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William D. Melton


Note: There may be some overlap with the Melton series 1923-24 through 1925-26.

BOX 1 (1922-23)

Abney Library. Correspondence re: obtaining Abney Library for USC.


Bible Courses. Inquiries on vacancy and department's funding.

Biology. Request for more room and teaching assistance.

Chemistry Associate Professorship. Efforts to fill vacancy.

Civil Engineering Professorship. Efforts to fill vacancy and laboratory equipment.

Economics. Inquiries on vacancy.

Exchange Lectures. Correspondence with other universities on exchange lecture program.

Extension Department. Correspondence re: finances, restructuring, personnel.

Graduate School. Information on establishment of.

Hygiene Department. Correspondence and report on teaching of hygiene.

Journalism. Establishment of school of journalism at USC.

Law School. Correspondence with Dean Frierson re: grades.

Modern Languages. Correspondence on finances and efforts to fill vacancy.

Rural Social Science. Includes Gee's resignation and Derrick's application.

Summer School. Includes plans for 1923 summer school and reports.

Summer School of Physical Education: Report on 1922 summer school.

Transportation Course. Discussion in offering course.

University Seminary Course. Information on the course.

Adult School. Correspondence re: speech by Melton.

Advertising. Correspondence re: placement of ads and text for ads.

Advertising Bulletin Board. Correspondence re: operation of bulletin board.

Agent for New Students. Application.

Armistice Address. Notes for speech.


Athletic Advisory Board. Brockington's resignation, correspondence re: scheduling games, rules, contracts.

Athletics, State Fair. Preparations for Carolina-Clemson game.

Brockington, Heyward. Graduate manager and freshmen coach. Primarily expenses and recruiting efforts.

Columbia Baseball Club. Contract between USC and Club on use of athletic field.

Holland, W.T. Recruiting trip around SC for students, especially those who play football.

Hope, R.M. Recruiting trip around SC.

South Carolina Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Correspondence re: USC's withdrawal.

Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Annual convention.

Atkinson, C.A. Correspondence re: will of an alumnus.

Band. Includes correspondence on band instructor position and instruments.

Barber, William A. Correspondence re: bound issues of NY Times.

Bellringer. Applications.

Belser, Irvine. Donation of Petigru book to USC.

Board of Trustees. Correspondence re: various matters, including breakage fee and radio station.

Board of Trustees Report for 1922.
Report on budget allocations.

Budget for 1923.
Correspondence with departments re: budgetary needs for 1923. Includes charts/lists of budgets and items disallowed.

Canteen and Post Office
. Applications for jobs.

Clemson University. Correspondence with Clemson president re: sports, conferences and speakers.

Coker College
. Correspondence with Coker president re: speakers.

Coker, David. R.
Correspondence with Coker on various topics including alumni fund and speech before Kosmos Club.

Coleman, Mayor W.A.
Correspondence re: appropriations.

Commencement 1923.
Primarily correspondence with Bishop W.N. Ainsworth on giving baccalaureate sermon.

Commencement Alumni Meeting.
Correspondence re: alumni day.

Box 2 (1922-23)


Alumni Association. Correspondence re: meetings and loan fund.

Alumni Insurance Plan. Suggestions for insurance plan.

Alumni Loan Fund. Form letters for soliciting contributions and awarding loans.

American Bar Association. Correspondence and questionnaire for admission of Law School to ABA.

American Council on Education. Registration information.

Anti-Saloon League. Correspondence with Superintendent Lightfoot.

Association of the Blind. Convention to be held at USC.

Association of South Carolina Colleges. Correspondence from Wofford's President Snyder.

Audubon Societies National Association. Promotion to increase nature studies in schools.

Blue Ridge Conference. Publicity information and booklet.

Boy Scouts. Invitations to attend Boy Scout functions.

Carnegie Foundation. Correspondence re: retirement funds.

Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence on various topics, including State Fair.

Child Health Association. Arrangement of meeting on health scholarships.

Citizen Educational Association. Campaign against illiteracy.

Co-ed Association. Letters thanking Melton for efforts to get Women's Building.

Commercial Education Conference. Announcement of and invitation to conference.

