Office of the President

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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1971-72)

President's Office:

“Measure.” Newsletters for universities.

Ombudsman & University Counsel. Includes duties of, housing appeals board, McGuire basketball school.

Presidential Memos and Statements. Includes proposed reorganization of Academic Affairs, self-study.


Dr. Patterson. Includes request for educational facility at Ft. Jackson, no

December commencement, graduate courses for regional campuses, proposal for bachelor's degree in General Studies.

Computer Science Center. Primarily selection of new computer system.

Libraries. Includes report on plans for addition to undergraduate library.

New Grading System. Proposals for changes in grading.

War Memorial Museum. Misunderstanding over gift of dispensary bottle collection, cooperation with Art Museum.

Vice Provost:

Dr. Guilds. Includes notices of funding for new positions, Fulbright-Hays program, proposal for Cultural Development Center.

Associate Vice Provost (Landen). Includes exchange programs, surveys on women's courses and public service programs, faculty activities inventory.

Academic Affairs:

Academic Budgets. Colleges' budget and faculty needs.

Arts and Science, College of:

Dean Nelson. Includes University Without Walls, requested faculty positions, subdivision of the College.

Air Science and AFROTC. Staff, special events.

Anthropology and Sociology. Report on interlocking committee structure.

Art. Includes clarification of credit for art education courses, dedication of Heyward Room, proposed masters degree.

Band. Includes performances, dispute between Band and Music departments.

Biology. Includes hiring of new department head, grants, summer program with Mexico.

BOX 2 (1971-72)

Chemistry. Includes grants, summary of research, Tidwell's resignation.

Computer Science. Includes report of future of department, equipment needs.

Criminal Justice. Primarily efforts to expand to four year degree program.


Center for Editions of American Authors. Includes summary of work 1970-71.

Miscellaneous. Search for new department head.

University Theatre. Primarily Myrtle Beach summer theatre.

Foreign Languages. Proposal for Ph.D. program, faculty matters.

Geography. Grants, faculty activities.

Geology. Includes departmental status report, visiting scientist program, grants, geology museum.

History. Faculty activities, fund-raising, Warwick Exchange.

International Studies. Includes faculty activities, complaint re:

Walker's book on China, ambassador's visit, possible merger with Political Science.

Mathematics. Report on reference collection, grant, expert witness for court case.

Music. Performances, funding needs, grants, visits to innovative programs at other schools.

Music, Fraser Hall. Dedication of.

Naval Science & NROTC. Includes contracts, Vietnamese officers program, scholarships.

Philosophy. Includes papers by faculty members.

Physics and Astronomy. Primarily grants, publications.

Political Science. Includes monetary gift, committee work, search for department head.

Psychology. Includes grants, report on school psychology program, doctoral program, accreditation.

BOX 3 (1971-72)

Business Administration, College of:

Dean Kane. Includes grants, faculty openings, faculty activities, fundraising.

MBA-ETV Program. Reports on program, open house.

Partnership Foundation. Fundraising, reports on finances.

Education, College of:

Dean Otts. Includes faculty activities, grants, coursework, hiring of new dean, project reports.

Career Opportunity Program. First graduate, compliments for program.

Communications and Technology. Report on course.

Dean Search. Committee membership, search requirements, hiring.

Desegregation Center. Quarterly reports and proposals to continue

Center for Integrated Education.

Early Childhood Education. Staff of, establishing courses on regional campuses, proposed graduate program.

BOX 4 (1971-72)

Experimental School. Proposal.

Physical Education. Primarily grants.

Seventh Cycle Teacher Corps. Proposal.

Engineering, College of (Holmes). Includes college's presentation to Jones, grants, APOGEE, faculty matters.

General Studies, College of:

Dean Mitchell. Includes presentation of accomplishments and plans, bachelor's degree proposal.

Law Enforcement Programs. Transfer credits for associate degree, efforts to establish bachelor's degree program.

Journalism, College of (Scroggins). Includes proposals for campus television and film making,
journalism convention, departmental report.

