, retirement of.

Tuition. Includes request for new issue.

Budget 1954-55. Budget sheets.

Budget 1954-55, Departmental Budgets. Monthly statements of balances.

Building Program:

Business Administration Bldg. Correspondence re: bids, naming of.

Chapel. Recommendations on restoration.

Field House. Correspondence re: plans for new one (now the Round House).

Fine Arts Bldg. Re: meetings on.

General. Correspondence and reports on projects.

Land. Correspondence re: acquisition of.

Men's Dormitories. Correspondence re: construction plans, bids.

Stadium. Report on repairs needed.

Student Union Bldg. Correspondence re: completion, budgets.

Women's Dormitories. Includes naming of.

Buildings and Grounds:

Arboretum. Re: proposed building.

Dormitories. Includes correspondence re: residence hall manager, fraternity housing.

Faculty Residences. Provision of.

Fire Inspection and Protection. Report re: heating system fire hazard.

General. Includes recommendations on various projects.

Landscape. Includes correspondence re: development plan.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Athletic Facilities. Re: rust on stadium stands.

Repairs and Alterations. Instruction re: extra workday.

Rutledge College. Recommendations on restoration.

University Terrace. Correspondence re: purchase of.

Use by Others. Includes use of stadium, Girls State.

Colleges and Universities. Includes study of presidents' salaries.

Columbia, City of. Correspondence includes fundraising, streets near USC.

Commencement. Includes correspondence re: book on speaker's family.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence re: staff, evaluation of unit.

Alumni Association. Correspondence re: meeting.

Archives/Public Records. Report on need for new State Archives and relation to USC.

Athletic. Correspondence re: budget, new field house, athletes.

Bible and Religion. Letter re: Danforth Cheese.

Biology. Correspondence includes faculty positions, research, symposium.

Bureau of Business Research. Letter re: bulletin.

Business Administration. Correspondence includes faculty, courses, lectures.


General. Correspondence re: food service systems.

Steward's Hall. Financial statements.

Wade Hampton. Financial statements.

Carovet Apartments. Includes financial statements.

Chemistry. Correspondence includes student assistants, research, grants.

BOX 3 (1954-55)

Education. Correspondence re: faculty, Reading Clinic, workshops, building needs.

Education, Steering Committee. Reports on organization and administration of.

Engineering. Faculty, curriculum, teaching loads, accreditation.

English. Faculty, teaching loads, The Gamecock.

Extension Division:

Evening Courses. Complaints about entrance exams.

Extension Classes. Includes correspondence re: education classes, requests for classes in different areas of the state.

General. Includes plan for education courses, policies, committee report.

Faculty, Dean of. Letter re: lectures.

Fine Arts. Includes report on visual arts in higher education.

Foreign Languages. Includes newsletter, survey result, faculty.

Geology and Geography. Correspondence re: equipment, accreditation, students.

Graduate School. Includes reports on international studies, married graduate student housing.

History. Correspondence re: faculty, student, seminar.

Home Economics. Correspondence re: discontinuation of.


General. Includes report by retiring physician.

Kitchen Report. Financial statements.

Journalism. Includes faculty, scholarships.

Law School. Includes admissions, students, faculty, racial discrimination.


McKissick. Primarily acquisitions newsletter.

South Caroliniana. Includes budget, acquisitions, Calhoun Papers.

Machine Records Office. Report re: registration.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes planetarium, registration, faculty, curricula.

Music. Includes financial information.

BOX 4 (1954-55)

NROTC. Correspondence re: staff, students, admissions.

Nursing. Correspondence re: joint program with MUSC, recommendations for USC nursing school.

Personnel Bureau. Includes testing statistics.

Pharmacy. Correspondence re: deanship, admissions.

Physics. Primarily project reports.

Political Science. Correspondence re: faculty, meeting, student assistants.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: faculty, study results.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Correspondence re: merger project in Charleston.

Purchasing and Central Supply. Procedures memo.

Registrar's Office. Includes registration statistics, regulations, instructions.

Summer School. Primarily degree candidates.

Treasurer's Office. Includes statements on tuition fees, dorm construction.

University Press. Correspondence re: decisions to publish materials.

University Stores. Includes audit report.


General. Includes annual report.

Religious Emphasis Week. Letter re: speakers for.

Dramatic Arts Program. Re: problems with.

Engineering Project (MIT). Correspondence re: revisions of engineering curricula, budget, enrollment.

Enrollment. Statistics.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Correspondence re: reclassification of position, retirement.

General. Primarily memos re: policies and procedures, announcements.


Fitzsimmons, Christopher. Correspondence re: and student petitions against dismissal.

Foreign Lecturer. Arrangements for.

General. Correspondence includes committees, promotions, teaching loads.

