Office of the President

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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1938-39)

Administrative Offices. Correspondence re: moving offices out of Extension Building (old President's home).

Advertising Policy. Correspondence re: University prohibited from advertising.

Alumni Homecoming Day. Correspondence re: committee appointments and plans for.

Alumni Loan Fund. Contribution cards.

Alumni Record. Correspondence with E.L. Green.

Alumni Roll Call.
Request for status report on fund.

American Council on Education. Correspondence on projects.

American Legion. Includes efforts to have flag pole placed at USC to fly US flag.

Anonymous Communications. Requests for holiday on Armistice Day, and longer Christmas vacation.

Anti-Jewish Activities. One letter referring to anti-Jewish newspaper article.


Alumni and Alumnae Association. Includes correspondence on budget and administration, membership list, copies of McKissick speeches.

American Association of Collegiate Registrars. re: meetings.

American Association of College Unions. Photographic Exhibit.

Association of American Colleges. Conference information.

Association of South Carolina Colleges. Correspondence re: meeting.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence re: meeting, meeting minutes.

National Education Association. Correspondence re: projects and policies.

South Carolina Education Association. Program from convention held in Columbia.

South Carolina Library Association. Includes report from Committee on Training for Librarianship in South Carolina.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: USC participation in.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association. Correspondence and data re: insurance for USC faculty.

Athletic Association:

Athletic Association. Primarily financial reports and correspondence.

Athletic Bond Bill. Correspondence and copies of bill to take care of Association's debt.

Accounts Due. Correspondence re: indebtedness and efforts to settle accounts.

Assistant to President. Creation of position.

Audits. Budget and audit reports.

Board of Trustees. Report to Board on Association's audit.

Chase, J.A. Primarily correspondence on indebtedness.

Committee of Interested Citizens. Formation of, report on Association financial situation.

Contributions and Pledges. Correspondence and reports.

Enright, Rex. Includes correspondence on student financial aid from Association.

Form Letters. re: contributions to save athletic program.

Frink, Fred. Coach. Correspondence re: salary dispute.

BOX 2 (1938-39)

LaGrone (Assist. to Pres.). Hiring of, correspondence re: contributions to Association.

Letters of Appeal. Primarily responses to request for contributions and attendance of a meeting.

Letters of Thanks. Primarily thanks for contributions.

Meeting of Alumni and Friends. Correspondence re: attendance of, McKissick's remarks.

Miscellaneous. Various reports on student activities, athletics, Athletics Association.

Publicity. Press releases re: meeting called about debt.

Report of Board of Trustees. Report on financial situation.

Welbourne, F. F. Correspondence re: finances.

Aviation Schools. Correspondence re: possible establishment of one in Columbia.

Barefoot Day. Includes report by Discipline Committee.

Boards and Board Committee Minutes. List of meeting dates, minutes from March 14, 1939.

Boards--Rockefeller Foundation.
Correspondence re: foundation assistance.

Books, Periodicals, etc. Purchases and donations of.

Budget. Correspondence and reports on requests and appropriations.


Adult Education Building. Prospectus for.

Advertisements for Building Contracts: Contract specifications for furnishings of Men's Dorm:

Contract 4A Set 8.

Contract 4B Set 7.

Contract 4B Set 8.

Contract 4C Set 7.

Contract 4C Set 8.

Contract 4D Set 7.

Contract 4D Set 8.

Contract 4E Set 8.

Architect for Library, Henry C. Hibbs. Correspondence re: contracts for the new library building,
samples of his other work.

BOX 3 (1938-39)

Botanical Garden. Correspondence re: maintenance of.

Building Program--National Emergency Council. Acknowledgement of help.

Building Program--WPA. Approval from WPA for construction.

Cantey, J. M. Correspondence re: repairs and noise disturbance.

Chapel Building. Request for changes to chapel building.

Extension Building. Correspondence re: maintaining the building until the new library is completed.

