Office of the President

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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1939-40)

Addresses. Request for copy of speech.

Advertising Policy. Correspondence on why USC not allowed to advertise.

Alumni Association:

Alumni Council. Copies of minutes.

Budget. Copy of tentative budget.

Expansion. Correspondence re: expanding usefulness of Assn.

General Correspondence. Correspondence on events, funding, presidency

Joint Standing Committee. Appointment of, minutes re: secretaryship.

Junior Alumni Association. Minutes from meeting with McKissick on athletic and alumni situations.

Minutes. Minutes of annual meeting.

President and Secretary. Correspondence re: presidency and secretaryship of Assn., including establishment of secretary position.

Early, B. A. Correspondence, reports, and meeting minutes re: problems with Early as Alumni Secretary.

Lewis, Ralph. Correspondence on his beginning work as Secretary and suggested Assn. improvements.

Rice, John I. Correspondence includes changing office locks.

Sawyer, Leila M. Correspondence re: working for Assn.

Publications. Correspondence re: directory.

Statements. Correspondence re: Assn. reorganization and directory.

Arboretum. Includes reports on Garden activities.

Assistant to the President. Seeking to hire for athletic fundraising.


American Association of State Universities. Meeting.

American Association of University Professors. General information.

American Association of University Women. Membership booklet.

American Council on Education. Executive committee minutes.

American Legion. Letter re: suspicious pamphlet.

Association of College Unions. Letter re: membership.

BOX 2 (1939-40)

Athletic Association:

Accounts Due. Correspondence re: debts of Assn. with merchants.

Advisory Board. Draft of constitution.

Athletic Bond Bill. Correspondence re: issuing USC Revenue Bonds.

Audit. Request for audit of Athletic Dept.

Budget. Copy of proposed budget.

Department Letters of Thanks. Thanks for contributions.

General. Correspondence, reports, minutes re: finances.

Southern Conference. Letter re: hosting boxing tournament.

International Council Religious Education. Invitation to join.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence on meetings and programs.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Request for advice.

National Education Association. Updates on projects.

SC A & M Society. Exhibits for fair.

SC Association of Colleges. Correspondence re: meeting.

SC Education Association. Correspondence re: convention.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Primarily correspondence on salaries and faculty education levels.

Southern Council on International Relations. Background information.

Southern University Conference. Includes correspondence on meeting, questionnaire.

Teachers Insurance and Annuities Association. Correspondence re: contracts, pamphlets.

Audit. Report of State Auditor on USC.

BAM Club. Includes team status report to members.

Band Stand. Letter re: construction.

Block C Project. Proposed.

Boards and Foundations:

Board of Trustees Agenda. Meeting agendas.

Board of Trustees Committees. Includes lists of committee assignments, agendas.

Board of Trustees Executive Committee. Meeting.

Board of Trustees Special Committee. Meeting notice.

Board of Trustees Committee on Student Affairs. Correspondence re: athletics and dorms.

Board of Women Visitors. Primarily assignments to.

Joint Board-Faculty Committee on Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: changes in policy, nominations.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation. Correspondence re: student financial aid.

Bochman, W. C. Correspondence re: money owed him by USC.

Books, Periodicals, etc. Correspondence re: gifts, purchases.

Budget. Reports and correspondence.


Building Program, Chapel. Correspondence re: efforts to get new chapel.

Field House. Correspondence re: repairs needed.

General. Includes letter on sidewalks.

Master Project. List of repairs needed.

New Library. Correspondence includes laying of cornerstone, contracts.

BOX 3 (1939-40)

Stadium. Correspondence on transfer of deed to USC.

Business and Professional Women's Club. Correspondence re: McKissick serving as contest judge.

By-Laws of the University. Inquiry into.

Calendar 1939-40. Includes calendar of events for school year.

Carnegie Music Set. Donation of.

Catalog 1940. Correspondence re: contents and publication of.

Catalogs Mailed. Requests for catalogs.

Chapel Program. Correspondence re: speakers in chapel.

Columbia City Council. Correspondence on traffic lights.

Columbia Merchants Association. Letter on meeting.

Arrangements for and invitations to dignitaries.

Crusade for Christian Education. Letter on membership.

Curriculum. Inquiries into.

Deferred Payment of Fees.
Inquiries into and form for.

Departments, Schools, Bureaus:

Bible. Correspondence re: hiring of student assistant.

