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Donald S. Russell


BOX 1 (1953-54)

Addresses. Correspondence arranging speakers at USC.

Advertising Policy. Permission granted for free cigarette sample in dorms.

Armed Forces:

Air Corps. Request for information.

Armed Forces Week. Correspondence re: observance of.

Naval Academy. Correspondence re: nominations.

Navy. Correspondence re: recruiting visits, training, summer cruises.


American Council on Education. Primarily newsletters.

Association of American Colleges. Correspondence re: legislation, meetings.

Association of Land Grant Colleges. Includes meeting reports.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Primarily meeting minutes.

College and University Personnel Association. Correspondence re: by-laws, membership, questionnaire.

Institute of International Education. Letter re: government funds.

National Association of State Universities. Includes correspondence re: funding for education.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Report and memoranda.

National Commission of Accrediting. Progress reports.

National Education Association. Questionnaire.

National Research Council. Correspondence re: exchange program.

National Science Foundation. Letter re: survey.

South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Correspondence re: annual meeting held in Columbia.

SC Association of College Registrars. Correspondence and program re: meetings.

SC College Association. Meeting minutes.

SC Education Association. Request for articles.

SC Press Association. Re: annual meeting.

Southeastern Association of Physical Plant Administration. Re: meetings.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes USC annual report to.

Southern Association of College and University Business Officers. Includes newsletter.

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence and reports re: conferences.

Southern University Conference. Re: meeting.

State University Association. Meeting summary.

Atomic Energy:

General. Includes report on “Atoms for Peace” exhibit.

Oak Ridge. Correspondence re: conferences, research proposals.

Savannah River Project. Research proposal.

BOX 2 (1953-54)

Board of Trustees. Primarily meeting minutes.

Board of Trustees Committees:

Athletic. Correspondence re: meetings.

Executive. Includes conference report.

Finance. Extracts re: advertising policy.

Grounds and Buildings. Correspondence re: memberships, repair and renovation projects.

Student Affairs. Letter re: meetings.


Dormitory. Correspondence re: housing revenue bonds.

General. Correspondence and drafts of application to State Budget and Control Board.

Tuition. Correspondence re: use of tuition fees to secure bonds.

Bradley Portrait. Letter re: committee.

Budget 1953-54:

Departmental Budgets I. Yearly budget statements by department.

Departmental Budgets II. Includes monthly statements.

General. Financial reports, budget sheets, drafts, appropriation requests.

President's Office. February expenditures.

Special 1946-47 Reserve Fund. July – September statements.

Budget 1954-55. Correspondence, reports, charts, comparisons with other schools.

BOX 3 (1953-54)

Building Program:

Business Administration (School of) Building. Includes estimate of facilities needed.

Education Building. Correspondence and copies of bids of repairs.

Faculty and Student Housing. Correspondence and reports re: bids, funding for improvements.

General. Correspondence includes purchasing materials, whether bids are required for renovations.

President's House. Includes list of interior decorations.

Science Building. Correspondence re: problems with ventilation system.

Stadium. Re: enlargement.

Student Activities Building. Correspondence re: design of, dispute over architectural style.

Women's Dormitory. Correspondence re: bids, design, specifications for construction.

Buildings and Grounds:

Assignment of Space. Includes request for office space.

Dormitories. Includes weekly reports of maintenance and repairs.

Drayton Hall. Includes bids for air conditioning.

Fire Inspection and Protection. Includes inspections, recommendations, insurance, sprinkler system.

General. Correspondence includes sprinkler system, house rentals, land, repairs.

Gresham Hotel. Letter re: possible Extension Division use.

Heating Plant. Correspondence and reports on improvements.

BOX 4 (1953-54)

Kirkland Apartment. Correspondence re: purchase and renovation of.

Land. Correspondence re: acquisition of.

Landscape. Correspondence re: theft of plants, area in front of Administration Building.

Maintenance & Upkeep of Athletic Facilities. Correspondence re: bids and repairs to stadium and swimming pool.

Parking. Includes correspondence on parking privileges, tickets.

Repairs and Alterations. Correspondence and reports re: renovations and repairs.

Security. Includes correspondence on building access, vandalism, theft.

Temporary Housing. Inquiries into disposal of.

University Terrace. Acquisition and renovation of.

Use by Others. Correspondence includes Girls State, Christian Science group.

Widening & Closing Streets Adjacent to USC, and Other Traffic Problems.

Correspondence re: traffic congestion, efforts to close Greene Street.

Catalogs and Bulletins. Correspondence re: switching from one general bulletins to separate departmental ones.

Colleges and Universities:

Bob Jones University. Includes letter re: dismissal of registrar.

Clemson College. Financial report.

College of Charleston. Correspondence re: biological center, public health.

General. Correspondence includes foundations, bonds, visiting students.

Junior Colleges. Letter re: sponsoring a junior college in Conway.

Winthrop College. Primarily resolutions re: censure by American Association of University Professors.

