Office of the President

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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1973-74)

President's Office:

Miscellaneous. Includes report by University Counsel on legal affairs at USC, announcement of personnel changes.

Affirmative Action Officer (Durham). Development and implementation of Affirmative Action plan, survey results.

Invitations. Various USC functions.

Letters of Congratulations. To alumni and community leaders.

Ombudsman and Staff Counsel. Re: legal affairs of the University.

Presidential Memos. Includes women's athletics, policies, personnel.

Presidential Opportunity Scholars. Annual report.

Procedures Coordinator. Re: changes in policies, work on policies and procedures manual.


Patterson. Includes reappointments to endowed chairs, report on Law admission test scores, guidelines for establishment of new programs, budget requests.

Associate Provost. Includes activities report, proposal for ETV project, continuing education, workshops, salaries.

Computer Science Center. Compliment for employee, recommendations for change in systems.

Educational Development Officer. Includes survey results, workshops, report on “Strategies for Change and Knowledge Utilization at USC,” seminars.

Educational Services:

Associate Provost. Includes grant, report on status of USC-ETV courses, seminar.

Educational Television. Equipment demonstration.

Instructional Services Center. Mission of and proposals for future.

Media Arts Institute. Includes appointment of director, recommendations for development of institute.

Records Office & Registration. Recommendations for changes in advisement and registration systems.

BOX 2 (1973-74)

Ford Foundation:

Miscellaneous. Includes report on innovative programs at USC, granting of monies.

Interpersonal Communications Workshop. Workshop materials.

Undergraduate Teaching Improvement Grants. Funding of faculty proposals through Ford Venture Fund.

University 101. Faculty participation, compliments for program, visit by Ford Foundation representatives.

Libraries. Gift of collection, budget, Caroliniana Society annual meeting.

University Press. Announcements of publications, review and recommendations re: departmental operations, finances.

War Memorial Museum. Return of a collection to donor, announcement of Francis Lord collection.

Advanced Studies and Research:

Vice Provost. Primarily grant activity, resignation of Vice Provost.


Business and Economic Research. Grants, faculty activities.

Governmental Research and Service. Grants, industrial research institute proposal, criticisms of Bureau.

Graduate School. Minutes of graduate faculty meeting.


Archaeology and Anthropology. Includes progress reports on Horseshoe excavation project, grants.

Belle Baruch Coastal Research. Includes dedication of facility, grants, scholarship, estuarine sanctuary, activities report.

Social Problems Research Institute. Includes activity reports, grants,

TRIO evaluation visit.

Traffic and Transportation Center. Director's resignation, carpooling plan for USC.

Office of Research. Primarily grant activity reports.

BOX 3 (1973-74)

Arts and Letters, College of:

Miscellaneous. Budget requests, faculty matters, committees.

Dean Search. Primarily minutes of search committee.

Art. Includes grants, proposal for MA in Art History, request to reorganize as School of Art.

English. Includes Humanities film library, teaching awards, fellowship, Renaissance Festival.

Foreign Languages. New faculty member, postponement of foreign study program.

Music. Includes faculty matters, complaint about band program, Christmas Music Festival.

Philosophy. Primarily re: faculty publications.

Religion. Reports on experimental course for re-admitted students, continuing education for clergy.

Theatre. Letters in support of director, finances, dispute with director, productions.

Health Sciences:

Health and Physical Education, School of. Youth program, Special Olympics, seminar, grants.

Nursing, College of. Grants.

Social Work, School of. Grants, accreditation, computer services, faculty resignations.

Pharmacy, College of. Includes annual report, building and space needs, grants, scholarship fund.

Liberal and Cultural Disciplines:

Vice Provost. Includes services for mature students, budget, faculty positions needed, secretarial seminar evaluation, proposal for USC campus overseas.

Dean of Freshmen (Beardsley). Progress report on freshman programs, “Show Wagon” proposal.