Heating Plant, 1936—Oct 1938. Correspondence, plans, and specifications for new heating plant.

Heating Plant, Nov 1938—Apr 1939. Correspondence, plans, and specifications for new heating plant.

Lafaye and Lafaye Architects. Dispute over agreement between USC and the firm.

Master Project. Correspondence and cost estimates re: master plan for USC renovations.

Office Building. Efforts to have WPA fund new office building.

Stadium. Correspondence re: construction; also a history of the project.

Student Union Building. Inquiry into.

Swimming Pool. Correspondence re: contributions for and opening of, including McKissick's remarks.

Wage Scale. Correspondence re: wage scales for construction workers and other craftsmen.

Calendar 1938. Draft of.

Calendar 1939-40. Calendar of USC events.

Catalogs Mailed. Requests for.

Chapel Engagements. Schedule of events.

Chapel Programs. Correspondence re: arrangements for speakers and programs.

Class of 1889 Reunion. Correspondence re: dinner in their honor.

Classical Association of SC. Proposal to establish.

Clerical Assistance. Record of hours worked.

College Building Bill.
Correspondence re: lawsuit.

Columbia, City of.
Correspondence re: traffic signals.

Columbia Merchants Association. Holiday greetings.

Commencement. Planning and invitations.

BOX 4 (1938-39)


Cafeteria. Includes correspondence on changes in operating hours and student misconduct.

Caroliniana. Includes suggestion to collect silver and artwork.

Catalog. Correspondence on contents of.

Discipline. Hazing and Steward's Hall misconduct.

Faculty Committee on Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: nominations for and awarding of.

Faculty Committee on Scholastic Standings. Includes reports on academically delinquent students.

Faculty Standing Committees. Lists of.

Finance. Agenda, recommendations.

Library. Appointments to.

Student Personnel. Meeting to discuss Freshmen Week.

Rhodes Scholarship. Committee membership and regulations.

Schedule. Correspondence re: exams.

Social Affairs. Primarily establishment of and membership.

Student Affairs. Membership information.

Summer School. Requests for meetings.

Transfer Students. Establishment of.

University Council. Brief reports on meetings.


Columbia Community Chest. Correspondence and status reports.

Southern Conference. Includes Eligibility Declaration form.

Southern Conference for Music Education. Resolution of thanks to McKissick.

Southern University Conference. Information about conference, answers to questionnaire.

Curriculum Study at USC. Correspondence re: possibility of curriculum revision.

Dance Training. Inquiry into dance training at USC.

Departments and Schools: Form letter.

Biology. Primarily hiring of H. Hechenbleikner as instructor.

Cafeterias. Correspondence re: student protest at Steward's Hall.

Chemistry. Possibility of rehire.

Commerce, School of. Correspondence re: hirings, courses.

Departmental Reports, First Semester.

Departmental Reports, Second Semester. Cover letters only.

Economics. Staff retention and gift of maps.

Education, School of. Hiring of secretary.

Engineering, School of. Coursework, equipment, rating.

English Bible. Request for part-time instructor denied.

English Language. Hiring of instructor.

English Literature. Staff and courses.

Extension. Includes proposed programs.

Fine Arts. Includes descriptions of new courses.

Geology. Correspondence re: conference and dinosaur bones.

Graduate School. Includes statement of appropriations.

History. Correspondence re: questionnaire.

Infirmary. Primarily daily reports of patients.

Journalism, School of. Primarily re: books.

BOX 5 (1938-39)

Law School. Includes correspondence on law library and faculty.

Library. Primarily acquisitions and staff.

Mathematics. Faculty matters.

Mimeographing. Includes financial report.

Modern Language. New hire and salary increase.

Music. Inquiry into possible establishment of.

Pharmacy, School of. Notice of inspection.

Physical Education for Men. Budget information.

Physical Education for Women. Injuries in horseback riding lessons.

Political Science. Request for booklist.