Biology. Correspondence on assistantships and faculty.

Cafeterias. Includes closing of women's cafeteria.

Chemistry. Includes inquiry into allocations.

Commerce, School of. Includes faculty, hirings, curriculum.

Departmental Reports, 1st sem. Correspondence about.

Departmental Reports, 2nd sem. Correspondence about.

Duplicating Bureau. Includes financial information.

Economics. Correspondence on instructors.

Education, School of. Hiring of temporary librarian.

English. Correspondence and Board of Trustees resolutions, including salaries and Babcock appointed department head.

Engineering, School of. Correspondence includes change in degree, funding, gift of equipment.

Extension Division. Funding, projects, hirings.

Fine Arts. Includes recommendations of advisory committee and restoration of oil paintings.

Geology. Includes correspondence on equipment needs.

Graduate School. Primarily correspondence on applicants for Ph.D.

History. Includes correspondence on faculty positions.

Infirmary. Primarily patient reports.

Journalism, School of. Includes correspondence on gifts.

Latin. Letter re: Baker teaching class.

Law, School of. Correspondence on admissions, budget, library.

Library. Correspondence includes gifts, acquisitions, salaries.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: teaching assignments, faculty.

Modern Languages. Budget, course loads.

Music. Correspondence re: course of study, founding of new department, faculty.

Natatorium. Correspondence re: use of pool.

Personnel Bureau. Report on.

Pharmacy, School of. Correspondence on accreditation and inspection, budget.

Physical Education for Women. Recommendations for.

Political Science. Possible new hire.

Psychology and Philosophy. Additional appropriations for.

Public Speaking. Correspondence re: possible new course in.

BOX 4 (1939-40)

Social Work, School of. Includes letter on budget.

Steward's Hall. Includes list of student employees.

Summer School. Includes weekly bulletin, commencement plans, report on session.

University News Bureau. Operations of.

YMCA. Budget requests, meeting, group discussion topics.

YWCA. Meeting notice.

Diplomas. Correspondence on size of.

Endowment Campaign. Correspondence re: bequests and endowment campaigns.

Engagements. Correspondence re: speaking engagements.

Engagements, Completed, 1939. Correspondence on events attended by McKissick.

Engagements, Completed, 1940. Correspondence on events attended by McKissick.

Enrollment. Statistics.

Entertainment Account. Expense account for luncheons, receptions, etc.

Examination Schedule. Student request for time change.

Faculty Absences Reported. Letter reporting absence.

Faculty and Staff:

Babcock, Havilah. Includes correspondence about coursework.

Baker, Leonard T. Miscellaneous materials from 1920s and 1930s.

Bell, R. G. Correspondence on placement of graduates, list of graduates.

Bonn, E. T. Resignation of.

Bradley, F. W. Includes 1939-40 report on the College of Arts and Sciences.

Callcott, W. H. Letter re: librarian applicant.

Cantey, J. M. Reports of damage and needed repairs, especially in Preston College.

Chase, J. A. Correspondence includes admissions information, statement of expenditures, students.

Childs, Arney. Correspondence re: theft of property and promotion.

Christopherson, M. G. Personal note.

Clippard, Edwin B. Salary increase.

Coleman, J. Bruce. Correspondence re: exchange program.

Copenhaven, J. E. Correspondence on father's death.

Crow, Orin. Includes vita.

Davis, Mrs. G. Wilmot. Hiring of.

Davis, H. C. Includes money owed him by USC.

De Horvath, Felice. Salary.

DeMars, Frank. Salary.

DePass, S. C. Includes promotion of.

Derrick, S. M. Includes salary and vita.

Dugan, Ruth. Payment of.

BOX 5 (1939-40)

Enright, Rex. Includes salary, boxing tournament, football players.

Gaines, Lodema. Leave of absence.

General. Includes plans to drop/add positions, information on academic qualifications.

Gilland, W. Flinn. Salary and inquiry into residing in Preston.

Goddard, Florida P. Salary.

Graham, Rovena. Hiring of.

Green, E. L. Correspondence re: epitaphs on Preston family tombstones.

Gressette, Tatum. Primarily hiring of.

Ham, Jessie G. Hiring of.

Harrison, C. C. Hiring of.

Hodge, A. S. Salary.

Hoy, W. E. Complimentary letter.

James, R. A. 1937-Aug. 1939. Primarily dismissal of and ensuing controversy.

