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J. Rion McKissick


BOX 1 (1936-37)


Bible. Correspondence re: instructors.

Biology. Includes faculty promotions.

Chemistry. Promotions and hirings.

Commerce, School of. Includes newsletter.

Economics. Includes course materials for class in SC economic life.

Education. Includes issues of newsletter.

Engineering. Includes correspondence re: need for more instructors.

English, Language. Departmental course requirements and hirings.

English, Literature. Correspondence with Havilah Babcock re: coursework and personnel matters.

Entrance Requirements. Letter re: movement to change.

Fine Arts. Personnel matters.

Geology. Correspondence re: student seeking assistantship.

Government. Proposed department.

Graduate School. Includes Graduate School Conference report.

History. Classes and personnel.

Journalism, School of. Includes list of journalism graduates 1925-36.

Law School. Correspondence includes examinations and books.

Mathematics. Includes student assistantship.

Modern Languages. Personnel matters, including salaries and promotions.

Pharmacy. Efforts to prevent closing of school.

Physical Education for Men. Proposal for coursework leading to Bachelor's degree in Physical

Political Science, Dept of. Correspondence re: proposal for.

Social Work, School of. Reports and correspondence re: discontinuing of.

Summer School 1936. Includes McKissick's graduation address.

Advertising. Correspondence re: USC not allowed to advertise.

American Legion. Efforts to establish World War One museum at War Memorial Building.

Armstrong, J.C. Death of.


Alumni Association Suggestions. Correspondence re: fund-raising and endowments.

Alumni Association. Correspondence re: membership and funds; includes results of questionnaire to
other schools.

American Academy of Political Science. Meeting information.

American Association of University Professors. Representing the AAUP at an inauguration.

American Association of University Women. Correspondence re: increasing number of women on faculty and salary inequity.

Association of College Unions. Correspondence re: establishing college union at USC.

General. Includes list of associations in which USC is member.

National Association of State Universities. Membership and meetings.

National Education Association. Meeting information.

SC Association of Collegiate Registrars. Meeting information.

SC Economic Association. Correspondence re: radio broadcasts and membership.

SC Educational Association. Correspondence re: membership and legislation.

South Carolina Budget Commission. State Auditor request for budget statement.

South Carolina Chemurgic Council. Letter re: funding of.

South Carolina Historical Society. Correspondence re: Charleston tombstone inscriptions.

South Carolina Press Association. Correspondence re: midwinter press institute.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes study on scholarships and student fees.

State University Association. Purpose of, meeting information.

Teacher's Insurance and Annuity Association. Insurance information.

University Carolinian Society. Establishment of.

BOX 2 (1936-37)

Baptist Student Union. Correspondence on religious activities at USC.

Bell, R.G. Various correspondence.

Board of Trustees:

Committees. List of.

Finance Committee. Correspondence and meeting minutes.

Minutes. From 12/9/36.

Special Committees. Includes correspondence re: revision of by-laws.

University Activities Committee. Correspondence re: resolutions and committee members.

Books, Periodicals, Etc. Correspondence re: acquisitions.

Budget 1936-37. Report.

Budget 1937-38. Reports.

Building and Grounds:

Botanical Gardens. Primarily acquiring money for purchase of land.

Bowling Alley. Feasibility of putting one on campus.

Coker, E. C. Correspondence includes landscaping and telescope.

Dormitories, New. Includes letter from building committee to students about new dorms.

General. Correspondence re: repairs, construction, landscaping.

Heating System. Report on condition of.

Insurance on University Property. Resolution to refer matter to Finance Committee.

Library Building. Efforts to acquire PWA loan for constructing new library.

Sprinkler System. Efforts to get sprinkler system installed.

Stadium. Construction of additions.

State Highway Department. Letter re: paving at USC.

Stewards Hall. Includes inventory and list of assets.

Swimming Pool. Efforts to get funding for construction of.

Terminex Company. 1931-33. Correspondence re: treatment for termites.

Women's Cafeteria. Operation of.

Callcott, W.H. Personal letter.

Catalogs. Requests for.

Chapel. Report of Committee on voluntary attendance, McKissick's remarks at first voluntary chapel exercises

Chaplain. Proposal for full-time chaplain.

Chase, John A. Dean of Admissions. Includes job duties and reports on students.

BOX 3 (1936-37)

Columbia Community Chest. Fundraising for the needy.

Columbia, City of. Correspondence re: traffic signal at Sumter and Greene Streets.

Commencement 1937. Arrangements, speakers, McKissick's address to graduates.


Athletic. Appointment of members.

Cafeteria. Correspondence and reports re: operation of Steward's Hall.

