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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1943-44)

Advertising Policy. Correspondence re: placing ads.


Alumni Association. Correspondence includes letters from alumni at war, reminiscing about USC.

American Council on Education. Primarily newsletters and minutes.

Columbia Art Association. Correspondence re: plans for Art Museum.

Coordinating Educational Council of SC. Includes proposed legislative program.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence and reports re: activities and annual meeting.

SC College Presidents Association. Reviving the Association.

SC Educational Association. Letters re: legislation.

SC Historical Association. Letter canceling annual meeting.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Primarily newsletters.

Southern Conference. Correspondence re: meeting on eligibility rule.

Southern University Conference. Primarily reports from conference meetings.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association. Letters to faculty members re: benefits.

Athletic Bonds. Financial statements.

BAM Club. Letter suggesting report to former members.

Board of Trustees. Includes board membership, meetings, budget, war programs.

Board of Trustees, Committees. Correspondence re: committee meetings.

Bond Retirement. Correspondence re: athletic bonds and Bond Retirement Act.

Books, Periodicals, Etc. Acquisitions and subscriptions.

Budget. Reports and financial statements.

Buildings and Grounds:

Arboretum. Correspondence re: damage.

Armory. Financial statements.

Building Program. Includes status reports on WPA projects.

Chapel. Correspondence re: proposed new chapel.

General. Includes dorm space, office space, parking, repairs, inspections.

Infirmary. Correspondence re: efforts to construct new one.

Stadium. Re: finances.

Steward's Hall Addition. Letter re: plans for.

Tennis Courts. Progress of construction.

Calendar. Correspondence re: Christmas and Jewish holidays, scheduling of exams and commencement.

Class Schedule. Memo re: changes.

Commencement. Arrangements for.

Curriculum and Summer Term, 1943. Assignment and dropping of courses.

BOX 2 (1943-44)

Departments and Schools:

Ancient Languages. Correspondence re: class enrollment.

Bible. Correspondence re: conference.

Biology. Correspondence re: faculty and new hires.

Cafeterias. Correspondence re: problems with.

Chemistry. Includes correspondence on faculty and coursework.

Commerce, School of. Includes correspondence on promotion, V-12 students.

Departmental Reports, Summer 1943, Preliminary.

Departmental Reports, Summer 1943, Final.

Departmental Reports, Fall 1943.

Departmental Reports, Spring 1944.

Duplicating Office. Copies of memos and announcements, including McKissick speeches.

Education, School of. Correspondence includes faculty, conference, workshop.

Engineering, School of. Includes correspondence on faculty, equipment, report on program changes.

English. Correspondence re: faculty.

Extension. Correspondence includes activities, staff, courseloads, salaries.

Fine Arts. Primarily correspondence re: transfer of department to Wauchope house.

General. Primarily notices of departmental appropriations.

Geology. Hiring of assistant to Dr. Taber.

Graduate School. Correspondence includes Reed Smith's death, future of Graduate program.

History. Reappointment of instructor, Dean Childs and courseload.

Hygiene. Letter re: arranging schedule.

Information Service. Staff opening.

Journalism, School of. Inquiries into coursework, students.

Law School. Correspondence re: enrollment, finances, admissions, report on status.

Library. Primarily acquisitions.

Mathematics. Primarily re: faculty, V-12 program.

Modern Languages. Recommendation for former student.

Music. Primarily re: faculty and salaries.

BOX 3 (1943-44)

Naval ROTC. Includes change in commanding officer.

Nursing, School of. Correspondence re: establishment of.

Personnel Bureau. Correspondence re: finances, Committee on Freshman Orientation.

Pharmacy, School of. Includes letter re: status during war.

Physical Education. Correspondence includes new hire, intra-mural sports, finances.

Physics. Correspondence re: faculty and student assistant.

Political Science. Letter re: department's organization and enrollment.

Psychology and Philosophy. Faculty.

Social Work, School of. Includes statement of coursework offered for 1944.

Sociology. Correspondence re: faculty and guest lecturers.

South Caroliniana Library. Primarily acquisitions and budget.

Student Health Service. Primarily re: staff.

Summer School 1943. Correspondence and report on 1943 session, correspondence and
suggestions for 1944 session.

Swimming Pool. Correspondence re: committee.

University News Service. Primarily news releases.

YMCA. Correspondence and reports on activities, staff.

YWCA. Letter re: new national student secretary.

Engagements. Correspondence re: acceptances/declinations of events/speaking engagements.

Enrollment. Correspondence re: civilian enrollment.

