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William H. Patterson


BOX 1 (1976-77)

President's Office:

Founders' Day. Arrangements.

Invitations. Various University and community functions.

Memos. Re: policies, events.

President's House. Primarily re: functions held in the house.

Speeches. Copies of.

Trips. Arrangements for Taiwan, Japan.

President's Office Staff:

Affirmative Action Officer & Legislative Analyst. Includes concerns of outgoing officer, legislation affecting higher education, annual report.

Archivist & Assistant to the President. Includes Archives policies, position classification, collections.

Executive Assistant to the President & University Secretary. Includes personnel matters, University flag.

Information Services. News releases, staffing.

Legal Affairs. Includes regulations, legality of dorm searches, gift of Byrnes home, student residency, vandalism of Maxcy Monument, Freedom of Information Act.

VP for Finance:

General. Budget, financial reports, student statistics, salaries, personnel matters.

Budget and Budget Director. Financial statements, proposed departmental budgets, sales of stocks.

Trust Officer. Financial reports of USC Educational Foundation.

VP for Operations:

July – Dec 1976. Includes Auxiliary Services, Campus Security, bookstore, construction and renovation projects (including Gambrell Hall and the Horseshoe), budget, crime statistics.

BOX 2 (1976-77)

Jan – June 1977. Same as above.

VP for Student Affairs:

General, June – Dec 1976. Primarily policies and regulations, includes housing, grievances, vandalism to Maxcy Monument, University closing for two weeks due to energy crisis.

General, Jan – June 1977. Same as above.

Student Activities. Student organizations and events, including funding, homecoming, vandalism, Greeks.

Student Government. Primarily student senate bills, funding for student organizations.

VP for University Relations. Includes donations, development and alumni activities, financial reports.


General. Includes personnel matters, salaries, reports on academic programs, enrollment, budget.

Academic Planning Officer. Report on freshman class.

Admissions. Statistics, need for signage on campus, athletes, proficiency exams.

Instructional Services. Staffing changes.

Libraries. Includes McKissick and Horseshoe renovations, air conditioning for Caroliniana, article on history of USC libraries.

BOX 3 (1976-77)

Medical School:

July – Sept 1976. Includes accreditation report, annual report, staffing, grants.

Oct – Dec 1976. Includes medical school's tenure and promotion policies, staffing, grants, school organization, agreement with Richland Memorial Hospital, mission and goals.

Jan – April 1977. Includes progress report, relationship with Richland Memorial Hospital, accreditation, procedures & policies, space needs, staffing.

May – June 1977. Includes annual report, progress report, staffing.

Personnel. Regulations, salaries, monthly reports.

Public &Cultural Affairs Coordinator. Re: Indo-US Subcommission on Education and Culture.

Registration. Complaints, summer enrollment statistics.

Statistical Reporting. Student data.

University Press. Status report, departmental history, staffing, publishing decisions.

VP for Instruction:

Bureaus, Centers & Institutes. Primarily Baruch Institute.

Colleges, Schools, & Departments:

Business Administration, College of. Includes reports on reorganization plans, Business Partnership Foundation, chair of banking.

Continuing Education, School of. Student complaints.

Criminal Justice, School of. Faculty matters.

Education, College of. Grants, student complaints, faculty matters.

Engineering, College of. Review of programs, grant, parking complaint, faculty matters.

General Studies, College of. Grant, faculty matters, relationship with legislature, degree proposal.

Graduate School. student complaints.

Health & Physical Education, School of. Swim meet, faculty matters, complaint and compliment for employees.

BOX 4 (1976-77)

Humanities & Social Sciences, College of:

General. Spring festival, Gambrell dedication, new associate dean, proposed reorganization of business school.

Aerospace Studies & AFROTC. Faculty promotion, Academy nominee, commissioning ceremony.

Art. Film program, compliment for faculty member, student competition.

English. Publications, compliment for faculty member, grant.

Foreign Languages. Faculty matters, departmental organization.

Geography. Reappointment of department chair.

Government & International Studies. Grants, student conference, master's in public administration, faculty retirement.

History. Review of department chair, faculty matters, faculty complaint re: library closing.

Media Arts. Appointment of department chair, complaint re: mandatory retirement age.

Music. Concert choir, use of Rutledge Chapel and Coliseum, faculty matters.

Naval Science & NROTC. Staff evaluation, annual report, receptions.

Psychology. Grants, accreditation, faculty matters.

Speech Pathology & Audiology. Accreditation site visit, compliment for staff.

Theatre & Speech. Re: inventory losses, appointment of department chair.

Journalism, College of. WUSC programming, monetary gifts, faculty matters.

Law School. Primarily dean search, graduate's falsification of application, salaries.

Nursing, College of. Parental complaint, grant, accreditation, faculty matters, admission policy.

Pharmacy, College of. Salaries, prospective student, grant request.