Center for Cultural Development. Includes progress report, establishment of advisory council, selection of Center's senior fellows.

Center for Editions of American Authors. Includes annual report, newsletter.

Center for Shakespeare Studies. Monetary gifts, publications.

Contemporary University. Thanks to participants, list of projects.

General Studies, College of. Includes degree programs, grants, curricula, visit by
Assistant Secretary of Transportation.

Honors Program. Resignation of director, workshop summaries, compliments for program.

BOX 4 (1973-74)

Professional Schools:

Business Administration, College of:

Miscellaneous. Includes establishment of Master of International Business, grant, Partnership Foundation, financial reports.

“Broadening Horizons.” Draft of history of business school.

Building Dedication. New building.

Education, School of: includes proposal for museum, reports on conference and model schools project, faculty activities, grants.

Engineering, College of. Grants, symposium, engineering facilities, faculty publications.

Journalism, College of. Includes funding, equipment needs, gifts, grants, accreditation.

Librarianship, College of. Primarily accreditation.

Law School. Includes accreditation, admissions.

BOX 5 (1973-74)

Science and Mathematics, College of:

Miscellaneous. Visiting speakers program, visit by high school students.

Biology. Grants, seminars, invitation to lecture in Soviet Union, project for SCE&G, funding.

Chemistry. Primarily grants and efforts to bring research professor from England.

Geology. Grants, faculty activities.

Math and Computer Science. Faculty resignations, publications.

Physics. Faculty activities, fellowship program, grant.

Social and Behavioral Sciences, College of:

Miscellaneous. Faculty matters, new laboratory, newsletter, building needs, five year plan.

Aerospace Studies and AFROTC. Includes Governor's Review, military ball, American Legion awards.

Anthropology and Sociology. Faculty roster, grant, guest lecturer.

Geography. Faculty publications, grants.

Government and International Studies. Includes new department head, grants, conference, MIBS program, “Conversations in American Government” video series.

History. Includes department head resignation, guest lecturer, development of “Saints and Legions” ETV course.

Naval Science and NROTC. Commissioning ceremony, Navy Nuclear Power luncheon.

Psychology. Includes grants, accreditation.

Regional Campuses:

Vice Provost. Includes finances, background data for interview.

Aiken. Gift of sculpture, new faculty, grant, need for capital funding.

Beaufort. Need for new facilities.

Coastal Carolina. Need for new facilities, request for senior level courses.

Lancaster. Grant.

Military Programs. Grants, Servicemen's Opportunity College, PACE commencement.

Salkehatchie. Resignation of commission member, reception, commencement.

Sumter. Transfer of campus from Clemson University to Carolina.

Union. Approval for foreign study.

BOX 6 (1973-74)

Admissions. Primarily statistical and activity reports.

Athletic Affairs:

Director. Includes activity report, dispute over televising basketball games, status of women's athletics, complaints about traffic and cheerleaders.

Basketball. Tickets, excitement of games, disparity between football and basketball programs.

Budget and Financial Statements. Audit, attendance statistics.

Football 1973. Tickets, Homecoming, parties.

Board of Trustees:


Miscellaneous. Includes complaints about slow response to media requests, CHE report on health care expansion, report on mandatory student activity fees, proposal to reestablish South

Carolina College on the Horseshoe.


Academic. Minutes.

Building and Grounds. Minutes.

Executive. Minutes.

Intercollegiate Activities. Minutes, reorganization of Faculty Athletic Committee.

Investment. Minutes.

Planning and Coordination for Fundraising. Minutes and recommendations.

Reorganization Study. Re: administration's structure.

Student-Board Liaison. Minutes, income from validated tickets.

Board of Women Visitors. Membership, reports on faculty and staffs views on institutional goals.

BOX 7 (1973-74)

Business Affairs:

Vice President. Includes budget, campus planning, construction projects, physical plant maintenance, art center, trial closing of Greene Street.

Auxiliary Services:

Bookstore. Report on sales, expansion plans.

