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Samuel C. Mitchell


Roll # 4617 (1909-13)

Acting President 1907-09: Correspondence of Acting President A.C. Moore re: various topics including admissions, appropriations, advertisements, scholarships.

Addresses/Lectures 1909-13:
Copies of addresses/lectures by Mitchell.

Admissions 1908-13:
Samples of requests for catalogues, tuition and housing information, and other admissions information.

Advertisements 1908-10:
Correspondence re: advertisements for USC, placing and renewing ads in magazines and newspapers, text of ads

Advertisements 1911-13:

Alumni 1908-09:
Correspondence re: alumni association, forming local chapters, memberships, meetings, contributions

Alumni 1910-11:

Alumni 1912-13:

Associations and Boards 1908-09:
Correspondence with representatives of various associations, including General Education Board, Harvard Alumni Association, American Historical Association, National Association of State Universities.

Associations and Boards 1910-11:

Associations and Boards 1912-13:

Athletics 1908-13:
Correspondence re: setting up "meets" with other schools, gymnasium supplies, student eligibility.

Roll # 4618 (1909-13)

Board of Trustees 1908-10: Correspondence re: reports to BOT, resolutions, academic matters, committees, appropriations

Board of Trustees 1911-13:

Building Funds and Appropriations 1908-13:
Re: funding and appropriations for building projects.

Building Program 1907-13:
Re: building construction, planning, applications for
construction and design contracts.

Coker Family 1908-13:
Correspondence between Mitchell and Coker family, primarily David R. Coker re: Founder's Day, bulletins, alumni, Coker College, commencement addresses

Colleges and Universities 1908-09:
Correspondence between Mitchell and representatives of other colleges and universities re: curricula, seminars, speaking engagements, associations, publications

Colleges and Universities 1910:

Colleges and Universities 1911:

Colleges and Universities 1912-13:

Committees 1908-10:
Correspondence on committees including Faculty Com., Organization Com., Com. on Colleges and Schools, Discipline Com., Appropriations Com., Senate and House Committees on Indian Affairs, and other community committees

Committees 1911-13:

Conferences 1909-13:
Correspondence re: various conferences, including Conf. for Education, Southern Student Health Conf., National Conservation Congress

Dean's Office 1908-12:
Correspondence by A.C. Moore as Acting President and Dean of the University re: student absences from chapel and academic credits.

Departments 1908-10:
Correspondence with faculty and others re: the various departments, inc. English, Civil Engineering, Sciences.

Departments 1911-13:

Roll # 4619 (1909-13)

Faculty 1908-10: Correspondence between Mitchell, faculty members and Faculty Committee re: salaries, academics, students, personal topics. Faculty members including Wauchope, Moore, Wardlaw, Morse, Porcher, and esp. Homes.

Faculty 1911-13:

Finances 1908-10:
Correspondence re: univ. accounts, debts, contracts, tuition fees, etc.

Finances 1911:

Finances 1912-13:

Football 1908-13:
Correspondence re:contracts, reform in football rules, coaches, players.

Founder's Day 1910-13:
Correspondence re: speakers for Founder's Day, guests, bulletins, invitations.

Funds and Foundations 1908-13:
Correspondence re: foundations, primarily Carnegie and Negro Rural School Fund

Gifts 1908-13:
Correspondence, primarily thank-yous by Mitchell for gifts, including books, paperweights, photographs

Good Roads 1910-13:
Correspondence re: Good Roads Commission and bulletins, requests for bulletins, efforts to improve
SC roads

Governor of S.C. 1907-13:
Correspondence with and about Governors Ansel and Blease, re:meetings, Carnegie Foundation, appropriations

Health/Infirmary 1908-13:
Correspondence re: furnishings, bills, sanitary conditions at USC, lectures.

Roll # 4620 (1909-13)

Invitations by Mitchell for persons to speak at USC 1908-1910

Invitations by Mitchell 1911

Invitations by Mitchell 1912-13

Invitations to Mitchell to speak Jan – May 1910.

Invitations to Mitchell to speak June – Dec 1910.

Invitations to Mitchell to speak Jan – March 1911.

Roll # 4621 (1909-13)

Invitations to Mitchell to speak April – Sept 1911.

