Office of the President

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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1972-73)

Admissions. Includes statistics, policies, complaint about SAT.

Advanced Studies and Research:

Vice Provost. Includes Opportunity Scholars, grants, new courses, degree proposals, APOGEE program.

Archaeology and Anthropology. Grants.

Belle Baruch Coastal Research. Grants, status of Hobcaw Barony.


Business and Economic Research. Reports on grants, seminar, adjunct professors.

Urban and Regional Affairs. Research projects.

Office of Research. Primarily monthly reports on research projects.

Social Problems Research Institute. Includes budget, federal funding, personnel, projects.

Traffic and Transportation Center. Primarily minutes.

Arts and Letters:

Art. Scheduling of courses, University 101, grants, College of Arts and Letters organization.


Theatre. Includes finances, productions, theatre needs.

Foreign Languages. Includes lectures, Doctor of Arts degree, faculty activities.

Music. Includes new department head, Concert Choir performances, scholarship.

Philosophy. Includes faculty travel, American Philosophical Association, criticism of course.

Associations and Boards:

American Council on Education. Internship program, legislation.

College Entrance Examination Board. USC considering dropping membership.

Institute for International Education. Conference on current problems of Latin American universities.

International Association of Universities. Withdrawal of membership.

National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges. Includes legislation on higher education, cuts in federal funding, meetings.

National Conference on Administration of Research. Conference information, no longer meeting in dormitories.

National Student Exchange. Information on program.

National Entertainment Conference. Re: board membership.

National Merit Scholarship. Grant.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Travelling program on atomic energy, future of the organization.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools:

Self-Study. Re: USC's self-study, accreditation.

Self-Study Reports. Evaluations of self-study process.

Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities. Primarily minutes.

Southern Educational Communications Association. Meeting with USC officials.

Southern University Conference. Includes Jones's presentation.

BOX 2 (1972-73)

Athletic Affairs:

Director. Includes letters of support and complaint for Dietzel, complaints about tickets and dropping Bob Fulton as game announcer, financial report.

Basketball. Tickets, McGuire basketball school, complaint about Bob Fulton's announcing.

Football. Primarily tickets, stadium dedication.

Board of Trustees:


Academic Affairs and Faculty-Liaison. Minutes.

Buildings and Grounds. Minutes.

Executive. Minutes.

Intercollegiate Activities. Minutes.

Planning and Coordination for Fundraising. Recommendations.

Student Board Liaison. Minutes.

Minutes (Full Board).

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: meetings, policies, student organizations, holding dual offices.

Board of Women Visitors. Reports on abolishing curfews for women.

Business Affairs:

Vice President. Funding, grants, construction projects, physical plant maintenance, urban renewal projects.

Auxiliary Services. Includes proposal for University Terrace grocery store,

Booker T. Washington students using physical education facilities.

Campus Shop. Request for decals.

Coliseum. Includes coliseum operating philosophy.

BOX 3 (1972-73)

Finance. Includes travel procedures, fundraising, list of changes in physical plant, Educational Foundation.

Housing. Policies, complaint re: coed dorm, requests for help.

Institutional Research. Statistical reports, including enrollment, degrees conferred, student geographical origins.

Personnel. Policies including salaries, annual leave, tuition reimbursement, insurance.

Physical Facilities Planning. Director's resignation.

Physical Plant. Employee parking decals, requests for use of buildings.

Security and Communications. Includes statistics on USC police investigations, parking tickets, compliments for USC police.

City of Columbia. Includes urban renewal and development projects.

Civic and Charitable Organizations.
Drives for various charitable organizations, including Red Cross, American Cancer Society, United Fund.

Colleges and Universities.

Includes rumor that USC students were not admitted to the Medical University of South Carolina due to USC efforts to start second medical school.

Commencement. Arrangements for May ceremony, honorary degrees.

Contemporary University. Includes final report on program activities.


Academic Advisory. Minutes.

Administrative Advisory. Includes reports on Continuing Education activities and space needs, minutes.