Caroliniana. Correspondence re: acquisitions, collections, and projects.

Catalog. Correspondence re: information for the University catalog.

Discipline. Correspondence re: student disciplinary problems.

Fraternities and Student Organizations. Correspondence re: regulations.

Honor Committee. Recommendations of.

Honorary. Correspondence re: nominations.

Library. Scheduling of meetings.

National Honorary Beta Club. Correspondence re: meetings and journal.

Rhodes Scholarship. Appointment of chairman; applicant for scholarship.

Schedule. Appointment of new chairman.

Special. Correspondence re: various topics.

Student Affairs. Correspondence re: membership, agenda, meetings.

Student Health. Establishment of committee, meeting minutes.

Summer School. Meeting arrangements.

Correspondence School. Promotional material.

Engagements. Correspondence re: McKissick's speaking engagements.

Extension Service. Correspondence re: restoration of the department and search for director.

BOX 4 (1936-37)


Abel-Brooks Case. Correspondence re: possible dismissal of female Instructor due to accusations of ex-husband.

Babcock, Havilah. Professor of English. Includes correspondence on speaking engagements.

Baker, Leonard T. Dean of Faculty. Includes correspondence re: duties.

Ball, Thomas F. Prof. of Electrical Engineering. Includes correspondence on Alumni Association “House of Wonder” exhibit and request for housing.

Bradley, F.W. Dean, College of Arts and Science. Includes seminar and information for report.

Childs, Arney. Dean of Women. Includes naming of Women's Building and sorority housing.

Copenhaver, J.E. Asso. Prof. of Chemistry. Includes recommendation by McKissick.

Daniel, J. McT. Prof. of Education. Correspondence re: conference.

deHorvath, Felice. Instructor of Music and Violin. Letter re: living arrangements.

Depass, Samuel C. Prof. of Journalism. Includes resume and hiring of.

Frierson, J. Nelson. Dean of Law. Correspondence re: loan of old book.

General. Includes correspondence on class absences, tenure, meetings, promotions, and salaries.

Green, Edwin L. Prof. of Ancient Languages. Letter re: antebellum exams.

Kilpatrick, Emmett. Prof. of Romance Languages. Correspondence re: charges of drunkenness and his resignation.

Matteson, Maurice J. Instructor of Music. Correspondence re: charges against him and his resignation.

Mercer, C.F. Prof. of Physics. Letter re: acting as an expert witness.

Meriwether, R. L. Prof. of History. Includes letter of appreciation for his work on Caroliniana collection.

Morrison, R.W. Adjunct. Prof. of Pharmacy. Workman's Compensation claim.

Morse, Josiah. Prof. of Psycholgoy and Philosophy. Letter re: speaking at meeting for Sol Blatt.

Petty, J.J. Asso. Prof. of Geography. Correspondence on insurance.

Philson, P.J. Instructor of Biology. Proposal for evening class in botany.

Pope, Nancy. Instructor of Physical Education. Correspondence re: conference and application for assistant.

Roberts, F. Carlisle. Asso. Prof. of Law. Letter re: salary.

Rodgers, Floyd. Instructor of Journalism. Includes personal letter.

Smith, Reed. Prof. of English. Correspondence re: University's reputation.

Stephan, Rene M. Asso. Prof. of Modern Languages. Resume.

Strother, W.D. Asso. Prof. of Pharmacy. Letter on insurance.

Sweeney, Grace. Asso. Prof. of Modern Languages. Correspondence re: vacation.

Taber, Stephen. Prof. of Geology and Mineralogy. Correspondence re: International Geological Congress and books by L. Vanuxem.

Timmons, R.K. Instructor of Modern Languages. Resume and letter re: salary adjustment.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Dean Emeritus, School of Education. C. re: manuscript.

Waterfall, C.H. Asso. Prof. of Economics. Qualifications for teaching traffic safety course.

Wauchope, George. Prof. of English Language and Literature. Dinner honoring 75th birthday.

Wienefeld, R.H. Asso. Prof. of History. Letter re: speaking engagement.

Financial Aid:

Beaufort Watts Ball Scholarship. Correspondence re: awarding of.

Charles Irwin Travelli Fund. Information on and awarding of.

Fees, Deferred. Correspondence and forms re: deferred fee payments.

Freshmen Scholarships. Correspondence and reports re: awarding of and grades of recipients.

General. Correspondence and list of financial aid offered.

Ralph Dickson Epps Loan Fund. Establishment of.

Student Assistantships. Correspondence re: funding of and number per department.

Fritsche, Carl B. Correspondence re: speaking at USC.

