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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1937-38)

Advertising. Correspondence re: USC not allowed to advertise.

Alumnae Association. McKissick to speak at luncheon.

Alumni Association. Correspondence re: committees, meeting, Alumni Loan Fund.

Alumni: School of Journalism. List of graduates, 1925-1937.

Alumni: Association of Law Schools. Letter re: McKissick attending a luncheon.


American Association of University Professors. Meeting notice.

American Association of University Women. Correspondence with Dean Arney Childs on inspection.

American Automobile Association. Correspondence re: sponsoring driver's education classes.

American College of Life Underwriters. Letter re: holding exams at USC.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence re: convention.

National Education Association. Letter re: membership.

South Carolina Association of Colleges. Meeting notice.

South Carolina Economic Association. Letter on progress.

South Carolina Education Association. Meetings.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: salaries and newsletter subscription nformation.

State University Association. Meeting.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association. Correspondence on insurance for faculty members.

Barefoot Day #1. Correspondence and reports re: the incidents and investigation.

Barefoot Day #2. Undated testimony, statements, and lists of defendants and witnesses.

Board of Trustees. Includes list of resolutions re:policies.

Board of Trustees Committees:

Executive Committee. Correspondence on meetings and topics to be discussed.

Finance Committee. Includes agendas.

General. Correspondence re: meetings and members, lists of committees.

Special Committee on Health Services. Plans for new student health services, applications and other correspondence.

Special Committee on Honorary Degrees. Establishment of the committee.

Special Committee on Law School Applications. Correspondence re: hiring of faculty.

Special Committee on Law School Association of American Schools. Correspondence re: suggested improvements to the law school.

Special Committee on Law School Correspondence. Regarding meetings and student concerns.

Special Committee on Law School, Reports.

Special Committee on Law School Questionnaires. Correspondence and completed questionnaires from other law schools.

BOX 2 (1937-38)

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence re: nominations to the Board and list of members.

Books and Periodicals. Correspondence re: receipt of books and periodicals.

Budget 1937-38. Reports on salaries, expenditures, and requested appropriations.

Buildings and Grounds:

Botanical Gardens. Expansion and development of.

Cantey, Jim. Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds. Requests and correspondence on repairs.

Chemistry Building. Proposal for.

Coker, E.C. Correspondence re: physical plant improvements.

College Building Bill. Efforts to pass (funding for construction of college buildings.)

Curators of Buildings. Letter re: topics needing their attention.

Faculty Residence. Possible PWA funding for.

New Library Building. Correspondence and reports on efforts to fund new building.

Sidewalks. Correspondence re: paving sidewalks.

Stadium. Includes plans for painting the stadium.

Swimming Pool. Correspondence and report on efforts to fund construction.

Catalogs Mailed. Requests for catalogs.

Chapel Programs. Correspondence re: events held in chapel, including motion pictures and a list of reservations.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence re: McKissick speaking at banquet.

Columbia Community Chest. Correspondence re: donations by USC employees.

Columbia Garden Club. Correspondence on historical markers at USC.

Columbia Merchants Association. Includes response to McKissick's speech at luncheon.

Commencement 1938. Arrangements for.

Contributions to USC. Letter re: donation.

BOX 3 (1937-38)

Dean of Women. Correspondence re: need for more dorm space for women.

Departments and Schools:

Bible, Dept. of the. Letter re: adding a course.

Cafeteria, Mrs. Frank Smith, Manager. Includes hirings.

Campus Post Office. McKissick's complaint about post office slowness.

Chemistry Dept. Includes letter re: fire hazards in LeConte College.

Departmental Reports, 1st Semester.

Departmental Reports, 2nd Semester. Cover letters only.

Education, School of. Includes copies of the Gazette and correspondence re: school's librarian.

Engineering, School of. Correspondence includes need for additional professors and surveying project.

English Language. Correspondence and enrollment data.

English Literature. Includes budget constraints.

Extension. Includes hiring of director, programs.

Extension Services-University School of the Air. Scheduling guests, funding, transcripts of programs.

Fine Arts. Includes chart of teaching schedules.

General. Appropriations for depts.

Graduate School. Correspondence re: graduate fellowships and school catalog.

History. Includes list of professors' classes.

Infirmary. Correspondence re: reorganization of.

Journalism, School of. Includes letter from student re: journalism course.