Columbia, City of. Correspondence re: Columbia Merchants Association, SC Council for the Common Good.


August 1953. Lists of applicants.

June 1954. Correspondence re: commencement speaker and program.

Concessions. Reports of concessions and income at athletic events.

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence includes budget cuts, staff changes.

Alumni Association. Includes letter re: commencement activities.

Anthropology and Sociology. Correspondence re: research faculty.

Arts and Science, College of.

Athletic. Primarily financial statements.

Bible and Religion. Correspondence re: office space, University chaplain.

Biology. Correspondence re: courses, lab equipment.

Buildings and Grounds, Superintendent of. Correspondence re: maintenance staff, assignments, campus police.

Business Administration, School of:

Banking. Includes establishment of chair of banking and finance.

Bureau of Business Research. Report on establishment of.

General. Correspondence includes student assistants, retailing seminar.

BOX 5 (1953-54)


Stewards Hall. Correspondence and reports re: finances, equipment, food quality.

Wade Hampton. Monthly statements.

Carovet Apartments. Correspondence re: residents, ineligibility, finances.

Chemistry. Correspondence re: budget, research proposals, grants.

Depository. New regulations.

Duplicating Office. Price list and equipment maintenance.

Education, School of. Meeting minutes, correspondence re: doctoral program, faculty, new dean.

Engineering, School of. Correspondence includes curriculum, proposals for

program changes and development, fundraising.

English. Correspondence re: Advisory Council, faculty, deanship.

Extension Division:

Audio Visual Bureau. Includes catalog.

Extension Classes. Primarily lists of.

General. Correspondence re: relocation of, conference, special projects.

Fine Arts. Correspondence re: possible relocation.

Foreign Languages. Correspondence includes books, faculty, professional associations.

Geology and Geography. Includes research proposal, workshop, museum.

Graduate School. Includes report on development of.

History. Includes correspondence re: faculty.

Home Economics. Correspondence re: guest speakers.

Infirmary. Correspondence includes budget, fire hazard, staff, building condition.

Journalism, School of. Correspondence includes complaints about State
newspaper, inspection of school.

BOX 6 (1953-54)

Law School. Correspondence re: air conditioning installation, donations to library.


Caroliniana. Correspondence includes staff, acquisitions, collection access.

General. Includes semi-annual report of Library Committee.

McKissick. Primarily correspondence re: acquisitions.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: faculty, equipment, research.

Machine Records Office. Includes recommendations on punched-card registration system.

Music. Compliments on performance.

NROTC. Includes staff, regulations, tuition payments.

Non-Academic Personnel and Placement. Includes report on operation of Placement Bureau.

Nursing Bureau. Correspondence and reports on proposed School of Nursing.

Personnel Bureau. Includes report on duties, financial needs.

Pharmacy, School of. Correspondence includes research proposal, accreditation report.

Physics. Primarily re: research proposals.

Political Science. Correspondence re: banquet, faculty.

Post Office. Efforts to get post office branch at USC.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: faculty, status of department, proposals.

Public Administration, Bureau of. Includes activities report.

Purchasing and Central Stores. Correspondence re: furniture and equipment.

Registrar. Correspondence re: registration procedures, staff.

Student Activities, Director of. Letter re: combining with Deans of Men and Women.

Social Work. Correspondence re: conference, reports on education and employment opportunities,
meeting minutes.

Summer School. Correspondence re: enrollment, expenditures, registration.

BOX 7 (1953-54)

Telephone Exchange. Correspondence includes changes in, restrictions on student use and outside lines.

Treasurer. Correspondence re: sales, deposits.

University Press. Primarily re: publications.

University Stores. Correspondence re: operation of bookstore, laundry, canteen.


General. Includes correspondence re: financial drive.

Religious Emphasis Week. Arrangements for, includes finances and speakers.

Dramatic Arts Program. Correspondence re: arrangement with Town Theatre.

Enrollment. Statistics.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Correspondence includes fingerprinting employees, maintenance staff, policies.


Absences. Reports of.

Faculty Loan Fund. Authorizations of.

Foreign Lecturer. Arrangements for.

General. Includes recommendations for promotions, additions to faculty.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

McCarthas, Alice and Carl. Controversy over dismissal of.

New Appointments. Correspondence negotiating terms of hire.

Research. Includes correspondence and reports re: Calhoun Papers Project.

Resignations and Dismissals. Resignation notices.

Sabbatical Leave. Correspondence: policy, requests for.

Teaching Load. Reports on.

Nepotism. Letter re: policy.

Part-time Assistantships. Requests for and appointments of.

Retirement. Policy and options.

BOX 8 (1953-54)


Administrative. Includes raises, coaches' salaries.

Instructional. Includes list of salary ranges, summer school salaries.

Law School. Letter re: increases.

Scholarships and Fellowships. Recommendations for.

Tenure. Includes drafts of proposed policies.

Faculty Club. Relocation of.

Faculty Committees:


General. Re: freshman center and naming buildings.