President's Advisory. Establishment of, membership, appropriations.

BOX 4 (1972-73)


Vice President. Gifts, fundraising, meetings, scholarships, San Francisco tour, report on need for private support.

Alumni Association. Primarily alumni development tours, Alumni Council, minutes.

Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Includes minutes, Senate Plaza, Booker T. Washington complex.

Carolina Scholars. Contributions to, availability of.

Education Foundation:

1972 Campus Campaign. Plans for Annual Fund campaign for faculty and staff.

Executive Committee Meetings. Minutes, recommendation, insurance information, accountant's report.

Miscellaneous July 1972 – Feb 1973. Fundraising activities, management and use of funds, chair endowments, gifts, financial reports, minutes.

Miscellaneous March – June 1973. Fundraising activities, management and use of funds, chair endowments, gifts, financial reports, minutes.

President's Council. Primarily membership and contributions.

University Associates. Includes enrollment statistics.

BOX 5 (1972-73)

Educational Services:

Associate Provost Mitchell. Includes policies on suspensions and reinstatements, independent study courses, Continuing Education.

ETV. Development of Film Education program.

Registration and Student Records. Requests and complaints re: errors in grades, transcripts.

Faculty and Staff:

Miscellaneous. Faculty Club activities, Administrative Employees Club, faculty lounge, faculty participation in 1973 Citizens Education Center.

Material Sent to Faculty. Memos including benefits, student senate resolution on Vietnam, speeches.

Faculty Senate. Minutes and reports.

Faculty Meetings. Proposed changes for faculty manual, organizational changes to Faculty Athletic Committee, minutes.

Promotions, Columbia Campus. Notice of.

Promotions, Regional Campuses. Notice of.

Salaries and Teaching Load. List of.

Faculty and Staff Committees:

Academic Forward Planning. Minutes, reports.

Admissions. Policies, statistics, membership.

Advisory Committee on Residence Life. Minutes.

Affirmative Action. Membership, report on women and minorities at USC, draft of policy.

Athletic. Includes fund allocations, committee organization, function of committee.

Board of Student Publications and Communications. Minutes, membership.

Cafeteria. Minutes, report on committee activities, student complaints about food.

Center for Study of the Future. Establishment of planning committee.

Counseling Services. Minutes, annual report.

Committee Lists.

Committee to Review Student Records. Minutes, draft of policy.

Computer Services User Committee. Includes agenda, questionnaire, membership.

Cultural Development Planning. Activities reports, final report, proposals.

Curricula and New Courses. Minutes.

BOX 6 (1972-73)

Discipline. Membership.

Drugs. Includes report on drug use at USC.

Educational Development. Establishment of.

Faculty Advisory. Parking problem, organizational changes to Faculty Athletic Committee.

Faculty Welfare. Report of.

Honorary Degree. Procedures.

Housing Appeals Board. Establishment of, membership.

Library. Humorous recommendations re: large hole dug for library addition.

Minority Student Affairs. Includes minutes, annual report, report on blacks in USC law school.

Parking. Minutes.

Research And Productive Scholarship. Organization of.

Russell Award. Call for nominations, thank-you from recipient.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Annual report, recommendations.

Standard Oil Outstanding Teacher Award. Membership, recipients.

Student Affairs. Minutes.

University Press. Membership.


Budget Director. Financial reports.

Purchasing and Central Supply. Paper shortage, inventories, estimates of items needed.

Treasurer. Includes audit of Athletic Department, education loans.

Fool's File. Odd correspondence.


Monetary donations.

Awarding of.

Health Sciences:

Vice Provost for Health Sciences. Includes proposed study on Consumer Health Education, report on division reorganization.

Pharmacy College. Grants, new dean, seminar, accreditation.

Nursing College. Includes dean resignation, grants, furthering education for licensed practical nurses.

Information Services:

Director. Includes possible joint ventures with ETV, possible establishment of instructional services center, Myrtle Beach theater, USC Concert Choir.