Social Work, School of. Includes bulletin.

Summer School. Includes newsletter, correspondence re: students, commencement.

University News Bureau. Correspondence about and copies of press releases.

Violin. Letter re: student competitions.

YMCA. Correspondence and handouts re: topics for discussion groups.

YWCA. Letter about relocation.

Derieux Agricultural Survey. Grant denied.

Dictaphone Corporation. Equipment purchase.

Educational Policies and Commission. Meeting information.

Employment Agencies. Correspondence about job-seekers.

Engagements, 1938-Jan 1939. Correspondence, invitations, calendar.

Engagements, Feb 1939-July 1939. Correspondence, invitations.

Examination Schedule. Student requests to change their exam times.

Excerpts from Articles.
Includes one on women's suffrage.

Faculty and Staff:

Babcock, Havilah. Prof. of English. Primarily personal.

Baker, Leonard T. Prof. of Education. Personal letter.

Baldwin, W. C. Instructor in Men's Glee Club. Correspondence re: financial debt to USC and improper conduct.

Ball, T. F. Prof. of Electrical Engineering. Includes athletics, reference for loan.

Bass, R. D. Adjunct Prof. of English. Loan of book

Bell, R. G. YMCA/YWCA Executive Secretary. Includes recommendations.

Brown, J. Wiley. Instructor of English. Confirmation of employment.

Callcott, W. H. Prof. of History. Letter re: trip to Miami.

Chase, J. A. Dean of Administration and Registrar. Correspondence includes finances, grades, policies, staff.

Childs, Arney. Dean of Women. Includes Dean's Report and correspondence on sororities.

Coleman, T. Bruce. Prof. of Mathematics. Leave of absence.

Cook, Vernon. Prof. of Ancient Languages. Reports late.

Crow, Orin F. Dean of Education. Letter re: poems.

BOX 6 (1938-39)

DeMars, Frank A. Instructor of Physical Education for Men. Offer of aid.

DePass, S. C. Prof. of Journalism. Vacating Extension Building.

Daniels, J. McTyeire. Prof. of Education. Personal letter.

Derrick, S. M. Prof. of Economics. Future plans.

Early, B. A. Alumni Association Executive Secretary. Includes past-due note.

Enright, Rex. Football Coach. Correspondence re: football team, McKissick's remarks about Enright.

Gaines, Lodema. Assistant to Dean of Women. Includes request for leave and recommendation.

General. Lists of changes in faculty.

Green, E. L. Prof. of Ancient Languages. Includes letter re: Class of 1889.

Harth, W. H. Director of Student Activities. Includes resignation, reports.

Harth, Mrs. William. Director of Student Activities. Appointment to Director of Student Activities.

Hawkins, Maude M. Instructor of English. Leave of absence.

Johnson, Leila. Asso. Prof. of Social Work. Letter re: conference.

LaGrone, T. E. Assistant to the President. Report of hours worked.

Madden, Mrs. Addie. Matron Emeritus. Retirement.

McCall, W. C. Asso. Prof. of Education. Includes letter re: financial status of students.

Meriweather, R. L. Prof. of History. Sympathy letter.

Morrison, R. W. Adjunct Prof. of Pharmacy. Request for raise.

Morse, Josiah. Prof. of Psychology and Philosophy. Includes confirmation of employment.

Neil, Rebecca. Instructor of Biology. re: volunteer work.

Norwood, J. E. Prof. of English. Includes job recommendation.

Petty, Julian J. Asso. Prof. of Geography. Includes job recommendation.

Rawl, F. B. Manager of University Cooperative Stores. Includes verification of employment.

Rowe, W. E. Dean of Engineering. Class schedule.

Schayer, Isadore. Prof. of Hygiene and Sanitation. Leave of absence.

Sherrill, George R. Prof. of Political Science. Teaching load.

Smith, Ellison. Prof. of Elementary Education. Primarily hiring of.

