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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1970-71)

President's Office:

Jones's Memo and Replies re: Student-Staff Relationships. Responses to student complaints of staff rudeness.

Measure. Newsletter published by University Centers for National Alternatives.

Ombudsman. Resignation of.

School Law Newsletter. Deals with legal problems of colleges and universities.

Statements. Includes campus security, ACC, new students welcome.


Criminal Justice. Need for bachelors degree program.

Computer Science Center. Includes student photo ID files, computer use statistics, grading system, newsletters.

Educational Television. College credit courses for high school seniors, departmental use of educational television.


Miscellaneous. Includes Calhoun Papers project, library building committee minutes and reports, acquisition of one millionth volume.

Projections for USC Library System. Report on.

University Press. Re: latest publications.

Vice Provost Guilds. Includes University policy on student unrest, registration problems, recommendations re: Physical Education requirement, USC campus in Europe.

War Memorial Building Museum. Complaint from museum employee re: removing her personal materials.

Academic Affairs:

Arts and Science, College of:

Dean Ochs. Includes survey results on academic programs and evaluation of professors, Afro- American Studies, need for criminal justice degree.

Air Science & AFROTC. Includes enrollment statistics, visit of AFROTC commandant.

Anthropology and Sociology. Complaint re: undercover SLED agents in sociology classes.

Art. Departmental annual report (1969-70), 1970 summer school of the arts report.

Biology. Includes grant awards, report of site visitation by National

Academy of Sciences, audio-tutorial learning center.

Chemistry. Grant awards, graduate enrollment, spectroscopy lab progress report.

Contemporary University:

A Community Study of Blythewood, SC. Re: adult education.

Miscellaneous. Proposals for and establishment of.

Model Adult Basic Education Center. Proposal for.

BOX 2 (1970-71)


Center for Editions of American Authors. Director's receipt of

Guggenheim Fellowship, Hawthorne exhibit.

Miscellaneous. Primarily complaints re: certain textbooks used.

University Theatre. Need for new seating in Drayton Hall, report on outdoor theatre projects, proposal for Myrtle Beach performances.

Foreign Languages. Professor's resignation, French honors class.

Geography. Conference at USC, complaint re: background check on new faculty, Silvernail's resignation.

Geology. Includes recruitment of black faculty, grant awards, environmental science status.

History. Faculty activities.

Instituto Tecnologica y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

Arrangements for cooperative program in Mexico.

International Studies. Includes Freedom Foundation seminars, Spanish seminar, SLED agents in classes.

Mathematics. Praise for students, Dr. Wahab.


Band. Includes low budget, praise for performances, rehearsal location difficulties, complaints by director.

Miscellaneous. Choir performance, budget, faculty.

Naval Science and NROTC. Special committee report, Governor's annual review.

Physics and Astronomy. Conference, grant awards, support for professor.

Political Science. Paper on riots, letters of support for faculty.

Business Administration, College of:

Dean Kane. Includes statement of goals, newsletters, SBA project, faculty.

MBA-ETV. Enrollment, information on talk-back system.

Small Business Administration Project. Report on.

Education, College of:

Dean Otts. Includes graduate program proposal, administrative difficulties with early childhood education program, faculty matters.

Dr. Warren Buford. Experimental Studies Project Report, cooperative program with Mexico, grant award.

Career Opportunity Program. Includes report on.

Cooperative Educational Services Project. Proposal for.

Desegregation Center. Includes complaints about personnel & statements by director.

Educational Communications and Technology Degree. Proposal for master's degree.

Educational Research. Research proposal.

BOX 3 (1970-71)

Human Potential Center. Concept paper on.

Lab School Meeting. Support and complaint re: lab teachers.

Pre-School Education. Need for adequate telephone system.

Teacher Education Undergraduate Programs. Standards for.

University Without Walls. Proposals for, report on.

Engineering, College of. Includes research projects, APOGEE program, enrollment.