James, R. A. Sept. 1939-1940. Primarily dismissal of and ensuing controversy.

Johnson, R. C. Promotion recommendation.

Kennedy, R. M. Includes correspondence on illness and resignation.

LaGrone, T. E. Correspondence and report re: alumni fundraising efforts.

Meeks, F. T. Letter on boxing tournament.

Mercer, C. F. Personal note.

Meriweather, R. L. Speaker for Society meeting.

Moore, J. L. Correspondence re: economic development in South Carolina.

Morrison, R. W. Salary.

Morse, Josiah. Report of absence.

Morse, Ruth E. Teaching load.

Motley, E. T. Travel voucher.

Norwood, J. E. Vita.

Olson, G. E. Includes McKissick's remarks at banquet in Olson's honor.

Owens, Nathalee. Salary.

Pender, Mrs. Shepperd. Hiring of.

Petoskey, Ted. Payment of.

Petty, J. J. Personal note.

Philson, P. J. Promotion.

Pope, Nancy. Tennis exhibition.

Rawl, F. B. Includes salary.

Rollins, Margaret. Hiring of.

Sherrill, George R. Correspondence re: speaking engagements.

Smith, A. G. Includes travel authorization.

Smith, Ellison. Teaching load and request for assistance.

Smith, L. L. Personal note.

Smith, Reed. Includes salary.

Stephan, R. M. Vita.

Stoddard, J. A. Answer to query on military schools.

Strickland, Ophelia. Salary.

Sumwalt, R. L. Correspondence includes WPA, outside work, textbook.

Sweeney, Grace. Salary.

Taber, Stephen. Correspondence re: book introduction, clerk.

Taylor, W. Frank. Correspondence re: duties, students.

Tomlin, George. Correspondence re: leave of absence.

Wagener, W. Yeaton. Promotion.

Walsh, M. Kershaw. Promotion.

Ward, W. H. Includes new hire.

Wardlaw, Frank. Includes request for assistance.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Correspondence re: retirement.

Waterfall, C. H. Travel voucher.

Wauchope, George. Declaration gratitude for his service.

Welbourne, F. F. Correspondence and reports on finances.

Wienfeld, R. H. Promotion.

Williamson, Hugh. Hiring of.

Woods, W. S. Leave of absence.

Zula, Marion. Hiring of.

Faculty Committees:

Advisory, 1938-1940. Correspondence re: resolutions and reports on tenure, promotions, salaries, faculty.

Cafeterias. Correspondence, reports and recommendations re: operation of cafeterias.

Catalog. Notice of correction.

Debating Council. Membership.

Discipline. Correspondence and meeting minutes re: disciplinary actions.

BOX 6 (1939-40)

Faculty Council. Membership.

Fraternities and Student Organizations. Includes information on suspension of Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: nominations for.

Library. Correspondence re: meeting and portraits.

Natatorium. Appointments to and reopening pool.

NYA Grants. Includes regulations for selecting recipients.

Scholastic Grants. Appointments to.

Scholastic Standings. Correspondence re: students failing, on probation.

Schedule. Includes faculty resistance to scheduling 8 a.m. classes.

Social Affairs. Includes report, article on duties of social director.

Special Committees. Primarily appointments to various special committees.

Sullivan Awards. Correspondence on a plaque.

Summer School. Correspondence re: planning next summer session.

Faculty Increases and Promotions. Includes guidelines for.

Faculty Meetings. Includes agenda and information on salary increases.

Faculty Military Service. Correspondence re: leaves of absence for military service.

Faculty Outside Activities. Primarily statements from faculty members on whether they have outside employment.

Faculty Retirement Plan. Includes inquiry into retirement system.

Faculty Sabbatical Leave. Policy on.

Faculty Survey. Mailing of.

Fee Refunds. Student requests for.

Financial Statements. For 1939-40.

Franklin Roosevelt Library. Correspondence re: soliciting donations for establishment.

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence re: finances, grades, privileges, disciplinary actions.

Freshmen Assistantships. Primarily notification of recipients.

Freshmen Orientation. Correspondence re: compulsory orientation course.

Freshmen Week. Correspondence and program for.

Gamecock Eleven Club. Membership and sports writers brochure on football.

Gifts. Correspondence on gifts to USC.

Harth, W. H. Correspondence on meeting and audit.

High School Survey. Re: purchase of.

High School Week. Includes program for.

Honorary Lectures. Recommendation for.