Smith, Reed. Dean of Graduate School. Letter re: WPA.

Stephan, R. M. Asso. Prof. of Modern Languages. Letter re: naturalization.

Stoddard, J. A. Director of Summer School. Includes membership in professional organization.

Strickland, Ophelia. Librarian, School of Law. Correspondence re: salary.

Sumwalt, R. W. Prof. of Civil Engineering. Correspondence re: survey data and DuPont.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Prof. of Principles of Education. Primarily correspondence and resolution re: his retirement.

Welbourne, F. F. Treasurer. Correspondence and reports re: finances, includes 1937 annual report.

Whaley, M.S. Prof. of Law. Hiring of.

Wheeler, Mary P. Asso. Prof. of Social Work. Letter re: conference.

Williams, W. L. Prof. of Mathematics. Correspondence re: promotion of.

Woods, W. S. Instructor of Modern Languages. Letter re: operation.

Faculty Absences from Class. Letter re: resolution.

Faculty Group Insurance. Discontinuation of policy.

Faculty Increases and Promotions. Correspondence re: salaries and promotions.

Faculty Meeting. Includes McKissick's undated remarks.

Faculty Outside Activities for Gain. Resolution requiring faculty to report outside employment to President.

Faculty Special Committees. Correspondence re: appointment of special committees for various topics.

Faculty Research and Productive Scholarship. Letter re: research to help police investigative methods.

Fees Deferred Payment of. Student inquiries and policy on.

Fee, Medical. Request for exemption from.

Fees (Student). Includes reports from treasurer.

Fees Student Activity. Correspondence re: allocations.

Files. List of files stored in Thornwell basement.

Fraternities and Sororities, General. Includes petition requesting exemption from room rent.

Fraternities and Sororities, Blue Key Fraternity. Correspondence re: fence and gates on Sumter St.

Free Tuition. Correspondence re: granting free tuition to excellent students.

Freshmen Week. Correspondence re; testing program.

Gifts. Correspondence re: gifts to USC.

High School Week. Program information and correspondence re: injured student.

Humanities Club. Letter re: meeting.

Matron, Women's Dormitory.
Applications for.

McKissick, J. Rion. General correspondence, some personal.

Memoranda. Copies of memos on various topics.

BOX 7 (1938-39)

National Emergency Council for SC. Correspondence re: meeting and activities.

National Honorary Beta Club. Includes convention information.

Naval ROTC. Efforts to establish at USC.

Non Resident Students. Inquiry on percentage.

Parents Day, Nov. 5, 1938. Includes McKissick?s remarks for parents.

Patents and Patent Rights. Inquiry into USC patents.

Permanent Public Works Administration. McKissick?s opinion of.

Phi Beta Kappa Defense Fund for Humanities and Intellectual Freedom.Correspondence re:
Sponsoring Committee.

Pinckney, Lawrence M. Letter of appreciation.

Printing. Of reports.

Printing Office at USC. Inquiry into establishing.

Prospective Students.
Inquiries into admissions.

Publications. Inquiry into publication of commencement address by Harry Hopkins

Publicity. Correspondence and releases.

Radio Broadcasting. Includes letter of support by McKissick.

Registration Statistics. Correspondence and reports.

Religious Survey of Student Body. Correspondence re: meeting to discuss.

Residence of Students. Correspondence re: policy.

Santee-Cooper Project. Using model of in laboratory.

Scholarships and Fellowships:

General. Correspondence re: inquiries into and awarding of.

Beaufort Watts Ball Scholarship. Awarding of.

Co-ed Association Scholarship. Awarding of.

Educational Alliance. Recommendations for aid.

Julius Rosenwald Fund. Announcement of availability.

National Research Council. Announcement of financial aid.

Phi Beta Kappa. Letter on availability of funds.

W. S. Reamer Scholarship. Application for.

Social Security. Extension of to cover universities.

SC Committee on China Relief. Correspondence re: chairmanship.

