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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1942-43)

Advertising Policy. Correspondence re: regulations against advertising.


Alumni Association. Correspondence re: meetings, activities, alumni in war service.

American Council on Education. Includes bulletins on war service opportunities, meeting minutes.

American Legion. Oratorical contest.

BAM Club. Includes financial statement.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence re: meetings.

Palmetto Weekly Press Association. Includes Frank Wardlaw's resignation from.

South Carolina Education Association. Arrangements for annual meeting.

South Carolina Library Association. Report “Public Library Progress in South Carolina.”

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: admissions.

Southern Conference. Correspondence re: Presbyterian College, strain on intercollegiate athletics during war.

Southern University Conference. Correspondence re: postponement of annual meeting due to war.

State A&M Association. Correspondence re: fans having to pay fair admission to go to Carolina- Clemson game.

Atkinson, Rev. George. Correspondence re: his desire to raise money for new USC chapel.

Attendance Regulations. Resolutions and revisions.

Board of Trustees. Primarily postponing meeting, budget, future of football program.

Board of Trustees, Committees. Primarily agenda of various committees.

Books, Periodicals, Etc. Correspondence re: purchases.

Building Program. News release re: cancellation of non-military construction.

Buildings and Grounds:

Cafeterias. Includes report of operations, changes due to war.

Flagpole. Letters re: maintenance of.

General. Correspondence re: repairs, leases.

Heating Plant. Correspondence re: boilers.

Infirmary, Enlargement of.

Insurance. Correspondence on whether University should carry policy for war damage insurance.

New Library. Letters re: repainting and dumbwaiter.

ROTC Armory. Correspondence re: construction of; includes financial reports.

Stadium. Includes correspondence on refinancing.

Tennis Courts. Correspondence re: construction.

By-Laws of University. Inquiries into.

Calendar. Copies of revised accelerated schedules.

Chapel Reservations. Correspondence re: who's in charge of.

Departmental Reports, 1st sem.

Departmental Reports, 2nd sem, Preliminary.

Departmental Reports, 2nd sem, Final.

BOX 2 (1942-43)

Departments and Schools:

Ancient Languages. Re: Latin classes.

Arboretum. Lawn care.

Athletics. Correspondence includes inquiry into using USC's stadium for Clemson-Boston game, financial problems.

Biology. Personnel matters.

Chemistry. New hire.

Duplicating Office. Copies of memos, including military and war information, University regulations.

Economics. New hire.

Education, School of. Includes new hires.

Engineering, School of. Correspondence includes new dean and a problem faculty member.

English. Correspondence includes retirement plans of Dr. Wauchope.

Extension. Correspondence re: Extension-sponsored activities.

Fine Arts. Correspondence re: sculpting and painting classes, Heyward's leave of absence.

General. Letters re: departmental appropriations.

Geology. Correspondence re: lab, outside employment.

Graduate School. Invitation for U. of NC president to visit.

History. Response to request for professor's release from Naval Flight Prep School.

Law School. Inquiries into admission, degree program, position opening.

Library. Correspondence re: acquisitions, elevator, employees.

Mathematics. Primarily hirings.

Modern Language. Efforts to fill faculty positions.

Music. Correspondence re: installation and care of organ, equipment, faculty.

Naval ROTC. Correspondence includes training, drills exhibitions, student eligibility.

Nursing, School. Agreement with Columbia Hospital.

Personnel Bureau. Includes reports on activities and enrollment prospects.

Pharmacy, School of. Includes inquiry into hiring student.

Physical Education. Correspondence re: Navy V-12 program.

Physical Education for Women. Primarily re: staff.

Political Science. Correspondence re: instructor.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: vacancy, promotions.

Sociology. Correspondence re: Red Cross and faculty.

Student Health Service. Primarily correspondence re: surgical consultant.

Summer School. Includes commencement, coursework, enrollment.

Swimming Pool. Correspondence re: faculty use of pool.

University Caroliniana Library. Acquisitions, collections, employees.

University Council. Meeting postponement.

