Office of the President

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William D. Melton
1923/24 -- May 3, 1926

Leonard Baker
May 3, 1926 -- December 1926

Note: Melton died on May 3, 1926. Dean Leonard Baker served as acting president through December 1926. His papers as acting president are included in this series. D. M. Douglas assumed the Presidency on Jan. 1, 1927.

BOX 1 (1923-26)

Abney Memorial Library. Correspondence re: portrait and other donations; copy of contract.


Christian Education. Questionnaire and statistics.

Correspondence Courses. Inquiries as to availability.

Degrees, Applicants. Summary of number of degrees awarded.

Dramatics. Establishment of drama courses with Columbia Town Theatre.

Engineering Dept. Includes correspondence re: alumni and students.

Extension Dept.

Budget, Notes and Reports.

Complaints. Correspondence re: complaints abouts programs and library.

Parkinson, B.L. Director. 1923-24 Correspondence re: activities and finances.

Parkinson, B.L. Director. 1924-26 Correspondence re: activities and finances.

Fellows--Teaching 1925. Appointment to teaching fellowship.

Fellowship Applications 1925. Applications for and awarding of fellowships.

Fellowships and Student Assistants Applications 1926. Applications for and awarding of.

Geology, Applications. Notice of vacancy for assistant professor.

History. Efforts to fill vacancy.

Journalism School. Correspondence with W.W. Ball (Dean), including organization of the school.

Law School. Correspondence includes application for admission to Association of American Law Schools and course of study.

Music. Includes speech re: music contest.

Pharmacy, School of. Establishment of.

Romance Languages, Dept of. Ads for vacancies.

Sabbatical Leave. Report by Prof. Bradley.

Schedule, 1923-24. Correspondence re: and copy of schedule of classes.

Summer School 1924. Correspondence from students on improving summer school.

Summer School 1925. Includes correspondence re: guest lecturers.

Summer School in France. Correspondence re: printing of bulletin and copy of bulletin.

Young, Owen D. Correspondence re: proposed school of international relations.

Advertising. Correspondence re: advertising orders and ban on advertising.

Aerial Service. Purchase of aerial views of USC.

Alumni Association.
Includes report on alumni settling in South Carolina.

Alumni Endowment Fund.
Plans for raising an endowment.

Alumni Loan Fund.
Correspondence re: applications.

Appropriations for 1924.
List of appropriations.


Advisory Board. Includes State Fair arrangements and game contracts.


Baseball, Columbia. Letter re: professional baseball and use of USC field.

Boatwright, Mrs. P.J. Correspondence re: player's suspension.

Bocock, Coach Branch. Hiring of.

Football Team 1923. Correspondence about and list of team members.

Moore, Mrs. A.C. Letter re: good luck charms for football team.

Physical Education, Women. Includes correspondence on expenses and facilities.

Summer Baseball 1923. Correspondence and regulations on colleges with summer baseball teams.

Box 2 (1923-26)

Band, USC. Correspondence primarily re: instruments.

Baruch, Bernard. Correspondence re: commencement address.

Beals, Major Walter.
Correspondence re: personal matters and publications.

Bell, R.G.
Includes correspondence on YMCA and financial help for students.

Benet, Christie.
Includes correspondence on commencement.

Billiard Parlors.
Correspondence re: USC students going to billiard parlors.

Bond Issue for Educational Purposes.
Background and statistical information.

Botanical Gardens.
Efforts to establish the gardens.

Budget 1924.
Correspondence with professors on departmental budget requests for buildings, supplies, etc.

Budget 1925.
Correspondence re: budget plans.

Budget Commission.
Includes correspondence on requests for building repairs.

Budget Materials.
Background information on past USC budgets.

Butler, T.B.
Correspondence re: honorary degrees, meetings, scholaships.

Campaign for Funds, USC.
Correspondence re: fund-raising.

Canteen and Post Office.
Arrangements for student mail, reports on status.

Cantey, Jim.
Superintentdent of Buildings and Grounds. Includes reports on the condition of campus.

Chamber of Commerce.
Includes meetings and planned projects.

Chapel Services.
Arrangements for chapel addresses.

Chitty, F.C.
Congratulating Melton on presidency.

Chunn, F.L.
Donation of invitation from 1800s.

Coggins and Johnson.
Correspondence re: students passing bad checks.

Coker, David R.
Includes athletics, faculty, and hiring of D.M. Douglas as president.