Law School. Correspondence re: admissions, student assistants, law diplomas.

Library. Includes staff salaries, acquisitions, Caroliniana collection.

Modern Languages. Temporary hire.

Music. Correspondence re: reorganization of.

Personnel Bureau. Letter re: report on freshmen.

Pharmacy, School of. Includes approval for new position.

Physical Education for Men. Includes proposal for B.A. in P.E.

Physical Education for Women. Includes hiring of part time instructor.

Political Science. Includes hiring of George Sherrill and proposal for Bureau of Public Administration.

Psychology and Philosophy. Inquiry on course in Philosophy of Religion.

Sociology. Inquiry on course in Rural Sociology.

Summer School 1937. Correspondence includes appropriations, statistics on enrollment and degrees.

Derieux Agricultural Survey. Proposed agricultural survey of SC.

BOX 4 (1937-38)

Endowment Campaign. Correspondence on proposed campaign.

Engagements, 1/37-10/37. Correspondence re: speaking engagements.

Engagements, 11/37-2/98. Correspondence re: speaking engagements.

Engagements, 3/98-6/98. Correspondence re: speaking engagements.

English, Written and Spoken. Improving standards of instruction.

Entertainment Fund. Letter re: bill.

Examination Questions. Correspondence re: mimeographing exams.

Faculty Committees.

Advisory Committee. Establishment of and appointments to.

Cafeterias Committee. Includes report on student survey re: food quality and service.

Caroliniana Committee. Correspondence re: acquisitions, including William Gilmore Simms papers.

Catalog Committee. Preparations for publication of.

Discipline Committee. Reports of discipline problems.

Extension Service Committee. Appointment of new members.

Fraternities and Students Organizations Committee. Meeting minutes.

General. Includes list of standing committees.

Group Insurance Committee. Insurance premiums and information.

Honorary Degree Committee. Nominations, biographical information.

Scheduling Committee. Correspondence re: exam schedules.

Special Committee on Aboretum. Appointments to.

Special Committee on Examinations. Includes membership list.

Special Committee on Freshmen Tutorial Classes. Establishment of.

Special Committee on High School Bulletin. Publications of informational bulletin for high schools.

Special Committee on Library. Appointments to.

Special Committee on Math Requirements for School of Commerce. Establishment of.

Student Health Committee. Appointments to.

Summer School Committee. Meeting announcement.

Faculty Commutation Allowance. Travel allowances.

Faculty Council. Rescheduling of meeting.

Faculty Credit Union. Proposal for establishment of.

Faculty Outside Employment. Faculty members reporting outside work.

Faculty Promotions, Increases, etc. Suggested plan for faculty promotions, tenure, salaries.

Faculty Research. Includes request for reports on faculty research activities.

Faculty Salary Scale and Teaching Load. Lists of salaries and teaching loads.

BOX 5 (1937-38)

Faculty and Staff:

Babcock, Havilah. Includes letter from Archibald Rutledge re: teaching at USC.

Baker, Leonard T. Includes correspondence on staff information.

Ball, T. F. Includes class schedule.

Bass, R. D. Includes information on Humanities Club.

Bell, R. G. Includes suggestions for McKissick's talk on serving Christ.

Bradley, Francis W. Request for report and cover letters.

Chase, J.A. Dean of Administration. Includes correspondence on appropriations, physical plant, and Dean's annual report.

Coleman, J.B. Letter re: gas fumes in Sloan College.

Copenhaver, J. E. Includes his nomination for Who's Who.

Crow, Orin F. Includes letter re: connections between Vanderbilt University and USC.

Daniel, J. McT. Includes material given to McKissick for a speech.

De Horvath, Felice. Personal letter.

De Pass, S. C. Includes correspondence re: judging high school newspaper contest.

Derrick, S. M. Letter re: salary.

Enright, Rex. Correspondence re: unpaid debt.

Gaines, Lodema. Includes mention of anti-University sentiment.

General. Correspondence and list re: instructional staff.

Green, Edwin L. Includes inquiry on antebellum student magazine.

Harth, W. A. Report on indebtedness of Athletic Association.

Law, E. H. Authorization to handle narcotics.

Lindsay, Elizabeth. Secretary. Resignation of.

Lipscomb, G. F. Compliments on speech.

McCall, W. C. Correspondence re: testing service.

