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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1940-41)

Academic Freedom. Information re: threats to.

Addresses Requested. Requests for McKissick's speeches; includes copies.

Advertising Policy. Correspondence re: USC prohibited from advertising.

Alcohol Education. Correspondence on seminar.

Alumni Association. Includes correspondence on budget, homecoming, publications, copies of speeches.

Lewis Ralph. Executive Secretary. Correspondence includes membership, homecoming, games.

Anonymous Communications. Letter criticizing USC's new policy banning women from male-dominated sports.

Application, Librarian. Correspondence re: type of person wanted; application of Alfred Rawlinson, who was hired at a later date, disturbing episode with person seeking the position.

Applications, Public Speaking. Inquiries into.

Arboretum. Correspondence on burning and reconstruction of small house in Gardens.


American Council on Education. Includes membership and meeting information.

General. Miscellaneous memberships.

National Association of State Universities. Reports on meetings and activities.

South Carolina Association of Colleges. Meeting information.

South Carolina Economic Association. Letter re: trip to Mexico City.

South Carolina Education Association. Correspondence re: convention and appointment of delegates.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes conference report.

Southern Conference. Resolution on signing of athletes.

Southern University Conference. Financial report.

Athletics. Resolution banning coeds from male-dominated sports.

Atkinson, Rev. George A. Correspondence re: Atkinson's desire to raise money for a new USC chapel.

Attendance Regulations. Correspondence re: changes to.

Audit. Copy of.

BAM Club. Includes list of members, reports on football team, correspondence on dispute with local business.

Board of Trustees:

Agenda. Copies of.

Committees. Primarily appointments to.

Executive Committee. Primarily minutes.

General. Correspondence and meeting minutes.

Grounds and Buildings Committee. Absence from meeting.

Student Affairs, Committee on. Primarily meeting arrangements.

Boards and Foundations:

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence re: meetings and travel expenses.

Hillel Foundation. Establishment of counselorships at USC.

Teachers Insurance Annuity. Includes list of applicants.

BOX 2 (1940-41)

Books, Periodicals, Etc. Correspondence on orders and subscriptions.

Budget. Reports and requests.

Building Program:

Chapel. Inquiry into a new chapel building.

Gates. Letter re: proposed gates.

General. Correspondence re: various projects completed and under construction.

Gymnasium. Addition to.

Heating Plant. Correspondence re: problems with installation.

Infirmary Project. Includes bill authorizing enlargement project.

Library Project, 1940. Correspondence and progress reports on new library.

Library Project, 1941. Correspondence and progress reports on new library.

Master Project. Letter on outlook.

President's Residence. Dispute over contract for repairs.

Stadium. Financial information and construction specifications.

Student Union Building. Includes copy of act authorizing construction.

Tennis Courts. Includes copy of WPA project proposal for construction of courts.

Bulletins. Letter re: publishing WPA bulletin.

Building and Grounds, 1940. Correspondence re: various projects completed and under construction.

Buildings and Grounds, 1941. Correspondence re: various projects completed and under construction.

BOX 3 (1940-41)

Calendar. Includes calendar of University events.

Carnegie Music Set. Correspondence re: purchase of.

Carson, A. C. Correspondence re: death of.

Catalog 1940. Correspondence about new catalog.

Catalogs Mailed. Requests for.

Chapel Engagements. Correspondence and schedule of programs.

Clerical Services. Letter re: payment for.

College Prospect Survey. Purchase of survey.

Commencement. Correspondence on arrangements.

Curriculum. Letter re: revising.

Dancing Instruction. Proposal for courses.

Departments and Schools:

Athletic. Primarily correspondence and reports on finances.

Biology. Primarily personnel and equipment.

Cafeteria. Correspondence on policies and finances.

Chemistry. Primarily students and faculty.

Commerce, School of. Primarily re: faculty.

Departmental Reports, 1st semester.

Departmental Reports, 2nd semester.

Duplicating Bureau. Supply bills.