General Studies, College of. Includes associate degree in nursing, USC participation in Title I programs, request to expand criminal justice degree from two to four years.

Journalism, School of. Includes visiting lecturer, workshops, scholarship.

Law, School of. Includes recruiting, dean's salary, enrollment report, budget.

Nursing, School of. Includes faculty complaints re: dean, resignations, accreditation report.

Pharmacy, School of:

Dean Morrison. Report and legislation on nutritional supplements.

Ph.D. Program. Proposal for.

Social Work, School of. Accreditation efforts.

Regional Campuses:

Assistant Provost Duffy. Includes instructor's complaint re: dismissal, ranch committee report, grant, report on “Community Universities.”

Aiken. Campus expansion, nursing degree, regional campus system.

Beaufort. Primarily re: test interpretation workshop.

Coastal Carolina. Arrangements for commencement.

Faculty Training Institute. Planning of.

Lancaster. Education Foundation, conference, article on students.

Salkehatchie. Conference, sign for campus entrance.

Spartanburg. Includes physical plant needs, response to visitation committee, grants.

Training Institutes. For teachers of low-income and minority students.

Union. Gift, conference.

Admissions and Registration (Godfrey). Includes report on efforts to screen potential disciplinary-problem students from entering USC.

Advanced Studies and Research:

Vice President Davis. Includes proposal for graduate school in applied behavioral sciences, grants, fellowships.


Business and Economic Research. Re: Business and Economic Review publication.

Governmental Research and Science. Re: seminars.

Urban and Regional Affairs. Seminar, Conestee Neighborhood Project.

BOX 4 (1970-71)

Graduate School in Library Science. Proposal and awarding of grants.


Archaeology and Anthropology. Primarily gift of Allison archaeological collection and Allison estate.

Estuarine and Littoral Science. Grants, symposium.

Social Problems Research Institute. Includes space needs, grant awards, minutes, improper use of USC stationery by staff.

Transportation Center. Grant awards, research projects.

Office of Research. Includes meeting on special services program grants, summaries of grant activities.

Athletic Affairs:

Director (Coach Dietzel). Includes request to improve stadium wheelchair section, Clemson's position on withdrawing from ACC.

Basketball, 1970-71. Primarily complaints/support re: McGuire's behavior, team's losses and abusive treatment by fans of opponents.

Budget and Financial Statements. Audit report.

Miscellaneous. Includes USC decision to withdraw from ACC, recruiting.

Football, 1970 Season. Includes tickets, Hall of Fame inductees, pre-game prayer, Alumni Life
Membership awards.

Business Affairs:

Vice President Brunton. Includes Carolina's building program, budgetary plans, closed circuit TV in dorms, security concerns, beer on campus.

Campus Shop. Policies, need for better location.

Coliseum (Horning). Includes advisory committee, student complaints.

Director of Auxiliary (Fitzgerald). Installation of quick copy center.


Finance Director (Daetwyler). Grants, budget cuts, bonds.

Budget and Bonds (Denton). Reports.

Financial Statements. Comments regarding.

Treasurer's Office (Rhodes). Report on student loans.

Research and Institute Accounting (Tavenner). Statistics including enrollment, FTE staff, salaries, teaching loads.

Food Service (Wentz). Includes review and renewal of contract.

Housing (Barnes). Complaints, statistics.

Personnel (Tavenner). Policies.

Security and Communications (Key). Includes response plan for bomb threats, security precautions and procedures, communications system, dorm fire protection.

Student Fees. Complaint about.

BOX 5 (1970-71)


Academic Advisory. Minutes, ad hoc committee report on proposed general degree program.

Administrative Advisory. Lines of communication in administration, CHE committee on statement of goals.

University Advisory. Establishment of.


Vice President for Development. Includes contribution to Band, scholarships, fundraising, bequests.

Alumni Association. Brochure draft, gift solicitation, Alumni Council.

Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Includes financial statements, land acquisition, minutes.

Educational Foundation. Fundraising, chair endowments, scholarships, minutes.

