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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1941-42)

Advertising Policy. Correspondence re: restrictions on USC advertising.

Alcohol, Permit to Handle. Copy of permit.

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes commencement, homecoming, military- related activities.

American Red Cross. Correspondence re: courses, fund drive.

Applications, Librarian. Correspondence re: Branscomb's application, later hired.


American Council on Education. Correspondence on dues and bulletin.

Municipal Association of SC. Letter re: program for after the war.

National Association of State Universities. Primarily correspondence on national meetings.

National Education Association. Correspondence on meeting location.

SC Association of Colleges. Correspondence re: meeting.

SC Education Association. Correspondence re: meeting.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes committee reports.

Southern University Conference. Conference arrangements.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association. Includes list of USC employees applying for.

Attendance Regulations. Correspondence re: changes in and copy of new ones.

BAM Club. Correspondence includes finances, ticket dispute, game reports from Athletic Director.

Board of Trustees. Correspondence with Board members re: regulations, rumors, students, buildings and grounds.

Board of Trustees, Agenda. Copies of from various committees.

Board of Trustees, Committees. Primarily re: meetings; includes recommendations of joint committees on finance, university activities, buildings and grounds.

Boards and Foundations:

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence re: attendance at commencement.

Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching. Correspondence on pensions.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation. Re: gift.

Books, Periodicals, Etc. Correspondence re: gifts and purchases.

Budget. Correspondence and reports re: appropriations and budget requests.

BOX 2 (1941-42)

Building Program:

Arboretum. Rental agreement.

General. Correspondence and reports re: projects underway and pending.

Heating Plant. Correspondence and contract re: installation of new boilers.

Infirmary Project. Correspondence re: status.

ROTC Armory. Correspondence re: efforts to obtain funding and plans for.

Stadium. Correspondence re: enlargement of.

Tennis Courts. Correspondence re: construction.

Buildings and Grounds:

General. Includes inspection sheets, miscellaneous repairs, student housing.

New Library Project. Completion of.

Students' Guests. Correspondence re: guest rooms in dorms.

Summer 1941-42. Correspondence re: students seeking to stay in dorms during summer.

Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Correspondence re: search for.

Use by Organizations. Correspondence on requests to use USC buildings.

Carnegie Music Set. Correspondence re: display of.

Catalog 1942. Correspondence on corrections and publication.

Chapel. Correspondence re: chapel programs and speakers.

College Salaries.
Federal report on.

Columbia, City of. Correspondence re: closing streets on campus and water and sewer charges.

Daylight Savings Time Schedule. Copy of Governor Maybank's proclamation.

Departments and Schools:

Athletics. Primarily re: budget.

Biology. Primarily re: filling positions opened by resignations.

Cafeterias. Includes efforts to find place to feed football team.

Chemistry. Includes correspondence on resignation, travel expenses.

Commerce, School of. Primarily hiring of part-time instructor.

Departmental Reports, 1st sem.

Departmental Reports, 2nd sem.

Duplicating Bureau. Copies of memos.

BOX 3 (1941-42)

Economics. Correspondence re: new instructor.

Education, School of. Correspondence includes salaries study, building space.

Engineering, School of. Includes correspondence on staff, military service for students.

English. Primarily faculty and wartime curricula.

Extension. Correspondence and reports re: Extension activities, including war related.

Fine Arts. Correspondence re: gift of print, leave of absence.

Geology. Letter from Taber re: meeting.

Graduate School. Includes reports, correspondence on graduate credit.

History. Correspondence re: night school.

Journalism, School of. Correspondence includes transfer student, student assistants.

Law School. Inquiry into admission, bar exam.

Library. Correspondence re: staff, finances, acquisitions, dedication of, presentation of portraits.

Mathematics. Includes new hire.

Modern Languages. Includes inquiry into German teacher for Ft. Jackson.

Music. Correspondence re: gift of pipe organ to University chapel.

Naval ROTC Unit. Correspondence and reports on unit's activities.

Personnel Bureau. Primarily re: staff.

Pharmacy, School of. Includes accreditation and student assistants.

Physical Education. Correspondence re: inadequate equipment and promotion of physical training.

Physics. Correspondence re: lab bench and seismograph reports.

Political Science. Correspondence re: staffing.

Psychology and Philosophy. Request for teaching load information.

South Caroliniana Library. Correspondence re: acquisitions, including reports and chart.

Student Health Service, 1941. Primarily search for new male and female University physicians.

Student Health Service, 1942. Primarily search for new male and female University physicians.

Summer School. Correspondence includes room reservations, commencement.

University News Service. Correspondence re: suggested stories, news releases, staff.

YMCA. Reports and correspondence, including efforts to find new location for outings due to
expansion of Camp Jackson.

YWCA. Includes budget and activities report.

BOX 4 (1941-42)

Dormitory Assignments. Correspondence re: room assignments.

Dormitories, Government of. Correspondence re: regulations, drafts of regulations.

Dormitories, Special Permits to Enter. Correspondence giving special permission to enter or stay in dorms.