Jewish Relief Campaign. Letter re: organization plans.

Jobs for Graduates. Letter re: awards.

Jury Service—Faculty Members. State law regarding.

Lectures and Lecturers. Correspondence re: arrangements for guest lecturers provided by or coming to USC.

Library Science Degree. Correspondence re: petition for a library science degree.

Literary Societies. Correspondence re: repair of a bust.

BOX 7 (1939-40)

Married Couples on Faculty. Whether to allow.

McKissick, J. Rion. Primarily personal.

Melton Observatory. Letter re: extension activities.

Memoranda. Copies of on various topics.

Natatorium Lifeguard. Applicants and hiring of.

National Beta Club. Correspondence re: Club members who want to attend USC.

National Emergency Council for SC. Correspondence re: defense programs at universities.

NYA. Correspondence re: student financial aid, including list of recipients.

NYA Assistant. Recommendation.

Observatory Assistant.
Appointment of.

Palmetto Weekly Press Association. Correspondence re: luncheon and meetings.

Phi Beta Kappa. Correspondence on membership and meetings.

Pilot Training Program. Correspondence on establishment of at USC.

Prospective Students.
Inquiries by students and parents into admissions.

Public Housing, Course on.
Inquiry into.

Public Speaking, Courses on. Correspondence on possibility of.

Radio in Education. Threat of losing educational stations.

Religious Survey of Campus. Correspondence re: holding Christian Institute at USC.

Research Program. Letter on the need for department of research.

Residences of Students. Correspondence and lists of students re: residency.

Richland County Legislative Delegation. Thanks for assistance in appropriations.

Scholarships and Fellowships:

General. Correspondence re: announcements of.

Bernard M. Baruch Scholarship. Correspondence on distribution of.

Phi Beta Kappa. Letter on contributions.

A. Foster McKissick Graduate Fellowship. Includes requirements for.

UDC. Contribution toward.

Solicitation of Students. Regulations regarding.

South Carolina:

Board of Health. Letter re: annual inspection.

Fact Finding Movement. Correspondence on efforts to finance.

Historical Society. Gift to Union Public Library.

Legislature. Correspondence and reports re: appropriations.

Press Association. Correspondence on meeting.

Tuberculosis Association. Student Health Conference.

State Fair Association. Correspondence on putting up USC exhibit.

State Rural Electrification Authority. Correspondence on meetings and accomplishments.

Standardization. Complaints about accreditation agencies.

Student Activity Fee. Statement re: allocation.

Student Affairs.

Carolinian. Includes financial support subscriptions.

Cooperative Stores. Financial statement.

Fellowship Exchange. Announcement of.

Football 1939-40. Correspondence re: tickets, passes, players, news releases, game traffic, and resumption of games with Citadel.

BOX 8 (1939-40)

Gamecocks. Primarily controversy over editorials and news releases.

General. Includes inquiries into student body constitution, forensic debates, fee allocations.

Garnet and Black. Primarily correspondence on complimentary copies; letter re: cartoons.

Glee Club. Correspondence re: allocations.

Palmetto Players. Complimentary letter.

Student Board of Publications. Policies.

Student Body Constitution. Correspondence on revision of.

Student's Honor Code. Copy of.

Special Student Activities Committee. Correspondence on funding.

University Band. Correspondence re: performances.

Student Aid 1939. Correspondence and applications re: financial aid.

Student Aid 1940. Correspondence and applications re: financial aid.

Student Aid, NYA Graduate Grants. Correspondence re: applicant.

Student Assistantships. Applications for and awarding of, including list of recipients.

Student Failures. Lists of students.

Student Fees. Primarily financial updates.

Student Religious Affiliation. Response to inquiry.

Supplies. Correspondence re: ordering supplies, equipment, ordering from Division for the Blind.

Transfer Students. Correspondence on unauthorized release of information.

Travel Account. Correspondence re: approval for statements of expenses.

US Army. Letter re: Flying Cadet Examination Board.

US Government. Correspondence on federal aid.

US Post Office. Correspondence on mailing bulletins.

University Book Store. Instructions for ordering.

University Caroliniana Fund. Primarily report on funding and work done on the collection.

University Caroliniana Society. Correspondence on use of old library building, projects.

Winthrop College. Seeking copy of report.

Work Progress Administration. Correspondence re: various WPA-sponsored projects.

WPA Writers Project. Primarily correspondence re: state guide book project.
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