Coliseum. Christmas pageant.

Housing. Registration of refrigerators, transfer request, change in housekeeping.

Printing. Compliment for services.

Budget Director. Financial statements.

Budget Material. 1974-75 appropriations request.

Budget Requests. Department requests.

Finance. Includes year-end financial analysis, changes in travel regulations.

Horseshoe Renovation. Background data, status report, positive responses from alumni.

Institutional Studies and Research. Reports from Commission on Higher Education.

Personnel. Announcements and memos re: policies and procedures.

Physical Plant. Power outage.

Security and Communications. Includes reports on vandalism and theft, statistical report on police investigations.

Treasurer's Office. Re: payments, audit.

BOX 8 (1973-74)


August 1973. Arrangements.

May. Arrangements.

August 1974. Arrangements.


Academic Advisory. Minutes.

Administrative Advisory. Minutes.

President's Advisory. Admissions of athletes.


Vice President. Gifts, bequests, new funds.

Alumni Association. Includes Alumni Council minutes, accountant's report.

Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Includes minutes, audit report.

Educational Foundation:

Miscellaneous. Contributions, financial reports, minutes.

Carolina Scholars. Selection process.

President's Council. Minutes, meetings, football tickets, membership.

University Associates. Meeting, membership, Jones's farewell letter.

University Placement. Report on student placements.

BOX 9 (1973-74)

Faculty and Staff:

Miscellaneous. Administrative Employees Club, chart on age of faculty.

Faculty Senate. Minutes and reports.

Promotions. List of.

Faculty and Staff Committees:

Miscellaneous. Committee lists.

Academic Forward Planning:

Miscellaneous. Minutes, reports.

Academic Development Projects. Reports on.

Institutional Goals at USC. Reports on Institutional Goals Inventory.

Admissions. Minutes, reports.

Admissions Advisory Task Force. Establishment of.

Advisory Committee on Veterans Affairs. Establishment of.

Affirmative Action. Policy, membership.

Amoco Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award. Membership, nominees, awarding of.

Athletic. Funding and support of women's athletics.

Bicentennial. Establishment of.

Board of Student Publications & Communications. Primarily minutes.

Cafeteria. Minutes.

Campus Traffic Appellate Court. Resignation of chairman.

Center for Study of the Future. Interest in future studies.

Coastal Zone Research. Establishment of.

Committee to Review Student Records. Report.

Counseling Services. Annual report, position paper.

Curricula and New Courses. Minutes.

BOX 10 (1973-74)

Drug. Minutes, report on drug use by freshmen.

Energy Conservation. Establishment of, recommendations on dealing with energy crisis.

Facilities and Grounds Advisory. Establishment of, minutes.

Faculty Advisory. Reports and recommendations.

Faculty Welfare. Recommendations for tenure policy.

Fringe Benefits. Report.

Honorary Degree. Selection of recipients.

Housing Appeals Board. Activity report.

Insurance & Annuity. Recommendations.

Legal Residency. Primarily complaints about non-resident status.

Minority Student Affairs. Annual report.

Parking. Minutes.

Russell Awards. Guidelines.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Annual report.

Student Affairs. Minutes, membership.

Student-Faculty Relations. Report and recommendations.

Task Force on Lifelong Learning & Educational Opportunity. Establishment of.

Women's Studies. Establishment of.

Information Services. Includes grant, Myrtle Beach Theatre project, list of projects.

Student Affairs:

Vice President. Includes Student Senate bills and resolutions, dorm safety concerns, student fee allocations, report on freshman drug use.

Counseling Bureau. Contract with Veterans Administration.

Dean for Residence Life. Off-campus and coeducational housing.

Dean for Student Activities. Includes status of cheerleaders, accusation of misuse of student funds, religious holidays.

Foreign Student Advisor. International banquet, Columbia Council for Internationals.

Health Services. Compliments for infirmary staff, new physician, hospital license renewal.