Coker, Dr. W.C.
Includes biographical information and improvement to USC's buildings and grounds.

Colleges and Universities:

Alderman, Edwin A. President, U. of Virginia. Re: professor's address at high school conference.

Chase, A.W. President of UNC-Chapel Hill. Correspondence re: UNC's centennial celebration.

Chronicle Publishing Co. Copy of article written by Melton for Presbyterian College.

Citadel. Primarily scheduling conflict between USC and Citadel commencements.

Clemson College. Correspondence re; transfer of students to USC after controversy at Clemson.

Earle, S.B. Acting President, Clemson College. Includes letter re: fire in Davis College.

Furman Centennial 1926. Plans for Melton to speak.

Furman University. Correspondence with president including dining services and Southern Conference.

Granberry, Dr. R.C. President of Limestone College. Correspondence includes endowment and commencement.

Johnson, Dr. D.B. (Winthrop College President). Correspondence includes commencement, budgets and academic regulations.

Martin, Dr. William J. President, Davidson College. Includes correspondence on faculty retirement plans.

Riggs, W.M. Clemson President. Correspondence includes hazing incident, SCIAA and Rigg's sudden death.

Thornwell Orphanage. Associated with Presbyterian College. Letter from

President of Orphanage accusing USC of trying to recruit boys away from PC to play football at USC.

University of Phillippines. Correspondence on faculty salaries and teaching of religion.

Columbia High School. Correspondence re: dispute between students.

Columbia Record.
Includes copies of articles by USC professors.

Commencement 1924.
Invitations, acceptances, declinations.

Commencement 1925.
Invitations, acceptances, declinations.

Commencement 1926.
Invitations, acceptances, declinations.

Box 3 (1923-26)


American Association of University Professors. Inquiry as to organization of USC.

American Association of University Women. Includes Dean of Women questionnaire.

American Chemical Society. Committee on prize essay.

American Council on Education. Membership information and activities.

American Nature Association. Inquiry on professors who conduct nature studies.

Association of American Universities. Membership information and reports.

Association of Separated State Universities of America. Correspondence on legislation re: higher education.

Bureau of Education. Copy of address to student body.

Carnegie Library of Columbia. Efforts to acquire funding from Carnegie

Foundation for public library at USC.

College Presidents Conference. Conference with Governor McLeod on bond issue.

Conservation Society of SC. Background information and correspondence on county surveys.

Efficiency and Consolidation, Joint Committee on. Primarily re: meetings.

Faculty Committees. List of committees and members.

General Education Board 1923-24. Travel log and expenses of J.A.Stoddard and other correspondence.

General Education Board 1924-25. Ibid.

General Education Board 1926. Ibid.

General Education Board, Atlanta Conference. Information on conference on secondary education.

Good Roads Association. Correspondence re: conference held at USC.

Illiteracy Committee. Correspondence re: students at USC.

Institute of Politics (Furman University). Correspondence re: Melton's participation and rough draft of speech.

Knights Templar Educational Loan Fund. Correspondence re: efforts to establish fund in SC.

Olympic Committee. Melton's refusal to serve on.

Printing Committee. Correspondence re: printing of catalog.

State Teachers Banquet. Correspondence and invitation (hand-painted).

Debating Council. Scheduling of debates, rules.

Denominations in the University. Statistics.

Dial, Hon. N.B. Primarily personal correspondence.

Douglas, Dr. D.M. President of Presbyterian College. Includes acceptance of USC presidency.

Driver, James G. Primarily hiring of as Director of Student Activities.

Edmunds, Harry N. Correspondence re: financial matters at USC.

Ellison, George B. Letter re: Melton's speech.

Euphradian Literary Society. Letter re: repairs to the Hall.


Babcock, Havilah. Associate Prof. of English. Hiring of.

Baker, Leonard. Dean of the University. Reports.

Ball, Thomas F. Physics Professor. Hiring of.

Bradley, F.W. Includes correspondence on loan fund.

Brode, Malcolm. Associate Professor of Zoology. Hiring of.

Burney, W.B. Professor of Chemistry. Term reports.

Calcott, W.H. Professor of History. Leave of absence.

Campbell, A.L. Adjunct Professor of Business Administration. Hiring of.

Carpenter, L.L. Correspondence with Prof. Carpenter while in school at Yale.

Carson, A.C. Includes correspondence on repairs and athletic field.

Clark, Burton. Assoc. Professor of Geology. Primarily hiring of.