Economics. Hiring of instructor.

Education, School of. Correspondence includes budget and South Carolina High School Yearbook.

Engineering. Correspondence includes theft of books and defense training program.

English. Primarily correspondence re: candidates for vacancies.

English Bible. Letter re: new hire.

Extension. Includes correspondence on “Report of Economic Conditions in South Carolina”, and other programs.

BOX 4 (1940-41)

Fine Arts. Primarily efforts to hire new teaching staff.

Geology. Correspondence includes student assistants, theft of materials, gift to department.

Graduate School. Includes correspondence on students, report on program.

History. Includes correspondence on new hire.

Hygiene. Correspondence on courses, staff positions.

Infirmary. Bill authorizing improvement on infirmary.

Journalism, School of. Includes awarding of scholarship.

Law School. Primarily correspondence on law library.

Library. Correspondence re: Carnegie Corporation, acquisitions, Report of Acting Librarian.

Mathematics. Primarily personnel matters.

Modern Languages. Correspondence re: staffing and courses.

Music. Funding, staff, books and equipment.

Observatory. Correspondence on visitors and equipment.

Personnel Bureau. Includes reports on activities.

Pharmacy, School of. Primarily correspondence on equipment and facility needs.

Physics. Filling vacancy.

Political Science. Report on growth of department.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: equipment and vacancy.

Social Work, School of. Standardization and professional association membership.

Student Health Service. Primarily hiring professor and physician.

Summer School. Correspondence includes commencement, courses, students, reports.

Telephone Exchange. Includes personnel changes.

Treasurer's Office. Correspondence and reports re: fees collected.

University News Bureau. Correspondence re: news releases.

Women, Dean of. Report for 1939-40.

YMCA. Includes correspondence and financial report on University Christian Mission.

YWCA. Correspondence re: advisory board, newsletters.

Employment Agencies. Correspondence from placement agencies.

Endowment Campaign. Brochures on college financial campaigns.

Engineering Experimental Station. Establishment of.

Enrollment. Statistics.

Entertainment Account. Lists of expenses.

Exchange Professors. Inquiry.

BOX 5 (1940-41)

Faculty Absences. Correspondence and reports on absent faculty.

Faculty and Staff:

Bell, R. G. YMCA Executive Secretary. Includes statistics on employment of graduates.

Bradley, F. W. Professor of Modern Languages. Includes letter re: speech.

Callcott, W. H. Professor of History. Correspondence on teaching load.

Cantey, J. M. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Correspondence re: various repairs needed on campus.

Chase, J. A. Dean of Administration. Students, registration, finances.

Childs, Arney R. Dean of Women. Includes new women's dorm, Coker College.

Coker, E. C. Professor of Astronomy. Correspondence re: WPA projects.

Copenhaver, J. E. Professor of Chemistry. Personal letter.

Crow, O. F. Dean of School of Education. Letter re: thesis.

Daniel, J. McT. Professor of Education. Correspondence re: office space.

Early, R. A. Includes correspondence on building inspections.

Enright, Rex. Coach. Includes renewal of contract.

Goddard, Floride P. Assistant Treasurer. Re: salary.

Green, E. L. Professor of Ancient Languages. Correspondence re: alumni directory.

Kennedy, R. M. Professor of Library Science. Correspondence on appointment as “Librarian Emeritus.”

LaGrone, T. E. Correspondence includes salary and room inspections.

McCall, W. C. Associate Professor of Education. Letter of congratulations on engagement.

Morse, Josiah. Professor of Psychology and Philosophy. Includes letter re: poor health.

Motley, E. T. Professor of Pharmacy. Correspondence re: wife's illness.

Smith, Ellison M. Professor of Elementary Education. Includes copy of speech.

Stephan, R. M. Associate Professor of Modern Languages. Correspondence re: insulting letter from
Dean Stoddard.

Sumwalt, R. L. Professor of Civil Engineering. Includes appointment to Council for National Defense.

