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William H. Patterson


BOX 1 (1975-76)

Presidents Office:

General. Includes Burney portrait dedication, Dietzel's new job, inquiries re: programs, compliments for faculty.

Affirmative Action Officer (Durham). Annual and other reports, policies.

Archives and Assistant to the President (Rosen). Primarily efforts in establishing archives and records management program, retention schedules.

Bofferding Study. Study of USC administration.

Executive Asst to the President and University Secretary (Curry). Includes Burney portrait, criticism of University spending, medical school dean, athletic program.

Invitations. Various University and private functions.

Legal and Legislative Affairs. Re: contracts, legal issues, policies, legislation affecting higher education.

Memos. Includes University policies, archives and records management, position changes.

Ombudsman. Includes annual report, student and faculty representatives, search for new ombudsman.

President's House. Historical information, receptions, vandalism, response to Budget and Control Board's questions re: house's purpose.

Public and Cultural Affairs Coordinator. Media relations, ETV program “And Then There Were Thirteen,” radio and TV programs, beer commercials.

Speeches. Copies of.

VP for Finance:

General. Appropriations, budget cuts, division organization, projects, income re: stocks and bonds.

BOX 2 (1975-76)

Budget and Budget Director. Budget and financial reports, justifications.

Trust Officer. Scholarships, audit report, alleged improper use of University materials.

VP for Operations:

General. Correspondence and reports re: construction and renovation projects, buildings' uses, campus maintenance, property acquisitions and sales.

Auxiliary Services. Use of state vehicles, Capstone renovation, bookstore.

Personnel. Primarily re: policies, salaries.

Physical Plant and Planning. Includes reports on projects, campus conditions, property acquired by Carolina Research and Development Foundation, proposal to close Greene Street.

Security and Communications. Primarily reports of vandalism, statistical report on investigative activities, sweep for bugs in president's office.

VP for Administrative Services:

General. Includes suggestions for calendar adjustment, statistics on degree candidates, budget cuts, Alumni Association.

Admissions. Reports, policies, minutes, statistics, staffing.

Development. Includes minutes, donations, financial reports.

Information Services. Re: University policies, media relations, budget cuts.

BOX 3 (1975-76)

Records and Registration. Suggested changes.

Dean of Learning Resources:

General. Includes dissolution of division, reports to Ford Foundation, statistics on television course enrollments.

Educational Services, Instructional Services Center, & Media Arts Institute. Disapproval of departmentalization plan.

University Libraries, Museum and Press. Includes reorganization of Press, film library policies, budget, move to new central library.

Dean for Student Affairs:

General. Includes minutes, reorganization of housing, funding for student organizations, report on programs, student survey.

Student Activities. Includes sale of beer at Bell Camp, compliments, Student Senate bills, student organizations.

Student Aid. Scholarships, student loan program.

Student Government. Include Student Senate bills and resolutions, budget, proposal for closing Greene Street.

VP Student Affairs: ODK. Re: Awards Day.


July 1975 – March 1976. Includes budget cuts, staffing concerns and problems, salaries, facilities and space needs, academic planning.

April – June 1976. Includes budget cuts, staffing concerns and problems, salaries, facilities and space needs, academic planning.

BOX 4 (1975-76)

VP for Regional Campuses, Continuing Education, and Research:

General. Includes military courses, tenure and promotion policies, budget and program cuts.

Aiken. Use of state vehicles, faculty matters including dean search.

Beaufort. Use of state vehicles, accreditation, criminal justice program.

Coastal Carolina. Professor's complaint about lost materials, grant, request for stadium parking, complaint about class.

Continuing Education. Successful seminar, enrollment statistics.

Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology. Collection contribution, grant, artifacts.

Lancaster. Scholarship funding, staff needs.

Research, Office of. Primarily grant activity reports.

Salkehatchie. Use of state vehicles, faculty vacancy.

Spartanburg. Includes grant, recommendations for political science major, position vacancies, ROTC, policies.

Sumter. Staff vacancy, criminal justice program efforts, yearbook.

Union. Use of state vehicles.

VP for Health Affairs:

General. Accreditation, grant, staffing.

Health and Physical Education, School of. Faculty hires, grants.

School of Medicine:

July – Dec 1975. Includes hiring of faculty, dean's resignation controversy, admissions.

Jan – Feb 1976. Hirings, accreditation, committee report, dean search, problems with legislature, funding.

March – April 1976. Same as above.

BOX 5 (1975-76)

May – June 1976. Same as above.

Nursing, College of. Grants, admissions policies, Orangeburg program, accreditation.

Pharmacy, College of. Grants, new building, annual report.

Public Health, School of. First annual report, grants, physical education center, response to site visit report, faculty.

VP for Instruction:

General. Faculty matters, governor's conference, course scheduling, interdepartmental cooperation in fundraising.

Bureaus, Centers, and Institutes. Fifteenth anniversary of Institute of International Studies, Baruch Institute projects, annual report, complaints.

Business Administration, College of. Includes faculty matters, letters of support for professor, grants, Partnership Foundation annual report.

Education, College of. Grants, teacher certification, faculty matters, inquiries re: academics.

Engineering, College of. Primarily faculty matters, grants.

General Studies, College of. Faculty matters, Child Development Center, budget cuts, justification for two-year programs.

Graduate School. Includes minutes, report on performance facilities needs, graduate admissions concerns.

Graduate School of Criminal Justice. Includes possible use of Harbison College site, bachelor of science proposal, faculty activities.

Humanities and Social Sciences, College of:

Aerospace Studies and AFROTC. Thanks for support of program, nominees for Academy.