University News Service. Primarily news releases.

YMCA. Includes reports on activities and war work.

YWCA. Finances, interracial meeting.

DeTreville, James. Statements re: his disturbance in the library.

BOX 3 (1942-43)


Absences. Correspondence re: faculty absent from classes.

Advisory Committee to the President. Includes recommendations on promotions and salary scale.

Increases and Promotions. Correspondence re: recommendations for faculty promotions and raises.

Insurance. Correspondence re: benefits.

Leaves of Absence. Correspondence re: faculty and staff leaves of absence for war work.

Meetings. Includes statements made by McKissick at faculty meetings.

Notices. Re: V-12 program.


Abel, Marguerite. Scheduling exams.

Bradley, F. W. Includes complimentary letter on his teaching methods.

Branscomb, Lewis C. Hiring of.

Callcott, W. H. Includes letter re: his book.

Chase, J. A. Correspondence re: students, registration, admissions, military training.

Childs, Arney R. Correspondence re: staff.

Clark, Harry. Includes report on activities as Extension Director.

Coker, E. C. Request for his services.

Coleman, J. Bruce. Response to his resignation.

Crawford, J. A. Correspondence re: difficulty with.

Davis, H. Willard. Letter re: raise.

Enright, Rex. Includes misbehavior of football player.

Fitzgerald, T. A. Correspondence re: promotions.

Garrett, Roy. Designation as purchasing agent.

General. Correspondence re: faculty on duty or still at USC.

Horne, E. P. Thanks for assistance.

Kelly, O. F. Continuation as Acting Marshall and Supt. of Buildings and Grounds.

Litman, Samuel. Class scheduling.

Marshall, May C. Letter re: time off.

McCall, S. C. Letters re: McKissick speech to freshmen, raise.

Morrison, R. W. Reappointment of.

Needham, R. C. Illness.

Smith, Ellison. Correspondence re: presidency of Winthrop.

Smith, Reed. Correspondence re: health.

Sumwalt, R. L. Includes correspondence on naval training programs.

Swecker, Celia P. Correspondence re: residence in Steward's Hall and taxes.

Taber, Stephen. Personal.

Taylor, W. Frank. Includes report as director of student activities.

Wardlaw, Frank H. Correspondence re: position openings.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Personal.

Waterfall, C. H. Inquiry from Red Cross.

Wauchope, George. Death of.

Wauchope, Robert. Letter re: collection.

Welbourne, F. F. University financial information.

Retirement Plan. Copy of.

Salary Scale. Correspondence re: salary scale and war's effect on.


Catalog. Includes calendar of events for catalog.

Chapel. Primarily membership of committee.

Discipline. Meeting minutes.

Faculty-Student. Includes composition of, orientation classes.

Freshman Orientation. Orientation classes.

Graduate. Meeting.

Library. Appointments to.

Scholastic Standing. Minutes.

Social Affairs and Social Organizations. Includes student drinking, fraternity houses.

Special Committees. Primarily appointments to, including scrap metal drive.

Standing Committees. Lists of.

Student Aid. Appointments to.

Summer School. Includes minutes.

Teaching Load. Increase of, due to war.

BOX 4 (1942-43)

Fees. Primarily deferred payment of, financial statement.

Financial Statement. On athletics, USC, and CAA War Training Service.

Football 1942. Correspondence includes ticket distribution, freshmen eligibility, war's effect on program.

Fort Jackson, SC. Correspondence re: difficulties with soldiers around women's dorm.

Fraternities and Sororities.
Correspondence re: housing and rushing.

Freshman Week.
Includes program.

Headquarters XII Army Corps 1st Army Corps.
Correspondence re: expiring lease and possible temporary building.

Honorary Degrees. Nominations for.

Income Tax. Information on proposed Victory Tax.


Lectures and Lecturers. Correspondence re: possible lectures to be given at USC.

Letters of Recommendation. For students and alumni trying to enter military or federal service.

Maxcy Portrait.
Correspondence re: purchase of Maxcy portrait and related photographs.