Taber, Stephan. Professor of Geology and Mineralogy. Includes list of enrollment figures.

Taylor, W. Frank. Assistant Business Manager. Correspondence re: report, expenses.

Faculty Committees:

Absences, Committee on. Primarily appointments to.

Advisory Committee to President. Includes correspondence re: promotions.

Cafeteria Committee. Report.

Catalog Committee. Correspondence on updating catalog.

Discipline Committee. Includes minutes and disciplinary actions taken.

Faculty Special Committees. Correspondence re: appointments to various special committees.

Faculty Standing Committees. List of.

Fraternities and Student Organizations Committee. Correspondence re: petitions to the committee.

Honorary Degrees Committee. Correspondence re: nominations for and committee members.

Library Committee. Membership and meetings.

Natatorium Committee. Correspondence includes pool schedule and availability.

Petitions, Committee on. Primarily correspondence on allowing students with the flu to defer exams.

Schedule Committee. Correspondence on room assignments and course schedule.

Scholastic Standing Committee. Correspondence re: students failing to meet minimum academic standards.

Social Affairs. Report of the Social Calendar Director.

Student Activities, Joint Committee. Letter re: purpose of.

Student Faculty Relationships. Nominations to committee.

Sullivan Award Committee. Nominations for award.

Summer School Committee. Includes minutes.

Faculty Contracts. Inquiry into written contracts.

BOX 6 (1940-41)

Faculty Increases and Promotions. Correspondence re: salary increases.

Faculty Leaves of Absence. Requests for.

Faculty Meetings. Includes McKissick's statement at special meeting re: salaries.

Faculty Outside Activities. Includes inquiry into sabbatical leave.

Faculty Personnel. Includes correspondence and lists re: additions to faculty and staff.

Faculty Retirement Plan. Correspondence re: possibility of.

Faculty Salary Scale. Correspondence re: salaries.

Faculty Tenure. Report on.

Fees, Student. Correspondence and reports re: fees collected, refunds for students called to active duty.

Financial Statements.

Flag and Flag Pole. Efforts to acquire.

Foreigners on Faculty. Inquiry.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes correspondence and report on suspension of Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter.

Freshmen Orientation Course. Includes salary for inspector.

Freshman Week. Correspondence re: arrangements.

Headquarters First Army Corps. Correspondence re: leasing part of Preston College.

High School Week 1941. Includes program and report on activities.

Honorary Degrees 1941. Correspondence with and about recipients.

Investments. Thanks for information.

Invitations. Invitations and responses.

Lectures and Lecturers. Correspondence re: booking touring lecturers at USC.

Letters of Recommendation. For alumni and students going into military.

McFaddin, Robert E. Correspondence re: deferred exams.

McKissick, J. Rion. Correspondence re: personal matters, expenses, organizations.

McKissick Journalism Club. Letter re: founding of.

McKissick Portrait. Letter to artist.

Medals and Prizes. Arrangements for awarding of.

Memoranda. Copies of, on various topics.

BOX 7 (1940-41)

National Beta Club. Includes roster of South Carolina members.

National Defense Efforts:

Armed Services Opportunities. Oversize chart of.

Department of Students and Faculty. Correspondence re: draft deferments.

Engineering Defense. Correspondence on engineering coursework to train students for defense jobs.

National Defense Program. Correspondence re: USC cooperating with National Defense Program, drafts of speeches.

ROTC Armory. Correspondence re: construction of NROTC Armory.

ROTC Unit, 1940. Correspondence re: establishment of, news releases, regulations.

ROTC Unit, 1941 and n.d. Correspondence re: establishment of, news releases, regulations.

University National Defense Committee. Correspondence re: establishment of, student deferment, defense activities.

Navy Day. Arrangements for celebration of.

Copies of newsletter.

Palmetto Boys State.
Letter re: holding at USC.

Palmetto Weekly Press Association.

Pilot Training Program.
Correspondence re: students, requirements.