BOX 5 (1954-55)

Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

McCarthas, Alice and Carl. Correspondence re: termination of.

New Appointments. Includes lists of new faculty.

Outside Work. Letter re: travel allowance.

Research. Correspondence re: research proposals.

Resignations & Dismissals. Letters of resignation.

Sabbatical Leave. Request for.

Teaching Load. Includes recommendations on limits.

Tenure. Correspondence and drafts re: proposed regulations.

Part-time Assistantships. Appointments of.

Promotions and Increases. Recommendations for.

Retirement. Correspondence and recommendations re: faculty and staff at retirement age.


Administrative. Requests for raises.

General. Includes survey results, lists of.

Instructional. Recommendations on.

Law School. Correspondence includes summer school, comparison with other schools.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Letter re: Fulbright Award program.

Faculty Club. Notification of membership.

Faculty Committees:

Special. Letter re: joint committee, permanent records.


Admissions. Re: petition for reinstatement.

Alumni. Survey results.

Awards and Scholarships. Includes regulations for Awards Day.

Counseling and Guidance Program for Freshmen. Correspondence re: establishing.

Curricula and New Courses. Announcements of new and altered courses.

Discipline. Correspondence re: disciplinary actions.

Libraries. Report re: appropriations.

Pre-medical and Pre-dental. Membership.

Remedial and Non-Credit Courses. Report on regulations.

Research and Creative Programs. Includes list of publications.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Committee memberships, inquiries, regulations.

Student Publications. Letter re: The Gamecock.

University Council. Recommendations for new committees.

University Press. Includes debate over continued existence of.

Faculty Meetings. Minutes.

Fees. Collection statements.

Financial Statements:

Athletics. Monthly statements.

General. Statements for all University departments.

Sims College Canteen. Monthly statements.

Statement of Expenditures. Monthly statements.

University Depository. June statement.

University Stores. Monthly statements.

BOX 6 (1954-55)

Football 1954:

Carolina-Clemson Game. Includes apology from Frank Howard.

General. Includes parking, tickets, practice.

Ford Foundation. Correspondence includes international studies, fellowships.

Funds. Investment of.

Garden Club.

Re: symposium.

General Education Board. Correspondence re: public education.

Gifts. Correspondence includes bequests, Coker Trust.

Guignard Lectures. Arrangements.

Honorary Degrees. Re: nominees.

Insurance. Fire insurance claim for DeSaussure fire.


Other Colleges. Invitations to attend or speak at functions.

Other Functions. Correspondence and invitations to various events.

University Functions. Correspondence re: University events.

Kellogg Foundation. Correspondence re: grants, fellowships.

Makins, Sir Robert. Arrangements for convocation.

Phi Beta Kappa. Re: nominations.

Questionnaires. Includes results on sabbatical survey.

Radio Broadcasting. Letter re: faculty lectures.

Russell, Donald S. Miscellaneous correspondence, including personal.

Science Fair. Includes notification of awards.

Sinking Fund Commission. Letter re: sprinkler system.

State Budget and Control Board. Correspondence re: appropriations.


Activities. Letters re: College Day.


Achievement Scholarships. Awarding of.

Burlington Scholarships. Announcement of.

Danforth Foundation. Summer program.

Fulbright Program. Awarding of.

General. Inquiries into availability of aid.

Jobs. Inquiries into.

Joseph G. Evans Scholarship Fund. Establishment of.

BOX 7 (1954-55)

Scholarships and Fellowships I. Inquiries into and awarding of.

Scholarships and Fellowships II. Inquiries into and awarding of.

W. T. Grant Scholarship. Letter describing allocation of.

Council. Letters re: Preston, Debate team.

Discipline. Includes cases re: breaking ROTC marriage prohibition.

Entrance Examinations. Correspondence and reports re: revisions, cost, giving of.

General. Includes student petition, admissions inquiries.


Clariosophic Society. Letter re: anniversary celebration.

Euphradian Society. Correspondence re: anniversary celebration.

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence re: frat housing, complaints of off-campus frat houses.

University Band. Letter re: inauguration.

Prospective Students. Admission inquiries, statistics.

Rules and Regulations. Regulations re: course loads.

Surplus Property I. Correspondence re: attempts to sell surplus military equipment.

Surplus Property II. Bids for USC surplus equipment.

Television. Correspondence re: broadcasting football games.

US Government.
Correspondence re: visit of Major General Beiderlinden.

US State Department. Includes inquiry into how to gain employment with.

University of South Carolina. Includes correspondence re: time capsule in Federal Security Building.

Vansittart, Honorable Lord. Letter re: visit.

Veterans. Letter re: tuition fees.

Veterans Administration. Correspondence re: overpayment claim against USC.

Yoshida, Premier. Correspondence re: convocation.

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