SC Forestry Department. Letter acknowledging Conservation Week.

SC High School Press Association. Correspondence re: lecturer.

SC Highway Dept. Includes complimentary letter about troopers.

SC Industries Committee. Correspondence re: proposed chemical lab.

SC State Library Board. Recommendation for Baker to serve.

SC Methodist Student Conference. Correspondence re: annual meeting.

SC Press Association. Correspondence re: meeting and memorial given by McKissick.

SC State Auditor. 1937 audit reports.

SC Tuberculosis Association. Correspondence includes Christmas Seals sales.

Southern University Conference on Faculty Salaries and Increase. Includes questionnaire for conference.

Standardizing. Correspondence includes noncompliance as a form of protest to standards issued by NASU and LCA.

State A & M Society. Invitation to attend State Fair.

State Rural Electrification Authority. Correspondence and announcements on projects and funding.

Student Affairs:

Athletic Advisory Board. Appointment to and meeting.

Athletics. Correspondence re: tickets for boxing tournament.

Athletic Dept. Proposed budget and recommendations for 1938-39.

Band. Correspondence re: performances, appropriations.

Carolinian. Correspondence re: finances.


Tickets. Season and multiple ticket orders.

Carolina-Catholic U. Letter re: making a good impression in Washington, DC.

Carolina-Clemson. Tickets and attendance of dignitaries.

Carolina-Davidson. Holiday given for students to attend game.

Carolina-Duquesne. Tickets and attendance of dignitaries.

Carolina-Erskine. Tickets and attendance of dignitaries.

BOX 8 (1938-39)

Carolina-Fordham. Tickets for McKissicks to attend.

Carolina-Georgia. Tickets and attendance of dignitaries.

Carolina-Wakeforest. Tickets and attendance of dignitaries.

Carolina-Villanova. Holiday for students to attend game at State Fair.

Gamecock. Correspondence with editor re: stories.

Garnet and Black. Includes correspondence on distribution of.

Glee Club. Includes petition for financial support.

Honor Committee. Amendment of Honor Code.

Literary Societies. Notice that Board of Trustees needs some of their space.

National Self Government Committee. Correspondence re: student government.

NYA Applicants. Correspondence re: NYA financial aid.

NYA Appointees. Notification of financial aid recipients and lists of recipients.

NYA Officials. Correspondence re: allocations, summary of activities.

Student Advisory Committee. Appointments to and purpose of.

Student Aids. Inquiries into student financial aid.

Student Assistantships. Requests for and appointments of.

Student Competitions. Announcement of one.

Student Dishonorable Discharge. Correspondence re: circumstances of dismissal.

Student Fee Refunds. Correspondence on requests for refunds.

Student Grades. Includes statistics on failures.

Student Mail Carrier. Appointment of.

Student Organizations. Includes list of organizations and presidents.

Supplies and Equipment. Includes equipment information.

Swimming Pool Budget and Management. Primarily applications.

Travel Expenses. Includes policy, budget, reports.

Tuition Fee Increase. Efforts to halt increase proposed by legislature.

US Army. Correspondence on air cadets.

US Congress. Congratulatory letters.

US Federal Health Program.
Medical education.

US Federal Taxes. Correspondence protesting possible retroactive federal taxes on state employees.

US Post Office. Bulletins returned.

University Assistantships Fund. Correspondence re: selection and notification of students, allocations.

University Caroliniana Collection. Correspondence on acquisitions.

University Caroliniana Society. Correspondence on acquisitions, annual dinner, brochure.

University Cooperative Stores. Correspondence re: allocations and proposed site.

University Dates of Opening. Correspondence on setting fixed date of opening and earlier opening.

University Lecture Service. Request for speakers.

WPA. Includes reports on projects.

WPA Community Appraisal. Correspondence re: appraising communities for areas of improvement.

WPA Furniture Repair Project. Correspondence on renovating old furniture at USC.
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