Employment Bureau, U.S. Appeal for support.

Entomological Bureau. USC decision not to renew lease.

Faculty Committee. List of standing committees and order of business.

General Education Board. Primarily re: expenses of J.A. Stoddard, Prof. of Secondary Education.

Girl Scouts. Information on training course at USC for G.S. leaders.

Library Commission. Efforts to establish commission.

Methodist Board of Education. Correspondence re: religious education in state- supported schools.

Orangeburg County Fair Association. Correspondence re: Carolina-Citadel game at Orangeburg Fair.

Phi Beta Kappa. Efforts to establish chapter at USC.

Road Institute, 1923. Arrangements for the institute, held by Engineering Dept.

Salvation Army. Melton's involvement in fund drive.

Teacher's Insurance and Annuity Association. Correspondence re: retirement funds.

YMCA, International Committee. Membership information and correspondence.

YMCA State Committee. Correspondence includes donations, convention, dorm equipment.

YMCA, USC. Includes inventories, repairs, quarterly report.

YWCA. Furnishings for YWCA room on campus and contributions.

County Clubs. List of county clubs and officers.

Crum, Mason.
Religious education at Columbia College.

Debating Council. Judges for debating council.

Declamations, Suggestions for. List of debate topics.

Dial, Senator N.B. Correspondence re: legislation.

Douglas, D.M. Presbyterian College. Correspondence re: visit by Billy Sunday.

Education Week. Invitations, purpose of event, program.

Entertainment. Correspondence re: scheduling of entertainment on campus.


Babcock, Havilah. Letter describing humorous incidents with Babcock.

Baker, Dean L.T. Primarily personal matters.

Callcott, W.H. Hiring of Callcott.

Carson, A.C. Correspondence re: radio program, coal and batteries for Physics Dept.

Coleman, Professor J. Bruce. Correspondence re: students and salary.

Corrington, J.D. Re: grades.

Currell, W.S. Correspondence re: personnel and graduate school.

General. Includes memos issued to all faculty.

Morse, Josiah. Congratulatory letters to Melton.

Olsen, George E. topics include academics and finances.

Reports. Reports on various departments, including Extension, Summer School, medical exam of student body.

Schayer, Isadore. Student's grades.

Sloan, Major Benjamin. Faculty resolution on his death.

Smith, P.K. Resignation.

Smith, Reed. Primarily concerns affairs of the Extension Dept.

Snowden, Yates. Correspondence re: student grades and State Fair.

Taber, Stephen. Correspondence on obtaining meteorite fragments.

Teeple, P.M. Students assistants and committees.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Correspondence and copy of speech on religion at USC.

Wauchope, George A. Primarily re: teaching assignments.

Fellowships. Correspondence from other colleges responding to fellowships establishment.

Founders Day 1923.
Arrangements, primarily with speaker J.J. McSwain and company producing bronze tablet for alumni killed in WWI.

Founders Day Bulletin 1923.
Copies of Founders Day speeches and plans to publish them.

Correspondence with fraternities re: ban at USC.

Box 3 (1922-23)

The Gamecock. Paper by Melton published in Gamecock--"The University and Some of Its Offerings."

Garnet and Black.
Correspondence with engraving company and lawyers re: debt owed by Garnet and Black.

General Correspondence.
Includes note from Calvin Coolidge.

Ginn & Co.
Inquiry into acquiring photo of USC for publication.

Glee Club.
Information and rules on intercollegiate glee club contest.

Governor's Office.
Correspondence with Governors Harvey and McLeod re: conferences, meetings, appropriations.

Hagood, B.A.
Correspondence with Melton on appropriations.

Hardin, A. Tracey.
Correspondence re: settlement of estate.

Harper Portrait.
Efforts to acquire portrait.

Correspondence re: burning of freshmen caps.

High School Week.
Program and information on events.

Honorary Degrees.
Conferring of honorary degrees.

Hope, J.H.
State Superintendent of Education. Efforts to have Hope speak at USC.

Hughes, J. Gordon.
Correspondence re: alumni and scholarships.

Hypatian Society.
Gift of picture from Melton to the society.