Portrait Restoration.
Correspondence re: possibility of restoring USC portraits.

Correspondence re: news releases and articles.

Inquiry into dance orchestra.

Residence of Students.
Correspondence re: in-state and out-of-state residents.

Reynolds, Joan.
Correspondence re: political pressure to employ her.

Rural Electrification.
Include correspondence on refrigeration plant.

Scholarships and Fellowships:

Bernard M. Baruch Scholarship. Correspondence re: awarding of funds to students.

General. Correspondence and announcements of scholarships and fellowships.

A.F. McKissick Scholarship. Requirements for and announcement of.

NYA Scholarship. Includes list of recipients.

BOX 8 (1940-41)

Student Aid, Freshman Assistantship Fund. Correspondence with and about students re: awarding of.

Student Assistantships. Awarding of, financial report.

Sikes, Enoch W. Correspondence re: death of.

Soil Conservation Service. Includes contract for leasing USC office to SCS.

Solicitation on Campus. Regulations for.

South Carolina Agencies:

South Carolina Budget Commission. Primarily budget reports and requests.

South Carolina College Press Association. Arrangements for banquet.

South Carolina Council for National Defense. Correspondence re: faculty assisting in project.

South Carolina Highway Department. Correspondence re: driveway of new library.

South Carolina Press Association. Arrangements to meet at USC.

South Carolina Legislature. Correspondence primarily on appropriations.

South Carolina Legislature, Reports.

South Carolina Tuberculosis Association. Request for information.

State Agricultural and Mechanical Society. Invitation to College Day.


Block C Club. Includes letter re: constitution.

Campus Bookstore. Request for information from professors.

Debating Council. Letter re: fund.

Gamecock. Correspondence re: administration's unhappiness with.

Garnet and Black. Correspondence re: mailing complimentary copies to high school libraries.

General. Correspondence includes disciplinary actions, grades, debts.

Glee Club. Correspondence re: tour.

Football. Correspondence includes complimentary tickets and policy regarding.

Future Teachers of America. Luncheon.

Honor Council. Re: notifying parents of disciplinary actions.

Prospective Students. Correspondence from parents and students re: attending USC.

BOX 9 (1940-41)

Natatorium Assistant. Primarily re: appointment of lifeguard.

Observatory Assistant. Reappointment of.

Student Achievement. Letters of congratulations.

Student Affairs. Correspondence on various student activities, including bowling and club initiations.

Student Aids. Applications for and awarding of financial aid.

Student Band. Correspondence re: band playing at various events.

Student Body, Address to. Copy of speech at first chapel service of 1940/41.

Student Board of Publications. Authority of.

Student Forum. Cancellation of speech.

Student Union. Includes correspondence re: damage to pool tables.

Swimming Pool. Includes applications for lifeguard.

University Players. Letter re: production.

Supplies and Equipment. Correspondence re: orders.

Teachers Federal Credit Union. Promotional letter.

Textbooks. Correspondence re: proposed rental plan.

Time Magazine. Correspondence on use of in schools.

Traffic Light. Petition to reestablish one at Bull and Green Streets.

Travel Accounts. Correspondence re: reimbursement for travel expenses.

Tuition, Free. Correspondence re: free tuition to orphans of World War veterans.

United States Department of Education. Correspondence re: fellowship and exchange program.

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. One letter to Hoover.

University Caroliniana Collection. Correspondence re: acquisitions and repairs.

University Christian Institute. Includes correspondence re: finances, arrangements.

University Club of New York. Membership in.

University Council. Primarily information on membership and organization of.

University High School. Correspondence re: operation of.

University Town Hall. Information on forum on democracy.

Women Students. Includes correspondence on cigarettes and soldiers.

Women Students Housing. Correspondence re: room reservations and availability.

Work Progress Administration. Correspondence re: projects, proposals, criticisms.

South Carolina Writers Project. Correspondence re: WPA-sponsored publications.

World Student Service Fund. Information on.
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