McKissick, J. Rion. Primarily personal correspondence.

Melton Portrait. Gift of portrait of former law professor.

Memoranda. Notes and memos on various topics.

BOX 5 (1942-43)

National Defense:

Alien Enemy Hearing Board. Correspondence and minutes re: cases before the Board and its recommendations.

Army Enlisted Reserve Corps. Memos, correspondence, and regulations.

Bell, R. G. Student Advisor. Correspondence re: his duties.

CAA War Training Service. Includes cadet housing and competitive drill.

Engineering Science and Management. Correspondence re: students who completed training, financial statements.

Food Rationing Program. Information on procedures.

Gasoline Rationing Program. Correspondence re: disabled professor's need for use of car.

Joint Army-Navy Personnel Board Representative. Appointment of.

National Defense Program. Correspondence re: University's wartime activities, including Navy and nursing shortage.

National Defense Program, Deferment. Correspondence re: efforts to get deferments for certain faculty members.

Naval Aviation Cadet Training Unit, 1942. Correspondence, reports, and financial statements.

Naval Aviation Cadet Training Unit, 1943. Correspondence, reports, and financial statements.

Naval Aviation Cadet Training Unit, Reports.

Naval Flight Preparatory School. Correspondence re: establishment of, financial statements, contract.

Navy College Training Program V-12. Correspondence includes regulations, teaching load, courses.

BOX 6 (1942-43)

Pappas, Harry J. Correspondence re: allowing illegal alien to attend USC.

Pilot Training Program. Correspondence, financial statements, background information.

Southeastern Aviation Education Program. Correspondence re: conference.

University Committee for National Defense. Correspondence re: USC war activities.

War Service Opportunities. Includes table of, for college students.

W.A.V.E.S. Correspondence re: efforts to get WAVE training program.

Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. Deans Childs appointed as faculty advisor.

Newcomen Society of England. Information and invitation to join.

Nicholson, Frances. Rape case.

Palmetto Boys State. Correspondence re: holding it at USC.

Primarily news releases.

Residence of Students. Correspondence re: how student is to be classified.

Scholarships and Fellowships:

General. Announcements of.

Harold V. Smith Educational Fund. Establishment of.

SC Press Association. Correspondence re: Winter Institute.

SC Legislature. Includes draft of report to General Session.

SC Rural Electrification Authority. Includes correspondence re: cold storage plant in Columbia.

State Auditor. Letter re: audit of USC.

State Board of Education.
Correspondence re: vacancy.

State Budget Commission. Correspondence and reports re: University budget requests.

Student Affairs:

Athletic Publicity. Primarily news releases about the football game. S.

Coed Association. Correspondence re: dinner held for General Assembly.

Gamecock. Submissions to.

Garnet and Black. Primarily distribution of.

Literary Society. Includes letter re: gift of Clariosophic portraits.

Student Activities Committee. Correspondence re: finances.

Student Union Board. Correspondence includes plan for campus recreation.

University Band. Possibility of allowing female students in band.

University Players. Letter re: tickets.

University Ring Committee. Recommendations of.

BOX 7 (1942-43)

Student Aid:

Baruch Fund. Awarding of.

Free Tuition. For children of veterans.

General. Correspondence with students and parents seeking financial aid.

Government Loans. Correspondence re: establishment of.

NYA. Correspondence re: appropriations and disbursements.

Student Assistantships. Awarding of.

Student Fees. Nonpayment of.

Student Flag Raiser.
Appointment of.

Students, Prospective.
Correspondence with parents and potential students re: admissions and financial aid.

Travel Accounts. Correspondence re: faculty travel expenses.

US Civil Service Commission. Letter re: recruiting at colleges.

US Naval Academy, Board of Visitors. McKissick's participation on.

US Student Assembly. Report on.

University Accelerated Program. Correspondence re: switch to accelerated program because of the war.

University Auxiliary. Notice of reception.

University Christian Mission. Arrangements for.

Primarily re: leasing places on campus.
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