Clarke, John A. Acting Asso. Prof. of Teutonic Languages. Hiring of.

Cobb, Roy. Instructor, Mathematics. Hiring of.

Coker, E.C. Includes hiring of and work as Chairman of Committee on Buildings and Grounds.

Coleman, J.B. Primarily re: geometry.

Copenhaver, J.E. Associate Professor of Chemistry. Hiring of.

Corrington, J.D. Includes leave of absence and duties.

Crow, Orin F. Hiring of.

Crowley, Irving W. Hiring of.

Currell, Dean W.S. Graduate School. Correspondence re: illness.

Box 4 (1923-26)

Faculty continued...

Dabbs, James McBride. Professor. Primarily his leaving USC for Coker College.

Davis, Harry C.D. Professor. Correspondence re: students.

Dean and Registrar. Report of 1924-25.

Derbyshire, Rev. A.J. University Chaplain. Includes student petition to keep him at USC.

Derrick, S.M. Professor of Rural Sociology. Includes information on county surveys.

Dillard, Irene. Dean of Women. Primarily hiring of. Includes The Quarterly Bulletin, Vol.1 No.1.

Edmunds, Dr. S.H. Primarily re: speaking engagements at Sumter.

Exchange Professors. Appointments of faculty to exchange program.

Ferrell, Clyde M. Assoc. Prof. of History. Hiring of.

Frierson, Nelson J. Includes correspondence on law library and late grade reports.

Gary, Frank B. Instructor, Mathematics. Hiring of.

General Files. Miscellaneous correspondence.

Green, E.L. Correspondence includes courses taught and scholarships.

Hankins, J.E. English instructor. Biographical information.

Heyward, Katherine. Assoc. Prof. of Fine Arts. Hiring of.

Hodges, Benjamin. Law Prof. Hiring of.

Hooker, T.J. English Instructor. Recommendations for hiring.

Karesh, Coleman. Letter of resignation.

Keith, Oscar. Prof. Modern Languages. Correspondence re: department activities, including summer school in France.

Kilpatrick, Emmett. Assoc. Prof. Romance Languages. Hiring of.

Lipscomb, Prof. G.F. Includes letter on atmospheric science.

McCall, J.V. Instructor, Romance Languages. Hiring of.

McCrae, M.L. Adjunct Prof. of Law. Hiring of.

McCutchen, George. Professor of Economics. Term reports.

Matteson, Maurice. Correspondence re: music classes.

Merriweather, Prof. R.L. Includes correspondence re: teaching loads.

Miller, Prof. Raymond B. Asso. Prof. of Economics. Includes convention information and resignation.

Moore, Prof. A.C. Correspondence on various topics, including overdue reports and student assistants.

Morse, Dr. Josiah. Correspondence includes committee lists.

Motley, Dr. T.J. Dean of Pharmacy School. Primarily hiring of.

Murchinson, Hugh. University Chaplin. Hiring of.

Norwood, Prof. J.E. Asso. Prof. of English. Primarily hiring of.

Olson, George. Dean, School of Commerce. Includes correspondence on canteen and student organizations.

Pomfret, J.E. Asso. Prof. of History. Hiring of.

Rau, William. Asso. Prof. of Geology. Hiring of and resignation of.

Rowe, Walter. Professor of Engineering. Term reports.

Schayer, Isadore. Professor of Hygiene. Term reports.

Shufeldt, Frank. Asso. Prof. of Romance Languages. Hiring of.

Smith, Helen. Associate Professor of Physical Education. Correspondence and term reports.

Snowden, Yates. Professor of History. Term reports.

Spain, Thomas H. Prof. of Law. Correspondence re: termination of due to age.

Taber, Stephen. Professor of Geology. Term reports.

Van Meter, J.O. Instructor, Physical Education. Correspondence and term reports.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Professor of Education. Term reports.

Wauchope, George. Printing request.

Williams, G. Croft. Professor of Sociology. Term reports.

Flenniken, W.H. Personal correspondence re: loan made by Melton.

Flora, A.C. Personal correspondence.

Fulp, J.D. State High School Inspector. Primarily personal correspondence.

Furman, Dr. Richard. Letter requesting donation of the McDonald Furman Library.

Box 5 (1923-26)

Gamecock. Includes article by Melton written for the Gamecock.

Garnet and Black. Mailing lists and other correspondence.

Gibbes, Hunter A. Includes football fame and legal advice.

