Office of the President

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Office of the President: 1913-14
S.C. Mitchell (Jan. 1913 - May 1913)

A.C. Moore, Acting President
(May 1913 - Aug. 1914)

W.S. Currell (Aug. 1914 - Oct. 1914)

This series consists primarily of the correspondence of Acting President A.C. Moore concerning the administration of the University. Topics include student discipline, admissions, regulations, finances, and alumni.

Roll # 0671 (1913-14)

Academics. Inquiries from students and other schools and replies as to coursework offered by USC and requirements of the academic departments. Includes information on expenses and entrance requirements.

Information on advertisements placed by USC in various publications, including college annuals, magazines, and newspapers.

Alumni Association.
Alumni activities, including proposed College for Women and the establishment of a scholarship for the son of an alumnus.

Topics include eligibility of players, coaching position, scheduling of games.

Blease, Cole L.
Correspondence between Moore and Governor Blease concerning the University.

Colleges and Universities.
Correspondence with other colleges and universities regarding catalogs, plans for a standard certification form for admission of high school students, congressional actions, admissions, regulations, conferences.

Columbia University.
Correspondence on admissions controversy.

Correspondence with USC faculty regarding academic departments, salaries, vacancies.

Topics include School Bond Issue, Sinking Fund, building funds.

Flora, A.C.
Correspondence between Flora and Moore regarding his admission to USC.

Founders' Day.
Arrangements made for speakers, photographs

General Correspondence.
Topics include regulations, catalogs, bulletins, expenses, gifts, student health.

Hand, W.H.
As State High School Inspector, Hand evaluated high school students' applications and approved/disapproved them for admission to USC. Topics include admissions applications and the status of funding for Hand's position.

Correspondence and newspaper clippings on hazing. Includes resolution on hazing regulations at USC.

Kennedy, R.M.
Correspondence regarding the Librarian.

Kohn, August.
Topics include proposed Women's College, alumni, finances.

Correspondence with members of S.C. Legislature, primarily congratulatory.

National University.
Correspondence regarding a bill to establish a national university.

Peabody Fund.
Correspondence regarding receipt of Peabody Funds by USC.

Personal correspondence of Moore and Currell.

Physical Plant.
Topics include building repairs, electricity, sewage.

Includes requests for information on scholarships, applications, award notifications, funding.

Roll # 0672 (1913-14)

Speaking Engagements. Invitations, acceptances and declinations to and by Moore and Currell regarding speaking engagements.

Spencer, C.E. Board of Trustees. Topics include his son Edward, Board of Trustees, proposed College for Women, student discipline, finances, law school.

Correspondence with students and parents regarding admissions, expenses, credits, reports to parents on absences and grades, recommendations for former students.

Sub-Post Office.
Complaints about mail delivery at USC and efforts to establish a sub post office on campus.

Swearingen, J.E.
State Superintendent of Education. Topics include accreditation, admissions.

Tate, W.K.
State Supervisor of Elementary Rural Schools. Correspondence regarding decision to leave S.C.

Women's Education.
Topics include admissions, expenses, boarding, proposed establishment of Women's College as an annex to USC.

YMCA. Topics include hiring of Edward King as Secretary, publication of handbooks.

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