Examination Schedule. Correspondence re: regular and specially scheduled exams.


Absences. (Arranged by department) Reports of.


Advisory Committee to the President. Includes list of members, correspondence re: salaries and promotions.

Catalog. Primarily membership.

Coordination of Summer Sessions. Correspondence re:coordinating accelerated summer term and regular summer school.

Discipline. Primarily minutes of.

BOX 4 (1943-44)

Faculty Committee on Post War Plans. Letter re: role of, membership.

Faculty Committee on University Instructional Policy. Correspondence includes teaching load, class size, salaries, outside work.

Faculty Scholarships Committee. Includes inquiry into duties of committee.

Faculty Standing Committees. Includes list of.

General. Includes report of the Faculty Committee on Committees.

Graduate. Includes letter re: future of the program.

Orientation. Appointments to.

Ph.D. Committee. Primarily membership.

Faculty Communication from President. Memos on various topics.

Increases and Promotions. Correspondence and recommendations for faculty raises and promotions.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for, primarily due to war duty.

Meetings. Includes statements and reports given at faculty meetings.

Outside Work. Includes policy regarding, and statements from faculty.Personnel:

Babcock, Havilah. Prof. of English. Correspondence re: vitamins and Winthrop president.

Bauer, W. W. Prof. of Engineering. Inquiry into why he left USC.

Bell, R. G. YMCA Executive Secretary. Letter re: his work and salary.

Bradley, F. W. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences. Primarily re: committees.

Branscomb, Lewis C. Librarian. Letter re: article.

Callcott, W. H. Acting Registrar. Correspondence includes admissions and diplomas.

Cannon, Furman. Acting Director of Athletics. Letter of thanks.

Chase, J. A. Dean of Administration. Correspondence includes faculty & staff, causes, war work, finances.

Childs, Arney R. Dean of Women. Includes faculty, YMCA work, semi annual report.

Clark, Harry. Extension Professor of Education and Lecturer. Correspondence and reports on his speaking engagements for Extension Division.

Coker, E. C. Prof. of Astronomy and Mathematics. Correspondence and reports on perception that Coker was forced to retire.

Davis, H. C. Prof. of English Language and Rhetoric. Letter re: meetings and exams.

Derrick, S. M. Prof. of Economics. Includes letter re: returning to USC.

General. Includes lists of faculty & staff and changes in.

Green, E. L. Prof. of Ancient Languages. Correspondence re: employment status.

Grubb, Gerald C. Adjunct Prof. of English. Complimentary letter.

Hentz, Lois. Correspondence re: employment status.

Kelly, O. F. Acting Marshal & Supt. of Buildings and Grounds. Letters re: draft status and jury duty.

Morse, Josiah. Prof. of Psychology and Philosophy. Personal.

Motley, E. T. Prof. of Pharmacy. Personal.

Needham, Captain R. C. Commandant and Prof. of Naval Science and Tactics. Includes resolution of thanks from Board of Trustees.

Riley, Kathleen. Acting Prof. of Hygiene. Resignation.

Smith, Ellison. Prof. of Elementary Education. Includes letter re: Naval Flight Preparatory School.

Smith, Reed. Prof. of English. Re: death.

Stoddard, J. A. Prof. of Secondary English. Correspondence re: committee.

Stradley, J. T. Assistant, Buildings and Grounds. Hiring of.

Sumwalt, R. L. Dean of Engineering. Includes Naval personnel and book.

Swecker, Celia P. Cafeteria Director and Dietitian. Correspondence re: employment and enlistment in Army.

Taber, Stephen. Prof. of Geology and Mineralogy. Correspondence re: courseload and work as State Geologist.

Ward, W. H. Extension Director. Letter re: Extension Dept.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Dean Emeritus, School of Education. Personal letter.

Waterfall, C. H. Asso. Prof. of Economics. Consideration for another job.

Wheeler, Mary P. Asso. Prof. of Social Work. Letter re: work with War Loan campaign.

BOX 5 (1943-44)

Retirement Plan. Correspondence re: development of.

Salary Scale. Correspondence re: increased teaching loads and requests for salary adjustments.

Teaching Load. Correspondence and reports re: increased teaching loads due to war and accelerated program.

Vacation Policy. Letter re: librarians' vacations.

Fees. Primarily correspondence and statements re: collection and disbursement of.

Fellowships and Scholarships. Correspondence re: availability and awarding of.

Financial Statements. Receipts and disbursements.

Flags and Flagpoles. Need for flagraiser.

. Correspondence includes whether to have a team this year, coaches, games.