Rutledge, Archibald. Negotiations re: USC acquisition of his property.

University Associates. Primarily re: undergraduate & athletic admissions policies.

Information Services (Knauss). Future of Myrtle Beach summer theatre.

Student Affairs:

Vice President Witten. Includes disruption response plan, beer on campus, parking complaints, revision of vice president's duties.

Assistant Dean for Campus Relations (Grier). Includes radical newspapers, plan for hearing officer to handle disruption cases, ombudsman position.

Campus Safety. Parental complaints about lack of security, USC Response to rape in dorm room.

Campus Speakers. List of.

Counseling Bureau:

Swanson. Activity reports.

Upward Bound. Newsletter.

Dean for Residence Life (Clotworthy). Security in women's dorms, open visitation ballots.

Disruption Plan. Drafts of.

Foreign Student Advisor (Ledeen). Indian students' banquet, problems during visit by English students.

Health Service. Annual report.

Housing Policy. Revision of to allow open visitation in dorms, complaints.

Internal Security Committee. US Congressional report on radical speakers.

On-Campus Social Facilities. Report on feasibility of serving beer on campus; photos of “undesirable” student hangouts.

Regulations. Revisions of, including code of student conduct.

Student Aid (Jeter):

Miscellaneous. Includes funding of student aid, computer system, notices of awards.


Miscellaneous. Funding, awarding of.

Presidential Opportunity Scholars. Funding, statistics on students' academic performances.

Student Loans. Funding.

Work-Study Program. Funding.

BOX 6 (1970-71)

Student Activities (Alexander):

Intramurals. Revision of handbook.

Metropolitan Educational Foundation. Plans for summer recreational projects.

Student Government:

Miscellaneous. Includes establishment of student screening committee, visitors policy, dorm problems, student night patrol.

Think Tank. Proceedings of conference on potential problems at USC.

Student Organizations:

Honor Societies. Leadership conference.

Young Americans for Freedom. Letter re: concerns over radical influences at USC.

Student Publications and Communications:

Gamecock #1. Primarily controversy over vulgar language, radical political articles.

Gamecock #2. Correspondence and reports of committee to determine Gamecock's future.

Miscellaneous. Copies of “The Gamecrock,” “the Rag,” WUSC interview questions.

WUSC. Report on Columbia educational FM stations, operating during civil unrest or student disruption.

Student Union (Taylor). Includes complaints about student behavior during movie, short course in witchcraft.

Volunteer Services:

Miscellaneous. Annual report, newsletters, projects.

Project Unity. Establishment of, newsletters re: Wheeler Hill community project.

Project Unity Grant. Grant proposal.

Student Marshal Plan. Proposal for student marshals to help diffuse potential student unrest.

Student Religious Centers. Chaplains' Agreement, staff members.

Associations and Boards:

American Association of University Professors. Inquiry on behalf of dismissed faculty member.

American Civil Liberties Union. Student rights survey results.

American Council on Education. Includes survey results on graduate education, project on institutional change.

American Legion. Awards, complaint re: cancellation of Governor's Review of ROTC units.

Atlantic Coast Conference:

Meetings. Re: academic standards for recruits, minimum SAT requirements.

Miscellaneous. Primarily re: minority recruitment, USC withdrawal from ACC.

BOX 7 (1970-71)

International Association of Universities. USC withdrawal from.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Annual meeting, UNISOR project status,

Southern Regional Demographic Group.


Conference. Jones's notes from conference on campus security and unrest.

Convention. Includes Jones's suggestions for discussion topics.

Correspondence. Primarily re: higher education legislation.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Academic testing requirements.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools:

Committee Report. Self-study draft on “Planning for the Future.”

Educational Communication and Technology Committee. Report.

Self-Study. Includes completed questionnaire for study, reactions to reports.

Standard 9. Draft on “Special Activities.”

Visitation. Includes draft of recommendations following visit.

Visitation Report. Draft of.

Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities. Annual meeting.