Engagements, 1941. Correspondence re: various events McKissick invited to attend.

Engagements, 1942. Correspondence re: various events McKissick invited to attend.

Enrollment. Primarily reports on from Dean of Administration.

Entertainment Account. Lists of expenses.


Absences. Faculty members absent from class.

Communications from the President. Copies of faculty resolutions and memos from the President.

Contracts. Inquiry into use of at USC.

Delinquencies. Correspondence re: faculty members late turning in reports.

Increases and Promotions. Letter re: recommended increases.

Leaves of Absence. Requests for, esp. re: military service.

Meetings. Copies of resolutions and statements.

Outside Activities. Letter re: outside employment.

Personnel. Information on new members.

Faculty and Staff:

Baker, L. T. Telegrams re: SC chair of United Service Organizations for National Defense.

Bell, R. G. Offer of committee service.

Bradley, F. W. Correspondence re: questionnaire.

Callcott, W. H. Re: teaching schedule.

Cantey, J. M. Includes statement of retirement benefits.

Chase, J. A. Primarily admissions and withdrawals for military service.

Childs, Arney. Includes reports on dorms, nursing program, enrollment, war service.

Clark, Harry. Correspondence re: hiring of and speaking arrangements.

Coleman, J. B. Letter re: thesis.

Daniel, J. McT. Correspondence re: leave of absence to conduct survey.

Davis, R. B. Letter re: articles.

Early, B. A. Letter re: health.

Elliott, W. T. Promotion of.

Gaines, Lodema. Includes report as field representative.

Green, E. L. Letter re: retirement.

Hall, R. A. Correspondence re: departure.

Herbert, T. Walter. Hiring of.

Kelly, O. F. Includes report as acting marshal.

LaGrone, T. E. Recommendation for other employment.

Litman, Samuel. Correspondence re: request for promotion.

McCall, W. C. Letter re: National Teachers Exam.

Mercer, C. F. Correspondence re: why he has no Ph.D., promotion to head of Physics.

Needham, R. C. Duty assignment to USC.

Padgett, Susan S. Correspondence re: resignation.

Petty, J. J. Federal Housing Administration inquiry.

Rawl, F. B. Correspondence re: tickets.

Roberts, F. Carlisle. Statement on employment.

Stanley, Hugh S. Hiring of.

Stoddard, J. A. Correspondence re: annuity payments.

Sumwalt, R. L. Correspondence includes war-related activities of Sumwalt and Engineering School.

Swecker, Celia. Letter re: rental fee.

Taylor, W. Frank. Includes report on student activities.

Ward, W. H. Correspondence re: meeting.

Wardlaw, Frank H. Letter re: salary.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Letter re: conference report.

Waterfall, C. H. Letter re: national defense.

Wauchope, G. A. Correspondence re: possible retirement.

Welbourne, F. F. Correspondence and statements re: fees and staff.

BOX 5 (1941-42)

Faculty Committees:

Absences. Correspondence re: new regulations, charity football game.

Admission of Transfer Students. Correspondence re: two cases where transfer was denied.

Advisory Committee to President. Report on recommendations for salaries and promotions.

Caroliniana. Addition of Dean Childs to committee.

Catalog. Letter re: information for.

Chapel. Primarily membership.

Correspondence Courses. Appointment of.

Discipline. Includes transcripts of testimony.

Fraternities and Organizations. Inquiry into regulations.

Freshman Orientation. Appointments to.

The Gamecock. Includes resignation of editor.

Library. Meetings.

Natatorium. Correspondence includes minor accidents at pool, lifeguard applicants.

Petitions. Letters re: individual student petitions.

Physical Education. Correspondence re: appointment of to study possible changes in department.

Promotion of Attendance. Establishment of, to encourage better student class attendance.

Scholastic Standing. Primarily meeting minutes.

Special Committees. Appointments of various special committees.

Student Relations. Primarily meetings and membership.

Sullivan Award. Correspondence re: certificates and recommendations.

Summer School. Meeting minutes and Callcott's resignation from.

University Council. Includes conflicts in University catalog.

Faculty Retirement Plan. Includes reports and proposals for.

Faculty Teaching Schedules. Correspondence re: faculty late in filing reports.

FBI. Letter from J. Edgar Hoover re: "Spanish Swindle."

Fees, Deferred Payment of. Correspondence and form re: deferred payment plan.

Fees, Student. Primarily statement of collections.

Fees, Student Activity. Includes report of committee studying reallocation of fees.

Financial Statements. From various departments.

Flagpoles. Correspondence re: erection and dedication of flagpole, including invitations.

Football. Includes halftime shows, drum majorettes, tickets.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes leases of rooms in dorms and correspondence re: renewing leases.

Free Tuition. Correspondence re: soldiers receiving free tuition.

Freshman Advisors. Appointments of.

Freshman Week. Includes program and McKissick speech to men of the freshman class.

Gifts. Includes gifts of equipment and pipe organ.

Gonzales Gardens. Correspondence re: dedication of.

Headquarters First Army Corps. Correspondence re: leasing space in Preston College to Army.