Law, School of (Foster). Includes grants, faculty needs, reestablishment of summer school, accreditation, student complaint.

Nursing, College of (Sanderson). Grants, enrollment, faculty needs, new curricula proposal, accreditation.

BOX 5 (1971-72)

Pharmacy, College of (Morrison). Grants, Ph.D. program, new dean, faculty needs, curricula.

Social Work, School of. Accreditation visit report, grants, reports on

Project CAMEO, faculty needs.

Proposed USC in Europe. Efforts to establish USC campus in Europe.

Special Medical Education Committee. Report of state of medical education in South Carolina.

Vice Provost for Health Services. Establishment of position.

Associate Provost for Regional Campuses:

Dr. Duffy. Includes enrollment, curricula, seminar proposal, legislation, financial aid.

Aiken. Land for hospital, possibility of becoming four-year program, honors program, overlap with Aiken TEC.

Beaufort. Reception.

Coastal Carolina. Includes groundbreaking, four-year programs, requests for graduate courses.

Faculty Training Institute. Proposal for, reports on.

Lancaster. Curriculum, nursing prospectus, new director.

Salkehatchie. Reception, enrollment.

Spartanburg. Includes self-study, grants, enrollment.

Union. Reception, conference, decision to stay with USC system.

Advanced Studies and Research, Division of:

Dr. Davis. Includes academic programs committee report, grants.


Governmental Research and Service. Primarily re: seminars.

Urban and Regional Affairs. Studies of employment practices, community problems.

Graduate School:

Library Science. Visitation report, grant, faculty & staff needs, proposed curriculum.

Miscellaneous. Questionnaires, reports, including enrollment data.

BOX 6 (1971-72)


Archaeology and Anthropology. Primarily grants.

Belle Baruch Coastal Research. Grants, property reassessment, marine science program, lab construction.

Social Problems Research Institute. Includes grants, four-year report, workshops.

Transportation Center. Includes annual report, faculty matters, report on transportation safety.

Office of Research. Grants activity reports.

Presidential Opportunity Scholars. Includes annual report, progress report.

Business Affairs:

Vice President Brunton. Includes physical plant, registration, budget, University policies & procedures, student and personnel matters.

Auxiliary Services:

Fitzgerald. Class rings, use of PE Center.

Food Service. Special events, food service contract.

Housing. Includes shortage of women's housing, review of housing and residence programs, complaints, policies.

Beer and Wine License. USC efforts to obtain license, public opposition toward.

Campus Planning. Includes stadium addition, utility tunnel, handicap access, proposed policy on space use.

Coliseum. Alcohol permit, finances, use of.

Deed Presentation. Arrangements for.

BOX 7 (1971-72)


Daetwyler. Use of USC vehicles, cost of education summary, Education Foundation.

Budget and Bonds. Appropriations, budget reports.

Financial Statements.

Institutional Research (Tavenner). Re: CHE reports.

Personnel (Tavenner). Policies, holidays, pay raises.

Physical Plant (Turbeville). Bacteria in library reflecting pool.

Security and Communications (Key). Includes parking regulations and complaints, statistical report on investigative activities.

Student Affairs:

Dean Witten. Includes annual report on orientation programs, report on freshmen's political preferences & counseling bureau.

Dean for Residence Life (Clotworthy). Includes staff regulations, curfew survey, departmental organization.

Counseling Bureau. September monthly report, seminar, grants.

Foreign Student Advisor (Ledeen). Opening of International House, statistics on foreign students.

Health Services. Doctor shortage, new director.

Student Aid:

Scholarships. Awarding and funding of.

College Work-Study. Funding.

Miscellaneous. Includes federal funding, aid inquiries.

Student Activities:

Dean for Student Activities. Responses to survey of college students, campus speakers, University Senate survey.

Drugs. Policies, chronology of drug-related events at USC, report on drug use at USC.

BOX 8 (1971-72)

Student Organizations:

Fraternities and Sororities. Complaints about fraternity ad and unpaid bill, Greek workshop.