Bands. Includes dispute over lack of academic credit for band students, possible copyright violation.

Liberal and Cultural Disciplines:

Vice Provost for Liberal and Cultural Disciplines. Includes reorganization, efforts to attract more mature students.

Arts and Letters, College of. Travel abroad, dean's report, recommendations for tenure and promotion procedures.

Cultural Development:

Center for Editions of American Authors. Grants, activity reports.

Center for Shakespearean Studies. Lectures, proposed course.

General Studies. Includes grants, new dean, seminar, accreditation.

BOX 7 (1972-73)

Miscellaneous. Includes suggestion for genealogical course, drug arrest of faculty member, POW project.

Re: student government, problems in higher education, international programs.

President's Office:

Affirmative Action Officer. Development of Affirmative Action policy, finding of discrimination against women at USC, complaints about lack of female and black instructors in Psychology Department.

Letters of Congratulations. To various alumni and community leaders for achievements.

Miscellaneous. Resignation of staff member.

Ombudsman and University Counsel. Includes copyright issues, Affirmative

Action plan draft, Treasurer's Office, Gay Liberation Front request for charter.

Presidential Memos. Includes Blood Drive, Affirmative Action, academic suspension regulations.

Presidential Opportunity Scholars. Includes comments on the work of recipients.

Procedures Coordinator. Development of policy and procedures manual.

Professional Schools:

Business Administration:

Miscellaneous. Includes new building construction, seminar, equipment needs, grants.

Partnership Fund. Includes minutes, financial information.


Miscellaneous. Includes Cooperative Schools project, grants, minutes,

Ph.D. and project proposals, employment procedures.

Career Opportunity Program. Includes graduation statistics, program participants.

Center for Integrated Education. Grant, report on purpose and work of Center.

Early Childhood Education. Faculty conference.

Experimental School. Funding, project reports.

Gillis, Don. Hiring of, establishment of Media Arts program.

Physical Education. Includes grants, seminar on drug education.

Engineering. Includes grants, parking, building improvements.

Journalism. Includes proposed study abroad program, accreditation, faculty work loads.

Librarianship. Accreditation, orientation.

Law. Includes probationary admission program, Summer Trial program, use of Law Center space, status of blacks in law school.

BOX 8 (1972-73)

Social Work. Reports by degree evaluation committee and Project CHASE, Project CAMEO, grant, employment of graduates.

Science and Mathematics, College of:

Biology. Includes grants, faculty activities, assignment of space, scholarships.

Chemistry. Primarily grants.

Computer Science. Proposals for new systems, equipment expansion, and added faculty, relationship between Computer Science and Computer Services.

Dean Search. Report on procedures of search committee, hiring of new dean.

Geology. Includes grants, Moroccan Survey Team report.

Mathematics. Includes faculty resignations and retirement, grants, orientation.

Physics. Grants, US Army Science Symposium.

Social and Behavioral Sciences, College of:

Aerospace and AFROTC. Includes reports of advisory panel, student award.

Anthropology and Sociology. Grants, chair's resignation.

Dean Search. Report on search procedures, hiring of dean.

Geography. Chair's resignation.

Government and International Studies. Includes grants, new chair search, complaint about professor, efforts to assist student whose professor died before grade was recorded.

History. Includes student complaints, Warwick exchange program, fundraising, course taught abroad.

Miscellaneous. Includes newsletter, proposal for laboratory, budget, goals.

Naval Science and NROTC. Staff changes, student awards.

Psychology. Grants, employment practices, courses for high school seniors, salaries.


Patterson. Includes independent studies, Educational Foundation, survey on

Personnel for Women's or Ethnic Affairs.

Computer Services Center. Usage statistics, status report.

Education Development Officer. Includes hiring of, reports and recommendations on USC-ETV partnership, seminars, establishment of Instructional Services Center.

Libraries. Includes use and growth report, budget problems, preliminary report on
establishing a network, USC-Oxford Mint Julep affair.