Kershaw County Bulletin.
Correspondence re: bulletin issued by USC on Kershaw County.

Lectures and Entertainment.
Possible arrangements of lectures, concerts, etc.

Macfarlane, Robert.
Donation of books to USC.

Metzger, Sol.
Primarily correspondence on football program.

Oratorical Contest.
Results of contest.

Pearce, Tom B.
Correspondence re: efforts to discredit USC.

Physical Plant:

C.H. Arndt Electrical Company. Correspondence re: incorrect bill.

Boiler Inspections. Correspondence.

Cantey, J.M. Correspondence re: Marshal's Office, including theft and inspection of buildings.

Coal, 1922. Orders for coal.

Coal, 1923. Orders for coal.

Furniture for Dormitories. Re: order.

Gymnasium Repairs and Equipment. Includes contract on repairs.

Harper Repairs. Contract for repairs.

Infirmary Repairs. List of repairs.

Landscape Architects. Correspondence with Wilkinson and Wilkinson Lanscape Architects on improving USC grounds.

Library Repairs. Contract for repairs.

Old Dominion Coal Corp. Correspondence re: coal orders and contracts.

Pearce, Woods & Co. Purchase by Mrs. Latimer for Steward's Hall.

Perry Mann Electric Co. Correspondence and contracts.

President's House Remodeling. List of repairs and estimated costs.

Refrigerating Plant. Correspondence.

Repairs and Equipment requested. Correspondence re: repairs to various buildings including

Steward's Hall, Flinn Hall and Davis College.

Room Chart. Dorm room assignments.

State Highway Testing Laboratory. Correspondence and bids.

Women's Building, Competition for Plans. Correspondence re: submissions for building plans.

Women's Building, General. Correspondence re: efforts to get appropriations for building women's dorm.

Women's Building, Materials. Correspondence re: materials for building.

Woodrow College. Proposals for additions.

Publicity. News releases.

Purchasing Agent. Efforts to stop passage of bill establishing purchasing agent.

Box 4 (1922-23)

Radio Station. Correspondence re: intentions to build radio station at USC.

Rogers, R.S.
Correspondence re: appropriations.


Civic League Scholarship. Inquiry to background of scholarship.

Daughters of 1812 Medal. Correspondence re: awarding of medal.

Elks Scholarship. Plans for establishment of.

Focus Club Scholarship. Search for recipient.

General. Inquiries from potential students.

Gibbes, Robert W., Prizes. Establishment of prizes.

Hardin Scholarship. Application and recommendations.

Honor Club. Plans for awarding of medals.

Keitt Scholarship. Awarding of scholarship for 1922-23.

Kiwanis Scholarship. Applications and information on funding.

Normal Scholarships. List of normal scholarships recipients, 1922, and correspondence re: small number of state scholarships at USC.

Reynolds, John Schreiner, Medal. Establishment of medal.

Roddey Medal. Contributions.

UDC Scholarship. Awarding of scholarship.

"Social South Carolina" Exhibit at Teachers Association. Announcement of exhibit.

Speaking Engagements. Invitations, declinations, acceptances for Melton to speak at various events.

State Fair. Melton's involvement in preparations and ticket sales.

The State, University Edition 1. Correspondence re: special edition of The State newspaper on USC and copies of articles written for the edition.

The State, University Edition 2. Copy of special edition.

Statistics. Correspondence and lists re: statistics of the University on students, expenses, etc.

Student Assistants. Information on assistants and salaries.

Student Organizations. Report to Melton from Dean Olsen.

Student Self Support. Correspondence re: helping students work their way through college and list of businesses participating with USC.

Sullivan, James H. Correspondence on alumni meeting.

Swearingen, J.E. Correspondence with Melton re: suggestions for improving USC.

Tax Commission Work. Jobs available at the Tax Commission for students.

Tech Marionettes.
Invitation to perform.

Treasurer's Records. Monthly reports.

University Press. Correspondence with E.L.Green re: debt.

Who's Who in America. Biographical information on Melton for the publication.

Williams, David R. Donation to USC.

Winthrop College. Includes list of differences between courses at USC and Winthrop.

Wylie, Dr. Gill. Donation of Medical Library to USC.
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