Honorary Societies. Primarily ODK meetings.

Miscellaneous. Black Week, Associated Women Students, Public Research Interest Group.

Student Government:

Camp Gravatt. Conference on Academic

Atmosphere, reports.

Camp Gravatt Follow-up. Re: action taken on conference recommendations.

Committee for Curriculum Review. Final report.

Committee on Birth Control Information. Re: dissemination of information to students.

Miscellaneous. Primarily resolutions and bills by Student Senate.

Student Union. Primarily minutes of Board of Governors.

Student Publications & Communications:

Miscellaneous. Underground newsletters.


Background materials. Re: student press.

Drugs. Reaction to article claiming professors sell drugs to students.

Gamecock Study Committee. Establishment of, report by, stemming from controversy over contents of the newspaper.

Miscellaneous. Complaints, new editor.

WUSC. 25th anniversary.

Religious Centers. Chaplains at USC, special events.

Volunteer Services. Book drive, blood drive, newsletter.

Students, Misc. Includes grants, scholarships, complaints, Christmas card to Jones signed only by
student's social security number.

BOX 9 (1971-72)


Vice President Martin. Fundraising efforts, donations.

Alumni Association. Includes minutes, committee reports, staffing, reorganization.

Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Minutes, financial statements.

Carolina Scholars. Funding, awarding of.

Educational Foundation. Minutes, financial reports, fundraising.

University Associates. Notes for meeting, reports on enrollment, finances.

University Placement. Grant, services, compliments.

BOX 10 (1971-72)

Admissions and Registration:

Admissions Office (West). Statistical reports on enrollment, registration process, honors program report.

Registrar's Office (Godfrey). Registration procedures, diplomas.

Athletic Affairs:

Director (Dietzel). Includes stadium addition, recruiting, audit report.

Baseball. Complaint re: pre-game prayer.

Basketball. Includes complaints re: games scheduled on Sundays, fight at Marquette game.

Football. New facilities, VIP tickets, parking problems, recruiting.


Academic Advisory. Minutes.

Administrative Advisory. Report on housing.

Advisory Committee on Long-Range Planning. Space allocations, membership.

Council of Deans. Minutes.

University Advisory. Cancellation of.

Information Services. Includes CarolinaType debut, handicapped access, summer theatre program.

Associations and Boards:

American Associations of University Professors. Salaries, survey results, report on firing of professors.

American Legion. Pledge of Allegiance, awards.

Associations of American Colleges. Withdrawal of membership.

Associations of Governing Board of Universities and Colleges. Newsletters.

College Entrance Examination Board. Program announcement, scholarships, representatives.

EDUCOM. USC membership.

Institute for International Education: Fulbright advisor.

Latin American Scholarship Program. Luncheon.

National Associations of State Universities & Land-Grant Colleges:

Joint Council on Educational Telecommunications. Board meeting, membership, establishment information.

Miscellaneous. Includes convention, JCET, newsletters.

BOX 11 (1971-72)

National Collegiate Athletic Associations. National Summer Youth Sports program, controversial 1.600 rule.

National Entertainment Conference. Efforts to locate national office at USC.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Meetings, draft proposals.

Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools:

Miscellaneous. Proceedings, meetings, reports.

Self-study. Includes report on factual errors, response to recommendations, staffing costs.

Southern Associations of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities. Resolution of thanks to Jones, conference.

Southern Regional Education Board. Includes educational TV, minority students, conference proceedings.

Southern University Conference. Re: meeting.

Board of Trustees:

Columbia Hospital. Re: proposal to transfer deed to USC.


Buildings and Grounds. Primarily minutes.

Executive. Primarily minutes.

Planning and Coordination for Fundraising. Committee report and recommendations.

Student-Board Liaison. Recommendations, minutes.

Material sent from Dr. Jones. Includes faculty matters, enrollment, appropriations.

Meetings and Minutes.

Miscellaneous. Includes tickets, regional campuses, enrollment, Alumni

Association, student housing.

Board of Women Visitors. Minutes, membership.