Fort Jackson. Problems with soldiers and peeping Toms at women's dorms.

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence includes meeting rooms on campus, rush week, frat houses.

Headquarters XII Army Corps. Letter re: lease.

High School Week. Thank you note.

Home Economics Course. Possibility of.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: nominees.

Insurance. List of policies.


Lectures and Lecturers.
Primarily correspondence with National Conference of Christians and Jews.

McKissick, J. Rion, 1943
. Primarily personal.

McKissick, J. Rion, 1944. Primarily personal.

Copies of, on various topics.

BOX 6 (1943-44)

National Beta Club. Correspondence re: McKissick picture for publication.

National Defense:

Alien Enemy Hearing Board. Correspondence, reports, testimony on cases against suspected foreign enemies of U.S.

Aviation Cadet Selection Board. Correspondence re: cadet applicants.

CAA War Training Service. Correspondence includes finances, Navy's withdrawal from program.

Chase, J. A. Coordinator, Naval Training Program. Correspondence and reports, including students, equipment, supplies.

Deferment of Service. Correspondence re: requests for draft deferrals for faculty.

Engineering, Science and Management, War Training. Includes reports on finances, program, annual meeting.

Gasoline Rationing Board. Correspondence re: requests and policies on gas rationing.

Letters of Recommendation. For military or federal service.

National Defense Program. Includes correspondence on Home Front Pledge Campaign, training programs, veterans education.

Naval College Training Program, Selection Committee. McKissick's appointment to.

Naval College Training Program V-12. Correspondence includes finances, operation of program.

Naval Flight Preparatory School. Correspondence and reports re: operation of.

Naval ROTC. Letter re: training methods.

Post War Planning. Correspondence re: plans for assimilating soldiers back into society after war,
especially re: continuing education.

Rehabilitation Program. Correspondence re: vocational rehabilitation.

SC State War Fund Comm. Correspondence re: fund-raising for war relief and service organizations.

War Bond Program. Correspondence re: Bond Drive campaign.

War Manpower Commission. Personal note from S. M. Derrick.

Women's Army Corps. Correspondence re: recruitment at USC.

Newcomen Society of England. Includes roster of Georgia members.

NYA. Letters re: report and NYA property.

Office of Price Administration. Letter re: vacancies.

Orangeburg County Fair. Correspondence re: football game at fair.

BOX 7 (1943-44)

Post Office. Hiring of assistant, weekend hours.

Publicity. Includes script for promotional program on USC in the war.

Publicity, Athletic. Primarily news releases.

Registration Procedure. Information sheet.

Religious Education. Committee report from Louisiana State University.

Research Program. Offer from private company to fund research at USC.

Rural Electrification. Letter re: investigation.

Sabbatical Leave. Inquiry into policy.

South Carolina, State of:

Budget Commission. Includes long list of budget suggestions.

Legislature. Primarily correspondence re: University information in Legislative manual, legislation.

Library Association. Includes report of field representative; correspondence re: appropriations.

Municipal Association. Correspondence re: meeting.

Press Association. Correspondence includes meetings, awards, publications.

State Auditor. Letter re: audit.

State Fair. Correspondence re: College Day and contract with athletic department.

Tuberculosis Association. Copy of McKissick talk on Easter Seals.

Student Affairs:

Coed Association. Correspondence re: supper for General Assembly.

Gamecock. Primarily news releases.

Garnet and Black. Distribution of and parent inquiry about son's senior photo.

General. Primarily correspondence requesting Eddie Rickenbacker to speak at USC.

Student Activities Committee. Correspondence re: membership and May Queen crown.

Student Aid:

Baruch Loan Fund. Applications for and awarding of.

General. Inquiries into and information on availability of aid.

Rotary Club Fund. Establishment of.

Student Assistantships. Departmental requests for, assignment of student assistants.

Student War Loan Program. Funding of.

Students, Prospective. Primarily inquiries from students and parents re: attending USC.

Supplies and Equipment. Includes correspondence re: paper shortage.

Survey of Courses and Instructional Staff. Chart that includes faculty names, ranks, courseloads, salaries, enrollment.

Travel Accounts.
Requests for reimbursement and lists of expenses.

University Auxiliary. Thanks for reception.

University Council. Correspondence, meeting minutes, statements re: criticism of University administration, salaries and policies.

Vacation Policy. Correspondence re: employees' vacations, policies.

Veterans Administration. Correspondence re: possible Vocational Rehabilitation center.

War Memorial Fund. Letter re: memorial chapel.

Women's Christian Temperance Union. Correspondence re: visiting speaker.
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