Southern Interstate Nuclear Board. Proceedings of South Carolina-SINB conference.

Southern Regional Education Board. Includes Opportunity Scholars, Regional

Committee on Statistics, African-American programs.

Board of Trustees:


Academic. Minutes.

Athletic. Minutes.

Buildings and Grounds. Minutes, reports on projects.

Executive. Minutes.

Faculty-Board Liaison. Minutes.

Planning and Coordination of Funds. Establishment of.

Student-Board Liaison. Minutes.

BOX 8 (1970-71)

Meetings. Correspondence, notes, reports in preparation for board meetings.


Miscellaneous. Correspondence, notes, reports, including campus security, dorm visitation
policies, by-laws, student government constitution.

City of Columbia. Community Relations Council, urban renewal.


August 1971. Arrangements.

January 1971. Arrangements.

June 1971. Arrangements.

Faculty and Staff:

Dress Code. Re: women's pantsuits.

Luncheon with Full Professors. Faculty reactions to topics discussed, including bookstore, library, teaching loads.

Problems. Protests against faculty firings, allegation of “immoral acts.”

Salaries. Salary guidelines.

Faculty and Staff Committees:

Admissions. Policies.

Advisory Committee on USC's Economic Impact. Establishment of.

Afro-American Studies. Status of program.

Awards. Funding of teaching awards.

Board of Student Publications and Communications. Complaint re: Board selection of Gamecock editor.

Curricula and New Courses. Report on experimental college.

Discipline. Request for clarification of role during disruptions.

Drugs. Reports on drug use, disturbances.

Grievance. Recommendation for assistance to dismissed faculty member.

Honorary Degrees. Recommendations.

Insurance and Annuity Programs. Changes in, report on risk management survey.

Legal Residency. Request for creation of residency officer.

Minority Student Affairs. Establishment of.

Miscellaneous. Recommendations on committees' members.

Role of the University in Environmental Problems. Minutes, recommendations for environmental studies program.

Rules and Regulations Review. Establishment of.

Fools File. Complaints about black student body president, athletics.

Foundations. Grants.

BOX 9 (1970-71)


Beasley Material. Efforts to pass special legislation for tax relief on Brice Estate.

Bethlehem Steel. Gift of.

Brice Estate. Multi-million dollar gift, naming of stadium and nursing school.

Business Administration:

Business Partnership Foundation, 1970. Fundraising for BA program, new building.

Business Partnership Foundation, 1971. Fundraising for BA program, new building.


HEW. Notifications of awards.

Miscellaneous. Notifications of awards.

Questionnaires. Campus unrest, role of higher education.

SC Associations, Boards, & Departments:

Attorney General. Investigation of faculty member, safety concerns, request for expansion of correctional administration degree.

Auditor. Includes capital bonds, fringe benefits, budget reductions.

Commission on Higher Education:

Council of Presidents. Minutes.

Miscellaneous. Includes long-range planning, minutes, program proposals, funding.

Education Association. Includes recruiting black law students, meetings.

Education Department. Includes certification requirements for teaching handicapped, medical self-help training.

Governor. West inauguration, College Leadership Conference.

Law Enforcement Division. Bomb threat information.


Committees. Drug use, Report of Committee to Investigate Communist Activities in SC.

Miscellaneous. Includes USC accomplishments, student disorders, law school admissions, legislation.

South Carolina Colleges. Includes academic credit for teachers, five-year plan for medical school curriculum.

BOX 10 (1970-71)

US Government:

Health, Education and Welfare:

Civil Rights. Reports on USC compliance.

Dixie. Controversy over whether USC should ban the playing of “Dixie.”

Miscellaneous. Primarily grants awards, renewals.

House of Representatives:

Miscellaneous. Brice estate tax relief.

SC Members. Includes appropriations legislation, grant, student aid.

Miscellaneous. Primarily campus disorders.


Miscellaneous. Brice estate tax relief.

SC Members. Primarily grants.

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