Religious Centers. Recognition of ministers as University Chaplains.

Streaking. Complaints from citizens about streaking craze among USC students.

Student Aid. Funding of, awarding of, requests for.

Student Organizations:

Miscellaneous. Includes Young Americans for Freedom protest against lower academic standards, Wrestling Club, AWARE.

Publications and Communications:

Gamecock. Satirical editorials, complaint, trademark of Gamecock name.

Garnet and Black. Complaints about.

WUSC. Re: vulgar response by WUSC's program director to editorial, questions for Jones interview, use of FM channel.

BOX 11 (1973-74)

Student Government. Minutes, approval or disapproval of bills and resolutions.

Students, Misc. Inquiries, complaints, and compliments by students and parents.

University Union. Includes films, special programs, relationship between Board of Governors and Student Affairs Division.

Upward Bound. Clipping re: program.

Veteran Student Affairs. Veterans Student Handbook, complaint about letter sent in error.

Volunteer Services. Carolina Cares, USC Volunteer newsletter.

Associations and Boards:

Institute for International Education. Includes annual report, USC Fulbright Program advisor.

National Association of State Universities & Land-Grant Colleges. Legislation affecting higher education, annual convention.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Regulations, legislation affecting college sports, including Title IX.

National Commission on Accrediting. Jones's opposition to specialized accreditation agencies.

National Training Laboratory Institute. Conferences, annual report, visit to USC.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Financial statement, committee reports, USC representatives.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Includes report on accreditation of two-year colleges in the South.

Southern Regional Education Board. Primarily re: academic common market.

Strategies for Change and Knowledge Utilization. Includes report on educational problems and problem-solving at USC, proposals for innovate programs, report on Academic Forward Planning Committee.

Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities. Includes University Without Walls program, conference, membership.

BOX 12 (1973-74)

City of Columbia. Includes emergency drill, research and development park.

Civic and Charitable Organizations:

Miscellaneous. Cancer and Heart Associations campaigns.

1973 United Way Campaign, Education Division. Jones's work as chair of Education Division.

Colleges and Universities. Includes Baruch Foundation, legislation, dual employment regulations.

Fools File.
Letter re: decline of America.

Funding for nursing scholarship, awards.

Bequests, painting, books, money.

Notices of award.

Miscellaneous. Includes inquiry re: Rutledge Chapel organ, request for support of Vietnamese university, complaint about using Currell College for LSAT.

Re: salaries, enrollment, institutional goals, community concerns.

SC Associations, Boards and Departments:

Miscellaneous. Includes state employee salaries, health policy council, counseling services.

Attorney General's Office. Re: construction bid.

Auditor. Includes transfer of Sumter campus from Clemson to USC, capital improvement bonds, appropriations.

Budget and Control Board. Appropriations, policies, state employee grievance committee.

Commission for Technical Education. Request for boat, report on TEC schools.

Commission on Higher Education:


Miscellaneous. Includes appropriations, degree program proposals, salaries, capital improvement program.

Commission on Higher Education Facilities. Grant, workshop, appropriations.

BOX 13 (1973-74)

Council of Presidents. Primarily minutes, material for meetings.

Educational Television Network. Joint projects.

Governor of SC. includes committees, grants workshop, appropriations, criminal justice program, energy conservation, estuarine sanctuaries.

Legislature. Includes second medical school, complaint re: law school admissions, Jones's opposition to changes in funding procedures.

SC Cultural Center Steering and Coordinating Committee. Minutes and proposals for establishment of cultural center.

US Government:

Miscellaneous. USC failure to qualify as research facility.

Health, Education and Welfare:

Miscellaneous. Primarily re: grants, compliance review.

Affirmative Action Material. Departmental reports on compliance with Affirmative Action.

House of Representatives. VA training, pool for Coastal Carolina, Social Security grant, videotaped political science course, appropriations.

Senate. Primarily grants, oceanic studies.

BOX 14 (1973-74)

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