McCallister, Don. Includes letter re: unpaid debt.

McCutchen, George. Letter re: USC used as exam center.

Meriweather, R. L. Includes correspondence re: restoration of Waddell School and Church site.

Morse, Josiah. Includes compliment on speech.

Motley, E. T. Permission to handle narcotics.

Murchison, Hugh R. Correspondence re: operation and class schedule.

Neil, Rebecca. University Nurse. Letter re: summer work in hospital.

Norwood, J. E. Recommendation for.

Owens, Nathalie T. Leave of absence.

Petty, J. J. Letter re: articles.

Philson, P. J. Thank-you note.

Rodgers, Floyd. Request for job recommendations.

Schayer, Isadore. Letter re: his service to USC.

Sherrill, George R. Request for vita.

Smith, Reed. Letter on new library building.

Stoddard, J. A. Correspondence includes speech, alumni.

Sumwalt, R. L. Includes efforts to get DuPont donation and complaint against Sumwalt.

Taber, Stephen. Request for new chemistry building.

Taylor, W. Frank. Correspondence re: printing and binders.

Timmons, R. K. Letter re: benefits of attending USC.

Walsh, Kershaw. Testifying in court case.

Ward, W. H. Includes vita.

Waterfall, C. H. Request for student assistant.

Watkins, Isabell. Salary.

Wauchope, George A. Salary.

Welbourne, Frank F. Financial correspondence and treasurer's annual report.

Whaley, M. S. Student assistant.

Fees, Deferred Payment of. Correspondence and report on regulations for.

Fire Hazards on Campus. Report on.

Freshman Week. Correspondence, registration and program information.

Gary Portrait. Correspondence and McKissick's speech re: presentation of portrait to USC.

General Correspondence. Miscellaneous topics relating to the University.

General Education Board. Completed questionnaire.

High School Week 1938. Appointment of committee, program.

Housing of Students. Report from University of Minnesota.

Humanities Club. Meeting notice.

BOX 6 (1937-38)

Inaugural Program. Includes copy of speech and requests for speech.

Invitations, 1937. Invitations, acceptances, declinations.

Invitations, 1938. Invitations, acceptances, declinations.

Lectures and Lecturers. Offers to give lectures at USC.

Library System. Proposal.

McKissick, J. Rion, 1937. Personal correspondence.

McKissick, J. Rion, 1938. Personal correspondence.

Melton Hall. Correspondence re: use as a dormitory.

Mimeographing Dept. Correspondence re: establishment of.

National Honorary Beta Club. Correspondence includes annual meeting.

O'Neal Portrait. Correspondence re: purchase of.

Phi Beta Kappa. Correspondence re: nominations to.

Real Estate Practices and Procedures. Suggested course in.

Rhodes Scholarship Committee. Election of McKissick as chair of SC committee.

Rockefeller Foundation. Correspondence re: founding a Bureau of Public Administration at USC.

Scholarships and Fellowships:

Epps Loan Fund. Applications.

French Club Scholarship. Funding.

General. Announcements of .

Graduate Fellowships. Correspondence re: efforts to establish.

NYA Applicants. Responses to requests, list of applicants.

NYA Officials. Correspondence re: projects and conferences.

School of Pharmacy. Proposal for scholarship.

SC Loan Fund. Notification of recipients.

Charles Irwin Travelli Fund. Includes funding of, recipients of.

University Assistants. Correspondence with applicants, recipients, amounts awarded.

Secretarial Service. Secretarial help for Dean Childs.

Society for Hard of Hearing. Plans for regular testing of children in school.

Solicitation on Campus. Banning of.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion. Correspondence on holding reunion at USC.

BOX 7 (1937-38)

SC Agricultural and Mechanics Society. Includes thanks for contract with Athletic Dept.

SC Association of the Blind. Use of USC buildings for convention.

SC Baptist Hospital. Letter re: students choosing hospitals.

SC Civil Contingent Fund Committee. Funding request.

SC Dept of Education. Correspondence re: school library standards.

SC Federation of Women. McKissick asked to serve on consulting board.

SC Forestry Commission. Letter re: Arbor Day.

SC High School League. University's participation in.

SC Highway Testing Laboratory. Letter re: continuing contract with USC.

SC Historical Association. Correspondence re: resolution of thanks.

SC Press Association. Holding midwinter institute at USC.