Maintenance of University Structures and Grounds. Reports, policies, schedules.

Student-Faculty Relations Committee. Letters re: Gamecock editorial, new regulations.


Cafeteria. Re: membership.

Curricula and New Courses. Reports and suggested changes.

Discipline. Correspondence re: student representative on committee.

Honorary Degrees. Notification of selection.

Research and Creative Production. Approved proposals.

Student Publications. Report of.

University Cabinet. Correspondence includes IBM equipment, Extension registration, transfer students.

Faculty Meetings. Primarily meeting minutes.


General. Correspondence re: changes in.

Refund of. Requests for.

Student Activities. Increase and allotment of.

Financial Statements:

Athletics. April and year-to-date report.

Sims College Canteen. Monthly reports.

Statement of Expenditures. Monthly reports.

Statement of Funds Withdrawn from State Treasurer. January year-to-date.

Statement to State Auditor. Monthly statements.

University Depository. Monthly statements.

University Stores. Monthly statements.

Veterans Housing Project. Monthly statements.

Football 1953:

Carolina-Clemson Game. Includes tickets, field condition, televising the game.

General. Correspondence includes tickets, game traffic, parking.

Funds. Investment of.

Garden Club. Includes correspondence re: symposium, gift of plants.

General Education Board. Re: grant to USC.

General Motors Parade of Progress. Correspondence re: travelling exhibit.

Gifts. Re: gifts of money, books, and other items.

Honorary Degrees. Nominations for.

Insurance. Correspondence re: policies.


Functions of Other Universities and Colleges.

Other Functions.

BOX 9 (1953-54)

Klay Lecture. Arrangements for.

Miscellaneous Inquiries. Correspondence re: various topics, including personal.

Municipal League. Correspondence re: possible projects with USC.

Negro Problem. Correspondence re: integration.

Phi Beta Kappa. Correspondence includes student nominees, convocation.

Photographic Service. Copy of contract.

Questionnaires. From various sources, with answers.

Radio Broadcasting:

Athletic Events. Correspondence re: enlargement of facilities, lawsuit.

Lectures. Correspondence re: establishing a lecture series.

Station, USC. Includes recommendations, moving costs.

Radio School at USC. Interest in establishing.

Recommendation, Letters of.
For jobs, awards, commissions.

Red Cross. Re: University blood drive.

Russell, Donald S. Includes correspondence re: Wofford's centennial convocation.

Smith Convocation. Arrangements for General Walter B. Smith.

Social Security Agency. Report on changes.

Solicitation and Selling on Campus. Copy of resolution.

SC Electric and Gas Company. Correspondence and copies of contracts.

SC Governing Boards and Commissions:

Budget and Control Board. Correspondence and reports re: appropriations and expenditures.

Historical Commission. Correspondence re: funding, legislation.


House and Senate Bills. Report re: appropriations.

President's Report to. Draft of.

Sinking Fund Commission. Correspondence re: physical plant.

State Dept of Education. Correspondence re: reports and statistical information.


Absences. Reports of excuses.


General. Correspondence re: convocation, awards.

University Day. Arrangements for.

Vocational Guidance Day. Arrangements for.


Achievement Scholarships. Establishment of.

Business and Professional Women's Scholarships. Continued funding of.

Children of Veterans. Correspondence re: free tuition.

Danforth Foundation. Notice of continuation.

General. Inquiries into availability of.

Jobs. Correspondence re: availability of.

Josiah Morse Memorial Award. Letter re: establishment.

Pharmacy Scholarship. Funding.

BOX 10 (1953-54)

Scholarships and Fellowships. Notifications of awards. [alphabetical by name]

United Daughters of the Confederacy Scholarship. Awarding of.

W. T. Grant Scholarship. Funding.

Assistants. Policy on.

Counseling. Correspondence re: grades and academic status.

Discipline. Correspondence re: University police, vandalism.

Entrance Exams. Correspondence with faculty and other colleges re: continuation of, policy.

Foreign Students. Telegram re: politics.

General. Primarily statistical information.

Honor Council. Letter suggesting presenters.


Debating Society. Correspondence re: budget.

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence includes debts, constitutions, moving off campus.

Hillel Unit. Letter re: counselor for Jewish students.

University Band. Correspondence re: expenditures and performances.

WUSC. Correspondence re: budget.

Prospective Students. Inquiries into curriculum, fees, recruiting.


Gamecock. Correspondence re: budget and staff.

Garnet and Black. Letter re: staff, introduction.

Rules and Regulations. Social regulations.

Surplus Equipment. Efforts to obtain.

Television. Correspondence re: educational uses.

Textbooks. Correspondence re: policies, orders, financial losses.

University Film Society. Letters re: film quality, finances.

University High School. Correspondence re: repairs needed.

University of South Carolina. Includes correspondence re: Sinking Fund Commission.

Veterans. Correspondence re: legislation.

Water Rates. Correspondence and reports re: legislation, increases.

World University Service. Correspondence re: service opportunities.


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