University Press. Announcements of publications.

War Memorial Museum. Donation of military collection.

BOX 9 (1972-73)

Regional Campuses:

Vice Provost. Includes course offerings at regional campuses, black enrollment statistics, finances, courses for military personnel.

Aiken. Includes dedication of new buildings, Gregg memorial gift.

Coastal Carolina. Includes grants, complaints about pay schedule, desire for four year status, expansion plans.

Lancaster. Gift of military collection, nursing associate degree.

Military Programs. Re: degree program for military personnel.

Salkehatchie. Meeting with political leaders, enrollment statistics.

Spartanburg. Grants, program for teachers, report on future plans, director's resignation.

South Carolina Associations, Boards, and Departments:

Auditor. Salaries and appropriations.

Budget and Control Board. Includes hearing on budget requests, travel regulations.

Commission on Higher Education:

Council of Presidents. Primarily minutes, proposals, recommendations.

Miscellaneous 1972. Includes degree program proposals, space utilization, appropriations,
enrollment statistics, building program.

Miscellaneous 1973. Includes admissions, academic standing statistics, project with Wildlife
Resource Commission, credit transfers, appropriations.

BOX 10 (1972-73)

Visit to USC. Arrangements, copy of Jones's speech for Commission's visit.

Committee for Technical Education. Re: cooperation with TEC programs.

Department of Corrections. Admission of former inmate, endorsement of Work Study Release Program.

Education TV Network. Includes grants, proposed cooperative efforts with USC.

Governor's Office. Includes land-use planning committee, complaint about

USC's spending priorities, Task Force for Economic Growth, environmental assessment project, Energy Management Policy Council.

Legislature. Includes inquiries on behalf of constituents, funding, regional campuses, committees, legislation.

Lt. Governor's Office. Holiday for students to vote, letter of support, letter recruiting athlete.

South Carolina Press. Copy of Jones's speech.

Student Activities:

Religious Centers. Primarily recognition of ministers as chaplains of the University.

Student Organizations:

Fraternities and Sororities. Fundraising for muscular dystrophy.

Honorary Societies. Omicron Delta Kappa and Alpha Epsilon Rho activities.

Student Allocation Commission. Minutes.

Student Government. Primarily Student Senate bills and resolutions, including elections, campus transit system, campus safety, roaches.

University Union. Minutes, membership, lecture during Black Week.

Student Publications and Communication:

Gamecock. Complaints about articles and foul language.

Miscellaneous. Copy of “Horseshoe Reader” newsletter.

WUSC. Interview questions for Jones, problem of interference on several stations' channels.

Volunteer Services. Includes letters re: value of the office, Success Rally at
Central Correctional Institution.

Student Affairs:

Counseling Bureau:

Miscellaneous. Grants, reports on services and activities.

Upward Bound. Includes staff resignation, site review.

Dean for Residence Life. Includes AAUW convention, efforts to resolve racial tensions in dorms, revision of open house hours.

Dean for Student Activities. Includes complaints of discrimination by Afro

American Association and Calhoun Students Association, funding, proposal to place cheerleaders under control of Athletic Department.

Foreign Student Advisor. Letter re: International Banquet.

Health Services. Infirmary licensing, staff, complaints about service.

Security and Communications. Vandalism in Maxcy College.

Student Aid. Funding, requests for, awarding of, complaints.

BOX 11 (1972-73)

Students, Misc. Complaints and compliments by students and parents.

Vice President. Includes housing regulations, statistical reports on freshmen, racial tensions in dorms, scholarships.

U.S. Government:

Health, Education and Welfare:

Compliance Review. Reports on compliance with Civil Rights Act.

Miscellaneous. Grants.

House of Representatives:

Miscellaneous. Legislation re: second medical school, student aid, athletic programs.

South Carolina Members. Primarily re: legislation on appropriations, second medical school, student aid.

Miscellaneous. LEEP funding, Department of Defense security inspection.


South Carolina Members. Primarily grants, legislation re: student aid.

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