Public Health, School of. Accreditation, dissatisfaction with dean, reorganization proposal.

Science & Mathematics, College of:

General. Sea Grant Consortium, science fair, salaries, compliment for faculty member.

Biology. Forced retirement of popular professor, selection of department chair.

Chemistry. Grants.

Geology. Grants, department chair selection.

Math & Computer Science. Certification of staff member, poll on department structure.

Social Work, College of. Grant, student complaint about program.

Special Programs. Southern Studies, University 101.

VP for Regional Campuses & Research:

General. Includes salaries, recommendations for USC system, grants, athletics, local support.

Institute of Archaeology & Anthropology. Grant, staffing needs.

Regional Campuses:

Aiken. Faculty matters, SACS visit & report, bequest.

Beaufort. Facility needs.

Coastal. Includes complaint re: teaching overload stipend, student complaint, budget, summer courses.

Lancaster. Grant, facility dedication, teacher of the year.

BOX 5 (1976-77)

Salkehatchie. Grant.

Spartanburg. Includes proposal for criminal justice degree, use of bookstore profits, need for library staff, dedication of lecture hall.

Sumter. Student Union building dedication, ownership of regional campuses, new associate director.

Union. Grant, compliment for faculty member, basketball team.

Research, Office of. Primarily project updates.

Associations, Boards & Councils:

National Collegiate Athletic Assn. meeting to discuss possible new conference, compliance form.

Southern Assn of Colleges & Schools. Effects of federal regulations, late report.

Southern Regional Education Board. SOLINET committee on libraries.

Athletic Affairs:

General. Includes staffing, salaries, interest in rejoining the ACC or forming new conference, finances, women's athletics.

Basketball. Includes staff raises, resuming Clemson games, recruiting, dispute with St. Bonaventure University.

Football. Includes homecoming, tickets, complaint about staff, salaries.

Board of Trustees:

July – Dec 1976. Includes search for new president, budget, regional campuses, ACC, campus development.

Jan – June 1977. Same as above.

City of Columbia. Survey on South Carolina blue laws.

Colleges & Universities.
Includes complaint about Baruch Marine Biology laboratory, legislative control over grant funds, budgets, Council of Presidents.


Energy Crisis and Closing.
Arrangements for closing USC for two weeks during energy crisis.

BOX 6 (1976-77)

Faculty and Staff Committees:

General. Committee lists, minutes, and reports, including library, counseling services, USC Press.

Academic Advisory Council. Minutes.

Amoco Teaching Awards. Selection of recipients.

Budget Priority Advisory. Reports and recommendations.

Faculty Advisory. Business school reorganization, energy crisis.

Faculty House. Includes Board of Governors, by-laws, minutes, staffing, house rules.

Faculty Senate. Includes business school reorganization, law school, proposed new student judicial system.

Facilities and Grounds. Subcommittee lists, parking complaint.

Honorary Degree. Suggestions for.

Horseshoe. Minutes, new paint for exteriors of buildings, restoration efforts.

Russell Awards. Membership, recipients.

Tenure and Promotion. Membership, policies.


General. Includes financial statements of Baruch Foundation, notices of awards and contributions.

Business Partnership. Minutes.

Carolina Research & Development. Minutes, budget, organization of, acquisition activities, audit, Wheeler Hill.

Gifts and Grants. Monetary donations, personal papers, McCutchen portrait.

Girls State.
Arrangements to be held at USC.

Includes complaints and compliments, letter from son of President Mitchell, resolution on the death of President Sumwalt.

Questionnaires & Statistics.
Includes role of president, educational benefits for employees, strategic planning.

SC Associations, Boards & Departments:

General. Includes tour by State Development Board, highway department project, State Employees Association.

Attorney General. Re: sale of property, National Teacher Exam.

Auditor. USC budget, capital improvements, audit report.

BOX 7 (1976-77)

Budget and Control Board. Includes salaries, hiring freeze, policies.

Commission on Higher Education:

July – Sept 1976. Includes appropriations, legislation & regulations re: higher education, academic programs.

Oct 1976 – Jan 1977. Same as above.

Feb – June 1977. Same as above.

Council of Presidents. Includes appropriations, applicability of state regulations to state colleges, legislation.

Educational Television. Radio programming, closed circuit TV to hospitals.

Governor's Office. Includes energy conservation, future plans of USC highway safety.

Lt. Governor's Office. Re: legislative research service.


General. Includes use of War Memorial building, USC budget, capital improvements.

Legislative Committees. Re: legislation on higher education.

SC High School League. Office space on campus.

State Archives. Horseshoe renovation, arrangements with USC Press.

US Government:

General. Law enforcement & Veterans Affairs grants.

HEW. Includes grants, nondiscrimination regulations.

Senate. Primarily grants.

BOX 8 (1976-77)

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