Funderbunk, Alfred F. Death of.

Gaines, Lodema. Includes reports on public attitude toward USC students and recruitment of students.

Gary Portrait. Correspondence re: presentation of portrait.

Gillard, William F. Assistant Registrar. Letter requesting salary adjustment.

BOX 5 (1936-37)

Heyward, N.B. University Physician. Letter of complaint and dismissal of.

High School Graduates. Statistics.

High School Week. Correspondence re: committee and lists of contest winners.

Hodges, B.D. Death of.

House of Wonder. Correspondence re: exhibit.

Inauguration of McKissick. Inaugural program and address.

Infirmary. Includes daily reports on patients.


Latimer, Mrs. S. L. Matron of Steward's Hall. Correspondence re: death of.

Lectures and Lecturers. Correspondence arranging lectures at USC.

Library. Correspondence re: acquisitions, Carolina collection, appropriations.

McKissick, J. Rion. General correspondence.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence on various subjects.

Moon, Nannie. Correspondence re: salary.

National Democratic Campaign. Flyer to USC students re: fundraising for FDR's campaign.

National Social Security Act. Information on effect on USC employees.

National Youth Administration. Correspondence with officials.

National Youth Administration, Applicants. Students applying for financial aid and list of recipients.

BOX 6 (1936-37)

Personnel Bureau. Correspondence and reports re: Bureau activities.

Publicity. Includes speeches and articles from McKissick.

Radio Station WAIM. Requesting CBS to expand into South Carolina.

Radio Station, Florence. Efforts to establish.

Reorganization Suggestions. Lists of suggestions.

Retirement Allowance. Correspondence re: retirement information.

Rutledge, Archibald. Correspondence re: joining USC faculty.

South Carolina Democratic National Finance Campaign. Correspondence re: fundraising for FDR campaign.

South Carolina Employment Service. Correspondence re: designation of representative from USC.

South Carolina High School Week. Program.

South Carolina Legislature, Correspondence. Appropriations.

South Carolina Legislature, Reports. Appropriations.

South Carolina Newspapers. Mailing lists.

South Carolina School of the Air. Correspondence re: success of school, planned programs, and copy of address by McKissick.

South Carolina Union. Correspondence re: establishing the club at USC.

State Electrification Authority. Includes financial report.

Student Activities:


Basketball. Correspondence re: dispute over cancelled game with Roanoke College.

Carolina-Citadel Day. Football game at Orangeburg County Fair.

Football: Primarily complimentary tickets for politicians and other dignitaries.

Clemson Game.
Duke Game.

Erskine Game.

BOX 7 (1936-37)

Florida Game.

Furman Football Game.

University of North Carolina Game.

Villanova Game.

VPI Game.

General. Correspondence re: games and meeting minutes.

McCallister, Don. Football Coach. Primarily correspondence re: high school athletes.

Southern University Conference. Correspondence, meeting minutes, constitution.

State Agricultural and Mechanical Society. Correspondence re: agreements for games at State Fair.

Campus Book Store. Correspondence includes prohibitive costs of books.

Clariosophic Literary Society. Letter of appreciation to Society for their support.

Co-Ed Association. Constitution of.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes correspondence on the abolishment of off campus Greek housing.

Gamecock. Includes information for publication and correspondence on factual errors.

Garnet and Black. Correspondence includes giving more room for faculty in yearbook.

Student Activities, General. Tennis player's eligibility; German Club, budget.

Peace Demonstrations. Information on meeting to promote peace.

Student Counseling. Advisement assignments.

Student Residence. Correspondence re: legal guardians and residence.

University Social Services Club. Invitation to Eleanor Roosevelt to speak.

Women Students. Historical information on coeducation at USC.

YMCA/YWCA. Includes annual report and discussion group outlines.

Young Democrats. Flyer for FDR campaign fundraising.

Sullivan Awards. Nominations for.

Taylor, W. Frank. Asst. Business Manager. Includes letter re: salary and furniture for Thornwell College.

Teacher Retirement Plan. Selecting representative for meeting.

Teacher Training Institute. Correspondence on holding one at USC.

Town Theatre. Letter stating USC not able to pay portion of director's salary.

Travel Expenses. Correspondence and statements re: expenses and reimbursement.

USC Legal Rights and Privileges. Seeking advice of SC Attorney General.

University News Service. C. re: reorganization of service and new leader, report on work done.

University Players. Complimentary tickets and background information.

Welbourne, F.F. Treasurer. Includes financial reports and correspondence.

Women's Auxiliary. List of members.

Work Progress Administration. Workshop information.





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