Invitations to Mitchell to speak Oct – Dec 1911.

Invitations to Mitchell to speak Jan – March 1912.

Invitations to Mitchell to speak April – June 1912.

Invitations to Mitchell to speak July – Dec 1912.

Invitations to Mitchell to speak 1913.

Peabody Funds 1909-13:
Correspondence re: distributing funds, board meetings.

Personal Correspondence 1908-09:
Correspondence re: various topics including temperance, friends, business associates, associations, univ. officials (including August Kohn and school superintendents).

Personal Correspondence 1910:

Roll # 4622 (1909-13)

Personal Correspondence 1911: Ibid.

Personal Correspondence 1912-13:

Photographs 1909-13:
Correspondence re: photographs of the univ. between Mitchell and businesses.

Physical Director 1908-13:
Correspondence to and by Mitchell re: filling position of univ. physical director.

Post Office 1909-13:
Correspondence between Mitchell, Rep. David Finley and Postmaster George Huggins re: the lack of adequate postal facilities at the univ.

Prohibition (Temperance Committee) 1909-13:
Correspondence mainly re: speaking engagements.

Publications, Articles, Papers 1908-09:
Several undated handwritten notes on unjust imprisonment, typed copies of speeches, press releases and announcements, c. with newspapers/magazines re: advertisements, upcoming publications and reviews, requests for bulletins.

Publications, Articles, Papers 1910:

Publications, Articles, Papers 1911:

Publications, Articles, Papers 1912:

Publications, Articles, Papers 1913:

Purchases 1908-12:
Orders for various items including scientific apparatus, biology supplies, photographs, books.

Registrar 1909-12:
Primarily requests to Registrar for information on univ. and students.

Rural Schools 1909-12:
Correspondence re: rural schools in S.C., especially Negro Rural School Fund, between Mitchell and other univ./college presidents, community leaders, principals and superintendents (including W.K. Tate. State Supervisor of Elementary Rural Schools and J.E. Swearingen, State Superintendent of Education).

Roll # 4623 (1909-13)

Scholarships 1908-09: Correspondence re: Alumni Loans, scholarship applications, scheduling scholarship examinations, awarding of and loss of scholarships, establishment of scholarship for United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Scholarships 1910:

Scholarships 1911:

Scholarships 1912-13:

Secretary 1910-13:
Correspondence of Sarah Fickling with students, parents and businesses.

Special/Distinguished Persons 1909-13:
Correspondence between Mitchell and various distinguished persons, including Booker T. Washington, Wil Lou Gray, Sol Blatt, Woodrow Wilson, Columbia Mayor W.H. Gibbes, George Foster Peabody, and other state and federal officials re: speaking engagements, legislation and students.

Students 1908-09:
Correspondence with parents, guardians and students re: admissions, finances, students withdrawals from school, student illnesses, discipline.

Students Jan. 1910-June 1910:

Students July 1910-Dec. 1910:

Students Jan. 1911-June 1911:

Students July 1911-Dec. 1911:

Roll # 4624 (1909-13)

Students Jan. 1912-Mar. 1913: Ibid.

Student Housing 1908-12:
Correspondence re: univ. housing, including dorm rooms and furnishings, fees, room assignments, problems and boarding houses in Columbia.

Student Organizations 1909-13:
Correspondence between Mitchell and primarily fraternities, especially Sigma Nu, also literary societies and Glee Club.

Student Reports 1908-10:
Primarily Mitchell's cover letters to student reports sent to parents and correspondence with parents re: grades, absences and discipline.

Student Reports 1911-13:
Ibid. also includes correspondence re: Cole Blease's expulsion.

Treasurer 1908-13:
Correspondence with treasurer Sarah Fickling re: bills owed to and by the univ., including furniture, diplomas, printing, legal fees, academic equipment and supplies, student room and board and tuition.

Women's Movement 1909-13:
Correspondence primarily to Mitchell re: women's movement, including education.

YMCA 1909-11:
Correspondence re: speaking invitations, programs, classes, funding, preparation for formal opening of Flinn Hall as YMCA.

YMCA 1912-13:

YWCA 1910-12:
Correspondence primarily re: speaking invitations.

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