BOX 12 (1971-72)

Colleges and Universities:

Medical University of SC. Re: five-year, integrated medical curriculum with USC and Clemson.

Miscellaneous. Salary survey, finances, campus unrest.

South Carolina Colleges. Includes seminars, appropriations, student issues.


August. Arrangements for.

December. Complaint re: discontinuation of.

May. Arrangements for.

Faculty and Staff:

Faculty Senate. Minutes and materials for meetings.

Insurance. Re: risk management.

Materials from Jones. Reports and articles Jones sent to faculty and their responses.

Meetings and Minutes. General and Graduate faculty minutes.

Miscellaneous. Resignations, Faculty Club, faculty and staff special events.

Salaries and Teaching Load. Salary freeze.

Faculty and Staff Committees:

Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Salary Discrimination. Establishment of.

Admissions. Annual report, policies.

Athletic. Report.

Board of Student Publications & Communications. Primarily minutes.

BOX 13 (1971-72)

Cafeteria. Membership, annual report.

Campus Traffic Appellate Court. Membership.

Counseling Services. Membership, minutes.

Curricula and New Courses. Minutes.

Drugs. Minutes.

Experimental College. Proposal for.

Faculty Advisory. Reports on drugs, Gravatt meeting, experiments in education, annual report.

Faculty Welfare. Includes annual report and recommendations.

Grievance. Summary.

Health Services. Minutes, establishment of.

Insurance and Annuity. Re: policies.

Legal Residency. Requirements for resident status.

Library. Membership.

Merit Scholarship Visitation. Funds, membership.

Minority Student Affairs. Includes annual report.

Miscellaneous. Re: student, staff and faculty appointments to special committees.

Nominations. For committees.

Orientation. Minutes.

Registration. Minutes, complaint.

Research and Productive Scholarship. Membership.

Russell Awards. Membership, award information.

Scholastic Standing & Petitions. Regulations.

Student Affairs. Minutes.

Student-Faculty Common Room. Re: meeting.

Study on Dissemination & Confidentiality of Records. Establishment of, policies.

University Press. Re: committee member in India.

Foundations. Includes report from Ford Foundation.

Donations for students' expenses.

Notices of awards.

Includes complaint about sexist comment, compliments for Jones, motto translation, use of minority banks.

Includes tuition grants, presidents' salaries, minority employees.

SC Associations, Boards, & Departments:

Attorney General. Contract with Kline Iron and Steel, bequest to USC.

Auditor. Budget, appropriations, retirement funding.

Budget and Control Board. Includes justification for budget request, fringe benefits, confidentiality of records.

Commission on Higher Education:

Council of Presidents. Minutes, reports on academic programs.

BOX 14 (1971-72)

Miscellaneous 1971. Minutes, correspondence, reports, proposals re: academic programs, tuition, appropriations, grants.

Miscellaneous 1972. Minutes, correspondence, reports, proposals re: academic programs, tuition, appropriations, grants.

Committee for Technical Education. Dispute over proposed TEC system and regional campuses.

TEC Clippings. Articles re: dispute.

Development Board. Re: meetings at USC.

Education Associations. Re: meetings.

Education Department. Grant, state education statistics.

Governor of SC. Includes federal funding, Veterans Task Force, taxes, special projects.

BOX 15 (1971-72)


Bills. Legislation on two-year colleges.

Miscellaneous. Includes football tickets, NROTC, complaints re:

Gamecock editorial on Sol Blatt Sr. retirement, Medical College.

Press Association. Annual meeting at USC.

SCETV. Includes cooperation efforts between ETV and USC, visit from Brazilian educator.

Wildlife Resources Commission. Development of Sea Grant program, Marine Resources Division.

US Government:


House of Representatives. Includes efforts to attract more veterans to GI

Bill, ROTC legislation.

Senate. Includes veterans affairs, foreign affairs, ROTC.

Health, Education, and Welfare. Grant awards.

Miscellaneous. Funding of law enforcement program, federal excess property.

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BOX 16 (1971-72)

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