Goddard, Mrs. Floride. Application for Matron position.

Graham Library. Possible acquisition of.

Gross, Senator H.H. Suggestions for amendments to appropriations bill.

Guignard, Dr. Jane Bruce. Letter re: compensation for monitoring exams.

Hagood, B.A. Primarily personal correspondence.

Haile, Mrs. Benjamin A. Correspondence re: Mrs. Haile's claim to husband's salary.

Hamer, Tom C. Primarily personal correspondence.

Hand, W.H. Correspondence re: high schools.

Hazing. Correspondence with parents re: hazing.

Hentz, Lois. Extension Department. Hiring of.

Herbert, R. Beverly. Personal correspondence.

Heyward, Dr. N.B. Infirmary. Includes correspondence on teaching assignments.

High School Conference. Arrangements for conference held at USC.

High School Week 1924. Plans for.

High School Week 1925. Plans for.

High School Week 1926. Plans for.

Hollis, L.P. Primarily correspondence re: alumni and athletics.

Homes, Mrs. M. Goode. Correspondence re: husband's back pay owed.

Honor Club. Election of new members.

Honorary Degrees 1924. Correspondence re: nominations for and awarding of honorary degrees.

Honorary Degrees 1925. Correspondence re: nominations for and awarding of honorary degrees.

Hope, James H. State Superintendent of Education. Correspondence on various topics including commencement and athletics.

Hope, Robert M. Alumni Secretary. Correspondence re: recruiting trip for student athletics.

Hughes, J. Gordon. Correspondence including commencement and appropriations.

Infirmary. Correspondence including doctor's vacancy.

Invitations. Invitations to commencements and inaugurations.

Jacobson and Brooks.
Inquiry as to political influences on USC.

John and Ollier Engraving Co. Legal actions by company over debt owed by Garnet and Black.

Kennedy, R.M. University Librarian. Correspondence and reports re: library acquisitions, activities, etc.

Kohn, August. Includes letter re: Kohn's failure to be reelected on Board of Trustees.

Latimer, Mrs. S.L. Correspondence re: Stewards Hall.

Law School Library. Includes report on status of law library.

Lectures 1923-24. Arrangements for lecturers to speak at USC.

Lectures 1924-25. Arrangements for lecturers to speak at USC.

Lectures 1925-26. Arrangements for lecturers to speak at USC.

Letters of Sympathy. Expressions of sympathy from other schools on Melton's death.

Librarian, Assistant. Job offer to Alicia Davidge.

Lightfoot, Dr. E.M. Correspondence re: needy students and anti-saloon league.

Madden, A.S. Infirmary Matron. Term reports.

Magoffin, Kate H. Manning. Letter re: being a "demoralizing influence" while at USC.

Manning, Gov. Richard. Correspondence re: various topics including transfer of Clemson students after "strike."

McDow, Hon. Thomas F. Primarily. Donation of bust of Chancellor Harper.

McLeod, Governor Thomas H. Includes correspondence on athletics, employees, commencement.

McKissick, A.F. Correspondence topics include football and scholarships.

McKissick, J. Rion. Correspondence on various topics including election as trustee.

Melton, Netta (Mrs. W.D.) Correspondence re: SC Federation of Women's Clubs.

Metzger, Sol. Letter re: telegram charges.

Middleton, Mrs. M.E. Matron of Women's Building. Primarily hiring of and reports.

Miscellaneous. Misc. correspondence and reports, including information on denominations of students.

Moon, Nannie. Term reports on Post Office.

Murchinson, Dr. Hugh R. University Chaplain. Hiring of.

Orangeburg County Fair. Includes correspondence on Carolina-Citadel game at the fair.

Owen, Chandler. Includes eye-witness account of his death.

Box 6 (1923-26)

Parkinson, B.L. Primarily personal.

Petigru Portrait. Correspondence re: loan of portrait.

Physical Plant:

Baldwin, George. Landscape Architect. Estimates and sketches re: landscaping at USC.

Board of Trustees, Building Committee. Correspondence re: plans for new classroom building.

Buildings, Naming of. Named for Wardlaw and Burney.

Coal 1924. Correspondence re: orders and contracts.

Coal 1925. Correspondence re: orders and contracts.

Coal 1926. Correspondence re: orders and contracts.

Coker Memorial/Hanahan Telescope. Plans for observatory in Davis College.

Coleman, Mayor W.A. Correspondence re: street repairs around USC.