High School Week 1942. Includes schedule and program.

Home Economics Course, Proposed. Letter regarding.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: nominations for and awarding of.

BOX 6 (1941-42)

Insurance. Correspondence re: University auto insurance and salary deductions for savings.

Invitations. Correspondence re: various events.

Lectures and Lecturers. Correspondence with performers and organizations.

Librarian. Correspondence re: library school, librarian position.

McKissick, J. Rion, 1941. Correspondence re: participation in various organizations, personal.

McKissick, J. Rion, 1942. Correspondence re: participation in various organizations, personal.

Memoranda. Copies of on various topics.

Moore, A. C. Plaque in honor of.

National Beta Club. Includes correspondence re: advertising in Beta Club Journal.

National Defense:

Alien Enemy Hearing Board. Primarily minutes from hearings, instructions from Department of Justice.

Army Enlisted Reserve Corps. Correspondence re: pre-induction training in colleges.

Campus Defense Committee. Appointments to.

Civilian Morale Service Center. Correspondence re: establishing one.

Columbia Nutrition Committee. Correspondence re; membership and purpose.

Defense Securities. Correspondence re: Defense Stamps and Bonds.

Engineering Defense Training Program. Correspondence and financial reports re: program activities.

Letters of Recommendation, 1941- March 1942. For entry into armed forces or defense work.

Letters of Recommendation, April 1942-June 1942. For entry into armed forces or defense work.

BOX 7 (1941-42)

National Defense Program, 1941. Correspondence re: University involvement in defense activities.

National Defense Program, 1942. Correspondence re: University involvement in defense activities.

Pilot Training Program. Correspondence includes financial statements and program status.

Selective Service. Correspondence re: status of faculty members under the draft.

Southeastern Aviation Education Committee. McKissick's appointment to.

United Service Organizations. Includes reports on county fund drives.

University Committee of Deferment of Students. Correspondence re: possibility of student deferments.

University Committee on National Defense. Includes report on activities of.

V-1 Plan. Correspondence re: USC cooperating with the plan.

War Service Opportunities. Announcement regarding.

Nurses Courses. Correspondence re: cooperative effort with Columbia Hospital.

Nutshell. Copies of newsletter.

Palmetto Boys' State. Correspondence re: holding it at USC.

Palmetto Weekly Press Association
. Letter re: bill.

Portrait Presentation
. Includes copies of remarks made at presentation.

Public Works Administration. Project list.

Publicity. Correspondence re: publicity opportunities, news releases.

Residence of Students. Letter re: non-residents and fees.

Resident Artist. Memo re: bringing an artist to USC.

Rural Electrification Authority.
Includes letter re: possible purchase of St. Stephens system.

Scholarships and Fellowships:

American Bankers Association Scholarships. Correspondence re: establishment of and committee on awards.

Baruch Fund. Inquiries into and awarding of scholarships.

General. Inquiries into and announcements of.

McKissick Fellowship. Awarding of.

Solicitation. Correspondence re: policy on.

SC Agencies:

Attorney General. Letter re: scholarship bill.

Budget Commission. Correspondence re: hearing.

Highway Department. Letter re: resolution.

Legislature. Primarily correspondence re: appropriations and budget information; includes reports.

Public Service Authority. Correspondence re: USC leasing an island in Santee Cooper area.

BOX 8 (1941-42)

Soil Conservation Service. Correspondence re: lease.

South Carolina Historical Association. Payment owed R. L. Meriweather.

South Carolina Library Association. Correspondence re: holding annual meeting at USC.

South Carolina Press Association. Correspondence re: holding annual meeting at USC.

State Department of Education. Committee nomination.

State Sinking Fund Commission. Meeting minutes re: loan to USC.

State Tax Commission. Letter re: liquor store.

Student Affairs:

Gamecock. Includes correspondence re: articles; news releases.

Garnet and Black. Primarily distribution of.

General. Includes University ring and freshman regulations.

Honor Council. Letter re: cheating.

Student Advisory Committee to the President. Correspondence re: establishment.

Student Aid. Primarily student inquiries into availability of aid.

Student Aid, NYA. Correspondence re: inquiries and cut in funding.

Student Assistantships. Correspondence re: assignments to and needs of departments.

Student Body Constitution. Copy of.

Student Failures. Lists of.

Student Union. Includes report on.

Students, Prospective. Correspondence and inquiries into attendance at USC.

Students for Special Consideration. Memos re: students.

Supplies and Equipment. Includes departmental supply budgets.

Survey, Courses and Instructional Staff. Chart with information on faculty, rank, salary, courseload, and enrollment.

Travel Accounts. Correspondence re: requests for travel reimbursement.

University Caroliniana Collection. Correspondence re: acquisitions.

University Christian Institute.
Includes correspondence re: speakers.

University Club. Invitation to dinner.

University Ring Committee. Correspondence re: official USC ring.

Women's Christian Temperance Union. Correspondence re: speaking at USC.

Work Progress Administration. Correspondence re: various projects.

WPA Writers Project. Publication of South Carolina Folk Tales.
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