Anthropology. Grant.

Art. Faculty matters.

Dean Search. Progress reports.

English. Includes writing lab, faculty matters.

Foreign Languages. Faculty matters, drama competition.

BOX 6 (1975-76)

Geography. Re: project proposal.

Government and International Studies. Grants and monetary gifts, foreign affairs conference, faculty matters, honors college.

History. Includes grants, faculty activities, housing for visiting professor, complaint about professor.

Music. Compliments for faculty, scholarship, statistics on women and minority faculty members.

Naval Science & NROTC. Faculty evaluation, ceremonies.

Psychology. Grants, accreditation, faculty matters, admission statistics.

Sociology. Faculty matters.

Theatre and Speech. Grant, construction, statistics on women and minority faculty members, report on facility needs.

Journalism. Includes seminar, scholarships, journalism archives.

Law Center:

May – Sept 1975. Primarily controversy over admissions changes, dean search.

Oct – Nov 1975. Same as above.

Dec 1975 – June 1976. Same as above.

Librarianship, College of. Faculty activities, accreditation.

Science and Mathematics, College of:

General. Includes inspection and reports on animal laboratory facilities, concerns of department heads, faculty matters.

Biology. Includes financial reports on Baruch Foundation, grants, space needs.

Chemistry. Primarily grants.

Geology. Grants, scholarships.

Math and Computer Science. Faculty matters, evening classes problems, department head resignation.

Physics. Grant, student complaint.

Social Work, College of. Grants, Charleston courses.

Special Programs. Southern Studies, University 101, Honors College.

BOX 7 (1975-76)

Associations and Boards:

American Council on Education. Affirmative action, questions re: SC Public Interest Research Institute.

National Assn of State Universities & Land-Grant Colleges. Conference topics, appropriations,
legislation on higher education.

National Collegiate Athletic Assn. Includes women's sports, proposed changes in regulations, alcohol and drug policies.

Southern Assn of Colleges and Schools. Re: self-studies.

Athletic Affairs:

General. Include questions re: rejoining ACC, Title IX, financial reports, budget, departmental organization.

Basketball. Includes tickets, basketball clinics, ACC, salaries.

Football. Salaries, tickets, NCAA, Tangerine Bowl, ACC, ethics act.

Board of Trustees:

General. Includes budget, football tickets, law school, structure of board, ACC, Bofferding report on academic programs.

Executive Committee Meeting. Budget, report on lab fees.

Board of Visitors. Change from Board of Women Visitors, establishment of Commission for the President's House.

City of Columbia
. Includes report of Capital City Development Foundation, USC efforts to close portions of streets around campus.

Civic and Charitable Organizations.
Participation of University personnel, including
Heart Association and American Legion.

Colleges and Universities.
Includes cooperation and coordination with Clemson, academics, University 101, medical school.


August. Arrangements for.

May. Arrangements for.

Faculty and Staff. Grants, reception.

Faculty and Staff Committees:

General. Primarily committee lists, formation of new committees.

Academic Advisory. Primarily minutes.

Academic Forward Planning. Primarily minutes.

BOX 8 (1975-76)

Administrative Advisory. Merit raises.

Admissions. Minutes, policies.

Affirmative Action. Membership.

Alumni and Development Affairs. Establishment of, site visits to other universities, reports.

Amoco Teaching Awards. Membership, recipients.

Athletic. Recommendations.

Budget Priority Advisory. Report of.

Counseling Services. Annual report.

Curricula and New Courses. Proposal to reestablish South Carolina College.

Facilities and Grounds. Recommendations and reports.

Faculty Advisory. Recommendations and reports.

Faculty House. Includes proposed by-laws.

Faculty Welfare. Question re: paycheck schedule.

Horseshoe. Budget, renovations.

Honorary Degrees. Nominees for.

Russell Awards. Recipients.

Tenure and Promotion. Policies, complaint.

Foundations. Includes minutes, grant notices, gifts.

Gifts and Grants.
Primarily financial gifts.

Complaints and compliments re: University programs and activities.

Questionnaires and Statistics.
Includes University organization, athletic scholarships, funding, library.

SC Assns, Boards, and Departments:

Attorney General. Ethical concerns over football tickets as gifts, entrance requirements.

Auditor. Includes policies, staff vacancies, appropriation reductions.

Budget and Control Board. Includes expense allowances for university presidents, salary survey, policies.

BOX 9 (1975-76)

Commission on Higher Education:

July – Sept 1975. Includes report on schools' tuitions, academic program proposals, appropriations, proposal to remove USC and Clemson from CHE jurisdiction.

Oct 1975 – Feb 1976. Includes academic programs proposals, appropriations.

March - June 1976. Same as above.

Council of Presidents. Primarily re: higher education financial matters.

Educational Television. Parking, permission to film on campus, closed-circuit TV.

Governor's Office. Includes energy policies, budget problems.

Lt. Governor's Office. Re: Legislative Audit Council.


General. Includes higher education legislation, medical school, budget.

Legislative Committees. Includes salaries, finances, duplication of academic programs in SC colleges.

Senate Medical Affairs Committee. Re: USC School of Medicine.

Mental Health, Department of. Proposed continuing education arrangement.

State Archives. Re: restoration of Horseshoe.

State Ethics Commission. Primarily re: the awarding of free tickets to legislators
and other state agency heads.

US Government:

HEW. Grants, protection of human test subjects.

House of Representatives. Grants, legislation, social events.

Senate. Grants, legislation, law school admissions, social events.

BOX 10 (1975-76)

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BOX 11 (1975-76)

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