Davis College, Repairs to. Correspondence re: fire and repairs.

Dormitory Equipment. Purchase of equipment.

Electric Lighting for Campus Walls. Estimate and sketch.

Electrician. Letter re: lamp contract.

Fire Escapes. Contract for adding fire escapes.

Gymnasium. Correspondence re: equipment and instructor.

Heating Plant. Enlargement of heating plant and improvements to buildings.

Hygiene and Sanitation (Dr. Isadore Schayer). Includes report from Surgeon General and student health forms.

Infirmary, Repairs. Bids for repairs.

Inventory 1925. Inventory of USC property, including blueprint of USC and adjoining properties.

Johnson, J.Carroll. Correspondence with architect re: additions and repairs, including blueprint for athletic field.

LaFaye, George. Complaint on work done to Davis-McCutchen residence.

McCutchen, Lilla (Mrs. George). Correspondence re: repairs to residence.

Melton Hall. Complaints about conditions. Melton Memorial Fountain, Clariosophic Society. Plans for memorial.

Old Dominion Coal Corp. Correspondence re: lawsuit between USC and the company.

Permanent Improvements. Bids and estimates of repairs and improvements to campus.

Repairs. Bids. Bids submitted on various buildings, including gymnasium, iron fences, and faculty residences.

Repairs. Paving and Curbing. Estimate.

Repairs. Requests for Repairs.

Room Fees. Student petition for rebate in room fees in Thornwell.

Sanitation. Reports by faculty on sanitary conditions at USC.

State Treasurer. Letter re: contracts on building repairs.

Women's Building. Correspondence on construction, including progress reports and diagrams.

Women's Building. Applications. Correspondence on salary of Dean of Women.

Women's Building. Bids and contracts for construction of.

Women's Building. Grading. Correspondence and contract for grading construction site.

Women's Building. Heating. Correspondence re: heating system.

Women's Building. Rudolph Lee. Architect. 1923. Correspondence with Lee re: designs and construction.

Women's Building. Rudolph Lee. Architect. 1924-25. Correspondence with Lee re: designs and construction.

Woodrow. Bids, contract and correspondence re: repairs.

Box 7 (1923-26)

Post Office. Correspondence re: controversy over contract with Post Office and poor service on campus.

President's Report Dec. 1923. Copy of report.

President's Report June 1924. Statistical information for report.

Professors' Retirements. Correspondence re: faculty retirement plans.

Salary, Roll. Information on salaries at USC.


Calhoun Medal. Correspondence re: essay competition.

Dreher, E.S. Includes letter against commercialization of scholarships.

Elks Lodge of Union Scholarship. Awarding of.

Fant, Roy J. Includes information on Rotary Club scholarship.

Free Tuition. Inquiries into receiving free tuition.

Homes Memorial Medal. Establishment of.

Honor Club Medal. Includes requirements for winning.

Kiwanis Club Scholarship, 1923-24. Correspondence re: donations to, awarding of and list of scholarships.

Kiwanis Club Scholarship, 1924-25. Ibid.

Lee County Scholarship. Establishment of.

Medals, Scholarships, and Prizes. Miscellaneous awards.

Refo Scholarship. Awarding of.

Roddey Medal. Contributions to and awarding of.

Scholarship Donations. Correspondence thanking individuals and companies for donations.

School of Commerce Medal. Creation of.

UDC Scholarship. Awarding of.

Self, M.B. Correspondence re: transfer of Clemson student who participated in the walkout.

Southern Postcard Company. Correspondence re: having postcards made of USC.

Speaking Engagements 1923-24. Invitations, acceptances, declinations.

Speaking Engagements 1924-25. Invitations, acceptances, declinations.

Student Activities, Director of. Establishment of the position.

Student Self-Support. Correspondence re: students looking for work.

Washington's Birthday, 1924. Letter complimenting USC on participation in the Chester celebration.

Wheeler, W.J. Correspondence and hearing transcripts re: Wheeler, law student and football player, accused of cheating on exams.

White, M.E. Term reports on women's cafeteria.

Wolfe, Samuel. Attorney General. Correspondence re: exempting holders of normal scholarships who served in WWI from repayment of notes.

YMCA. Reports on status and activities.

YWCA. Correspondence re: financial reports and legal matters.

Box 8 (1923-26)

Primarily miscellaneous drafts of speeches: handwritten, typed, and published versions.

Newspaper clippings on or by Melton.

Personal correspondence.

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