SC Rural Electrification Authority. Primarily progress bulletins.

SC Tuberculosis Association. Conference information and invitation to speak.

SC Unemployment Compensation Commission. Correspondence re: examinations given at USC for agency jobs.

Southern Conference. Correspondence re: rules for student athletes, meetings.

Speech, Professor of. Possible creation of position.

Store Room. Summer storage to prevent theft.

Student Absences. Request for excused absences due to accident.

Student Activities Fee. Includes list of allocations, expenses.

Student Affairs:

Athletics. Letter re: Coach McAllister.

Athletic Advisory Board. Includes appointment of committee on constitution.

Athletic Association. Correspondence and report on the Association's debt.

Carolinian. Statement of support for.

Clariosophic Literary Society. Letter of support by.

Coaching Staff. Letter of confidence in new coaches.

Cooperative Stores. Agreement between USC and operators of a canteen.

Football, 1938. Correspondence includes broadcasting games, arranging games, coaching staff.

Football Season:

Carolina-Clemson. Primarily tickets for dignitaries.

Citadel. Primarily tickets for dignitaries.

Emory & Henry. Primarily tickets for dignitaries.

Davidson. Primarily tickets.

Football Squad. Thank-you to St. Paul's Lutheran Church for support.

Furman. Primarily tickets for dignitaries.

General. Correspondence re: season tickets.

Georgia. Primarily tickets for dignitaries.

Presbyterian College. Primarily tickets for dignitaries.

BOX 8 (1937-38)

Student Affairs:

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence re: banning of off-campus Greek housing.

Gamecock. Includes finances of and April Fool issue.

Garnet and Black. Includes correspondence re: finances and list of suggestions for yearbook dedication.

General. Includes list of student organizations' officers and activity fees information.

Glee Club. Correspondence on policy on absences for performances.

Honor Committee. Correspondence re: distribution of Honor Blue Books.

May Queen Committee. Appointment of faculty to count ballots.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Letter re: amateur athletes.

Publications. Correspondence on student petition for a “New Carolinian.”

Selden Society. Request for allocation from student activities fund.

SC Methodist Student Conference. Information on.

Southern Student Health Association. Election of USC as member.

Student Aid 1937. Correspondence and applications for student aid, including NYA grants.

Student Aid 1938. Correspondence and applications for student aid, including NYA grants.

Student Assistantships 1937-38. Correspondence re: department requests for assistants.

Student Board of Publications. Letter re: policies for government of Gamecock.

Student Correspondence. Correspondence with students and parents re: admissions, grades, tuition, etc.

Student Fees. Financial report.

Student Grades. Delinquency list.

Student NYA Applicants. Correspondence re: students applying for NYA financial aid.

Student Obligations. Student debts with Columbia merchants.

Student Union Building. Includes vandalism, student fees.

Sullivan Award. Includes list of graduates.

Supplies and Equipment. Correspondence re: purchase of Dictaphone.

BOX 9 (1937-38)

Telephone Exchange. Request for improvement of.

Tours-Educational. Letter on educational expedition.

Travel Expenses. Correspondence re: changes in policy, travel vouchers.

Tuberculosis Institute. Correspondence re: training institute held at USC

Tuition Fees. Bill on financial aid.

United Brewers Industrial Association. Includes Code of Practice.

United States Army. Correspondence re: army flying cadets.

University Activities Committee. Primarily correspondence re: requests for new hires and salary adjustments.

University Caroliniana Collection. Letter about acquisition.

University Caroliniana Society. Includes list of members.

University Cooperative Stores. Financial report.

University News Service. Correspondence primarily on vacant journalism instructorship and directorship of News Service.

University Placement Service. Letter promoting.

University Press. Interest in reestablishing.

USC Statistics. Report on appropriations.

Vacation Suggestions. Letter re: place to vacation.

Winthrop College. Letter re: Winthrop getting a chapter of Pi Gamma Nu.

Work Progress Administration, Correspondence. Status of projects.

Work Progress Administration, Reports. Status of projects.

WPA Statewide Geodetic Survey Project. Funding.

WPA Writers Project. Primarily correspondence on State Guide Book.

Y's Bird. Compliment by McKissick on publication.

YMCA. Correspondence and handouts re: topics for discussion groups.

YWCA. Includes copy of budget.


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